Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, Amorphous - Sunshine (The Light) (Official Video)


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    Listen to the single "Sunshine (The Light)". Out now!
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    #FatJoe #DJKhaled #Amorphous
    Official music video by Fat Joe, DJ Khaled & Amorphous performing Sunshine (The Light) © 2021 RNG / EMPIRE

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    1. Carrieanne Johnstone


    2. Jana Bädker

      It 's okay

    3. Catries Johnson

      This my sh$t feel like summer song and my girl Rihinna on her😘

    4. Jaskirat Baidwan

      So who's 2nd from left? Is it French Montana?

    5. VAL McGill

      Yess. Love this beat! I am jamming n hawaii

    6. HaneliiaVanilliaA Esmeraldah

      Perfect tune bravo

    7. Retspm

      Fat Joe and Fat DJ Kalery? I'm DEFINITELY not GONNA BE THERE

    8. Sam Wallis

      This is one of the best things I’ve heard in a while

    9. Jonathan W

      Aye youngins, this is what it's supposed to sound like!!

    10. Helena Balážová


    11. Joe MacPhail

      This beat sounds like a Nintendo 64 and I don't know why

    12. Misael Rojas

      This is so a summer song 🤩🤩

    13. David law

      good song

    14. Melvin Hill

      Summer banger right there though 🔥🌟💯

    15. Josué Poulain

      I need you ! You need me cause...french Now its my time ! Do you want be ?

    16. Eleonai Lopez

      Wassup bum buckla


      Fat joe found it again B 💪🏽 #one

    18. Ca Be

      What's an Amorphous

      1. Dean Brooks

        He's the guy in the video that's the DJ, he was the one that mixed rihanna's vocals with Luther vandross song, weird how they didn't give credit to rihanna though.

    19. Jennifer John

      where our dark girls????

    20. Palillos Calvillo

      not just anyone can do mashups.......Rihanna and Fat Joe though....... music to my ears...... love it

    21. MT H

      This is so good 🔥

    22. Christopher Case

      Luther got paid on this one.

    23. missdee212

      Joe stay making hits. And I love that he puts his love of/influence of R&B in his music

    24. R J

      Wow 😎 90's



    26. Maria Patricia Chavez


    27. Yazan

      This song is mental support for a lot of people worldwide. This is more than a summer song. This is a Survivor Song!!!

    28. W K

      Miss you rihanna🙌🏼

    29. A. Bramwell

      If DJ Amorphous did the remix.. why Khalid making it seem like it's his"another one"🤷. Give the kid his proper shine in FRONT

    30. MissAnarchy K

      is that Rihanna singing the female part?


        No its shakira

    31. TheVoncierge


    32. Kingsofkings_ 56

      He got this expired from riahanna kiss it better

    33. Peace Love

      I WANNA DANCE IN MY SLEEP!!!!❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

    34. Coby Tubby


    35. Positive Vibes

      2:20 the girl with the white dress has braces WTF PAUSE IT NO CAP.

    36. The real MC

      Another hit for a legend. We still miss big pun. Oh and please don't take the wackcine folks. Love to all!

    37. eddie72bx99

      Fat joe with another one the Bronx DON 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

    38. Moisss !

      Beim saufen top

    39. TrevSkee Cannon

      Not living the dream.. 😮 But living the life! 😎 People like me "on watching" are the dreamers 🤣 nevermind, must say this tune is baaad.. damn can't wait for summer cruising banging this 🔥 oooh weeeeee!

    40. Pete Massey

      Joey Crack you like a fine wine getting better with time.

    41. pembo15

      heard it on the radio and thought it was amazing... till i saw diddy dancing on the vid... shit now..

    42. Steven Birrell


    43. bourdon845

      Joli !!!!!!

    44. Marco Polo_74

      I love it!!!!! Another banger from the Terror Squad King!!!💯 #SummaJam21

    45. Johnathan Norton

      Oh man why am I just hearing this now ☝️☝️

    46. Unleash Brian

      kidnapped where? Jesus f**** Christ.... he's right in my sitting room with lions. welcome to my hyper real beautiful jungle.

    47. Ray Garcia

      4K dislikes, same 4K people waking up in a bad mood everyday.

    48. Livelaughloveadorn

      I love this song, especially during these times. This is real feel good music... great vibes, energy 💃🏾💃🏾 I’m going to turn on the tunes when I feel low.

