Peacefully Conquering the World (on Deity without Voidsingers or Settlers)

Sir Ducks Lancelot

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    In this game, I attempt to conquer the world peacefully with Eleanor's Court of Love ability - without settling any cities besides my capital, and without using the Voidsinger's Cultist unit - in what turned out to be a very close game!
    My other challenges:
    Small old wet pangaea map:
    Map Seed: -1772699246
    Game Seed: -1772699247
    Disaster intensity: 1
    Select opponents: Gilgamesh, Poundmaker, Simon Bolivar, Lady Six Sky, Amanitore
    Select City-States: Hong Kong, Yerevan, Jerusalem, Kandy, Vatican City, Mitla, Fez, Bologna, Hunza

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    1. Chris Ducat

      Very cool 😁

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! :D

    2. Matheus Omena

      City-states can rebel, but it's very rare. I think the only easy way to make them rebel is with Eleanor's ability...

      1. Matheus Omena

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot City-states always exert the maximum loyalty pressure on themselves (which is 20 per turn, I think). No civ can exert more than 20 loyalty pressure per turn on any foreign cities... This is why it's almost impossible for any civ to flip city-states' loyalty. Eleanor however, causes city-states to exert less and less loyalty pressure on themselves (1 for each Great Work she has in her cities)... Eleanor is a monster, who eats, eats, and grows bigger and bigger... The only person who's immune to her powers is Dido of Phoenicia...

      2. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Ah I see, good to know!

    3. DeVante Hoschette

      That was way more intense than I expected

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Yeah it was definitely way more intense than I expected too haha

    4. Deep Blank

      Which Pantheon do u played`?

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        I took fertility rights (free builder and city growth)

    5. Arian Sohrabi

      wow! Peaceful domination! wow!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Wasn’t sure I could win before Nubia, but did it!

    6. J. R.


      1. J. R.

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot ehm whoops. I meant to ask why didn't you rename your religion lol

      2. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Haha I don’t know, I sorta just like using the real names that the game assigns

    7. Chris Johnson

      Really like your edits here, especially the turn updates that are also kind of chapter titles. Also liked the moments where you went "all in" on a goal, like using All the Gold! for your first (medieval?) Golden Age, or the huge ransom you had to pay to make the Mayans go away. Spies and rock music for the win!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Glad you like the edits! Planning to release more videos like this soon! Yeah that was fun chasing the golden age and paying up like that kinda put me in the shoes of the AI for once haha... yes, spies and rock music for the win!

    8. Listen here you Little shit

      What a nasty and disgusting game mechanic 🤮

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        You mean the ability to take cities passively? Haha

    9. sld1776

      Only one city settled? Come on!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Haha that was the challenge!

    10. rudebox

      As someone who also avoids key techs in case strategics appear before i put my districts down - there is a mod called 'removeable resources and features' that saved my sanity.

    11. Kaph

      17:59 that canal tho ಠ_ಠ

      1. Kaph

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot keep up the great work man u rock!

      2. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        hahaha! It's so random and pointless!

    12. Mick McIntyre

      which museum are you putting in your theater squares?

      1. Mick McIntyre

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot OK thank you.

      2. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        I forget which, but I think it was maybe a combination of archaeological museums and art museums

    13. Jane Doe

      Craaazy well played wtf

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! I was surprised I actually pulled it off haha

    14. 冠冠


      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

    15. Matthew Johnson

      It could be that the AI gets better units at 270 now just because of power creep. It seems dumb that the game is ending in 300 turns of the 500

    16. Yahiya Q

      Hi, How do you turn on the lens that shows you where to build wonders and districts? is it a mode or an in-game option?

      1. Yahiya Q

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot Thanks for this (Y)

      2. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Hi, it sounds like you’re talking about the map pins... pins for wonders and districts were added to the game a couple years ago... it’s in the bottom left corner near the mini-map :)

    17. Rhyan Westhassel

      We will teach them our peaceful ways... by force!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Haha exactly!

