The Queens Perform A Disco-Mentary | RuPaul’s Drag Race

RuPaul's Drag Race

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    It’s a boogie wonderland on the main stage when the Queens put on a dancing Disco-mentary! 👯
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    1. RuPaul's Drag Race

      Season 12’s Rock M. Sakura crashes the Pit Stop and joins Trixie Mattel to recap the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race!

      1. Bye Ashy

        Tamisha better be a judge OR ELSE

      2. Sandy The Daydreamer

        @Ramen Noodles Period!

      3. Ramen Noodles

        Gottmik should have been in the bottom! • if the judges focused so much on kandy's disco outfit, Gottmik's outfit was worse. • low energy and looked lost most of the dance. • uttica got called out for being too campy in the dance, but you can see gottmik make weird faces too. • her runway outfit was bold and a clever take for "little black dress" but taping things to you while almost being naked has been so much before and it's not really a gag anymore. • finally, stop relying on that body.

      4. N Y

        Slay queen

    2. Leonardo Fabri

      Gottmik was HORRIBLE on this! Come on 😬

    3. pink sugar

      2:59 wow

    4. M S

      The fact that Denali, Rose, Lala, and Tamisha were all mistreated this episode is insane

    5. TheOnionQueen

      Those whole challenge was a load of bs. Everyone did well, the judges were being crazy

    6. geeku22

      The best challenge from the season✨

    7. Phoenix Rising22

      Disco will always reign supreme.

    8. overthemoonwithme

      This should've been the rusical

    9. Salomon Rael

      Literally the entire 1st team should of been the bottoms.

    10. Cassie Reed

      Kandy is just eewww.

    11. Sam Ayers

      Does anyone have any idea where to find the remixes that are in this ? They are soooo frickin good . Dying to find the song Elliot and tamisha danced too

    12. Bradhp11

      at this point the runways are just an excuse for the fashion queens to be safe

    13. Keane Harris

      I think everyone did really well in this challenge honestly

    14. Moonstone Universe

      Gottmik going from needing to be edited out of The whole production to having the best verse in and coryo in the last episode and being in the top the rusical is the fantasy.

    15. Nugg Man

      yeah gottmiks performance really wasn’t it for this challenge, but i think her runway definitely saves her.

    16. Lucas Monroe

      rosé and denali were great, BUT... lala should've been high over tina. watch lala in the sylvester section too, plus her own section. she just executes everything so well and so naturally. (and yes, obviousl gottmik should've been in the bottom over tamisha)

    17. Thomas Fury

      Gottmiks facial expressions are amazing.

    18. DannaGoat

      And at 3:40 what’s with the Susan Lucci song?

    19. DannaGoat

      Anyone know what the song is at 1:33

    20. Vhj Hjj

      This is so bad

    21. M. Pelissari

      Who sang this? It's wonderful!

    22. Aguss Yanca


    23. sara m.

      olivia lux was so amazing in this that she should have been the only person in the top. maybe utica too. denali didn't even get the outfit right for her part.

    24. Tyson Marcos

      Excluding the beginning only tina was okay but everyone else was amazing

    25. Eric Acevedo

      Looking back: Tamisha and Tina did better than we all think. Kandy should have been safe. She forgot steps but she is an awesome dancer. Olivia shouldn’t have been in the top 3, let alone won, I think Elliott would’ve won had she had choreo like Rosnali. Utica and Gottmik should’ve lip-synced.

      1. sara m.

        omg so many lies. utica shouldn't have been even low, let alone bottom 2. olivia ended everybody.

    26. Jaydrian Rivera

      Eliot and tamisha ate this up!

    27. Kenny Ken Ken


    28. Blaise Avey

      Okay I’m not crazy. They barely showed any of Gottmik and she was safe.

    29. G b

      every time i rewatch this i remind myself lala ri really served

    30. Janne Malinen

      This is over two months old. Gag

    31. z.z

      Rose merece la corona, en este episodio fue robada y en el episodio 14 no hay ganadora cuando la obvia ganadora fue rosé, ya solo digan que no le quieren dar la corona

    32. Carlos Marroquin

      We're at top four and I can't still believe Denali and Rosé weren't in the top on this one. Rosé could have had a fourth win if the producers wanted

      1. Imnotcool

        @Sexy Jon wrong she can sing, dance, good looks, comedy

      2. Sexy Jon

        Said no one. Rosé sucks

    33. ean

      still don’t know how tina placed high

    34. Yanis SiAh

      my top 3 Rosé Dénali Olivia my bottom 3 Kandy Symone ( saved by the edit ) Gottmik ( saved by the edit ) or Utica coz the little black dress of Gottmik saved her

    35. Daniel Covington

      Win: Denali and/or Olivia High: Rose Low: Utica Bottom 2: GotMik and Kandy Eliminated: GotMik (this is what would have been fair)

      1. Daniel Covington

        @Liam Haigh IKR!

      2. Liam Haigh

        I could not agree more!

