The Vanishing of Flight 370


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    [Credits, References, and More]
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    1. LEMMiNO

      [Credits, References, and More]

      1. yung goblin

        Damn only 2 years later

      2. TheRoPlayz

        It crashed bc pilot was to bored to communicate with the tower thing so it crashed bc pilot sayed: Why shouldn't we crash let's just crash (First officer): Lets crash it bye world :)))))))))))))))))))))

      3. RanMind YT


      4. lathevans

        Part 2 please!! Any updates?

      5. SpaghettDev


    2. Vlad

      The intro gives me goosebumps.

    3. Luka Dončić

      Song at 15:23 ?

    4. Dhaval Brahmbhatt

      I sincerely hope we find out what happened to this plane before I hit the bucket. Such mystery and such tragic event.

    5. Alayna Nelson

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    6. Solomon Killeen

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    7. MidKnight

      I just watched 60 minutes report from AU about this last night. But this video very clearly disprove everything that was concluded on that documentary. Idk what to believe. But I kinda trust this channel more? 🤷

    8. tiffany brown

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      I think it straight up de spawned

    10. Travis of Bickley

      Why does no one seek phone records of family members or friends or associates of PASSENGERS TO SEE IF THOSE COMMUNICATIons Might yield clues. What about health records or conditions of PASSENGERS. There had just been an EBOLA outbreak in Africa. THAT PLANE was bound f ok r Chkna who has MAJOR INTERESTES OK N AFRICA...WHAT IF an EBOLA aff ed acted passenger was on that plane to China...would CHINA HACK the autopilot if that plane and land it in the ocean assuring NOONE IM N CHINA GETS INFECTED?

    11. DON CHETO

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    12. Thomas Luong

      Everything they have worked to find could always be wrong and Flight 370 could be so much different then what we’ve said it was to be

    13. Muria Mcdonald

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    14. Elaine Snyder

      Nothing was said about the people aboard, was anything looked into this

    15. monke

      This is better than 90% of Netflix

    16. Animay

      why do i feel like they landed somewhere near antarctica

    17. Wildin Lara

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    18. John Doe

      Nice video! Fact-checked, great soundtrack, great narration, interesting topic!

    19. SlurpySkittles

      oh wow this happend when i was 5-

    20. sarahhh

      as a malaysian, this was such a big thing, and its really sad that mh 370 seems to be forgotten since it happened so long ago

    21. peancelt

      Now this, is more interesting than school

    22. Thomas jennifer

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    23. Spirit V

      Imagine if the hole crew got stuck on a remote island is just lying around hunting for food

    24. Johnny Hansen

      Sad story, interesting theories - and very very poor translation to Danish language...

    25. Filipe Nyuso

      -Here is my theory: The plane was hijacked from outside by some government military as to practice some form of anti-aviation weapon or technology. The plane then were made to go on a route towards the south indian ocean, and either made to crash into sea, or landed into some unknown base/barge. -Why no communication/signals from the passangers? Maybe jammers are the answer to this. -What happened to the passangers? They could have died of this secret anti-aviation technology, or died at the crash. They even might had been captured and used as test subjects. -How come no other nation did not noticed such a military exercise? I know, a sloppy answer but it might had been a collective operation of a multitude of nations, they could cover each other's back. I mean, think of it. Maybe MH370 was a victim of some secret technology. Yeah, you probably heard some else saying that too, but I just wanted to put it down here... i hope one day this mystery will be solved, and the families and people will find relieve...

    26. Mike Storme

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    27. Boston Blackie

      Why are there not cameras on planes to show what is happening. There are cameras just about everywhere 1984 is upon us! If they don't know what happend then no accusations should be made against a persons character.

    28. Tribute Streets PIPE Journey

      watching this while on magic truffels was legendary

    29. Stefan Andrejevic

      I feel bad for the parents of all of those passengers

    30. Yezda Uysal

      Maybe the captain wanted to commit suicide... but where the hell is the plane???!

    31. Aryan Kumar

      If someone has watched Manifest, you know what's going to happen.