    18. BenTheMaster

      Amazing! Peaceful domination without settlers

    19. David Stufflebean

      I love playing Ele of A on large Pangea maps and just building a couple 3 cities up tall and making friends and smiling and letting ppl settle right up on me and then just watch the entire map start flipping while being friends with everyone lol.

    20. Tobias


      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        I love Gilgamesh! Those free friendships! Haha

    21. Frank

      “Take a look at my great works” that’s very Ozymandias of you.

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        @Frank thanks! Other works (definitely not great ones) have me away from Civ at the moment too! Haha And good luck with your works as well, great or otherwise!

      2. Frank

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot all good, love your style. My “works” don’t allow my playing civ much nowadays so living vicariously a bit. Keep up your great works!

      3. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        I think I said “let’s take a look at my great works” but the “let’s” probably got clipped haha... and I think it sounds pretentious because of the “great” in “great works”... I was looking at them in order to move them to more strategic locations, which is what I was trying to show, not to point out how many there were because there weren’t really that many haha... I should have said “let’s reconsider where we house these great works”

    22. uwi

      Gotta say it lol your Simón Bolivar pronunciación was so good

    23. Xtreme Gaming

      Is there any easy way to earn gold in these game or any exploit i just want to enjoy the game ? Can anyone tell me and also i am on ios so i cant use cheat engine

      1. Xtreme Gaming

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot thanks for these 👍👍👍

      2. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        For gold there's commercial hubs/markets/banks/stock exchanges and harbors and their buildings. Plus foreign trade routes. Maybe make 10 of each of those and gold should be really high! I'm unaware of any cheat engines, so this should work for any Civ 6 game.

    24. TryX

      These are great videos, wishing you the best! I'll be sticking around :)

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Appreciate the support! :D

    25. Marko-Antonio Knez

      my favorite strategy games

    26. Glenn S

      Was expecting dramatic ages when I saw no settlers - with a bit of wonder focus without building settlers, the mandala policy card is brutal early on. Probably would've been harder overall given the crazy free city pressure on deity meaning there'd probably be a self sustaining clump of free cities. Good to see you managed it without it.

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Wow that Mandala card is seriously powerful! Dramatic ages might be interesting with that... maybe try to win through loyalty as fast as possible or something!

    27. Peeftribos

      great video, i wish it was waaaaaaaay longer, like several episodes

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks, I'll keep that in mind! I'll start doing some edited playthroughs with several episodes soon!

    28. Carlos Df

      Hi Sir duckss could you do a Spain game, they are pretty much low tier but maybe you can find something cool about the civ . Love ur videos keep it up

      1. Carlos Df

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot wow thanks!!

      2. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks for the idea! I've wanted to try Conquistadors for awhile with their extra 10 combat from religious units! I'll keep it in mind!

    29. crowbar

      There should be a unique victory screen for peaceful domination! Great game!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Yeah it's funny seeing the war domination screen at the end of a peaceful loyalty domination!

    30. crowbar

      Fantastic video! Well paced editing too!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks for the feedback! I think I'm finally figuring out a decent editing process!

    31. Lellerz

      How do you only have 4k subs with this kinda quality content?

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! I just started editing videos recently, and my audio quality has really lacked in the past. That might be part of it!

    32. Bob Steen

      How many hours do you have in this game?

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Just over 3000!

    33. gunzakimbo

      Dude, love the content! Thanks especially for pointing me out to some nifty ideas and people! Been watching the hell out of normul8tor. After watching your Korea Hermetic Order playthrough, do you think Netherlands might be better for the adjacency bonus from Ley Lines or Korea just cause of the half price campuses? Trying to do what you did with getting Hypatia, Newton and Einstein along with Hercules and maybe 12-16 cities but can't seem to get lucky enough to break sub 200 science with anyone other than Teddy. D:

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Sorry, thought I had responded to this! Glad it's helpful! And that's awesome you're watching Normul8or! He's the only Civ player I watch regularly and deserves so much more attention. Sounds like you have the strategy down quite well, probably just need to just keep refining and practicing it! Netherlands would be interesting with their adjacency from rivers. I'd be surprised if they're better than Korea though. From what I've heard, Australia is another solid sub 200 science candidate but I've never tried them myself. And then for sub 200 faith-based science there's Russia, Brazil, and Ethiopia.

