That's Why Bees Can Only Sting Once



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    You've heard bees only sting once because they don't survive after stinging you. But why is that? The answer to that and more animal facts you didn't know!
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    1. bcvbb hyui

      My favorite bee is the Boo Bees, they’re really scary..

    2. sdsweeney86

      2:26 CALLED IT.

    3. Pickle Movies

      The bee stung me Really No SIKE

    4. Redstone Awesome

      Raise your hand if you like this new voice

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Me allergic to bees

    5. Odin Hutson

      I am 15 yrs old and still have never been stung

    6. Abhishek Agarwal

      U are saying to fast

    7. pop smoke rip

      Lets get him to 40m

    8. Paytontg ohlinger

      Our brain is smarter

    9. jp bernier

      3:52 error post 2,000,000 says 200,000,000 flowers

    10. Fluff Birb

      Hahahaha h a h a h a

    11. Naf Yroeht emag

      This has more puns than the bee-movie

    12. itzminahere_UwU

      i do not bother bee

    13. Owen Jackson

      I've never been strong by a bee

    14. Razor Offset

      After I watch this vid I got stung by a bee

    15. Kennadee Riggs

      who is this new voice

    16. Joshplayz

      Know this already

    17. Isaac B.Birch

      Yo its still 2021 years lol

    18. clifford smith


    19. Alex Tabor

      Me allergic to bees

    20. Joshua Miranda

      Royal jelly?

    21. Ashley Foster

      Always use the microphone that's why it said that

    22. Ashley Foster

      I mean predators and I also mean it's with a is

    23. Ashley Foster

      I know why squirrels zig zag it's a shake their prey off

    24. Craig Young

      New voice 🔓🚬

    25. Awkward_Cat321

      'Why bees can only sting once' Shows wasp as thumbnail.

    26. Lucia Pacheco

      Super squirrel!!

    27. Khairrunesa Chowdhury


    28. Bubble

      Once i saw bee hive and i thought it was a ⚽️ i mean i was didnt ended up so well...

    29. lucas anderson

      go subscribe to @UCuzGmxcgziVWbHFMHAqYZ-A/featured

    30. JzRBLX

      Just jk i like both

    31. JzRBLX

      I like the old voice

    32. Story's Lame

      True story btw one day I was in the porch and i saw a little bee hive and i was like: ooh let me poke it with this a million bees came out and srung me ALL OF THEM

    33. technotim

      Nearly 40 mil

    34. Linda Alves

      Last time when i was kindergarden a bee as on my shoulder then i just screamed. My friend told meh.

    35. Celina De La Cerda


    36. Guaadalupe Arias

      Last time I saw a bee but my mom said is not a bee it is very big

    37. Toilet Bowl

      6:36 i know why squirrels run in zigzags! Its because they zigzag to escape predators. When squirrels feel threatened, they run away in a zigzag pattern. This is an incredibly useful strategy to escape hawks and other predators.

    38. RobloxFidgets _HDシ

      Everyone got hurt by a bee : Me : how does dat feel I never got hurt by a bee :v

    39. Elijah Reffett

      Repopulate the honey bees!

    40. Dexmurval

      hey your voice changed its nice

    41. Shivum Rampersad

      im confused?

    42. TheoPlayz


    43. Willow Potato

      0:01 Doink

    44. Sarah alesswi

      When i was one years old a bee stinged me in my cheek

    45. Cool Doge


    46. Cool Doge


    47. Yasir Syah

      Wait now pigeons are smarter than me LoL

    48. Kara geason

      Once when i was running i hit a bee and when i was talking to my friend my brain oww

    49. Coolanicraft

      People are talking about how painful stings are but me... I’m just surprised that bees have 5 eyes XD!!!