    32. something useless

      Maybe it just unexpectedly fly to space lol, who knows maybe it got trapped in oxygen airway to outside the earth, like how a float on the water? Well, we dont know much about our universe after all.

    33. Gloria

      Proof positive that, though the earth can seem very small, it is in fact vast and remains mysterious.

    34. jin luvr

      i really hope one day we find out what happened

    35. Tj Anderson

      thats sus i hate the south china sea so sus

    36. Regan Scantlin

      This is absolutely haunting me....still

    37. Shawn Joss

      Maybe the Skygina took them, and they’re just at a Maine airport trying to figure out what happened 😂😂😂

    38. Mr. Dinnington

      I bet it was hijacked.

    39. liljoker062000

      So there's a new method of tracking planes that is being put to use to possibly track this plane. I'm hoping they find it soon and we can finally find out what exactly happened.

    40. wheezle

      I remember watching this live on the news and never wanted to go on a plane again

    41. Bug Burgess

      by now its in the sand

    42. N HW

      Damn i remember coming back home after school watching my favourite cartoon when suddenly on the bottom screen of the tv a message came up saying "Malaysia flight MH370 has gone missing" after seeing that i told my mum then we switch to it thinking how scary it is for a big ass plane to go missing , then my mum told me it would probably be found after a few days , Weeks passed nothing Months passed nothing Years passed still nothing, To think that after 7 years one of the greatest mystery in aviation history has yet to be solved.

    43. chickenboss36


    44. karukoffa A

      Its unbelieveable that satellite's could not get a image clear seriously...?

    45. Karl Rebane

      im going to watch this again just because the video is so good.

    46. Audio In

      Could the whole thing have been faked?

    47. DrZeldaGlitch

      17:57 married with THREE children?!

      1. Shiny

        He is married and have three children

    48. Louis Vuitton

      A ufo sucked them up

    49. San Sei

      It's just ridiculous that the most mysterious aviation flight in history happened not 60 years nor 50 years ago, but 7 years where we're more advancer.

    50. Ruben Pronk

      RIP to all the victims who were in this plane, I hope one day we will exactly know what happened💔

      1. Bikram Pradhan

        Rest in Peace.

    51. Deepu Raghuthaman

      Why should there be an option at all to turn off the transponder while the aircraft is in flight?! There's no way a pilot would turn it off for benevolent purposes!

    52. Rayyan 1

      Who else has watched this more than once ?

    53. Alicia Stadler

      The last time the world had this much interest in a missing airplane, the captain was Amelia Earhart

    54. Venoix

      Idk why, but I can fall asleep to his voice....

    55. Marko Polić

      does anyone know the song at 11:40? thanks

    56. misscara1989

      My husband is an air traffic controller (USA) and the fact that this happened is shocking

      1. KCASC_ HD

        what Im shocked by is the fact that the transponders can be shut down... literally put batteries in them and make them in a way that you`d have to cut the cables physically or put multiple bullets through each one to make them go silent

    57. Ron Lentjes

      Simple. Plane type: Boeing 777-200ER. Check. Enable Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot. Check. Ground Control: "Plane Acquired, Commence Plan 'Dr Evil'". Check. Lower Cabin Pressure. Check. Lock Cockpit doors. Check. Maintain Altitude. Check. Everyone Asleep. Check...

    58. Kevtuff

      I can’t be the only one who watched this video thinking in my head ”Previously on LOST”

    59. Antonio Rios

      Im gonna say it, aliens stole it, explains the crazy flight path

    60. iMark XX

      A moment of silence for all innocent souls lost in this incident, may their beautiful souls Rest In Eternal Peace. 😢😢😢😢 I hope someday we all get to know what exactly happened.

    61. Matt D

      they will find it on mars

    62. Mesi Aura

      im an avid believer that the pilot committed suicide. what i dont understand is how everything unfolded, because im pretty sure that many passengers would have at the very least questioned the reason behind the plane not arriving at the destination on the assignated time

    63. Aidan Luo

      I did a school project on this subject. So intriguing

    64. Void

      It can be the the responsibility for the Bermuda triangle

    65. Naveen Sai

      the best background teller

    66. Breach


    67. nword boi

      Maybe the plane despawned

    68. ahti29

      Covers everything that we need to know in 25 minutes.