    34. Isaiah Gentle

      My favorite part was how the rock band died right away, too real

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Haha yeah that was crazy!

    35. JakobHogn

      This guy played from 13:00 to 04:00. That some dedication

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! I think I took a few hours off in there around 19:00 - or I stopped then and continued the next day around 21:30 - but I definitely got carried away here haha... My max is about 4-6 hours straight!

    36. Sascha Schneider

      Are those district recommendation markers some kind of a mod? If so, what's the name of it?

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        I think you're talking about the pins which were added in the April 2019 update. Sounds like it should be available to all users.

    37. ofi123

      I think this is the first time I see people using rock bands for domination victory.

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Haha yeah it's so funny a rock band basically won a domination victory!

    38. J. Brad

      Can you try this same challenge with Lautaro, obviously you would have to go to war but only use his ability that makes cities lose loyalty by pillaging districts, and killing their military units. Idk if it would be possible but I'd love to see you try.

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Great idea, added it to my list! Would definitely be an interesting twist! Thanks for the idea!

    39. István Kishonti

      Soo, is this Eleanor version of Covid? It spreads soo fast!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Haha exactly! A super-spread!

    40. MrAklsl

      Awesome content man! Surprised by the quality of your contents

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! That means a lot!

    41. King_Oskar

      Loyality pressure? I personaly believe it's a FRANCE FAN CLUB goin wild😄

      1. Willaume

        Frankly, I often find bashing comments online so I’m glad Eléonore is indirectly giving us a bit of love haha

      2. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Haha exactly!

    42. Kadeel Driger

      All I can say is gg 👏🏾

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Appreciate the support!

    43. Þórarinn Snorrason

      Your rules didn't say anything about rock bands. So, a band with the indie promotion. -40 loyalty every concert :) Edit: Well played. Both you and the AI :)

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        @Þórarinn Snorrason So true! haha

      2. Þórarinn Snorrason

        :) That super agent was pretty cool though. He was the real MVP

      3. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Haha true, they're basically the same thing except unlocked later. Maybe next time I'll ban rockbands! :)

    44. Paul Turner

      These are awesome, I would love if they were a little bit longer and you explained your thought process a little more!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! I appreciate the feedback! Maybe I'll experiment with pushing one of these to 30-35 minutes and see how it goes. Otherwise I'll definitely get more long-form playthroughs out before too long!

    45. bach pham

      Basically this is getting simped to victory

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Haha the guys definitely had it rough in this game, with Amanitore, Eleanor, and Lady Six Sky leading the way!

    46. The Saxy Gamer

      This guy is nuts, how does he make these this quick

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Awesome to get a comment from you! Your channel is great!

    47. M H

      I'll just second what everyone said. Well done on a great game. Excellent work on presentation. Was consice and understandable. Was great viewing video. Best of luck going forward.

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks and I appreciate the feedback! Glad my new editing is noticeable! Will keep it going!

    48. Alex2005z

      Good video

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! I appreciate the support!

    49. brewtal85

      Definitely prefer to see civ youtubers challenging themselves vs easy deity wins playing to a civs strength with map settings and using heroes etc

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Glad you enjoy this! Yeah these challenges are fun to play too!

    50. Red Hiding Hood

      You deserve so much more subscribers. The video ideas are good and perfectly executed and the videos are really concise and entertaining

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! I appreciate that! I'll keep them coming!

    51. perpetualUnhappiness

      Watching this strategy was somehow very satisfying xD Nice job!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Yeah it's very satisfying to absorb cities! :D

    52. Tyler Thurman

      wow - just saw you gained 1k subs since I last checked. not to sound like a broken record but these videos have been getting a lot better. youre living my dream man, seriously great work

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! So glad the quality is improving! I appreciate the feedback and support!

    53. obilesk

      This was so awesome to watch; seeing the best do what i struggle with on Prince difficulty is so fun and informative. Thank you for all the work you put in for this channel, Sir Ducks!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks, I really appreciate it! Glad the channel is helpful!

