Mike Tyson - All Knockouts of the Legend

The World of Boxing!

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    He was called the ‘Baddest man on the planet’ for his incredible punching power and aggressive fighting style. His Speed, strength, and vicious aggression earned him the title of the youngest world heavyweight champion in 1986. He is Iron Mike Tyson.
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    1. Babylon Lodge

      tyson is the best

    2. Raunak Agrawal

      I was watching this video in mute and somehow I could still hear those punches. 😨🤯

    3. Mollie Sullins

      I love how Mike will knock them out and help them get up.

    4. Nomanslilwhaler

      This pretty much says it all.

    5. Hind Benosmane

      Guys I will give my opinion please don't insulte me. For me the best boxer is floyd mayhweather, because this guy is indefeated And his play style play defensive he is unique guy who can do it. Now guy give me your opinion

    6. RageKid1469

      Talks like a teddy fights like a grizzly😤

    7. Gede Suganda

      Mike tyson hebat

    8. Preacher DroneCo

      One major thing you forgot to mention on Tyson vs Spinks - Tyson's Coach at the time basically bet everything on Tyson to win in the 1st..... Tyson took the bet and showed us that he literally is/was the greatest boxer of all time.


      Wow, he won his all 44 matches by KO.

    10. Matt Vance

      Tyson was born to box.

    11. mohamed bouchene

      Y’all come get some cuz mike Tyson out here waiting for you y’all come get some 🐐

    12. Fraaan Sánchez


    13. Fraaan Sánchez


    14. Fraaan Sánchez


    15. Fraaan Sánchez


    16. Fraaan Sánchez


    17. Fraaan Sánchez


    18. Fraaan Sánchez


    19. Hyperactive Sloth

      People : Do you watch One Punch Man ? Me after watching some Mike Tyson matches : Hummm , no , but actually yasssss

    20. Roqueiro Cristão

      O cara do minuto 7:29 parece o do meme ( NUNCA NEM VI ) KKKKK

    21. yu yong

      He supposed to be the best,now one of the best

    22. ムキムキひのえうま

      Same grade as Mike Tyson👍

    23. ᴘɪɴᴇᴀᴘᴘʟᴇツ

      The best boxer in the world

    24. J o n a t h a n

      everyones got a plan till you punch them in the mouth.

    25. JAY3X JAY3X

      I'm not sure if they are alive mike ummmmmmmm

    26. Haroon alex

      The 🅱️est Boxer 🥊of All Time 🕰 was Mohammed Ali✔☠

    27. Kevin Topete

      Yooo like at 8:35 it says trump

    28. De Matos José

      young mike fought as if he mastered ultra instinct, almost untouchable

    29. Jose Reyes

      Haha Dani long hits like a bitch

    30. Jayten Chase


    31. Dan Clarke

      When Tyson hit you, you stayed hit. In MY opinion, the best heavyweight of all time (And there are many great heavyweight fighters)... Fury or Joshua will not surpass his record...

    32. DC Tony

      I love Tyson but that same ref was prematurely stopping fights

    33. Kira casada?

      I am after of podcast....

    34. Ingo Dödel

      Wie kann der Trainer von Alderson so einem Kampf zustimmen ? Das ist nicht in Ordnung . Eine große Gefahr für die Gesundheit .

    35. R

      8:45 Mike had brilliant head movement in his prime and unpredictable, a far cry from the guy who fought Holyfield. By the time he was fighting Holyfield he really was little more than a puncher.

      1. Davi Lima

        New diss for Mike Tyson kgup.info/get/dLCOYofbm4aZd5k/video gfg

    36. Jalia Tyner-Gaston

      I love how intimidating the opponents try to look😂😂😂 like do you know you’re about to be destroyed ??🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Davi Lima

        New diss for Mike Tyson kgup.info/get/dLCOYofbm4aZd5k/video gdh

    37. Rob Dog

      I never realized that Mike almost always went over to the fighters and helped them up.