    69. Kine

      I came back to this because new information was found. They were able to reconstruct the possible flight path and it was found that the pilot avoided all the routes that were tracked on that day and time. So he flew the plane in order to not be detected, which they concluded could only be on purpose. So basically one of the two if not both pilots committed suicide on that day and were douchey enough to take the lives of the passengers with them.

      1. Manlyman Lad

        @Kine guess that they’ll know best :/

      2. Kine

        @Manlyman Lad I don't have a clue... I am just repeating what I read from experts.

      3. Manlyman Lad

        But they wouldn’t need to do all that just to commit suicide... if they wanted to commit suïcide they would only need to fly to the ground with high speed... being on the radar or not would be irrelevant

    70. tsundyeri

      is it found now?

      1. Manlyman Lad

        @Kine but why go through all the trouble? It really doesn’t make sense

      2. Kine

        yup suicide by the pilot

    71. Sheri

      I reckon it was a suicide by the pilot.

    72. william radford

      Aviation's greatest mystery, in memory of the passengers/crew of flight MH370. Bound for Beijing and vanished from all radar systems

    73. Rafael Mertin

      Help a dummy out here. For them not to give any signal, wouldnt both pilots have to be "in on it" unless one guy harmed or killed the other in the cockpit?

      1. DeathBy Hentai

        Cockpit doors are extremely sturdy especially after 9/11. The captain most likely asked the co-pilot to go retrieve something from the cabin or waited until he had to use the restroom and then locked him out

    74. Cc C

      Scripted world theatre/ Psyop on the masses by the world elite... All world leaders are scripted puppet actors installed by the elite...

      1. BottleOJamie

        typical american

    75. Cc C

      9/11... Psyop staged by the United Terrorist Snakes(War Criminal) & the world elite..

    76. Fares 333

      والله فرق بين طرحك للقصة وطرح كويلي اعني انت افضل

    77. Spencer Hundertmark

      Hi hope you have a good day. BTW this is a good video Stay safe - Me

    78. Phoenichi

      why would you even have the option to turn off the fucking location tracking on an airplane?

    79. Smoothy


    80. xXtomXx

      Who lives in a pineapple under the sea 🌊

      1. Smoothy


    81. erika pino

      I can't wrap my head around people in the plain not trying to communicate with someone through the phone.

      1. sam albrow

        If they’re at cruising altitude they may not have signal to connect to a cell tower, further more if they are over the ocean they won’t have any service what so ever

    82. Smg Gamer

      Kinda cringe

      1. Manlyman Lad


    83. dinoatcharterdotnet

      Aliens stole the plane.

      1. Smoothy

        Nah, dogs did

    84. WorldWarIIArmyLol

      Did someone just hijack the plane

    85. Henry Hunter

      Amazing documentary. I learned a lot.

    86. Harsh Joshi

      Does lemmino had made any horror story covering it would be outstanding

    87. Alexandre Sousa


      1. Alexandre Sousa

        Bem importante

    88. Alexandre Sousa

      11:40 inicio teorias

    89. Alexandre Sousa


    90. Alexandre Sousa

      4:00 trageto

    91. Alexandre Sousa


    92. Muhummad Khan

      I remember living in malaysia when it first happened , I didnt understand as a kid but its really scary thinking about it now.

    93. Louise Harraway

      I think the top people know what happened to this plane. We have to much technology to not be able to locate this plane.

      1. Henry Hunter

        Yes, it seems really weird no one can figure this out.

    94. Hokral

      What is the music in this, does anybody know?

    95. 17 Alexander Chonedan Ouseph

      Its all Loki🔥

    96. akshay satoskar

      whale or sharks must have eaten it.

      1. Smoothy

        nom nom

    97. SquealingSalamander65

      20:54 So you’re telling me that the Co-Pilot Didn’t have AIRPLANE Mode on? I have been conned my whole life

    98. Mot

      They got Isekai'd by Flight 370-kun

    99. Gavin ok


    100. Crustless Bread

      Type of stuff that makes me not want to get on a flight more

      1. Smoothy

        k, good to know