NCAAF 2021 Reese's Senior Bowl

Wally the Bronco Too

61 миӊ. көрүүлөр9

    January 30, 2021, in Mobile, AL at Hancock Whitney Stadium. Congratulations to MVP Kellen Mond. Hi Chuck Darby in Meridian.

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    1. Wally the Bronco Too

      Game contains NFL Network pregame show at beginning.

    2. The Sports Factory

      Isn't Daniel Jeremiah the Draft expert for NFL Network?

    3. User619 TLSDCA

      2021 Class of Seniors along with the rest of the underclassmen, seems there be no outstanding rookies in 2021 Season and only see 1 QB making impact besides Trevor Lawrence. Maybe Entiem and Harris at RB but this Draft Class is not going to be like the last 3 years as there is always a year within 4 year window the College prospects wont make a big impact...

    4. mfjoey

      25:00 for kickoff

    5. David Magiskan

      2:08:52 looks like the Boise Player did all the pushing to get him in there. lol Well at the end he gave that push. lol Spencer Brown just tossing guys around. lol Awesome.

    6. Harald Gruber


    7. xenithlol

      Will you be posting the upcoming fcs spring season

    8. 93 -A-lister

      Will you be covering the Missouri valley conference games later on this month?

    9. TALK-IS- PITT

      Glad to see my pitt pnathers get good plays

    10. mj bond

      1:33:47 oh em gee LMFAO!!

    11. Dirt Mike

      wr frank darby mannerisms and speech is just like tupac's

    12. Logan Everett

      Number 3 clemson helmet is to small for a receiver he will get ate up in the league

      1. Yeah Right

        Julian Edelman, Tyler Lockett, Cole Beasley, Desean Jackson, Jarvis Landry, Tyreek Hill. They are all good-great WRs and all 5'9-5'10. There have been a lot more short guys to succeed at WR, I just didn't list all the retired guys like Wes Welker or Steve Smith who are both same height as Amari Rodgers. He's short but he weighs 210+ and runs in the low 4.4s, he can AT LEAST be a good slot reciever. He reminds me of a young Doug Baldwin, just a little faster so his ceiling is even higher. Btw Doug Baldwin is arguably the most underrated WR in recent history, his connection with Russ rivaled Brady-Gronk...

    13. Bay area 49er

      Appreciate the upload!

    14. David Magiskan

      18:17 Rhett is a pretty cool guy! lol funny too.

    15. Travis Touchdown

      Love your content! Will you be posting hula bowl ? 🏈🏈

    16. SportsTalk WithMax

      thank's for posting this so much


        Ok but I need you to be quiet.

    17. David Magiskan

      Damn That Spencer Brown is a Beast. Practically focused on his reps. Solid guy!