Best Of Slow Blues -rock (inspiration) (meditation)

Anouar Groove

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    Thank you !
    check this ;)

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    1. Dasalsim

      When KGup turns into a New Orleans live music bar

    2. WiKi TOPS LATiNO

      Wao beautifull 😍

    3. Marcel Martins Personal

      I love the blues and the reflective power it causes in people, I love listening to having a good wine in a good company and developing a good conversation.

    4. Jarek Kossman

      Meditation u said? it look like u have no idea about meditation...

    5. Chillable Sounds

      Hey you. Yes you. random person that I will never meet. I truly hope that you will find happiness in life. Today is going to be a great day

    6. Pedrao_ AZ

      I never heard something like that, it's incredible. Gretings from Brazil (sorry for my english, with it wrong)

      1. Pedrao_ AZ

        @Larissa Griebler Vieira eae, suave?

      2. Larissa Griebler Vieira

        Salve skksksks

    7. luis g. lopez hernandez


    8. Rodrigo costa protzek

      Olha tava muito bom, mas não entendi o motivo dessas musicas no final. Não tem nenhuma coerência com o restante kkk

    9. Yedek Hesap

      This hits the spot after a hard day's work. It hits many spots.

    10. Florencia Agustina Nuñez


    11. Josy Pedrone

      I Love it!♥

    12. Beni Tecayehuatl

      Todo iba bien hasta el 42:43, la kgst bro!

    13. Miguel Avila


    14. Megha

      im sorry but meditation and tommy shelby dont go together lol

    15. Cassio Mateus

      Faz tempo que eu n me arrepio ao ouvir uma música... viciante!

    16. Lucas Mendes

      bem loco, empolgante

    17. Matt Cain

      A good whiskey and a rainy night alone

    18. Andressa lopes


    19. BorjarHD

      Dziękuję za ukojenie mojej duszy.

    20. JaCky17_13


    21. Jose Renato Pinto

      O listen these songs in this sarturday and i loved.

    22. Nisha Dahire

      Lovely !!!

    23. Viktor Deeper


    24. Γιάννης Τσουρουφλής

      who meditates with that on?

    25. Rodrigo Souza

      is it on spotify?

    26. García .r

      apenas pa un vinito en ibiza

      1. García .r

        @Alejandra Arteaga Jajajajajajajaaja

      2. Alejandra Arteaga

        @García .r Yo sí creo que es gratuito jajaja

      3. Alejandra Arteaga

        @García .r Yo a ti

      4. García .r

        Apenas es, apenas es, un vinito, o un whikey en Ibiza, leyendo un paper antes de dormir, y de paso vamos a un cine en Londres, y como a nosotros los estrato 5-6 nos cobran 25 millones de impuestos, no es gratuito que tenga tantas ganas de besarte, y que sepas que todo estará bien.

      5. García .r

        @Alejandra Arteaga Te quieroooooo

    27. Êutico Gabriel De Carvalho Ribeiro

      Como fica fácil entender o Inglês ouvindo Blues¹

    28. Gerardo Diaz

      This playlist is amazing!!! I love it!!! 😍😍😍

    29. Whaddavibe

      came for cillian stayed for the music

    30. Isadora Bombarda


    31. Nacho Sanchez

      LOVE IT. Regards from Argentina man and thank you so much!

    32. Doğan Kaya

      0:00​ 01 House of the rising sun (Roxy Perry) 05:03​ 02 Have You Ever Loves A Woman (The Hip Band) 11:39​ 03 Slighty Hung Over (Blues Delight) 16:26​ 04 Midnight Healing (Gene Deer) 24:06​ 05 She Got The Devil In Her (Ian Siegal) 32:38​ 06 Cold Hearted Woman (Chris Bell Blues) 37:55​ 07 Help Me Through The Day (Bernard Allison) 42:43​ 08 Oh My (Patrick Patriokis) 44:58 09 Violet Vape (Cheel) 47:57 10 Caballero (Ofshane) 50:27 11 Large Smile Mood (Nico Staf)

      1. Doğan Kaya

        @UTAKA :)

      2. UTAKA

        sen nası bir kralsın

      3. rai sul

        Thank you so much man!

      4. Douglas Arthur


    33. Obudai Stricy

      A great selection of tracks......................

    34. Hitallo Santos

      Era bom essa lista de musica no Spotify

    35. Éric Stanley

      A good wine at a rainy night and listening to these songs...

    36. Альц GAMER

      Clearly the best slow blues playlist!!! Author, thank you so much)


      Thomas Shelby is my brother 🧐

    38. Laura Valentina Suárez Gonzalez


    39. David Alejandro Hernández García

      Don't fuck with the Peaky fucking Blinders

    40. pedro Brandão


    41. Yanti Fitria

      Tengo 25 años y como amo esta música tan genial

    42. Rihanna Maldonado

      Hermoso.. de Oro. Esa es mí onda. Blues rockero

    43. Abraham Barajas Velazquez

      spotify ?





    46. Jeferson Ap.

      Bão demais sô!!!!

    47. Abigail Suriano

      Oh my god! 😍🎵... I love!

    48. jm cell


    49. Amanda Lemos

      Se alguém tiver uma playlist como essa no Sporty eu ia amar receber o link >

    50. Chino12 Lopez


    51. The C3NSURED

      Hice una playlist de Spotify con esto, si quieren les paso el link, o lo buscan por este nombre: Best Of Slow Blues

    52. Joelma Velloso


    53. Juan Andrade

      Aquí con wisky y contemplando la profundidad del humo del tabaco

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    59. German Alirio Bautista Rodriguez

      Recién escucho blues, estoy fascinado con esta lista de ensueño, bohemia, que invita a un vino, en la tarde mirando las montañas

    60. Burak Orhan

      Nice mix

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    70. BECHADE J.

      Please put credits to the artists

    71. Antony Alves

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    79. อานา

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    81. Francisco Soto

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    82. Andrea

      Name 1 song?

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    90. Christophe Vendange


    91. Christophe Vendange


    92. Christophe Vendange


    93. Christophe Vendange


    94. José Luis Jaramillo


    95. Santiago Rivera

      someone can tell me the name of the first song?, please

    96. Santiago Rivera

      ¿ alguien me puede decir el nombre de la primera canción ?, por favor

    97. Cristhian ASB

      Uhh hay dolor...

    98. Wendell Dion

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    99. Musik gue

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    100. wayfaringshaman

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