100 Years Of McDonald's Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning

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    Today, we're taking a look into the history of McDonald's with SOME SHUFFLEBOARD! GMM #1860
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    1. Owen Le Blanc

      Link is ready to be 70.

    2. Mr. Lechugas

      great video, u guys!!

    3. Autumn Grantz

      More. Of. These. Please.

    4. Alec Komro

      You guys need side walls so that you can bounce of the walls to get around each other since you can’t bump as much

    5. farpointgamingdirect

      Burger Chef was doing happy meal style kids meals before McDonald's

    6. Kevin

      So no one's gonna acknowledge that Link said "courtesy of the bonk"?

    7. Austin James

      How to make the best version of "Year Eye With Two Straight Guys": 1. Randomize the board to allow there to be a legitimate strategy. 2. Don't show the audience the answer, I like being kept in the dark.

    8. Let'sArt

      Link was so understatedly and accidentally funny in this episode 🤗

    9. Sam Sainty

      actually mcdonulds is 65 years old

    10. Paul Wilson

      Bk is so much better fish

    11. Rman Nayr


    12. Rman Nayr


    13. Myles Hoffman

      The link bobble head looks like Stephen Colbert

    14. Willam Wohlsan

      They changed the milkshake recipes years ago when they introduced McCafe. And it wasn't for the better. They need to bring back the machine with both flavors, and make them thick shakes.

    15. MondoSquad

      "I think you start to believe dreams are reality when you're being dominated." I loled

    16. Snakeman 4949

      I very much disagree with the cheat for this game! If Rhett is allowed to do that then Link should be allowed to literally place his dart where he wants it in where in the world!

    17. Caleb Burns


    18. Inaren Commander

      What happened to "Year eye with two straight guys":| ?

    19. C W

      Yes omg mc griddles are the best

    20. Azalea Katzenberger

      Love the new intro

    21. Emily Lopez-Almodovar

      your the best youtubers ever

    22. Emily Lopez-Almodovar

      can you do will it cake


      Happy to see that you mentioned Guatemala with the happy meal. Proud to be Guatemalan. Btw I’m also a big fan of the show. Hope you see this comment.

    24. diesel nazzaro

      I enjoy mickey Donald’s

    25. Shirley Manis

      Anyone else prefer Wendy's?

    26. Garrett Hoffman

      So at the end, did they actually not know that “cat fries” are..... ummmmmm Well you see, there bull testicals.

    27. Liamplayz473

      When they said good mythical morning I laughed because it’s evening

    28. Stacie Godwin

      Cat fries are fried bull testicles ! LOL !


      A great movie that goes over mcdonalds history is The Founder, definitely reccomend that!!

    30. Jack Bauer

      These two guys are very likable

    31. curly curl

      Showing love from the Dino ! Woot woot !

    32. Sana Kim

      The Shuffleboard Game will always remain YEAR EYE WITH TWO STRAIGHT GUYS (blank edition) to me.

    33. Mangy Cat

      I’m so excited for Rhett that the McRib is back right now. 😂

    34. Jonas Deknopper

      I liked the scrambled years better. Still amazing though! ;)

    35. Mylum O'Shinn

      Link's sore losership has returned.

    36. Big D

      I've been watching your channel since before it was a channel and I had to say red you need a freaking haircut man bun alert 🤣

    37. Tyler Kennedy

      proof that commercials get stuck in your head for your whole life calculated

    38. Maddy Patrick

      Bring back the randomized board! it makes things more interesting

    39. Maddy Patrick

      They really don't want Link to win lol

    40. Glowfenix Productions

      What fun

    41. Jennifer Murdock

      Link is a wet sock

    42. Cason Newton

      Can y’all do a Burger King shuffleboard game please

    43. Dr. Phil

      You know if Link got that cheat Rhett would and also the board shouldn’t be in order

    44. Nick Coleman

      Can confirm that the McGriddle is the best item at McDonald's. Oh, and you gotta get a hashbrown with it.

      1. Chelsea

        Facts 🙌🏼

    45. Ark Chiller

      Am i the only ones who really likes the filet o fish? The quarter pounder is my favorite but the filet o fish is my second favorite.

      1. Amberlewis Gaming

        I mean...I like the fillet o fish too. ;-;

    46. BIG DON

      Literally a radio show I get to watch, I love it

    47. FoxsFear

      I just realized something, are Chase and Spencer (Smosh) not the same person? Or are they brothers? I just figured they were the same person this past year watching both shows.

    48. jessica hale

      Could we please go back to showing us the decade while they guess? It makes listening to their guesses and reasoning so much funnier...

    49. BlackSnowLeopard

      Fun fact: I learned about this channel at the 2018 VidCon in Anaheim California! So glad I actually looked into this channel. Love the content!