    50. oDqno


    51. Ecaterina Slav

      My favorite bee is the ,,buff-tailed" bumblebee too. I love caching them because it's fluffy. :)

    52. Dirk Moments


    53. MUIGAMER 1908

      Minecraft fact: if you get stinged by a bee if you see the tail lost they will not survived

    54. MUIGAMER 1908

      This earth is minecraft

    55. Karthikeya K M

      I think he had started fast forward ⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩

    56. Mary Mirinda Choo

      Honey comb is very sweet

    57. Typiqally

      Bees be dying thinking they brought us down with them

    58. Z

      This dude litterrally ruins m6 thoughts on the future so innocently

    59. Abyss Hater

      What? You want bee to sting you more than once? Cuz im not

    60. drttyu liqm

      "Congrats to everyone those who're legend early notification to this comment!"

    61. Canal do Barnum

      Canal de bot

    62. Toxic TacoYT

      I have never got stung

    63. Collins collins

      Zzzzzzzzz doik

    64. J D

      Wow i realy just watched an video about bees with the same pictures over and iver and over

      1. drttyu liqm

        Am allergic to bees that’s why am scared of them and I could also die from them

    65. Jireh Pang

      The puns in this videos are unbEElievable


      there a bee in my room😖😭

    67. Rick Pontificates

      I’ve been stung by bees a few times, VERY PAINFUL! But I was stung by a scorpion once. It was a small fraction as painful as a bee sting.

    68. Prime Stopper 12

      Ants are cooler

    69. B Pope

      I saw a bee today and i got my 22.

    70. Fabiola Catalan jaime

      Panfal scary anoying

    71. Janna Bsharat

      Butterfly fact:butterfly’s have eyes all around their wings

    72. Remi Skyler

      Why does your voice sound different Brightside

    73. Kyle Duke


    74. Momentous Tuber

      I’ve actually never been stung by anything

    75. Aaryan Jagmohan

      Almost at 40 mil subs u got this

    76. Zoli

      Nicolas Cage disliked this 429 times

    77. Wolfy gacha UwU

      Diamond0327 used to got stung by a honey bee when she was little here's the story: so we were playing outside and all suddenly a honey bee came and stung her and I WSS THERE!

    78. Undefined Dream

      Am allergic to bees that’s why am scared of them and I could also die from them

    79. Linlin Lv

      The stinger can pull out the bees heart and I can die in a couple seconds I’m smart

    80. Red Biohazard


    81. Rowell Lubiano

      Bees are nice but just do not touch them if they dont touch you

    82. jessica manajero

      WhAt Is B-liNe?

    83. Angle UwU

      How live so many days and yet the earth has not even been around that long

    84. Trevor Davis

      How do you know that the bees are around for 130,000,000 years?

    85. Robukid Gaming

      Can you explain to me how Berry’s friend from the bee movie lived?

    86. Lemon Fax

      I want bright side to do a face reveal ._.

    87. Serbeo

      Why is there a hornet in the thumbnail

    88. Gaudencio Santiago lopez

      Hashtag justice for bees

    89. ElfinFriend9

      A late freeze this year killed all of my beas

    90. •ʜxɴxᴇʏ •ʙᴇᴀʀs•

      Who realized that his voice changed?

    91. Senzu Bean

      Me: trying to get jacked Bright Side: the liquids that the bee stings you with is protein Me: alright be right back ima harass a whole hive

    92. bssni touir

      I just looked this up last night

    93. Gamer god Kid

      The bees: Task failed successfully

    94. Jayden Ortiz


    95. Pryce Hartline

      When I see a bee I say you have one steng do NOT spend it on me

    96. UwU

      "We've all been there before" Me:I got stung by a WASP!

      1. bssni touir

        A bee just stung me when i was 6.

    97. Arthur *

      You said "bees", not honeybees. A honeybee is the only bee that can only sting once. All other bees can sting as often as they want.

    98. 1512Sylvie

      Im scared of bees

    99. The Man Behind The Slaughter YT

      Like we didnt know this already but ok

    100. The Iraq Gamer

      When you said “worker bee’s create a new Queen” I thought you mean’t they perform surgery on the Queen to Bring it back to life