Most DANGEROUS The Voice performance in history? | Journey #29

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    Aydan Calafiore was a finalist in the seventh series of The Voice Australia in 2018. Check out his incredible journey from the 'Blind Auditions' to the 'Grand Finale'!
    Watch all full performances of Aydan Calafiore in The Voice UK here:
    - Blind Audition: ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee
    - The Knockouts: 'Side By Side' by Ariana Grande
    - Battle: 'Uptown Funk' by Bruno Mars
    - Live: 'Can't Feel My Face' by The Weeknd
    - Live: 'Wanna Be Startin' Something' ' by Michael Jackson
    - Live: 'You Are The Reason' by Calum Scott
    - Live: 'Pray For Me' by The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar
    - Final: 'Runaway Baby' by Bruno Mars
    - Final: 'Shut Up and Dance' by Walk The Moon
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    1. The Voice Global

      Which performance of Aydan is your favorite?

      1. demrickwable

        @muskan rath not even close...

      2. Khan Sadaf

        His auditions

      3. Jazzgirl764


      4. Liam Gordon

        Up town funk

      5. Krisdan Liwag


    2. John Turner

      He. Didn't win I'm. Angry. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    3. Lisa Cook

      This young man should have won he is the best performer of all time

    4. Millies Cattailes

      Really sad that he didn't win he was really good especially that very last performance amazing. He can dance and sing at the same time which is a major plus I'd be up there about ready to die having to dance and sing

    5. Angelisa Corke

      Only jelous ppl will dislike this video

    6. Jazeel cats

      I was not expecting an accent...

    7. Big Dawg

      You know I can't stand? When the coach has to pick and one of his team and they say I want someone who wants to work hard. I may be wrong but I can imagine that everyone on that show will work their ass off for the chance to become a possible super star.

    8. Tobias Arthur

      Wauuuwww,.... Nice performance,... Good luck Aydan,... Good job Joe.... Wauuuuuuuw... 🙏👌👍👌👍👌👌👌🙏

    9. Unicorn twins

      I am glad he chose joe

    10. Angelina Lulaj

      Why does Aidan kinda look like Jackson from Fuller House

    11. James Miller

      2nd one

    12. Ajanea Greig


    13. Ajanea Greig


      1. Ajanea Greig


    14. Jude Matthew Bernal

      Could I just point out that contestants who sing Bruno Mars songs are automatically screwed, but they both gave such amazing performance.

    15. Imyousaf2012

      Probably you are the reason

    16. arbiiisarah

      Joe and Aydan performing at the end was just truly wholesome. 🥰

    17. Audra Rusert

      that you are the reason had me crying

    18. Patti N

      Wow, he killed MJ’s song

    19. Taupou Fitiausi

      madi and aydan so cute together

    20. sweetgrace bernal


    21. sweetgrace bernal

      Aldan his the best

    22. Cameron Cave

      The girl in the first battle can sing but she sounds aweful lmaooo

    23. BLITS _Floyd

      Why do people dislike these videos if you don’t like it watch something els like peppa pig don’t dislike it. He was so amazing he’s sooooo good at what he does

    24. Sirito

      This guy ain’t singing, he is fricking preforming! How the heck can you sing while dancing like that?

    25. Cody Riddagh

      Adyan should have won

    26. Morgan Goforth

      Is no one going to talk about how cute he is in the rain????

    27. Unique Horsemanship


    28. Simon Voltaire Anongos

      What happened to Ayden.. He should have won.. He has a good coach and a good judge.. Bias always comes in..

    29. Gabriella Mucha

      Whyyy did he lose :(

    30. Yuu-Shio

      you can see clearly how much fun he have when he is singing

    31. Zidan Basnet

      4:37 wtff???😂

    32. salm dentist

      aydan jast makjng the songs double joiful he is jast a perfect singer i cant wait to see if he is going to be a singer ❤️

    33. Amarria Hicklin

      Does Aydan have a KGup I want to see more

    34. sapphire blue ocean

      Who is the one with hat? 🙄

    35. Schoppiii

      That wa soooo amazing

    36. zara anyssa

      when team Joe walks in i was like 0-0 damn why yall look so good also when he came down during his Pray For Me performance he looks like Spiderman but Five Hargreeves


      i think ayden shouldve won

    38. mila5350 mila5350

      anyone else simping so hard

    39. racso singing officials

      He is the ultimate winner 🏆

    40. Garrett Williams

      Did that kid doing the whip make anyone else cringe very very hard

    41. Abhishek Gopal Ramshanker

      he should have won. His last performance was the best

    42. Madisyn Sanders

      When that boy whipped after hearing Joe say Ariana Grande I died😂😂 Madi and Aydan were awesome and there was so much chemistry😌😌

    43. Emmharnuherl Emmy

      I'm watching this in 2021 and I can't believe he never won🥺🥺 Damn!!!!

    44. Apples TvT

      the way joe jumped off his chair....... YEEET and when ayden singing his knockout song that one kid be like T-T

    45. Letícia Costa


    46. LucyNS

      Anyone else notice the actor that plays Hendricks in Neighbours is one of the dancers from his professional like performance? (it’s a mostly british show so i doubt many will know it)

    47. gatcha wolf

      Madi looked hella pissed when he chose aidan😂

    48. PaintedBears MOMO

      If I was on the voice in the finale, I’d do anything in my power to Rick roll literally national TV and every single goddamn person the planet.

    49. Hii_im ace lol

      he is iconic amazing so proud

    50. King Oh

      Aww so sad he didn't win. Why oh why, people!?! He's a good performer!