    54. Nellenara

      These challenges are so fun to watch! And I'm also very happy to see you grow, I always thought your channel was underappreciated.

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks for the comment and long-term support! It's definitely great to finally be growing haha

    55. Thanet Rattanaburanan

      Sir Ducks Lancelot ,Pls hear me, i try many time to collect all great works from great ppl and all relics but i alway miss some can you collect it all,i beg u.

      1. Thanet Rattanaburanan

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot dear sir as a​ panda i​ even lost to​ a​ settler, my​ dream is​ see​ it​ all stock in​ perfect room i​ always use​ Eleanor France even​ consume a​ small site map i​ cant collect great ppl who make great​ work​ in​ time, many​ missing through the​ era, pls show me that perfection Dear sir

      2. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Sounds like a tough challenge! Would this be on deity or an easier difficulty? I'd be shocked if I could do it on deity haha.

    56. Craig S

      That finish was a real nail-biter! Good work 👍🏻

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Yes, definitely a nail-biter! After I saw Amanitore launch the moon landing I was expecting to lose haha.

    57. Mena Rudo


      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Can't believe Amanitore didn't win it!

    58. Boss Kelso

      gg. Can you do a game with naval units only on any map

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! I'm planning to do a naval domination game at some point!

    59. Stefano Rolando

      I really hate Grand Colombia's religious spread: the closer I am to them, the sooner the avalanche of Apostles comes.

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Haha must be due to his extra movement

    60. Hlias O

      Wow. Gg. When I read the title I thought you were going to fail. Proved me wrong once again

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Honestly I was expecting to lose too! I was pretty sure it would be possible but not before the AI won. Originally I was planning to just keep playing it through after losing haha.

    61. Ermacc

      Good game - very close at the end to nubia winning

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Yeah it was super close! I thought she was gonna win for the last half of the game!

    62. Randomweeb 69

      Ur a bit late to the trend but sure win a faith diplo and culture vice at the same time imagine if u got dido oh nonononon

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        @Randomweeb 69 Wow sounds like quite a game! haha

      2. Randomweeb 69

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot although I have done a culture science and domination vice as Australia on king tho you go science until the late game when you hit 20 pop in every city and build aredromes and theatre squares you make 700 gold per turn 700 domestic tourists your on the 4th science project thing and no 1 else has completed the 1st and you have captured 3 capitals you have battle ships while others have caravels you wanna use world builder tho the best part is YOU BECOME NUCLEAR GHANDI AND NUKE GHANDI

      3. Randomweeb 69

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot no I mean that’s what ur basically doing ( to achieve this unorthodox domination strategy)

      4. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Interesting, so try to win faith, diplo, and culture victories in the same game? Thanks for the idea!

    63. William Fullofwood

      Really good game.

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot


    64. SwedishKing

      He really thought that using voidsingers was too easy, great video!!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Yeah voidsingers would have been my backup plan if this failed haha

    65. Eugenio Pagano

      Man, this is the most insane gameplay I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! That means a lot!

    66. Raspberry Pi

      verry gucci

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot


    67. AltList45

      You are just amazing at these, I can’t even remember what most of the religious beliefs are 😇

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! I usually can't remember either, I just type up a strategy in advance as I skim through the Civ wiki pages! :)

    68. Alex Hong Cycling

      This video deserves a million views. WHAT A GAME!!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Wow thanks! That means a lot! Yes, it was definitely a thrilling game!

    69. Brian B

      The one person to dislike was the Cree

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Poor Poundmaker! haha

    70. Alex Stewart

      I wonder how many Wildcard policy slots you could get in a single game. America gets to turn their diplomatic slots into wildcard slots, so it should be a lot. Mostly I just want to see how squashed that row can get in the menu.

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks, that would be interesting!

    71. starcrusher

      hey man, love your stuff. the challenge videos are cool and obviously popular but also just want to say don't stop with the regular diety gameplays either! I like watching your long games so I can see your decision process and get better myself.

