Me vs. B-Lat for the BIG MONEY - Seminole Finals

Scott Martin

238 миӊ. көрүүлөр22

    All I have to do is beat 9 other fisherman to win the 125k..But a guy named B-LAT is going to be a Major PROBLEM! This is the final day of the FLW Tour on Lake Seminole 2019.
    This is Day 4 of the FLW Tour on Lake Seminole.
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    1. Justin Shearer

      I work in the coalmines and fishing wears me out up all night excited and no sleep wondering where i should start

    2. angiesman3

      This is one of the best videos I've seen. My 2 favorite FLW anglers. Thanks a million Scott Martin. You are a class act. Your boy B-Lat proud of him . I watch you guys KGup videos everyday. I have a different vision of bass fishing. God bless you brother.

    3. James Shirah

      Much respect to support all the anglers... B-Lat is true soldier and gives it his all @Brian Latimer Thank you Scott You the man!

    4. Jeff Brummette


    5. Cody Cyr

      Just let y'all know fishing is hard work you have to use your body and brain power to catch anything

    6. Micah Williams

      What an awesome win for B Latt! Very emotional i dam near shed a tear. Love watchn u guys fishn videos!! And the real Hilary fishn channel. Can’t wait to see her in bass masters one day!!! God bless guys!

    7. VIZE Will

      This is my 14th time watching this

    8. Greg Hendren

      Try truck driving if you think fishing is hard. Lol

    9. Bass Bro Fishing

      Your drag must be set pretty low for 15lb test

    10. Christian Harrell

      What I should I use for lake Seminole to catch bass this weekend

    11. Trey Sammons

      It ain’t laying carpet fellas

    12. Spinning Team

      Nice fisheries and professional equipment. Best Regards

    13. 1SwoleNole

      Lat HONEY and Lemons (vocals)...C'mon B Lat, Man you can't Horse them fish out like know better than that! LOL This was AWESOME!!

    14. Bassin for Biggins

      I love seeing videos like this. You and B. Lat are amazing

    15. Brian Ratzlaff

      What an awesome day of fishing wow 28 pound bag way to go bud 🙏

    16. Jeff Claus

      Hilary, I'm 77 years old and follow you but, please lose the gum before you record. Love Ya!

    17. HD42 Gaming

      Man Brian’s video gives me goosebumps!

    18. 815 Aquarium fish

      That’s why I love following u and b-lat both are down to earth guys I was so happy when he got that last fish love ur videos keep it up

    19. Drake Aamold

      God is good!!!!

    20. Codey Recht

      He said 125,000 and gave him 100,000 they skeeting him

    21. jessup smith

      I want to see Scott win another big tournament

    22. Cam Hester

      I fish light line and worm or swim bait makes them 2 pounders feel big

    23. Smitty Boi

      Awesome video. Love you guys. I could watch you two all day. Just started fishing again, after the loss of my dad 12 years ago. Sold our boat, got rid of everything. But just started again the last 6 or 7 weeks ago. A lot of money spending on getting gear again. And want a boat so bad. Nothing like what you guys rip around in. Although I would love one of those. It was my dad and I, dream boat. To be able to buy one of those bass boats. But not cheap at all. Actually just got home from fishing again. Been like a 7 day streak of hitting the water. Shore fishing. Keep up the great work gentlemen!!

    24. Murky Water Central

      Class act Scott!! BLAT and Scott Martin are my top Anglers ever and its because of ya'lls awesome attitude and being great PEOPLE!! Such and inspiration.

    25. Josh Agnew

      You and brain are two of the best in the business

    26. Leo Bauer

      Scott, when you pull them off the nest like that, can they still spawn, seems unfair to me

    27. Joe Kioske

      Loves these guys!

    28. Steve Hogan

      Ha, about this time last year. You did a good job working that lake. Congrats to B-Lat ...hope he's had some others between than and now.

    29. Johnny Thompson

      Good job B-Lat

    30. The Schmerb’s

      Congratulations b lat your in a crowd of fishing men some people dream about sir congratulations enjoy the moment and go fishing👍🤛🙏🏻

    31. Branden Graham

      Go B-Lat ..

