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    Enjoy the journey of Jake and Amy's road to parenthood; share the ups and downs they experienced on their way to welcoming baby Mack into the world.
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    1. Selee Min

      i think both andy samberg and melisa fumero being parents already will give us a chance to see raw parenting scenes in future episodes 🥺

    2. Selee Min

      bum nards

    3. Nicola Emery

      What if the baby became a firefighter

    4. chankaiqi 007

      jake's brown sparkly eyes and the low voice he speaks in when he's comforting amy always gets me

    5. Obi-Wan Kenobi


    6. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      It happened

    7. Creeperkiller568

      8:21 that scream is kinda funny in a way to me

    8. Alex G Reid

      WE’RE ON PAGE 53

    9. Riya Bagaria

      So many onions 😭😭😭

    10. Aaron Holst


    11. TisNessie

      No one: Absolutely no one: Jake: WARIO CHEATS!

      1. Ultra Nero

        i'm just saying wario cheats, stupid game.

    12. Bjorn Reeve

      "You cant compare yourself to guinapigs babe, you taught me that!

    13. : P

      6:35 i luv it 😂

    14. Vikalp Nagi

      I'm not crying you are.

      1. shakz

        No im not

    15. zenolix

      "I road a horse!" 8:21

    16. Luke Harman

      The 18 dislikes are from Teddy and the fake accounts

    17. Thanasis Karageorgos

      Maybe their baby is the true saviour of the Knicks. Draft Peralta Jr Dolan.

    18. Lee'Shae Arlene

      6:20 might be my favorite b99 moment 😭

    19. Carlosdabin,6787 Carlosdabin,5676

      "You can't compare youself with gineua pigs babe, you taught me that!" - Jake Peralta

    20. Xavier Silva

      When Amy said she was pregnant, that just made my heart melt

    21. Sailor Star

      "We did it, we made the hottest baby."

      1. Paritiya Singh

        This kid is liquid fire

    22. winter rose

      Nine nine

    23. General Admiral Aladeen Of the Republic of Wadiya

      “Warrior cheats!!”

    24. Sam Cooper

      I rode a horse

    25. Jinrui Kiseki

      “Naw not really. It’s one baby, I just needed to see Charles faint.” My favorite line in that episode.

      1. Titli Roy

        And people say only Charles is obssessed with Jake😂

    26. TJ808

      great video, they should be married in real life

      1. Lorax King of Trees

        Amy actoress is already married

    27. Tahrae The storyteller

      Think the mumps gave Jake (for lack of a better term) bum nards?

    28. Lord Zuzu

      Half cuban jimmy neutron

    29. Lord Zuzu


    30. Aëtius_Aaron

      From Partners to parents to grandparents

    31. M F

      Watching B99 on Hulu in the TV, while watching B99 clips on my phone lol

    32. Sebastianxl666

      "You can't compare youself with gineua pigs babe, you taught me that!" - Jake Peralta

    33. Isabella Sopo

      I know this is a Jake and Amy vid but my favorite thing ever is that even giving birth Amy’s super concerned and worried about her friend (Rosa) ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    34. Kevin Gomolchak

      "I can close my eyes right?" - Rosa

    35. Misha Kapadia

      Not working. Somebody choke me. On it. Rosa.

    36. Mr Idk

      This was not on netflix... im confused

      1. Lorax King of Trees

        Season 7 isn't on netflix

      2. Sonia Salma


      3. Isabella Sopo

        It’s on Netflix in UK but in US on hulu

    37. Theo Bank

      "I told you water was bad for you" -- Dr. Jake Peralta MD

      1. Nirawit Karnjanasomwong

        *Holt gets extremely triggered

      2. Maga Man49

        Well, 11 gallons is atleast. 9 gallons is the BARE minimum, but 11? That's just crazy

      3. The real potato narwhal

        @Th3Phoenix 3968 shh

      4. Th3Phoenix 3968

        Not a doctor

    38. Lisa B

      Couples: 1 peraltiago 2 chair 3 Jam 4Jamy 5 Benlie 6 Chelanor

      1. Lisa B

        @Naomi Kimbokimi tut tut they had the best character development unlike what’s-her-face

      2. Lisa B

        @MyLifeAsMarya ship name?