    50. jason culmone

      petition to have the winner of each round go *second,* not first. Since Rhett and Link bump each other nearly every round, the person who goes first (the winner of a round) is actually at a serious disadvantage. that disadvantage should be reserved for the loser, no?

    51. Satan

      Mcnuggets maker is from lucembourg and also made the mcrib. Thats why the mcrib is permanently available in mcdonalds

    52. Limeify

      I like this vid

    53. Robert Callen

      Is it me or is Linc dressed like a soccer mom?

    54. Mahmoud Harbi

      Make the shuffleboard shuffled again!

    55. Anna Pruitt

      They should really get a point for correctly guessing and then a second point for landing accurately.

    56. Darlene Faith Pagteilan

      just say "welcome to the shuffle zone" like it used to be before the changes 🙃

    57. chrnb

      mcdonald's get all their fish from toxic fish farms.

    58. Jordy Pie

      he had calf fries, not catfish lol


      how come no one knows the dude with the beard is a sick surfer,,, lol

    60. Voice Thrives

      Put the answers back. Change the squares back. Put everything back the way it was please

    61. Becky Gholson

      I liked these better when they weren't in chronological order.

    62. Christian Miller

      Guy at the end... was eating "Calf fries" which are not at all fried catfish....

    63. KING aKa Hyper

      The old blood milkshake trick. A true classic

    64. WoodsySage 7

      It was April of 1955

    65. Tm Martishius

      Damn Link flexing hard in that last round

    66. RichardTheChicken

      Eating Mcdonalds!

    67. skrpanther4

      I’m catholic

    68. NativeSkater1000


    69. chorchi

      That nathan from Oklahoma has such a punchable face 😡

    70. Xfact0r39

      I agreed with the no bump. Change the board so it isnt chronological.

    71. Kelly

      They got rid of biscuits & gravy and steak bagel. They're breakfast is worthless besides the egg mcmuffin now. I don't understand how anyone would eat there for breakfast at this point.

    72. sty0pa

      Link is dominating...but you're both wearing skinny jeans so ...

    73. Mario Garcia

      Can someone translate what Link said at 1:25 ?

    74. Lorenzo Hernandez

      I live down the street from the first McDonald’s in San Bernardino California

    75. Jakorious 9

      Rhett as a supervillain!

    76. Tobias T

      Rhett's memory served him correct him.

    77. Tobias T

      it gives a good energy that they do that game standing up, you can tell that it makes them excited, because they dont have to sit down.

    78. Jay Chey

      Fun fact: calf fries are definitely not catfish lol

    79. ひろかいりゅざき

      Anyone else thought they'd be eating 100 year old McDonald's food they bought on eBay?

    80. Soraya A.

      I see so many comments saying they should go back to the randomized version of the board, and I agree, but they can’t please everyone. The probably changed it the first time for the same reason. They’re trying to make y’all happy, but there’s always gonna be people complaining

    81. beeman

      Rhett cheated with that double touch

    82. Sarah Aldrich

      Lol at Link pretending hes never dominated before okay Daddy we see you

    83. Very Redundant

      I love all the GMM games like this, more please!

    84. LeRougePanda

      I am thankful to Rhett and Link for mishearing that outro as Cat Fries and not what it actually was.

    85. Ultra Unity

      That laugh after he announced the cheat 😭

    86. Dominick Ruiz

      Do 100 years of Coffee Taste Test

    87. Haley Faragalli

      I've been waiting for this video

    88. Joshua Armenta

      "Mr. L O N G P O L E" Nice. Sick burn, Link.

    89. Zachary Roger

      I was born is San Bernardino

    90. Kendal Harris

      We really need an "Act Like You've Been There Before" shirt hahaha

    91. Savag badger Jose06

      Bruh on 1:44 that laugh tho

    92. Noriaki Kakyoin

      I haven’t watched them in years! God I miss this.

    93. Rishi Patel


      1. Rishi Patel

        I LOVE THIS NEW INTRO MOSTLY THE TONE OF THE INTRO!!!!!! ANYBODY ELSE!!! Like this message if support

    94. Toxichammertoe

      McDonald's use to carry honey, I would get the nuggets and dip it in there honey (Golden Honey), man its good!!!

    95. Cameron Ryan

      WTF WHY AM I NOT SEEING COMMENTS ABOUT THE “BLOOD IN THE MILKSHAKE” joke? That was some Illuminati satanist pleadge or something, smh what happened to them????

    96. MrDoctorWho 6

      Who came back here to see if they had the rhett hologram programmers set up?

    97. Peachy Pop

      Why am I watching this it’s interesting and funny though

    98. Michael Gunter Finwick

      Where did you get that fie place

    99. Sam Berry

      They are going to kick everyone’s ass when they get into a senior living home...

    100. David Vodicka

      At the time Rhett said that Link has been dominating this game I predicted Rhett is going to win this one.