    32. Branden Graham

      I love the googan baits.. Scott thank u for all the video..I fish the flw .Bulldogs at lake Lanier as co I learned alot from my boater..this will be mine second time in the Bulldogs division.. just want to say thank you for the great ideas and Videos.. you and b-Lat.. are the best.. just thank for all the time yall .. put into the work on the water and videos.. thanks..

    33. Outdoor Missions

      Love your channel 👍

    34. Underrated0men3376

      When Scott says “Yes” when he realizes B-Lat just won is so awesome. That’s why I love watching you fish, Scott.

    35. CasualBassGuy

      Dude. I’ve watched this final weigh in 7 times and it’s absolutely amazing every time!!!!

    36. Steve Hogan

      Good Job... thanks for bringing us along.


      Still one of my favorite videos hands down!!

    38. chevytechb

      The moment when you realize b lat landed his winning fish should go down as one of the greatest moments in fishing. True example of a great sportsman and person!!! Hope to shake your hand someday bro

    39. Nate Hershberger

      Congrats to B-Lat!🤳Awesome sport Scott, ur a great fisherman and person! 👍

    40. louie Green

      18:00 when u said “yes” it shows that u a true freind and a real good guy!

    41. Julie Inman

      B lat runnin around in his socks give me the money duide

    42. Kzface

      I can see the B-lat / Martin challenge in the future just like Pops and Jimmy💪🏽

    43. MaineMinuteMan

      Scott, you never let us down with the sportsmanship brother. Keep up the awesome work

    44. NickGlaze Tv

      Hey Scott. Do you know Chuck Pippin Jr? He talks very highly of you.

    45. Chris Castleman

      Is there anyone els who got emotional over this nice job man

    46. BBRUNO

      Great video, loved B-Lats reaction!

    47. BigNBassin

      I yell like that when i catch a nice 2 pounder lol way i see it if your adrenaline doesn’t rush and your not excited about it you don’t need to be fishing anymore your done

    48. Mallardhunter Hunter

      I can tell you from first hand experience that fishing is work and it is exhausting! An I work for a living! 😊

    49. Stephen Graves

      Great one!!! 🍻

    50. Hayden Green

      so who and what is the purpose to these people in tournaments, who ride with the anglers competing and document everything and are observing? is it for cheating purposes or what?

    51. Mark G.

      Anytime I'm having a bad day I come watch B-LAT win and Scott be genuinely happy for him.

    52. Anglo Red

      You guys are inspiring

    53. Kevin Kleinhenz

      Is that Jon Jones!?😂

    54. Noah Macomber

      I loved the drone shot when you caught the fish on the bed in the marsh, it was really cool

    55. Jeffrey Miller

      South Carolina ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

    56. David Helfrich

      That is my favorite one I own

    57. Wyatt Hammack

      I want to know what music they use. Lol its popping. Ive watched this video probably 20 times and it gets me more and more excited every time. Going to pick up my first boat tomorrow. Gonna start fishing tournaments around my town soon

    58. J Gillespie

      Soon as i buy a boat.. (Sometime in the next 30 year..) I challenge you to a fish off on hartwell. Haha

    59. Josh Narron

      Anybody else tear up when B-Lat hugged his boy with tears in his eyes

    60. Wes Forker

      Love it good job yal b later was sweating tho he lost that giant but glad he pulled it out

    61. Kyle Frank

      Wooooooooooooo B latt for the W congratulations

    62. Out Fishing Your Bass

      Stands on his cowl for sight fishing lol

    63. micah hook

      A guy like Bryan deserves a win

    64. Cliff Daniel

      Why are they not releasing these back on their beds?

    65. Let'S communicate

      Thanks Scott Martin gor showing some diversity on your show. I messaged you kinda in reference to this maybe 6 to 8 months ago. Don't know if you heard me but stuff like this does MAKE AMERICA GREAT 👍. I'd lobe if you respond there's much more I'd like to say. And I'm going to subscribe now!!!