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Glad you like the longer playthroughs too! I love watching others' long playthroughs myself. I'll get more of those going soon! Hoping to try a fast science game with 8 cities next. Just a couple more challenges first!

    72. Leonidus arcon

      Bro can you make a domination and science only victory available challenge on diety with large map 8 player (1 you 7 aisa) game challenge

      1. Leonidus arcon


      2. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        @Leonidus arcon Sorry not sure why I typed diplomacy haha

      3. Leonidus arcon

        No I mean science and domination victory only not diplomacy

      4. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Like disable all victory conditions except science and diplomacy? Usually I think the AI is pretty late to winning diplomacy and they win science around turn 290.

    73. Universe's Biggest Douchebag

      Ha! Imagine having a PC and able to play one of your favorite games: This comment is made by Too Poor, Only Phone Gang!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        I hear the mobile version is pretty good if that's in your price range. Apparently someone built a 248 population city on mobile (on the Civ reddit) haha

      2. M H

        Haha. Same

    74. Kevin Kevin

      Imagine having an entire war declared on you because some dude "just plain doesn't like you".

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Haha seriously! Those are always the worst because they come so early!

    75. D Swan

      This is gonna be the next big civilization channel for sure

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        @LHCreeper Thanks! I just work 24 hours per week most of the year, so it’s not too bad! I have to increase my hours in February and March each year so I won’t be able to post as much. Can’t wait til April!

      2. LHCreeper

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot Holy fuck! You work but still find the time to make these videos at such high quality. I'm impressed.

      3. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Wow thanks, I would love to be able to quit my job someday and do this full-time!

    76. Strilence 4life

      very impressive

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot


    77. OBS Library

      Atomic Habits by James Clear || Full Audiobook. .

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Just looked him up! Interesting what he says about little habits! Thanks for sharing!

    78. Ninja Pudding

      Something Something Venice.

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot


    79. Rhyan Westhassel

      Can confirm peaceful dom with Eleanor is satisfying. Only problem is accidentally getting a culture victory.

      1. TheMurrmursonbottle

        that’s why you have to turn off a culture victory if you know this is the goal ahead of time

      2. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        It’s definitely satisfying! Yeah I’m surprised I wasn’t closer to a culture victory but that was probably only because Amanitore was so advanced!

    80. Llamingo

      You are a crazy man!! RESPECT 👊

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Appreciate the support! :D

    81. Luis Simon

      un abrazo desde Venezuela sir duck like y subscrito! siempre me emociono cuando veo a prócer de mi patria Simón Bolívar

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Muchas gracias! Lo agradezco!

    82. Angus Heasly

      Do a challenge wher you get max policy slots!!

      1. Alex2005z

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot gorgo works to and they can get more early culture

      2. Angus Heasly

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot I think there's a great merchant that gives a policy card. other leaders like Fredric also give policy cards.

      3. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Interesting! Thanks for the idea! Pericles, Alhambra, Forbidden City, Potala, Big Ben, Owls of Minerva... am I missing anything?

    83. SprogA_2

      Your editing is improving by the day! Those cuts were tight

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Awesome, thanks for the feedback! I’m starting to see that it’s important to keep a steady commentary rhythm and clip out everything else!

    84. Diego Bandeira

      Damn, so much quality, really impressive and entertaining

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! I really appreciate that!

    85. Sascha Bakker

      Love the video! The editing is super clean and concise, keep it up!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! So glad my editing is improving! Gotta fix my sound quality next!

    86. Admir Abdurahmanovic

      wow, really impressive!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot


    87. Matt

      Man Amanitore's science was crazy high! I don't think I've ever seen an AI so close to winning that early in the game before.

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        @firmanimad Awesome! Yeah close games are fun! It feels so good to steal a victory at the last moment!

      2. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        @harry wong I think so! I think they made the AI prioritize campuses more, especially.

      3. firmanimad

        The last update was great. Had a similar (but far easier) nailbiter on Deity where the AI was turns away from winning a science victory at turn 280s before I squeaked in a Diplo Vic.

      4. harry wong

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot yeah they buffed the ai in the last update didn’t they?

