One of My BEST Springtime Fishing Patterns I didn't want to REVEAL

Wheeler Fishing

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    I go fishing with my Uncle, who got me started when I was a little kid. Post-rainfall on a highland reservoir that I haven't fished in a while. It's Pre-spawn time for most of the bass around here with Spotted Bass and Largemouth swimming around these waters.
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    1. Thomas Hall

      Come fish lake cumberland with my dad and I that would be awesome haha

    2. Scottland

      That dog gets more excited than Wheeler.

    3. Jayzek Simmerman

      Why does his voice make me think of a country version of lil dicky😂

    4. Joseph mannix

      In my pond there is is a creek that emptys into it i caught 20 bass out of a spot skipping a bush that blocks the spillway pipe

    5. doug

      I don't want to be a pro but I fish all the time so I want to get good so I'm not wasting my time and not catching much so I like to fallow the pros for sure

    6. Adasyn Hayes

      just realized how good the camera quality is

    7. Deathvault

      I know this is a month old video however what type of knot did you tie at 10:35? This is the knot that my grandfather taught me but he never really had a name for it.

      1. Chris Szymczak

        Palomar knot

    8. Eliseu Barbosa

      Jacob Wheeler I am your fan. I really like the way you see fishing and competition.

    9. ww white

      Come on man, let your uncle in on the juice every once in a while. Nice ones.

    10. Tom Alderman

      You definitely need some more rods and tackle boxes. Lol

    11. Bill Dzugan

      Your uncle secretly wanted to push you in the drink! Mine would've!!😂

    12. claudio razzetti

      Looks like the place i would like to fish in,,

    13. jimmy covington

      Great video of you giving back , fish on Uncle Mo!! God bless you two!!

    14. Linda H. From IPhone

      Me and my uncle were fishin a tournament in the coosa of Alabama and he caught a 4:75 spot and I would just like to say ur my favorite MLF pro and I’m so glad u won the patriot cup

    15. Kenny Thao

      Jeez you have a lot of tackle

    16. SkyV _YT

      That ant no big spot come to center hill and see how big the spots get man

    17. Buell Richmond

      Nice Vid! Working from home!

    18. jerry Cole

      Dont let the dog lick the fish

    19. jerry Cole

      I dont get to fish very offen just 250 days out a year

    20. fisher man

      Poor bradley just exited😂😂

    21. codfishing180

      Hello from down under Jacob dude that bass at 16:50 was one of the best looking bass in colourise I have seen bro. Awesome job like or ways Jacob I will give you one thing you know how to fine them bass!!! And you are one lucky son of a gun were I am in Australia - Victoria we are in lock down pretty much. You can only leave home for food shopping and to a chemist to get tablets for your heath after you done straight back home! And you have one hour of exercise that's it. But you can not hunt or go fishing at all if you do! It is a on the spot fine of $1,200 to $4,000!! But what gets me so pissed is how people are walking around and stuff but, Hunting or Fishing is band!! Is not classified as a essential it's got a lot!! Of fishermen and the hunters VERY upset. To make sure people and not hunting or fishing the police and the fishos patrolling water ways and, they out in all the hunting areas as well. So if you tried to go out to do any of these things they will get you and like I said on the spot fine if you get caught doing the same thing again 3 months jail.

    22. Nate Todd

      Good to see Maury out there. Alot funner then cutting siding and break metal with Tim and Paul; lmao.

    23. Lee Yarbrough

      Great video , run offs are nice during spring fresh an new food for them ole bass , on Tennessee river runs off from bluff walls near big rocks smallies love it an spots as well. Thanks for the video.

    24. Brycen Burkhart Fishing

      What type of knots are you using to tie up?

    25. Jake Price

      Have you ever fished dale hollow? If not you need to!!

    26. Lucky Luciano

      lol love chocolate labs

    27. Scott Henderson Henderson

      What kind of Reel do you like

    28. 7INEntertainment

      Is that the Warrior River?

      1. 7INEntertainment


    29. Troy Whitson

      Nice day fishing.

    30. Trace Gorum

      what ind of reels

      1. Stan Hyzer

        Trace Gorum think he uses Duckett rods AND reels, but I could be mistaken.