    36. Esme Strelitz

      How the queens should have placed: Win- Denali High- Rosé & LaLaRi Safe- Olivia, Tina, Elliot, Tamisha, Symone Low- Utica Bottom 2- Gottmik and Kandy No shade or hate towards any queens who I put lower than they originally were, just how I think they should have placed.

    37. Sam Potter

      Omg the way the threesome was the clear worst team and yet Tina was high and Mik was safe... IM LITERALLY TEAM GOTTMIK. But like, Denali, Rosè, Lala, Tamisha and maybe even Symone deserved better. Had it been judged in teams: WIN: Rosenali HIGH: Elliott and Tamisha, LaLa and Symone SAFE: Olivia and Utica LOW: Tina BTM: Kandy ELIM: Mik

    38. Imnotcool

      2:45, Olivia murdered everyone in this challenge How was Utica slated yet gotmik was praised? 😖

    39. Stephen McCarthy

      4:17 I thought Tina was wearing sunglasses for a second there

    40. Friend of Dorothy Zbornak

      The "Everybody Say Love" part has been stuck in my head for weeks

    41. Cinnamon 1664

      Does anyone know what the songs used for this challenge are called ?😭✨

    42. Ramen Noodles

      I know this was 2 months ago but they criticized Utica for being too campy and making faces, when Gottmik was also making faces and gang signs 💀

      1. sara m.

        at least utica wasn't invisible in her performance, knew what she was doing & was entertaining

    43. Joseph Stanyer

      Bottom Two: Kandy and Gottmik Top two: Rosé and Denali

    44. GREY PICKA

      LaLaRi EXPÉRIENCE !!!!!

    45. KaWaiiBuRgEr

      Olivia here 4:47 was so cute ! That hair is so fluffy!

    46. Sam H

      This might be unpopular but I thought LaLa Ri slayed this

    47. Charmese Sharpie

      *intensely watching Tamisha’s performance for the 100th time knowing she should not have been in the bottom 2*

    48. Jaxson Weaver

      how it should’ve been: win: olivia high: rosé high: denali safe: lala safe: elliot safe: symone safe: tina safe: tamisha low: utica bbtm2: Gottmik bbtm2: Kandy

      1. Imnotcool

        Switch tamisha and Utica and fully agree

      2. geun


    49. coconut gelato

      I can’t believe Gottmik and Kandy are in the final 4 and got ATE in a dance challenge by Tina Burner, a Ronald McDonald queen who dances during lipsyncs like a drunk engineering student 😬

      1. Imnotcool

        I’m so glad someone else says Ronald McDonald 😂

    50. Swaggy Shorts

      Why was this challenge just based off of the outfits and their faces, and not their actually performance?

    51. Tim

      Olivia’s dance was everything

    52. Shane Hoffmann

      Season 13 you are up for elimination... after Rosé and Denali being just safe... y’all can’t convince me that wasn’t the gag of the season

    53. Itsadream

      The fact that no one mentioned Lala is beyond disheartening. She killed her dance and looked gorgeous #supportblackqueens

    54. nicolassst

      elliot looked so good

    55. sara m.

      olivia ATE

    56. Alexis Viens

      I’m still confused as to how Olivia won I think rosé and Denali should have been in the top they had the hardest choreography and they performed so well🙄🙄🙄😡

      1. Alexis Viens

        @sara m. and I am telling you why rosé or Denali should have won😁

      2. sara m.

        @Alexis Viens u said that u were confused on why olivia won and i told u why she won.

      3. Alexis Viens

        @sara m. that’s not at all why I think rosé should win rosé had just as much emotion if not more and I’m allowed to have an opinion it may not match yours but I think what I think and just because she is a white queen doesn’t mean that’s why I like her I never said I didn’t like Olivia I simply stated I think she should have won

      4. sara m.

        @Alexis Viens olivia in untucked said that it was also a feeling challenge. rosé and denali did the choreography well, but olivia was clearly having a good time and gave on the full disco fantasy. the clear winner of the challenge. but yeah let's always discredit a black queen cause ur white overrated fav didn't win.........yikes

      5. Alexis Viens

        @sara m. I think it was just the hair but denali and rosé were by far the best in my opinion

    57. Teo Georgescu

      *reads the comments* ...anyways, Olivia was GORGEOUS and she nailed the choreo

    58. Randall Castel

      Hear me out. 4 high queens (including one winner) 3 safe queens and 4 low queens (including the bottom two). Winner: obviously Olivia High queens: Denali, Lala, and Rosé(in that order) Safe: Elliott, Tina, and Tamisha Bottom two: Kandy and Utica or Gottmik Low: Symone, Gottmik or Utica

    59. A Crb

      Actual placements for thid challenge : Win : Olivia High : Rosé and Denali Low : Tamisha Bottom : Kandy and Mik

    60. Henry Newman

      Favouritism far too much

    61. Henry Newman

      Watching this a month later how tf was rosé and Denali not in the top with Olivia and why was Mik and Symone not in the bottom with Kandy

    62. Benya McLow


    63. MikeDizzzzle

      how were denali & rosé just safe???