      5. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Me neither! Yeah that was crazy for the AI! I’ve noticed the AI has been stepping it up lately! Haha

    88. Hevel House

      Amazing. Great job on pulling the win out.

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! I was seriously surprised I pulled it off! If Amanitore had launched just one laser project I think she would have won haha

    89. Tiger

      I really like this challenge videos keep them comming!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks, will do!

    90. Hunter Ricketts

      Propaganda at its finest

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        @Alex2005z Haha yes!

      2. Hunter Ricketts

        @Alex2005z indeed my friend

      3. Alex2005z

        Quoting the wise words of spiff "lets convert them to our tea drinking religion"

      4. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Haha yes Eleanor and her overpowering propaganda!

    91. NotNormal29

      This is the first video I watched from you and I enjoyed it very much, keep up the good work!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Awesome, thanks! Welcome to the channel!

    92. clocksturnclockwise

      Great game Ducks! You almost got wiped by barbarians! What a come back

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        @Alex2005z Yeah maybe so!

      2. Alex2005z

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot you could have hold on since you settled on hills and river defense

      3. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Yeah the deity barbarians are especially brutal now! And I thought the game was over when Poundmaker attacked me! It would have been if he hadn’t backed those 2 warriors off.

    93. Andrew Wurn

      That was really cool lol

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! I appreciate it!

    94. TheCrystalCave


      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot


    95. Russell Bates

      An Absolute mad man you are

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! Haha glad you like the videos!

    96. PotatoMcWhiskey

      Damn you make these so fast, I haven't even begun the population challenge properly lmao

      1. Priscilla Emerald

        Git gud spud man?

      2. LHCreeper

        You should colab or give this dude out with a shout-out , more people need to see this excellent content (if you can handle the competition :p )

      3. Kam Sing

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot almost forgot to sub

      4. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        @Deminder Art That would be interesting with two human players especially!

      5. Alex2005z

        Potato you got mad when someone told you he got 5800 production and someone commented that on your video, bc it was settler and a custom map, and now you are going for it? Dont get me wrong I like the idea. Did you change your mind, or did the views change it for you?

    97. Josh Facchinello

      Jesuit education!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Oooohhh I knew you’d like that!

    98. Thorite Gem

      Keep up these amazing challenges and I'm sure you'll keep growing!

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        @Thorite Gem Yeah they’re really fun! Give them a shot!

      2. Thorite Gem

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot They're so entertaining and make me want to give them a try!

      3. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Thanks! I’ll keep them coming!

    99. L0rem Ipsum

      Eleanor Dominatrix victory

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        Haha nice alternate title!

    100. Luis Gutierrez

      "That will really help when we get our amphitheather in 3 turns"....... Why u no faith purchase it? Waste of a perfectly good religion. Would have been better off allowing another civ to get a religion, so they are susceptible to loyalty penalty when u switch up the religion they have

      1. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        @Luis Gutierrez Awesome, thanks for the detailed ideas! Yeah I should have picked divine spark. The relics would have been great too. I definitely overestimated the power of population, especially since new cities are constantly being absorbed. I’ll keep these in mind for any future loyalty games!

      2. Luis Gutierrez

        @Sir Ducks Lancelot ye it gives like -2 if you arent following ur founded religion. And like +2 if you are Since you had yerevan in the game. Pick martyr. If its a good religion spread it around in ur cities. If its bad, harass enemy ai with it then crash it. Ez extra relics, at no negative cost to you. Also. Divine spark or river goddess are the go tos. Getting all 5 of the cheap clasical era writers is super important. Way better than extra couple pop ull be getting from increased growth. Choping doesnt care about growth modifiers. extra 2 amenities means u can sell all urs. Extra lil housing still being able to grow after few chops. Was around after 7:07. Ye u were distracted tryna get a golden age

      3. Sir Ducks Lancelot

        I forget the situation but maybe I was saving my faith for an apostle or something, or maybe it was a high production city and I was saving faith for a weaker city? Maybe it was a mistake too haha. Interesting idea on the religion! I had trouble finding a good description online of how religion and loyalty interplay, so I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks!