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    1. Mike Moran


    2. Kibbs

      we are the same when it comes to our curly hair lmao

    3. Jason White

      8:36 "ITS THE NUTS" *smack* lol


      And yet Requis is bigger than that. Flaccid. We all know it.

    5. Abdul Awan

      No matter what teachers said about him in school, his work ethic is insane.

    6. Bryce Beast

      Everybody: can we get a new gun Jev: sniper,sniper,what about a sniper

    7. Anthony S

      Crazy how I watched jev open that moby huge years ago and he still got it

      1. Abdul Awan

        Happy Halloween!

    8. Guns and Fun


    9. TheBlop1

      Why didn't you do the completionist stuff. I mean it is pretty hard but I don't think you've missed anything so far so you have a good chance to get everything in the game. Either way congratulations on completing all the challenges for season 6.

    10. swift dinosaur


    11. Nicholas Shepherd

      What’s the point of Officer Progression any ways?

    12. Mr. Memes

      How do you get the crazy place calling card jev has

    13. CacheTHEDollaBoi

      That slap had me deddddddd🤣🤣🤣

    14. Sleepypiggyy

      obsidian moby huge

    15. Emmanuel Espinal

      Challenge accepted: make a jump scare compilation

    16. Gary D

      Literally every time there’s a ufc I hope I see one of jevs tweets

    17. Exterminator05

      Jev sneezing sounds like he dies in the process of sneezing

    18. primal spongebob

      Same hair as jev, I think he's my dad

    19. lynxx

      Real fans know jevs dad is black

    20. MajesticDuke

      How did this man go from having a perfectly straight comb over hairstyle to a Jew fro?

    21. Shemar Williams

      The nutsack super dusty😂😂🤣

    22. milk

      love how jev is literally breaking down playing this game at this point

    23. Steve Harvey Official

      Jev x Charlie colab?

    24. ItJrod

      ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎

    25. Evan Nolen

      This video made me a new form of uncomfortable

    26. Peter Sudol

      I’m new and what in the world ?? Why the umm moby huge ? Ahaha

    27. brokeboijeff

      jev mentioning cr1kital is something i never thought would happen

    28. conner flewell9876

      I pointed you out to my dad and my friends during the fight

    29. Nikita Sokolov

      Hahahah Moby omfg

    30. Bing Bing

      honestly i’d still watch him even if he did play video games

    31. Jaho Vah


    32. Lke 99

      play search and destroy !!

    33. Itz Jisang

      I like how Jev feels so wholesome when he just interrupts himself to point out the guy he was spectating killed the guy he ran over earlier lol

    34. TheBadGuyWalking

      bruh how are the guys at the top w 200k kills still negative lmao how are you not decent at the game im ?? like huh

    35. InputX CC

      For vehicle kills I’ve always used a wheelson on shipment. Way easier to run people over that way

    36. Ix Kitsune

      Day 9 of asking FaZe Jev to play UFC again using requis.

    37. Jesus Mendez

      He doesn’t care cause he probably paid to finish the season 🤣

    38. Sir Xenon

      Jev Charlie has already purchased a second mint huge

    39. Scent Teqz

      Isn't FaZe backwards “e z as fuck”

    40. jAY STORMZ

      I can’t wait for black ops Cold War not Bc I love black ops but because honestly I know trey arch will make a better game than infinity turd it’s time to stop saying mw 1,2,3 keeps people hopeful because news flash THOSE PEOPLE WHO MADE THOSE GAMES DONT WORK FOR ACTIVISION ANYMORE. Infinity wars will never make another good cod again ghost was trash infinite warfare was trash and this game at best is a C due to how the game was overall made

    41. Jacob Holmes


    42. Mafian Pingu

      Yo wtf jev😂😂😂 He slapped it too🤣🤣🤣 8:40

    43. Matthew Bowden

      Beard looks sick dude

    44. Charlie Smith

      Jev, plz play tarkov

    45. sezahs

      It’s been a while since i’ve watched and Jevs Intro still brings the same nostalgia.

    46. CasuallyCasual

      im failing school rn. thx for content. life sux.