      1. Davi Lima

        New diss for Mike Tyson kgup.info/get/dLCOYofbm4aZd5k/video tdg

    38. Roberto Faustino

      A potência dos socos de Tyson, é a mesma coisa de receber um tiro de Doze nos peito era muito forte!

    39. MIKE TYSON

      لعشاق مايك تايسون خش قناتي وتفرج😍

    40. Potato Avacadonion

      His old trainer was way better, you could tell the difference in his fighting after he got his new trainers that you realized what he was lacking

      1. Davi Lima

        New diss for Mike Tyson kgup.info/get/dLCOYofbm4aZd5k/video dvg

    41. Dream State

      Mike Tyson challenge! kgup.info/get/qap3YaWakYhlja0/video

    42. gentledwarf4483

      Not a boxer. An artist.

    43. john wick

      1 con quái vật sẽ vắt kiệt sức bạn dù cho bạn có là ai đi nữa !

    44. _faded

      Considering he was on coke most of his fights, he had a huge advantage.

      1. Davi Lima

        New diss for Mike Tyson kgup.info/get/dLCOYofbm4aZd5k/video shhu

      2. ο γαμιας της μαμάς σας

        Man they had drug testing always

    45. Munyaradzi Fatini

      If it weren't for slow motion we'd miss most of Tyson's punches

    46. Pertile Alessandro

      Mike Tyson the Best in the UNIVERSE 💘💘❤️🔝🔝🔝

    47. Mehmed Muharrem

      4:05 tyson almost punched the referee in the ba**s

      1. Davi Lima

        New diss for Mike Tyson kgup.info/get/dLCOYofbm4aZd5k/video gdr

    48. Asokumaraan Selokumar

      He dominated. HE DOMINATED!

    49. Elijah

      When ya just woke up and all the kids are speaking to you at once. 11:53

    50. Elijah

      3:09 It was at this moment in time my mans realised he was fighting Mike Tyson. 🤣

      1. Davi Lima

        New diss for Mike Tyson kgup.info/get/dLCOYofbm4aZd5k/video gdg

    51. Jhn Cmn

      Muhammad Ali Mike Tyson Manny Pacquiao 🔥

    52. Maverick 95

      Mike Tyson is a legend of all time.

    53. Andy's Boxing workout videos


    54. Ice Hot

      Great vid

    55. EJ Pinto

      Yoo mike use to hit them when they were already in the floor Yoo😂😂😂😂

    56. Muhammed kamran Ali

      He wanna see my training

    57. Chamidu Madumal

      When Mike Tyson was born, he slapped the doctor for not crying

      1. Davi Lima

        New diss for Mike Tyson kgup.info/get/dLCOYofbm4aZd5k/video dbg

      2. Affan Ansari

        Not here please


      Real heros

    59. Shashank Dhaundiyal

      Someone show this footage to Michael Jay White, who says he could have defeated Bruce Lee just on the basis of his weight.

    60. J Tizzle

      No-one an tell me this isn't a different version to 95 Tyson!

    61. Xanny Boa

      Mike Tyson k.o then he check if there good when the match is over

      1. Xanny Boa

        K,O them then he check if there good

    62. surabhi vijaya

      Still Lennox and headbutt fans cry that Tyson isnt powerful... If this tyson face Lennox or shit... they die in 1st rou d

    63. micheal whynot

      Mike Tyson had very good discipline you always listen to his trainer and coach

    64. Seonwoo SO

      Mike Tyson - king of the ring Muhammad Ali - the greatest fighter George Foreman - human monster Joe Frazier - smokin gladiator Evander Holyfield - warrior of the ring

    65. YT101YT

      Mohammod Ali , Mike Tyson both Muslim 😎the legend of America’s strongest fighters are all Muslim 😎👌❤️

    66. J R

      8:00 the homie Danny was stepping out the ring......he ain’t want no more smoke..hahaha

    67. Taco Gamer

      9:00 adiós

    68. 2k20 Fudge2k21

      Watching this gives me goosebumps mans is a legend 🔥🔥🔥💯

    69. Khamisi Bouye

      Im sorry but when did Tyson fight Brock Lesnar in the 90s? Lol

    70. Miguel Hermomlikesme

      Did anyone see the trump stuff

    71. Ned Kelly

      goddamned he was something.... absolutely the 🐐. dont feed me ali or anyone else. this man was and is a true force of nature.

