bts moments i think about a lot #2


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    #bts #funnymoments #trynottolaugh
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    1. chimmy

      9:31 where i can watch the video?

    2. suga BTS

      2:19 noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo no plis no

    3. Emmanuel Rodriguez

      3:26 to 4:02 had me rolling! Also I'm a male fan

    4. Princess Angelica

      Who ever dislikes this video is crazy

    5. Ankit shrivas

      When I was seeing this video specially suga & Hobi then I remembered I was also put face pack 😂😂

    6. 힐끔 보다


    7. Veroney Lazar

      V being the wiredest but wins world's second handsome.

    8. Veroney Lazar

      Army's happiness is when bts are happy

    9. Cindy Russo

      This stuff never gets old I’ll love it forever 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

    10. claraa tavares

      9:28 videoo???

    11. Jade Cosentino

      3:33 se dieron cuenta de que hay alguien atras de jungkook? es taehyung?

    12. s h

      LOL [😂

    13. Anastasia Ganie

      jimin the short guy

    14. kavya munot

      whats the song jk used to tease jimin

    15. Ratan Maity

      V is the drama king.....cute😚😚

    16. Serra Uyar

      Where can I find the full video of the part yoongi and hobi reacts the old videos??💜

    17. Thaís Andrade da Silva


    18. Baby Mochi Jimin

      9:30 is it run bts?

    19. Soumen Roy

      3:45 and I'm killed by Jin's laugh

    20. Minyoongi kim kim

      Taehyung always make laugh every day

    21. Martina Passaggi


    22. rahma .kth_

      What are you doing V sshiiii😭😭😂😂😂

    23. America Nabor

      Que sería de mi vida sin sus pendejadas...haaa los amó💖

    24. Cortez Allison kim Lunas

      This is why I stan bts

    25. Bushra’s Account

      I’m the world wide handsome Jin 😘

    26. Bushra’s Account

      Bruh I just love j hop in reaction

    27. Stephen Varghese

      " V in his own world" : (first face comes on) whole squad starts to laugh hysterically

    28. Carlos Guaman

      0:49 what was that song Jungkook was listening to?

    29. Yamuna Mongar

      I'm dying here right now!!!/ Bangtan is so hilarious

    30. Elena Mre


    31. Ramandeep Kaur

      Tae and jin are the funniest of all..



    33. ArmyMoa BTSxTXT

      El chico que tomó agua enserio es ti bias? Yo: of course my friend, y no solo es mi bias es mi novio 💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻

    34. Lisa Army

      JAJAJAJAJA morí con la miradita de Tae al final JAJAJAJA

    35. Agam Patel

      3:44 Better than a song I'll listen this

    36. Park Si-na

      They literaly introduced crackhead culture.😂😂😅

    37. Park Si-na

      I found jin’s windshield laugh more funnier than his dead jokes. cuz I rarely understand it.

    38. yasmeen shah

      I am literally chocking I think they are the only boys who have face mask time 😂

    39. Janani Janani

      Rm is really strong and he controls always his 6 sons 👍 I appreciate him 😊

    40. lustqx


    41. Jojo endozo


    42. ᴢᴇʀᴏᴛᴡᴏ - ᴄʜᴀɴ

      3:25 im trying not to die i cant stop laughing xd

    43. Rahul Kale

      I love it how they know there rich but don’t show it

    44. Evelyn Thaís López Rodríguez

      me da risa la risa de j-hope

    45. cora wuwu

      Suga enjoying hoseok's misery😭


      When the video just starts, i already start laughing because of jin's most iconic horse laughing sound. lol😂😂😂😂

    47. Nergis Yıldırım

      Don't worry it is just NORMAL!!

    48. Chamal Handugoda

      9:09 thwy looked soo cute the eomma and appa of the group the look joon gave jin cuteeeeeeeee

    49. bts army7890

      I'm dead 🌚💔🙃🤓🌝don't see my face one more time

    50. bts army7890

      TAEHYUNG it's so crazy😭😭😭💔so cute rae🤗❤

    51. anime EditZ

      Sometimes I forget that they are professional Knopf artist

    52. Nambi

      💜Army attention: Vote for our V in MOST HANDSOME ASIAN FAN CHOICE. Search this title on Google and then vote for our taehyung. He was on number four but we made him number three.Let's make him number one. And please spread this as much as you can,as well to your other army friends. FIGHTING💜

    53. Micah Ennah De Asis

      3:45 jins laugh XD

    54. Rajashri Latkar

      My friend dare me to watch this video without laughing. When I hear jins iconic laugh at start i was laughing hard. I fall from the couch....................BUT ITS OKAY..... I AM ARMY I AM OK.....

