Hawaii Travel Guide - 13 Tips for a FANTASTIC Trip to Oahu

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    One of the most spectacularly beautiful places on Earth. Known as the “Gathering Place,” join me as I help you decide what to do, where to go, and what to eat on the incredible island of Oahu.
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    Historic Pearl Harbor Footage Courtesy of Pond5.com
    -Coconut Waikiki
    -Seaside Hawaiian Hostel
    -Waikiki Boutique Hostel
    Below are some of my personal favorite places…all highly recommended, but I left off a few places…there is so much good food on Oahu. Best bet is to ask the locals…they know best:)
    ONE FANTASTIC RESTAURANT that didn’t make the video, but is absolutely delicious is Marukame Udon Noodles in Waikiki. I only didn’t include it, because it’s already so well known. Also Dat Cajun Guy in Hale’iwa is another excellent spot that didn’t make the video.
    Featured Places to Eat:
    -Leonard’s Bakery
    -Helena’s Hawaiian Foods
    -Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck
    -The Pig & The Lady
    -Diamond Head Market & Grill
    -Ahi Assassins
    -Ono Seafood
    (No website that I could find. Open 9AM-6PM, Closed Sunday & Monday)
    -Maguro Bros.
    (No website that I could find. Open 9AM-3PM, Closed Sunday)
    -Matsumoto’s Shave Ice
    -Kokonuts Shave Ice
    -Waiola Shave Ice
    BEACHES:-Waimanalo Bay (Windward Side)
    -Lanikai Beach (Windward Side)
    -Kahana Bay Beach Park (Windward Side)
    -Waimea Bay (North Shore)
    -Sunset Beach (North Shore)
    -Makapu’u Beach (Southeastern Oahu)
    -Ala Moana Beach (Honolulu)
    -Waikiki (Honolulu)
    -Halona Beach (Near the Halona Blowhole)
    -Haunama Bay (Southeastern Oahu)
    -Aloha Stadium Swap Meet (Hours: Sun 6:30AM-3PM, Wed&Sat 8AM-3PM)
    -Haunama Bay
    -Scuba Diving (Reef Pirates Diving)
    -Go on a Hike
    (Hikes Featured: Diamond Head Crater Hike, Makapu’u Lighthouse Point Hike, Lanikai Pill Box Hike, Koko Head Crater Railway Trail)
    -Halona Blowhole
    -Waimea Valley & Falls
    -Rent a Car and Explore the Islands
    Don’t Miss:
    Kailua (Especially the Farmer’s Market outside Whole Foods every Thursday evening)
    Kāneʻohe (Especially the Botanical Gardens and the Valley of the Temples
    Kualoa Ranch
    Kayaking out to Mokili’i Island
    -Lastly…explore Waikiki
    The Bishop Museum is a very cool museum in Honolulu
    Camera: Panasonic GH5 (w/ Metabones Speedbooster adapter, and an XLR shoe mount for my lav mic)
    Lenses: Panasonic Lumix 12-35 2.8, Panasonic Lumix 35-100 2.8, Sigma Art Lens 18-35 1.8
    Gimbal: Zhiyun Crane 2
    Drone: DJI Mavic Pro
    Camera Slider: Rhino ROV Pro

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    1. Jump for Joy with Michael

      Aloha everyone. Make sure to check the Hawaii website has the travel rules have changed effective Nov. 2020. You’ll want to have your COVID-19 test results before boarding plane. If you’re going to Oahu Hawaii, I have 8 things you should do! kgup.info/get/oaWbYWujZH-FZ6U/video

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      A lot of fun to watch. Matt: Did you know that nine years ago. I was hit by a car. The car was a White Nissan Maxima driving. 30 MPH and I fractured my skull. I had to Be in Denver Health Hospital for 11 weeks. And the first 3 days. Comatose and had A Cerebral Brain Hemorrhage. A neurosurgeon saved my life.



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      We legit followed everything he suggested local to Waikiki - he fucking nailed it. Everything was amazing, AND we loved that he didn't add too much fluff to his recommendations like other videos

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        Also after my amazing experience in Oahu I want to live there.

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        @Matt's Travel Tips Oh NO they weren’t in captivity, we went out on a boat into the ocean to do it.

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        All great options as well:) As long as the dolphins weren’t in captivity. Cheers, M

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        Amen brother. Glad you liked the vid. Hope we can all get back to normal soon. Stay safe! Be well! Best, M

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      Sadly Ahi Assasins has closed

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      2. Matt's Travel Tips

        Oh I know. It’s so sad. I hear about it almost every day from my family out there. This damn virus! Hope you’re staying safe and healthy. All the best, M

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      Hello . My brother The island of Hawaii is an Iranian name, as is the island of Hono Lu Lu Hawaii in Persian means the place where the weather is mostly stormy. And Hono Lulu means an island that is as beautiful and luminous as an oyster There are many Iranian artifacts in Hawaii that have been deliberately destroyed by the West, but there are traces of ziggurats (pyramids) that were dedicated to the sun and the "fire worship" of the ancient Iranians. The Israelites learned the tradition of circumcision from the Iranians Cyrus rescued the children of Israel from captivity in the city of Babylon and they lived in Iran for 300 years. Meanwhile, the children of Israel did not know anything about sailors and geography and their number was very small and the children of Israel are generally cowardly and ambitious people. God bless

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        Oh I’m sorry to hear that. Well hopefully you make it there soon:) Stay safe...All the best, M

      3. Kameren Higdon

        Matt's Travel Tips i thought so as well but when i actually looked into it they aren’t offering any for my age group! but our trip got canceled this morning anyways unfortunately

      4. Matt's Travel Tips

        Kameren Higdon I’m pretty sure Hertz has a minimum age of 20. I would call Hertz in Hawaii to double check that policy. But this is from their website: www.hertz.com/rentacar/misc/index.jsp?targetPage=Hertz_Renting_to_Drivers_Under_25.jsp