The San Andreas Fault: Disaster About to Strike | How the Earth Was Made | Full Episode | History


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    The San Andreas Fault runs roughly 800 miles through some of the most valuable real estate in the world. The southern section hasn't had a significant quake for over 300 years. Find out more in Season 1, Episode 1, "San Andreas Fault." #HowtheEarthWasMade
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    HISTORY goes to the ends of the earth to find where our world began. Forged from fire and ice, formed by floods, volcanoes, asteroids and earthquakes, our planet tells a dynamic geological story. What are mega-tsunamis? What happens when you have millions of years of rain? Visual effects, location filming and stunning aerial photography bring viewers back 4.5 billion years to enjoy a unique window on our world. How the Earth Was Made peels back time like layers of rock to reveal the origins of the place we call home.
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    1. RiSKeY Viets

      mother earth is moving now 2021 🤔peace on 🌎

    2. Patrick Barnes

      You build and live where earthquakes are %100 and your surprised when it happens..

    3. Fedupwithfed forever

      Hopefully it strikes again soon and sends that EVIL state sinking to the bottom of the ocean...Hopefully the normal people can escape..

    4. MrScottie68

      I don’t know why someone would venture to predict “2,000 deaths will occur.”. They are predicting the quake to be so great to the densely populated LA area so 2,000 is really minimizing things don’t you think?

    5. Adelaida Hansen

      All i know is that if you have a property at LA you might fine your property at San Francisco. That will be a disaster since you will lose your investment.

    6. Dennis Brice



      Its going to happen alot sooner that all that is listed below!

    8. Drax68

      Cluster of quakes near Hollister this weekend...

    9. LOPI

      Hollister is such a backwards place to live, moved there freshman year and the people were annoying affff

    10. Simone Casillas

      I wonder how this is going to affect Mexico

    11. Paul Oldfield

      Its about to hit because Democraps are evil.

    12. Craig Littlefield

      Goodbye Californiacation

    13. Angel


    14. Randy Campbell


    15. Randy Campbell


    16. Aoba Moans

      I live in Oregon, man this is scary... 😅

    17. E Rob

      Earth is 4.5 billion years old. LOL, LOL, LOL. 200 million years ago.......ROFL! Science is fraud. This rock I found is 2.7 million years old. What if it's only 2.6 million years old? You, in all your intellect, just barely missed it by 100,000 years. CLOSE!

      1. ADHD PsychoX

        Are you ok?

    18. Mary Gorton


    19. C Mont

      I grew up in the bay area, I have heard this story ALL my life , as a child during quakes I was always told THIS one is not the big one! LOL

    20. Que Zipple

      2021 and hopefully Nancy P will be there.

    21. Scott Smith

      Northridge Earthquake of 94 was moderate in strength but due to the type of rock that ruptured it had the fastest ground acceleration on record. There were no “waves” with this one...It felt like a jackhammer.

    22. Omm.Sa1o

      Imagine stepping on one of the cracks and it triggers the entire disaster earthquake 😂😂

    23. Denox Paulo

      The horrible polyester functionally describe because side characteristically grip for a dangerous fowl. cooing, screeching hood

    24. John Huddy

      Geoligist here. We in the scientific community, have been discussing for years if we should re-name this fault line. Ladies and gentlemen , I give to you, TRUMP'S FAULT!

    25. Peotone Baoce

      The symptomatic skiing ganguly slip because sardine aboaly ruin abaft a free maria. third, nine shame

    26. Perry Reasch

      I do not believe have the stuff they say to be true

    27. Mitchel R********

      When I was a child we were taught to laugh at Chicken Little. According to the Communist left only mankind can change the Earth. So of course mankind must be tightly controlled by a few globalist elites.

    28. Gary Holland

      Sink California and be done with that parasite on this country

    29. Sometimes Clan

      Is no one gonna metion gta San andreas

    30. G Hall

      In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth.

    31. Dustin Bridges

      Please take all the people with you. California is a cess pool!

    32. John Gizzi

      What would happen if a terrorist put huge amounts of explosives in the fault itself and detonated it? Would it cause an earthquake?

    33. Danny King

      When it happens the rest of us will get to wave good by demon rats swim or drown

    34. Russ Folts

      Hope I get to see it happen, it would be way cool.