    55. Tree Some

      Jin laugh is my fav....hahahahaha

    56. naadirah rajudin

      I choked on my water and nearly passed out...

    57. Toca Natalee

      3:45 omg so funny 🤣

    58. Kishor Deshmukh

      1:44 this is me in front of mirror😂😂

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    60. Alexus Burrell

      The best choice I ever made is to be a Army

    61. Ashi gupta

      3:27 I am literally dead😂😂😂😂😂lmao

    62. Inggit Kina

      I'm shocked with jin laugh

    63. Dewi Sukmasari

      6:24 i laughed like jin so hard

    64. Kalyani Roy

      I feel the way so cute when jin oppa feeds jimin oppa in 12 :09

    65. Nabila Kayyisah

      4:32 🤭

      1. Nabila Kayyisah

        Verry funny😂

    66. Anaisha Arora

      Seokjin - *Laughs like a donkey * Says he is a pig * Eats like a horse Wowwwww....Way to go, Jin! You really ARE many animals in 1.

    67. Neha Rao


    68. jeszironette fuentes

      Jin: Namjoon-ahh Namjoon: Yes? Jin: Help Namjoon: *Go to Jin and tried to grab the noodles* Also Namjoon: *Scream 'cause he thought the water is hot* Jin: It's not hot it's a cold water- Me: *Laughing silently like an idiot-*

    69. Gun Jeong

      who dont think that kim taehyng and baekhyun are the same brothers

    70. Merrynhel Pilande


    71. 공원에일린

      Why this can't be download?!

    72. كيم رورو

      ارمي العرب وينكم 🙂🤝

    73. Cristóbal Álvarez Arcelia Itzel

      Tae 11:20 LMAO

    74. Lata Mistry

      Imagine youre staying at the same hotel as BTS and in the middle of the night you're going to the reception bc the air conditioning isnt working and you see Kim Taehyung performing "Fire" in the hallway. 😭😭

    75. Farheen Zahra

      TAe MoRE fuNNy tHaN kOokIe

    76. Zainb Jafari



      Yo después de ver la parte en la que Hope se comportaba como un bebé no podía dejar de sonreír y reír ,Mis papás me preguntaron porque me veía tan feliz y yo les dije que era por mi solecito y pensaron que tenía novio 😁🤣😂

    78. Brooke -Mirrors

      The way J-hope got scared of a bee 🐝💀

    79. Arwa maryam

      9:43 can anyone plz tell me where is that clip from..

    80. Kubra Areej

      Jin :- wow its so delicious 😋 u know? Jimin :-I know !😂😂😂😂

    81. Sanjay Bhagat


    82. angxiee

      Does anyone know where 9:40 is from???

    83. Your MOARMY Friend 당신의 모아미 친구

      I literally got *TWO* BTS adds before i watch thisㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    84. Barış Dirli


    85. Deepali Waghmode

      5:36 "so beauty" true beauty😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    86. Deepali Waghmode

      jin's laugh tho i am dieinggggg XD

    87. coder 3.0

      does bts members have their personal twitter account?

    88. Jewel Valenzuela

      7:37 😭😭😭

    89. D00NL0VE

      TAE in his own world HAD ME DIYING 😭😭😭😭

    90. Lily Pop’s coffee shop

      why are they the most lovable and hilarius humans on this earth?

    91. Sudenur Demir


    92. Mohammad moniruzzaman Monir

      Jin is an international laughing playboy 🤣

    93. Fatima Malik


    94. Hasan Mahmud

      the part when he looked through the peep whole it killed me so hard that i cousnt stop rewinding it srry i csnt tell how any times coz i lost count :>

    95. XRosesX playz games


    96. nat et pandinha

      Eu fazendo coisas estranhas um vídeo do bts olhando eu: desligando o celular

    97. Baby Chan

      1.53 Bella Poarch who? I only know Tae

      1. Baby Chan

        1:53 *

    98. use rm


    99. Shreshtha Roy

      Suga looks so disappointed like lmfao

    100. Sanjana

      7:06 V: drinking water is good for your skin. Me: *grabbed water bottle and started drinking while watching him* LOL