    72. Jose Carreto

      I must say Mike is impressive but holy shit can Ferguson take some damage! Took so many to the face and body and kept it going

    73. Jay Sharp

      1980's Mike Tyson was the greatest heavyweight of all time

    74. Serial Drawer

      The story of MIKE TYSON in animated drawings ✍️💪🏼🔥 here kgup.info/get/p6KIoqmsgImdem4/video

    75. Deflin Robertson

      4:58 look at the corner of the ring lol

      1. Taco Gamer


    76. Jonny Pearson

      Iron Mike had 19 fights in the first year of his career, he won all 19 of them. He often fought more than once a month, even winning 3 fights in November 1985 (all KO’s of course). That is absolutely unheard of, professional boxer nowadays have maybe 3 fights a year maximum, yet Tyson had 19 in one year and won them all by knockout, not to mention he wasn’t even 20 years old at the time. The greatest ever

    77. JGX86

      8:26 the footage is in slow motion and Tyson still looks scary fast with that left hook.

    78. Emmanuel Venusa

      That speed and power. Such a terrifying person

    79. Emmanuel Venusa

      Tyson's so strong, the ref had to stop the fight before it even start

    80. Agree to use of cookies?

      Ive tried.......but I can't listen to the dreadful background muzak

    81. DichotoMe2020

      Shortly after 8:27, let's not forget, that is a SLOW MOTION PUNCH. I've done a lot of training in my younger years. I don't care how good you are, you don't see stuff like that coming. You're either on guard, and in the right position, hands up, or you're just not. And WHAMMO. You have two options at that point. A.) You're knocked out and you no longer have option 2, lol... OR... B.) You get your shit together and give yourself enough space to recover cuz once you're up, there's going to be more, immediately. EDIT: I just watched this in 1/4 speed, and that was about the speed of a fast hit, mid fight, by most experienced fighters.

    82. DichotoMe2020

      Mike Tyson is an amazing man, and fighting machine. His straight forward confidence, and almost oblivious, yet aware, attitude is a pure sign of conviction and passion. He had great coaching, and support, and ultimately, SELF CONFIDENCE.

    83. Erik Werner


    84. SAVAGE & I

      This is why I love Mike Tyson! kgup.info/get/oKaqqGaVn4J3hWo/video

    85. Michel lagacé

      1 but un poing

    86. Prettyflacko947

      pause the video and go to 39:43 NO EVEN THE REF IS SAFE

    87. Lisa

      the one with the tall guy and Tyson, will be Logan Paul and Floyd

    88. BC

      Mike made prepared pro skilled boxers look like droopy-eyed armless children.

    89. Omair

      1:59 ronaldo siiiiiii

    90. Logan Shelburne

      WHERE AM I GONNA BE COME TEN YEARS FROM NOW, A DECADE AGO I WAS WRITING THIS SAME SHIT DOWN. #RareAmericans. Gas Mask, go check it out sub too, really good band.

    91. Branden Alexander

      So much respect for Iron Mike

    92. Freddy Malsawmtluanga

      My favorite boxer,my hero🥰💪

    93. Vikas Rao

      He is really a boxing legend no body can match him

    94. Daniel Bathaei

      His opponents had planned everything out ... then they got punched by Tyson.. you can see the surprised look on their faces as they realize they’re fucked.

    95. Master sam

      He broke his tooth 😂😭😭😂😂

    96. Miral Abualjadail

      Exited for the Jamie Fox Tyson film.

    97. DoctorLazers

      Love the garbage photoshop of him squaring up to 2010s Brock Lesnar. Dude, Brock was in high school when that pic of Tyson was taken.

    98. Mandalorian

      Other boxers: diediediediediediedie Mike tyson: die

    99. Jeff Riles

      Bad Leroy brown

    100. Clarisza Bata

      When is your bout again Mike?