    66. Austin Anderson

      just found a new fisherman to follow. BLat is awesome!

    67. Street Glide KEVO

      Awesome job

    68. chawn vezina

      I would like to see your shirts with a back piece. With like. Go bass or go broke. You know there's truth to that one. Lol

    69. Rob Palmer

      Proud of you bro. Good vid with Scott.

    70. Coppa Chahta

      Great victory BLattt much continued sucess Brother,my hat 🎩off to you scott for being You and Being there for BLatt✌🏾

    71. Peyton Dunn

      Love fishing this lake and Eufaula

    72. Pauline Ryan

      Brilliant! Really enjoyed that.Thank you for the upload!

    73. Brad Osborne

      This video brings me chills. I've been watching the friendly feud between yourself and blat all season. Sorry you didn't win Scott, but ole lat deserved this one

    74. NTBS

      For 32 years? Wow i thougt u were in ur mid 40s by now

    75. Paul Baker

      Good friends. Good times. Great job B lat. Rack those points UP Scott. A.O Y.

    76. PokerMan

      awesome win.

    77. Aaron Snatic

      Congratulations again Brian Latimer! I'm a fan of yours now! Don't stop being you and good luck the rest of the season.

    78. A Mac Fishing

      If anybody deserved it it's Brian he is an awesome guy and has worked hard for it and there is no doubt there will be more in his future so look out Scott lol

    79. #youtoo? #everyoneButMe

      Did you guys get a new microphone? Sounds different....

    80. ian morrison

      What a winning bag! Great video. Keep going Scott!

    81. BassGeek

      Scott you are a dang machine.

    82. Renegade Bassin'

      I have nothing but Big Big Big respect for how you guys worked with each other in this tournament with Big $ on the line. Scott you were rooting for B Lat the whole way thru and Brian you hadn't won a major tournament yet but you were willing to share spots. Scott you are truly a living legend and B Lat congrats you are truly a inspiration to watch!!!

    83. aj06bolt12r

      Congrats to B Lat!! Also B-roll is on point.

    84. Taylor Corbitt

      Scott Martin and b lat love watching yalls videos I’m from Louisiana videos and I subscribe to yall simply because of the fact yall teach to me that even on your toughest days never give up and just keep fishing and keeping putting god first in all you do keep up the good work

    85. llpressstartll

      I watched it live, watched it on B.Lats, now watching here. Chills every time man.

    86. thomas chapman

      Hey Scott are those the green mirror lenses? Looking a pair of shades trying to figure out what lense color is best for sight fishing.

    87. Lloyd Flores

      Congrats Brian, I watch your and Scott's channel.. You guys are awesome!

    88. Cousin Matt

      Phenomenal job guys!! So happy for B-Lat.. that was a fantastic moment, esp with his family by his side.. so cool!! Love it!!

    89. datruth hurts

      still alive baby,still alive!!let's go b-lat!congrats

    90. Michael Jackson

      Awesome to be cheering on B-Lat even going against him final day great sportsmanship what it's all about!

      1. Scott Martin


    91. Tom Burgdorf

      When is the next time you coming to Australia Melbourne

    92. Thomas Minarik

      Congratulations ✌👍🗲

    93. B VANDY

      Awesome video Scott! I’m happy for your boy.

    94. Nick Coleman

      B-Lat got them hooksets on point!

    95. bookmaster240

      awesome that Scott was nearby when Brian caught the winning fish. I've seen the FLW video and it's cool it's see it from so many different perspectives

    96. Ross Watkins

      What shimano metanium or no

    97. Devin Henson

      18:07 made me so happy. True sportsman

    98. Capacity2Fish

      B-Lat said "GOD LOVES ME.. GOD LOVES ME!!" 😂😂

    99. Capacity2Fish

      I've been gone for a while. Where's Billy?

    100. Dark lord Gumba

      I think Scott doesn't show all his technics 🤣 probably thinks we will actually use them