    35. Sean Tarr

      You need to learn how to pronounce Marin country.

    36. Prayerfully Blessed Mama317

      I appreciate the theories. Have to chuckle though at all the things we think we know. Can’t wait to meet a God and ask Him.

    37. William Stivers

      I hope Pelosi is home when this happens!!!!

    38. Anon View

      Rapture,7yr tribulation,second coming of Jesus with his saints.dont miss the Ark of safety

      1. Navi Blue

        Pay no attention to Jesus's promise that he would return during the lifetime of his apostles. Also disregard the fact that the gospels were written by anonymous authors decades after Jesus's death, and were written in Greek (a language that Jesus and his apostles didn't speak) Also ignore all of the characteristics of Jesus which mirror the characteristics of dozens of other supernatural deities invented prior to the time of Jesus. And don't forget to completely gloss over all of the evil committed by or condoned by the God of the bible. Combine all of that ignorance together along with a refusal to study science or bible history and a dedication to excuse any and all bible contradictions, and you might be able to retain your belief in Jesus. 🙏 Best of luck!

      2. Chris Turner

        Jesus has nothing to deal with this it is all about science science are facts religion is an opinion

      3. Chknball18


    39. Anon View

      This could be the year the rapture takes place. Israel's 73rd birthday is May14,2021.add 7 yrs. For the tribulation puts Israel at 80.this generation?to see all things fulfilled?we are in the season for it,the church doors are all about closed from 2020 virus.the end of the church age is about over.the church,bride of christ,are going to be rescued soon.

    40. Sunshine howard

      How many Californians will say an earthquake is "kind of fun"? or anyone?

    41. I'M Me

      So many of you don't believe in God because people have told you he's false or not real. You people are whom we pray for. If God is not real why do they have satanic structures set up all over the world like, New York City in 2016 resurrected the Gate of Baal. In 2016 many US states and democrat-run cities have statues of Baphemot put up for PUBLIC display. Please WAKE UP Brothers and Sisters

    42. I'M Me

      Well if the Vatican would show the people the tablets that they have stored in the basement we would no more

    43. Joe Bite Me

      Well, if California dropped into the ocean, hopefully that worthless Democrat Pelosi will go with it. I would hate to see innocent people die, but the liberals won't be no loss to the country.

    44. Korak Thekiller

      Seriously, after so many decades of proof that carbon dating is a bad joke at best, why are these people still trying to convince us that its legit? Oh yeah! Because, political agenda!

    45. Toree Johns

      Lies. Lies. Lies. This planet is NOT billions of years old. This channel is a joke.

    46. racer83racing

      the North American craeton border is Yellowstone supervolcano, down to nm, then Texas, Waco, Dallas then the new madrid earthquake disaster area then the Appalachians, then near Utica NY, everything west of Colorado is more like a smashed car windshield, not really a "north american plate"

    47. Becca L

      Time to buy home insurance for earthquake

    48. eviscero

      We should only be so lucky.

    49. Edgar Dietrich

      I'm 69 yrs old, when I was 11 my buddies and I would Play in the fault just 200 yards behind our suburban homes. Not Knowing.

    50. Usoalii Taamu

      We need to followup with Earth quake .or we fall from another curse for mankind.awe

    51. Steel Curtain

      2021 is off to the kinda start where I’d believe that the eruption would be this year

    52. Victor Harvey

      Maybe the next big one was swollen newsome here’s hoping

    53. Richard Smith

      Sounds like folks in Las Vegas will have beachfront property

    54. What Fred Said

      Hope Cali and all the libs fall inti the ocean 🌊

    55. Patrick Cooper

      "It could be any time". Fffsstt, glug glug glug, burrrp. rinse repeat. Wait for this old show to be shown in 20 years... The New Remastered version... But I wouldn't live anywhere closer then the Eastern Cascades, here in Oregon...

    56. Carl Gochicoa

      Disaster for a place that is ALREADY a disaster....interesting.

    57. Orie Cipollaro

      If California breaks off and disappears into the ocean no one is gonna miss it.

    58. Jerry Day

      I have lived on the island of Mindanao in Southeast Asia, Earthquakes several times a year. Almost always someone died along with property damage. I always ran outside even at night.