    47. Forza

      Jev made my day when he slapped the moby

    48. BDD_Dawson _

      I hope cold war got camos for multiplayer and zombies. Like 3 mastery camos for multiplayer and 3 for zombies

    49. Michael Harvill

      The only reason you don't like the game is because you play everyday

    50. Luke

      I finally get a cod creator code but my kid is due tomorrow...

    51. Maison Lashbrook

      Oh he killed the reverse FaZe guy I ran over earlier as he is in the middle of a sentence

    52. 420 soulja

      Cant subscribe to someone with such a nasty beard

    53. Cammsj Jsjndnd

      He's gunna love snipers only in the playlists change

    54. Hunter gallagher

      Litterally remember watching I think a day in the life of jev watching you do that hair shit w the hat hahaha

    55. felix gomez

      Challenge accepted: play escape from tarkov


      I finished that shit 2 weeks ago

    57. Itsnein 6

      2:26 Bless you

    58. Avery

      Solos, you fucking merk people in solos you should snipe solos or play free for all, or like the spr poop on em

    59. Noble Gaming

      Play r6 again

    60. MoistNugget_97

      Jev wuv me senpai

    61. Tempo

      Ngl i used to think just like Jev when it came to warzone but I just started not giving a fuck or two anymore, also play for honor y’all!

    62. A bird

      8:36 mother of god

    63. Cbass


    64. spicy toast

      ive got a question... if u dont even care then why do it? Torture?

    65. LTplayz

      Why did I think your name was faze Jew for the past 3 months

    66. Jay Hemphill

      That beard is god tier

    67. Pro Lewis

      Here’s a challenge: get blue dot for every scope

    68. SY- Arch

      Someone send KSI a moby

    69. Toxic Gamer

      8:37 best part of the video it's the nuts!!

    70. JuiceBDG

      What products did u use for curly hair ? 🤨

    71. Jazz Adapted

      This turns into a ufc recap more and more every week, and I don’t care about ufc


      Does jev look skinnier or am I tweaking?

    73. Johnny Nunez

      I didnt know wtf he meant by moby huge till he pulled it out😭😭

      1. DAIQURE

        search it up on amazon

    74. Martin Pfeifer

      It’s the Nuts!

    75. fluid gem

      Please cancel this haircut

    76. Some Guy On The Internet

      Jev and moist critikal should sword fight their moby huge.

    77. Hayden Brown


    78. Thrill _kill13986

      Deep Daddy Jev

    79. Max Steven

      Dont care but still review.....lmaoXD

    80. ArmenDuckworth6

      Charlie and jev would be the biggest crossover in all of history

    81. Chris Bejjani

      That slap on deep nuts killed me😂🤣😂🤣 8:41

    82. Canyon Ringrose

      Next video name: I reached 1,000+ hours on modern warfare and received a Medal of Honor

    83. Charles Hart

      not jev spectating so he doesn’t have to play

    84. 1000 Subscribers With No Videos

      He Is Making Everyone s Life Better 😁😁😁@

    85. Qianwei Liang

      Get a Damascus finish for the moby huge

    86. Evan Czizek

      Bruh wheres the ragetages

    87. FlyingDutchman

      I would love tto see jev play tarkov

    88. Rene is Bored

      challenge accepted:obama

    89. Venway


    90. James Fischer

      Jason your beard is actually getting thicker for the first time I can remember since subscribing. Does that mean you just kept is short and looking shitty this entire time?

    91. ScopezAG

      JEV you look like a homeless dad

    92. Barnabeytales100

      these videos are so hectic and i fkn love it 😂😂😂😂

    93. Chris W

      So is Requis like dead or some shit?

    94. Bazy


    95. bicurious george


    96. rare pink haachama

      jev and charlie my two favourite youtubers may finally speak the future is boundless...

    97. DF-Sway

      Jev: get 16ping match Me: Cries inside

    98. I am God

      Jev wtf is that at 8:30 mins I the video

    99. Vvapor 129

      these video titles just make sense

    100. Aramis Martinez

      8:37 👀