    31. Chase Johnson

      What’s the point of not using livewells in mlf if you’re still gonna stick 6+ pounders in there every time you fun fish? Great video but kinda hypocritical when you consider where your paycheck comes from. You kicked my ass in a tournament on yatesville years ago and I’ve been following you since but I’d love to know how only 40-50 days a year of not putting them in the livewells helps them more than 250 days of sticking them in there? Best of luck this year, catch em up

    32. BamaBassFinder04 4

      If I flung the hell out of my rod the way you do ONE HANDED I'd have a lot of rods in the lake for sure🤭🤭

    33. natzikiller2

      What jacket are you wearing been trying to find it?

    34. Joshua Howell

      Huge fan and love all the great content. I bought your 7’0” MH and love it but need something to primarily throw 1/2-3/4 chatterbaits and spinnerbaits. Would the 7’3” MH or H be the best? Thanks in advance!

      1. Max Wendt

        Joshua Howell I’m no Jacob wheeler but I would say the 7’3 h because you’ll have more leverage and a heavier rod. I have a lews tp1 and it’s my chatterbait rod and it’s GREAT

    35. bassandbuckstv

      I grew up fishing dale hollow.. I miss it tx resident now

    36. Chris Hyatt

      It’s pretty awesome to see my favorite pro fisherman.. fishing my favorite body of water.. Been fishing that place since I was a LITTLE kid lol that’s a good largemouth for there and there’s a lot of giant spots in there.. good job UNK WHEELER! the last 4 state records have come from there lol

    37. Abram Studer

      Duuuude it would be sick if you could go to dale hollow or lake Cumberland and do a video like this and show how you catch em

    38. S Parks

      Looks like you need to catch some bait fish for Bradley to gnaw on while you’re holding the fish haha. Good dog just wanting to do what his owner is doing.

    39. Jjonathan Hamby

      Where is this lake at I love fishing those lakes like it

    40. Fishin_The_East /13

      Is that parksville

    41. Basin Sportsman

      my favorite lake to fish. i was on another lake the day the told me you were down there on parksville but glad the lake was good to you guys! theres some giant spots in there too. ive caught several over 5.

    42. John Hancock

      Dog wants so bad to be the net man!🤣

    43. Bass Fizzishin

      have you had time to check out the panoptix perspective mode yet? I ended up making my own deal to turn mine, but i haven't messed with it just yet.

    44. Hunter Jarnigan

      Fishing the back of creeks with running water like that is my favorite way to catch fish and to catch biggens as well especially in the summer when the water is cooler

    45. Tony Valencia

      Why don’t you use shimano reels, everyone knows shimano is the best

    46. Steve Hogan

      ah, and thanks for the info and tips.. appreciated.

    47. Jacob Scoggins

      How many times has Bradley been hooked. My lab acts the same way on the boat.

    48. Steve Hogan

      Thanks. I'm in florida and all the beaches are closed,,, Okeechobee is closed. Hoping to see some fishing.

    49. david brown

      Love the coverage during these times, Thanks boss!

    50. Jeff Newman

      Love your channel, and have learned so much from all your tips! One thing gotta get that lawn on point!!! Keep up the domination and great content!

    51. Steven Stacy outdoors

      i wish i could make good video as you. i'm going to keep working and get better

    52. 440 6PACK

      Excellent 👍

    53. Shawn Kanhai

      Never fished a spinner before. What knot do you tie on?

      1. Shawn Kanhai

        @Stan Hyzer thx. I was curious what kind of knot @jacobwheeler ties on his spinner baits. I use a Palomar for pretty much everything.

      2. Stan Hyzer

        Shawn Kanhai if you’re talking about the swimbait with the underspin, he tied a palomar knot on that one.

    54. Ricky Maynard

      Whose little white sports car in driveway? Alicia or Brody??

    55. Mohamed Ahmed

      Awsome channel, nice to see someone different fishing with you. Uncle MO you rock.

    56. CTbasslife

      The amount of times you have to tell bradley to chill lmao, my dog is the same way! Keep up the good work bro!

    57. Bassein with Bartletts

      Can you do a video on your electronics braking down how your using them and how you got it set up to avoid interference?

    58. Jerome Torrez

      So I’m from Michigan and have the corona all I needed was some limes now give up one of your trixs homeboy. #GIVEUPTRICKJACOBWHEELER#1

    59. Shimatani Naoki

      Oh my goodness! he's a cutieeee. I love LAB

    60. Adam Haught

      you fish almost everyday

    61. Gage Baker

      I saw you and your wife in the aluminum boat today back in wolftever, looked like you might have been doing some crappie fishing as well?

      1. Alicia Wheeler

        We were!