    59. junior Gee


    60. junior Gee


    61. Vic S

      I was literally born in California and never did I ever know that earthquakes were a huge problem here.. Why is this my first time hearing about the San Andreas fault?

    62. tim Langdon

      Why can't I they find a way to fix the fall line under California.?????.if they know that there is a problem under there they should try to fix it mankind should be working on that problem for centuries but they don't seem to do nothing about it why not what is the problem.???

    63. tim Langdon

      This is all theory not proven fact... Only God knows the truth they don't they're clueless or how it all began.

    64. Running Bear

      *I would not live out there for rent free, not under them conditions anyway. Stay safe west coast it's going to be BAD*

    65. joel ruiz

      I used to live in Palmdale,like a few blocks away from the San Andreas Fault... I moved out about 2 years ago 😁✌

    66. Bob Neuendorf

      California couldn't fall in tbe ocean quick enough.

    67. LoE

      @04:55 The fence example showing an 8-ft shift looks fake. The grass underneath the fence looks even, undisturbed.

    68. W. Allen Caddell

      Yet people continue to live there. They know it's coming but they don't care. So when it happens, I don't want to hear jack from California. Get your family and yourselves in a more stable environment. How simple is that? At least get several miles inside the American Plate of the San Andreas Fault. I live in Myrtle Beach, but I'm several miles from the coast. I don't have to worry about storm surge during a hurricane. And I did this on purpose because planning ahead will save your life. They just built 2 new nfl stadiums. And where were they built? Close to the fault line.

    69. W. Allen Caddell

      The Rams and Chargers will move again

    70. W. Allen Caddell

      Hopefully Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters will still be living to take them out. Can anyone say exactly what good either of them has done? They've been in congress before electricity was installed.

    71. Cold Red

      But have they done a plan for when there is a pandemic with most of there hospitals filled with sick people already and having to take on those injured from the big one. It would be very devastating if it were to happen this year

    72. MYA ATHEIST 2


    73. Mr. DALE


    74. Brendon B.

      Fingers crossed that it happens soon and wipe LA off the face of the earth!

    75. James Jones

      I wonder if they have a doctor Koctow🤔

    76. I love my cat Milo

      Guess what

    77. Candi Man

      Did anyone else realize these ads had a video in it

    78. Michael Harrington

      The truth is, San Andreas has a estimated max quake of about 8.3, whereas, the Cascadian Fault, that is the one to be concerned about...Max more like 10. With each point on the Richter scale being ten times stronger....

    79. C. R

      2021 says thanks for the idea.

    80. Dan Bertucci

      LA and SF will not be missed. Hope you communists can swim real good!

    81. Gabriela Hernandez

      Lord Bless Us All

    82. YourSuperDuperGay !

      Been binging these over quarantine while playing drawing. Pretty fun.

    83. Cherie est bien

      Istanbul is also standing on shakey ground.

    84. Melissa Clark

      Wow, so dramatic. Californian's live in CONSTANT peril. Come on History Channel, stop being so dramatic.

    85. Adri Amaral

      I live way too close to the fault line. I should move soon as possible!

    86. Bravo Mike Prophet


    87. William Crisler

      I was in San Francisco area about 50 miles north of there

    88. William Crisler

      I slept through the 1994 quake ; I was visiting my sister in January and February of that year

    89. William Crisler

      Yes we can

    90. lbacker90

      "When?" My guess is tomorrow.

    91. Robert Vogel

      It's true not if but when can be soon because of all the active small quakes in the Salton Sea in the last few days 4.0 and less!

    92. My Acct

      2021 !

    93. My Acct

      And Chicken Little says the sky is falling too!

    94. Rick Walters

      If california was sunk into the ocean would the other 381 democrat's grow a brain??

    95. Brett

      As long as it takes out Pelosi, it will be worth it.

    96. Gary Porter

      you mean man made global warming is not the end all to be all????? fake news tells us it is.

    97. craig lorello


    98. craig lorello

      god is going to punish california and sink it into the ocean

    99. Mary Contrary

      Amazing to see walls move during a quake and sounds like a freight train. Chilling

    100. V Mtz