Learning How To Tie Dye Everything In 24 Hours, It Was A Lot Of Fun | ZHC Crafts

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    We Wanted To Tie Dye Our Shirts Lol | ZHC Crafts
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    1. ZHC Crafts

      What do you want us to Tie Dye next? Also plz subscribe lol

      1. Liam Rouse


      2. Fatima Ali

        Shoes plz

      3. A O

        Maybe a fon case

      4. Ruchi Vir


      5. Lucas Carter

        I think you should tie dye a dolls hair

    2. Louise Wanley


    3. RAJAN luthra

      RIP pool🤣 behind the scenes they were cleaning the pool!.🤣🤣

    4. irene ye

      I want you to tie dye the white pants

    5. Naadirah Bata

      Can we just talk about what a good tie dye and singer had is

    6. Cora Mooney

      My hamster died only had him for a few weeks

    7. Braxton Byrd

      W.W.J.D what would Jesus do. Let’s go jaz

    8. TK - 04SK 875046 Ingleborough PS

      1:38 Munchie

    9. Irina Korolkevica

      OMG 😲 WOW ☆♡

    10. Rose0809 Juta

      Jazz sings so so good

    11. Rushane Awan


    12. Rushane Awan


    13. Jayita Nayak

      Zhc you are so good at heart and art

    14. Alleia Crum


    15. Regia mammu

      I like those dresses

    16. Karen Openshaw

      Why would you waist the dye by putting it in the pool

    17. Charlie Ciacelli


    18. Rubesha kashif

      It's actually super cool!

    19. laura sorroll


    20. ψcheery blossmψ

      WHT O-O

    21. ψcheery blossmψ

      TVT noice TWT

    22. Jamila Diaz

      Thanks for ruining your pool

    23. Zippy Vlogs

      I live in pakistan so please give me I pad pro and I pad mine air pods

      1. Zippy Vlogs

        To please send me

    24. Kevin Duggan

      Pool customise

    25. Miles Peterson

      CAN I WIN A GIVEAWAY? (like this if u du.)

    26. yara likes cake

      I love jaz she us always do happy and exited

    27. The McCamish Sisters

      That tie die in the pool was so satisfying and pretty I also love all of the artwork that you do in other videos.

    28. Kausar Parveen

      Wow good Luck I love it

    29. Warraich Uk

      I liked the video because they ruined their pool for our satisfaction

    30. Jignasa Bavaria

      Awwww how cute he just ruined the pool for us ❤️❤️ how much love tell us

    31. Anna Bush

      I am your biggest fan

    32. Priscilla Gatt

      Wow your a pro

    33. lisamikachan

      What happen to your hair Zach?

    34. Ariana Garcia

      How did you get the dye out

    35. Zaynah khan

      Next video we tie died the Atlantic ocean

    36. Setayesh Walizada


    37. Sneha Gowda

      0:43 lol

    38. Blessy Thomas

      That is so cool and amazing

    39. Mr.Blaster

      Did anyone realize that Jaz took Michelle’s pink blue and purple tie dye shirt lol

    40. khumo mpebe


    41. final stage

      nji,'lkj nimjga

    42. Master Gaming

      The pool will get all

    43. thanu kamal

      an art with slime

    44. thanu kamal

      i dare you to make a slime challenge

    45. Tahirah Francois


    46. Serenity Casias


    47. Naomi De Pedro

      When you put the green tie dye in it looks like pee 🤢

    48. Charles Chen

      The dye in the pool looks like a rainbow squid just inked

    49. Dread Dead


    50. Bethlehem rianne Retuya

      1:13 so cool

    51. Dhanusri Visvanathan

      Who was in side the pool or was it drone or something??

    52. ZHC

      Zhc will u give me custom ipad

    53. Kristie Knauf

      Mushel u look 👀 toller

    54. Da Alshehri

      It was fun :3

    55. Brian Collado

      They could of just bought the shirts it cost like 3 dollars instead they ruin there pool

    56. Joanna baker

      Why in the pool

    57. Lilly Carroll

      I love tie-dying I love tie-dying I love tie-dying I have a tiny rain

    58. Khunliam Socia

      I also love pink coloru

    59. Janet Yu

      Tie dye is so easy to do

    60. najmiah abduljalil

      Mechell youre shirt is cute and pink and i like pink to

    61. savitra subedi


    62. Jane Crafting

      2:39 o wow I have a shirt exactly like that from justice!

    63. Gareth Sowter

      A bag

    64. john o keeffe

      So sick!

    65. Isabella Rodriguez

      When she was putting the shirts in the thing she didint put the pink 1one in because it will make it all pink BY: PEPPA PIG ROUNDS POOPS

    66. Melissa Graves

      Zhc I am your biggest fan I,m subribed to all your channels MS munchies this channel and the regular one

    67. Didier Ruiz

      Josh Hawley

    68. Danni 16


    69. mohammed abdul jabbar

      Noone is talking about how Zack is wearing Jaz,'s handmade shirt

    70. Naved Hashmi

      I feel bad for the pool

    71. Augusline Wheaton

      Shirts look amazing 🤩

    72. Denny Soeffers


    73. Ashley Sopon


    74. richeast international

      Hi im aysha

    75. vedika Thakur

      Jaz did awesome tie dye

    76. Kazuto white

      She's good at it so much I'm going to try it

    77. Camberry


    78. Tuana Tunay

      Theres a game called tie dye and i play it

    79. Happy Person

      They are soooo talented

    80. Tony Davison

      Oh and my name is Nick

    81. Tony Davison

      I just subscribe and hit the notification Bell if you want to could I get a shout out but I live in Minnesota

    82. Dania gamer

      Is there a kid watching this if so like

    83. Monica Lawes

      I guessed blue

    84. Vanessa Ruiz

      I love Jaz. She is gorgeous! Swear just subscribed two days ago and I have already binged all these videos. You all are talented...

    85. Fatima 1951

      HOW MANY ASSISTANTS DO U HAVE!????????!??!?

    86. Karla Roddiguez

      I screenshoting the part you guys put the dye in the pool

    87. Lorena Gonzalez

      Zhc i Watch your KGup videos I really like your videos zhc

    88. khanm1259310

      can you plz give away an iPhone i just broke mine plz it is true

    89. Alaa Nour


    90. andrew hill

      RIP pool

    91. Darlene Valencia

      Just streaming every zhc vids and hopefully he'll notice me and finally win cause I never do uwu

    92. Small Ninja 567331


    93. JustUnicorn

      Omg you guys should tie diy ur pool. Like for more Asmr XD and swim in it

    94. Potato Fries

      ZHC: Coloring pool* ZHC After video: hours draining pool*

    95. Rabbit Cute Kirstyn and Mady

      The green dye thet went in the pool looked like a big fart 😂🤣

    96. Craig Heckman


    97. Raihanah Balqis

      He literally ruins his pool for our satisfication.

    98. Joker جوکر

      If someone wants colorful wallpaper they can get from zhc crafts video 1:00