    62. Tevis Stambaugh

      Awesome video it made my heart happy to see how much you enjoyed taking your uncle out and to have a heck of a day catching some was the cherry on top.

    63. Jeremy Newhouse

      Hope you guys had a great time. Prayers for your uncle and the rest of your family. You guys stay safe and I with your uncle MO the best.

    64. Musky Hunter

      Ding to the ding

    65. Trey Smith

      Got the 30Acre Shad I seen there.

    66. johnny weaver

      Memories, can't beat them, awesome time to spend making them especially with the person that got you interested in fishing👍

    67. Rob Lacitinola

      Love the vids with Bradley...Nothing better than a lab in the boat. :)

    68. Jason Mausteller

      What rod were you throwing the jig on?

    69. Dave Salas

      Dude you are a fish catching machine..🤙

    70. Connor Klevesahl

      How is that water clean??????

    71. 39cokewit

      What hoodie are you wearing? I can not find it on That heavier hoodie with the face gator would be awesome. Give us a link if you can! Love your stuff.

      1. ForTheLoveOfPuppyBreath

        AFTCO Reaper

      2. Wheeler Fishing

        39cokewit this won’t actually be out till the fall in the magellan pro angler series. It’s by far my favorite hoodie I own!

    72. Gaither

      If you really didn’t want to reveal it, would you have made a KGup video about it? Lol

    73. Al Ford

      Flat awesome to see your uncle dropping the hammer on those fish. Good times.

    74. Matt S S

      Dam, times are tough when your hookin unk up with a ned rig

      1. Ricky Maynard

        He wanted his uncle to get bites, duh...

    75. Stiks fishing channel

      great video bro

    76. dfairbanks1521

      Please let me remodel your garage # I live just down the road from you

    77. Fish Daddy

      Nothing like family. 👊🏻

    78. 詠儒鄭

      Good video !

    79. Gage Fain

      Bought your 7’0 M spinning rod yesterday for fishing wacky rig and caught 3-4 on it today on Toledo Bend. Love the rod. Now I’ll have to get me a couple more!

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Awesome! Tag me in a picture and I'll share it


      So happy you got to spend this time with your uncle. Great video Brother. GOD LOVES!!!

      1. Bri F

        fuseek god

    81. old mcdonald

      i dont get the chance to fish very often.. really jacob . thats all you do . you fish more than anybody i know

      1. Bubs is Outdoors

        jim mcdonald I think he meant this specific lake that he is at in this video.

    82. Brian Reever

      That triple blade is a nice spinner bait. Looked like a great day of fishing for you and your uncle. Keep up the great work.

    83. Ontario Bassin

      Glad to see you had the time to take your uncle out. I unfortunately didn’t as I was in between boats and my uncle who taught me bass fishing at a young age passed on before the spring hit to take him fishing. You guys had a good day fishing. Keep tuggin!!

    84. Scott S

      Bradly chill

    85. Kelly Satterfield

      Glad you were able to fish with your Uncle. Great stuff.....

    86. Jason Mausteller

      Regular rugby or finesse on Ned?

    87. CHAD MOORE

      Hey Jacob, FYI, they just closed the Wolftever ramp a little while ago.

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Bennybass hmm, I must have not seen it on the live stream. I’ve only fished this a few times and have had mixed results but I could see it’s potentials

      2. Wheeler Fishing

        Saw that 😢

    88. Garrett Albert

      I want all those Ned Rigs❤️🤤❤️🤤

      1. Tanna Suits

        Good job

      2. Tanna Suits

        Hi Jacob when you posted this video I caught my PB Largemouth bass 3lb83oz. I don’t really fishing lakes but I do fish in ponds


      You are the GREATEST MLF fisherman ever and I love watching your video's.

    90. Kick'n Bass With Brodie

      I love watching people catch fish

    91. CMax Fishing

      Love it man! Check out my recent video! Caught a giant on a big glide bait!

    92. Andrew Cedrone

      Must be an amazing feeling to take one of the people who brought you up fishing on the boat you make a living on, super cool video bro. Keep up the good work!

      1. Marc Kristopher

        @Brayden Gannon Cool! It took roughly 10 mins but it actually worked!!

    93. Jjonathan Hamby

      What lake is this one

    94. Kevin Will

      Awesome,was looking forward to meeting you at Grand lake

    95. Kevin Kuhl


    96. 5minutes 4fighting

      Finally Off work and its wheeler time.. Ding...