      3. MyLifeAsMarya

        Holly and Micheal are the best

      4. TropicalSprite 69

        @Naomi Kimbokimi thanks

      5. Naomi Kimbokimi

        @TropicalSprite 69 chuck and blair from gossip girl ie the most toxic and abusive couple in teen drama history

    39. arpit maurya

      "I knew it. I got bumnards" - Jake peralta

      1. GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios

        @Alexia Ledoux No he was right

      2. Alexia Ledoux

        Bummed nards*

    40. arpit maurya

      "Cheers .. lewts make a baby... .. I probably should have some water ready "

    41. arpit maurya


      1. MikeRiderOOO

        “I’m just saying, Wario cheats. It's a stupid game."

    42. Nikita keenan

      A firefighter touched our child " yeah but we washed him off" but I'll always know 😂😂😂

      1. lizzy Rank

        @treasurexplanet that's the ultimate test

      2. treasurexplanet

        Plot twist: their son grows up to be a firefighter.

      3. Daboss 6585

        That doesn’t sound right

    43. Annie Oddo

      I’m not even exaggerating when I say that Jake and Amy are one of the best TV couples of all time, y’all won’t change my mind.

      1. Snoofy Air


      2. Jade Gaudreault

        and the healthiest too i mean most cute tv couples can often be kinda toxic (ross and rachel, blair and chuck, etc.) but theyre not like that at all

      3. Abiram's Keyboard

        They would come after Mondler

      4. Aaron Holst

        Up there with Adam and Eve

      5. Titty Mitty Dikrats

        April and Andy, Jim and Pam, Jake and Amy, Ben and Leslie, Chandler and Monica that is my order

    44. Samuel C

      Boyle: IT HAPPENED

      1. Christopher Murray

        I'm eating frozen yogurt in my car in the parking lot of a Super Target losing my s*** after hearing him say that

      2. JoeyRedGames

        Boyle is strong with the force

      3. Misha Kapadia

        @HyperGinger I mean it's not surprising tho

      4. HyperGinger

        @Misha Kapadia lol so basically Boyle is so obsessed with Jake that he has psychic visions of his life

      5. Misha Kapadia

        @HyperGinger I'm pretty sure it really happened, although it's kinda weird that he didn't come into work giddy the next day

    45. personzilla 62


      1. Misha Kapadia

        I'm just saying, wario cheats... It's a stupid game

      2. Annie Oddo

        wario, why are you LIKE THIS?!?!?

    46. Rudyolf Schiermeister

      Ha ha not early

    47. shadower08

      I just finished the most amazing show BROOKLYN 99

      1. George Jojan

        I mean season 1-5 were amazing but I think the newer seasons became less funny and kinda boring to be honest. If I were you I would watch the office(American). The show is amazing and so much funnier than B99. 10/10 would recommend 😁

    48. Daenerys Targaryen

      Me and my boyfriend call it ud now😅

      1. __[InsertUsernameHere] __

        Hope it’s going well! 🥰

      2. Daenerys Targaryen

        @Wilson Hoang Thanks

      3. Wilson Hoang

        Good luck on conception!

    49. Makkushimu

      Tenth? 🤔

    50. UV

      Thank you for this! It’s definitely a challenge balancing parenthood with all other aspects of our lives- including my own artistic endeavours as an independent musician 💕 Thankyou for the inspiration.

    51. Nadia Richy

      Am I the only one who shipped rosa and jake

      1. Syafiq


      2. Jinrui Kiseki

        Usually I go for offhand ships, but they were always like brother and sister to me. 1000 Push Ups

      3. Ori Scharf

        Also Rosa's parents

      4. Paige Martin

        Yes. Yes. You are

      5. Triky Dawg

        I think you might be right

    52. Fish Boi

      They seem like they good parents

      1. Debbie Lu

        How could they not be good parents😄🤨🤨

      2. Fish Boi

        @Kalp Bhavsar true

      3. Kalp Bhavsar

        Idk about that the baby was like a second old and they let a firefighter touch him

    53. GLXY thunder

      Wow kind of early

      1. Ria


    54. Brianna Persichini


      1. Sander Cok


      2. Stephen White


      3. Fish Boi