    51. Believe Forever

      Aydan I want a boyfriend like him, he’s so cute ☺️

    52. ram verma

      Please change the subject line. What is dangerous in this. Your subject line should match with your video.

    53. Mo Berger

      MAN O MAN, the woman was great, too!

    54. Holly

      I feel like if Power Line was in a singing competition he would be Ayden. 😂 Amazing singer and preformer also Ayden please sing the song from the Goofy Movie!

    55. Evie Blue

      My favorite performance of him was “runaway” by Bruno Mars it just sounded way different and amazing

    56. San Zr

      No one is gonna talk about the connection between him and Joe? I felt like he was his kid and the way he looked at him at the end even tho he didn't win, it's like a proud dad look.. That dude was killing it the whole time, I'ma search for his name and I'll be a fan :)

    57. Jaclyn Johnson

      Aydan is perfect 💯 going to be a huge success.

    58. Yusra Rahman

      Idk y but aydan reminds me of Brooklyn Beckham wen he was 18

    59. Lohta Sanchez

      Yes the best performance that I like is Aydan

    60. Oleane Kampesveen

      he was a lot better at entertainging the audience with his talents, i thougth he was gonna win. but i know if he wants to start a career he will most certenly get one.

    61. Shievel Cuzon

      The way he sang "You Are The Reason" really brought me back to our promenade night✨ I miss face to face class :((

      1. Shievel Cuzon

        Aww his performance with Joe is wholesome!

    62. April Vocke

      Aydan and Madi really should've been a duet

    63. Sasanka Malshan

      I watched this more than 10 times. But he is so good. unfortunatly he did't won.

    64. Phill A Blunt

      Wow this kid is the real deal

    65. Vivviheb Lavender

      Aydan and the girl WAS WOWW like they could be together 🥺❤️

    66. K i r a

      He is the best ever.

    67. -*Sophie Dent*-

      Is anyone gonna talk about the ship of ayden and maddi?

    68. Amanda Lavender

      anyone else thought delta was Jlo?😂

    69. jaelynn hughes

      Yo did yall not freaking notice Rahart Adams dancing as a background dancer in Aydan's performance of "Wanna Be Starting Something?" Like, seriously Rahart Adams is mad cute and is like one of the best (in my opionion) actors in Australia!

    70. kumbela

      the guy who sing despacito sing that song like he is the origunal singer of the song.

    71. Alya Alkalbani

      I have one things to say for the battle SHIPPP

    72. Eva Grace

      Is it kind of weird that I think that Ayden and Maddie should have dated

    73. Donny J.S Carmina

      3:52 PICK JOE! 4:04 YESSS THE BRO TEAM! 7:45 NICE 8:57 PLEASE TELL ME THEY KEPT IN TOUCH! 22:46 Oh my GOD THIS KID IS GOLDEN XD 24:29 NOOOO 24:47 At least the bro team went off with a BANG

    74. Idax Ritax

      I honestly dont see the dangerous things in this.......

    75. M.R ENT

      Is he a goated singer now?

    76. Yoonglekth Chimmy

      He reminds me of a mini Brandon Urie for some reason..

    77. Blake -3-

      i am now obsessed with aydan and joe thank you

    78. Karissa Draper

      You are the reason is so good with his voice I also think it was really good because he had emotion

    79. Krishna Wadhwa

      This is not a beat boxing competition the winner of this season should go to beatboxing competition but ayden was the best singer

    80. Ericu Terry

      He gotta come bsck

    81. bluuBoyyz

      Daaammnn just daaamn...he's amazing, really. Pray for You had to be my favorite. Just WOW! AH

    82. Ayo Izãa

      Ugh Ayden has my heart...He’s so talented.Wish he made it through.🥺His voice honesty made me happy/sad with the music,Same with his dancing ofc.I CAN PLAY THIS VIDEO OVER AND OVER AGAINNNN

    83. Myleen Espejo

      I've watched this so many times and I still get chills!

    84. Bill finidis

      22:12 nice dude naruto runs

    85. Ghosthoyt12

      The one guy had a Canadian flag on his shirt and I respect that.🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

    86. Thomas Cho

      Bruh girl at 13:45 looks like an actor tf

    87. Alina Anderson

      The reason hit hard

    88. Alina Anderson

      That uptown funk was SOMETHING ELSE

    89. Rebekah Rogers

      Sheldon Adelson

    90. Andrea Tovar

      Is it just me or did i hear colo instead or cuerpo

    91. Boris Johnson

      Yk it was good no one turned their chair for him even if he did well Becoz he got hate which made his sprit to a dove 😁 love love aydan

    92. Aubrie Martinez

      George is a whole mood my guy

    93. Reanna Jones

      bruh he didn’t win. i’m so angry😡

    94. Bernadette Rey

      O saw Cristina Grimme's singgibg style at Aydan.. 😉

    95. rosario larion

      Great performer Aydan 👍🙏👏😊❤️

    96. rosario larion

      ❤️😊January 11th, 2021 Thank you

    97. -xox-gacha_browny-xox -

      Is it me but ayden look like the younger version of colby

    98. Billy Zorker

      The seemly sampan crucially imagine because swan logistically calculate than a unnatural plane. guiltless, thoughtful sweatshop

    99. Hiro Tanaka

      ive never been this dissapointed with my voice...


      The fact That he was singing Michael Jackson songs while dancing sets the bar Really high he didn't miss a bit even if he's much...