    49. netcomsaux

      fat joe is a female taking male hormones theyre a trans

      1. transvestigation2017

        the entertainment industry is a trans show

      2. netcoms197

        check this information

      3. netcomsaux

        and same with dj khaled whoever else

    50. Yair Vichman

      Fat Joe lookin like the Pink Panther up in here

    51. star sparkles


    52. Rufaro Chikovore

      getting old 2011 vibes from this track..

    53. Мамат Назаров

      Я тибя уважаю утибя крес как нада. Не тиряай.

    54. Djay Bookie


    55. editss

      This song😩

    56. lee zimby

      I'm starting to feel really old !!

    57. Indira Scott

      Classic Fat Joe Vibes!🔥🔥🔥

    58. The Last Stand

      Why does the intro look like a Scorsese film

    59. Skylarose King

      Love this

    60. SEXXI TEE


    61. Sebastian Nowicki


    62. Tina Shaw

      Who is the female singing the hook on this song

    63. Gustavo Martinez

      This is an anthem for 2021 😃👍🏼

    64. One Ace

      I really thought that was French Montana I know I’m not the only one😂😂😂

    65. Flag

      China lied people died. Kill Cumo

    66. Skizz

      We need more of this kinda shit

    67. air davies

      wish i could mix this , make your vox sit better , rest of tune is on it . think 2021 new sound . the mid 8 chorus effect needs to be shorter and filters after at end don't rock they mess also but apart from that 3 things great . I love the tune just like to re do it and make it better .

    68. Glenad Adëri


    69. Lee Dillon

      Fat boy trying to make a come back with the most repetitive shite DJ around

    70. Paweł Lewandowski

      Wow, summer come's to winter Poland, very good, that we need THX 🥰😊😉

    71. Charles Goldie

      Fat joe ... another banger 💪🏾

    72. Global Rap Demand

      This brings a crazy feelin to your soul on GOD!!!

    73. Marcus Cabrera


    74. Randy Wheeler

      Hell yeah 🔥

    75. Luxury Doll

      I love 💕


      Les anciens ont creer du son

    77. Jeremy Iliffe

      Can't stop moving to song every Time it's played

    78. Michael L. Thurston

      This song is littttttttttttt!!!! Summer 2021!!!!

    79. Vintage Gamer

      Should of had a Luther vandross verse at the end. RIP

    80. angel pomales

      love it

    81. 17 Alisa.

      Such good vibes omg

    82. Faith Omaya

      Amaaazing, love it. Some nice old skull shi@#$🥰😅

    83. nirmal patel

      Crack bringing that Miami Heat to the UK

    84. Lakesha Jackson

      Looks like they was having fun. Joey listen up next video I'm coming to party too, how bout that 😆😆😆😆😆

    85. T Man

      Brilliant Song. Ma wat maak DJ Khaled man.

    86. Max Shepherd

      The emotions going through seeing fat joe come back.... should be ‘Slim Joe’

    87. Max Shepherd

      Thank fuck let’s bring usher p diddy fat joe fabolous, ciara, all out of their graves!!!!

    88. Latronda Marie

      Big Pun made Joe.

    89. Mel Valdez


    90. Leyla Cetinel

      This is so cool

    91. Yolanda Hernandez

      Back 2 Da Future type sh!t...💪😷👊😎🧐🙃😁🤲🙏🏀JoE MommA$...🤑L!7 SH!N3...Ait3 SUN...

    92. M.T.L Kanada

      😘 luv this jam..

    93. Shawn Clark


    94. Shawn Clark

      Joey Crack ❤💯🙏💥💥💥💣

    95. Shawn Clark

      Fukd with Luther amd made a HIT! FUK WIT IT IF U WANT TO

    96. Shawn Clark

      50yrs old and feeln this shitz! Cold blooded!!

    97. Highland Park Vet

      Old school 🏫 my generation is the best Fat Joe Dre Khalid and Puff been friends for 20 years or better. #RIPBIGGIE&BIGPUN#💋🤑💯💯🙏

    98. Inspiration Lives Here

      If you have been struggling with depression, stress fear and anxiety I want to let you know that Jesus Christ will calm the storm . All you have to do is trust him! and if you are unsure about were going to be after this earth passes way Jesus Christ has died and paid the penalty of our sin so we can have eternal life. We all need a savior and all you have to do is repent and believe the gospel Mark 1:15 says And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.

    99. Maria Figueroa

      This song feel like CRACK 💥💥💥

    100. Deanna Roberts

      Ayeeeeeeee going to definitely be a summer banger!!!