    64. Randall Castel

      Denali and Rosé were the only group where every member in the group did good. Tina did light years better than Kandy and Gottmik, Elliott did slightly better than Tamisha and Tamisha did stumble a bit but got back on track, Olivia did wayyyyy better than Utica, and Lala did better than Symone.

    65. Radu Ionescu

      Gucci , Hoocie, Susan Lucci Has been on my mind for years

    66. Matheus Mendel

      Gurl Do yall stop to think on how iconic this “rumix” is? I mean... it’s SO well produced damn... and yet no one did a performance up to its quality

    67. Kos

      The fact that Denali and rosè didn’t have a double win.....

    68. Leanne McFadyen

      I love them all but strange judging on this episode... Tine high, Gottmik safe and Kandy in the bottom? when they were all in the same section...? hmmmm

    69. Gucci Dumpster Fire

      This challenge had a lot of potential. The judging is just awkward and questionable and the fact that the queens don't lipsync is off. I know not every section had lipsyncable parts so it would've been disadvantage, but it was just weird

    70. Joseph Stanyer

      Tamisha nailing the choreo but being in the bottom because she was nervous about an injury is the stupidest thing evef

    71. Yanis SiAh

      its not just Kandy and Gottmik. at 5:03 Symone also forgot the choreo and they zoom on Lalari this is how they overproduced ^^ love Symone by the way :)

    72. A beautiful woman Yessir

      Rupauls face half of the time was like 👁 👄 👁

    73. ZAYVYER

      I wish there was a full song on Rose and Denali's part. 🥲

      1. ZAYVYER

        And also this one 4:10

    74. Davide Vandelli

      Please.... Fiftynine seconds in and I have to see gotmik being a total mess. Even a few seconds later the editors had to show an empty space near Tina just to cut out of the frame how bad gotmik was. Her fashion's good, but this is not how you carry equally the dancing competition. Look at 01:13 how obvious they had to cut her out lmao (put it on 0.5 and you can see the tea in detail)

    75. Karol Guerrero


    76. Herny Ferry

      They highlighted a Tamisha's mistake, yet they hidden all the Gottmik's and Symone's flops. This show is on its lasts seasons.

    77. Rafael Aragão

      Who's sing this? Like omg that voice ❤️

    78. one zesty tambourine beat

      as much as I love gottmik... that was some bad dancing. rly loved her runway tho!

    79. Patrik Korda

      I bet it had to be super difficult for them not to lipsync XD

    80. Ri Ri

      By the end of this season, people will have a portfolio full of rigga morris receipts.

    81. erin knightingale

      I want an edit of the queens of disco that is 19 minutes long

    82. shogyo mogyo

      Tamisha was better than gottmik and kandy in this challenge

    83. Ave Lacrymaria

      I am obsessed with Elliott's and Tamisha's song omg

    84. Vincent Griffin

      This was so fun to watch 🥺❤️

    85. 868tatj

      If u aren’t used to dancing with props, OBVIOUSLY you would look nervous! A hula hoop isnt the easiest thing to work with. Note there were NO close upor indiv shots of Gottmik. N all the wide shots. Someone is standing in front of her

    86. Details Studio

      tracklist pleaseeeeeeee

    87. Perry McWilliams

      Where were Denali’s effing ROLLER SKATES???

    88. Silvio Conci

      Lala Ri gave me life. I wanted her to be in the top so bad.

    89. Killua Zoldyck

      They really love gottmik lol I do too but I would’ve put in the bottom

    90. Marina

      Elliott and Tamisha's part was actually my favorite.

    91. SaltyPigeey

      I love Gottmik but she should've been in the bottom.

    92. Shay Hendricks

      Gotmik shouldve went home this episode! But of course they love her n wat she brings to the runway! TOP 3: Symone ..Gotmik ..Rose' 🌟✨❤

    93. junior harrison

      Since no one said it Lala did really well in this challenge

    94. Mario Tejero

      please i need this on spotify

    95. Niek Klaver

      Am I the only one who thinks utica did well? She was fun to watch and looked pretty well doing it. I also really loved the look. Obviously not the top, but definitely safe

      1. Idk What my name should be


    96. Skull Kid

      It wouldn't matter if you got the easiest or hardest choreography When you're in a competition You get what you get And how well you show it and see IF you impressed the judges or not in that specific challenge This is why I think we need new judges Like past winners in some specific challenges We need new eyes and voices Like when other drag queens review drag race I really enjoy and listening to their curious and makes me understand drag just a bit more 😹

    97. Dian Storm

      I think Lala’s performance was underrated in this. SIS WAS PERFORMING. Olivia definitely deserved the win but Lala should’ve been in the top for this episode

    98. hns btcr

      Am I the only one who is bothered by the fact that this was a disco challenge but the lfyl song was not disco?? Don't get me wrong I love hit em up style but gurl cmon

    99. Zach Pancholi

      so we not gonna talk about how lala, tina and olivia SLAYED this challenge??

    100. Jason Jones

      I will never forgive drag race for taking away Tamisha just to save Mik💀😭