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    1. ZHC Crafts

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      1. 【JK KEVIN】


      2. Maddie's nails Fidgets and skin

        @Dex yes gurl we all love zhc and been a fan forever

      3. Blanca Santamaria

        @Dex Okay

      4. riah time 21

        I would like to win something

      5. Mark Payne

        HI ZHC!!!! I love your videos. i'm 11 years old and I live in NZ AKA New Zealand! Iv been watching you for about 8 months now and I know you can't make anything for me because I live to far away but I will love it if you can pls make a mythical creature iPhone 11 to give away for your subscribers. I have subscribed to both chanelle and on TikTok, love you Bye :)

    2. Rolly Mahe

      Where is lio?

    3. Ria Makkena

      I subbed- love your vids :)

    4. Sky Waters

      I am the are of ash and fire

    5. louise reeves

      I think you should invite Maria Elizabeth over for a challenge Zach

    6. Seraphina Spencer


    7. Carmen

      wait a minute... you invited subscribers, of course they have subscribed.....

    8. Agatha Bautista

      Who else has all the characters they are drawing

    9. Darren Loughran

      Viv you're so good I love your art

    10. sourpepsi

      He’s wearing a Mr beast

    11. Vashti Kendall


    12. kyleigh thrasher

      I'm a big fan

    13. Zoe McGill

      Via will look the best

    14. Avery Twigg

      Who else wants Zach to paint you an apple ipad

    15. Mary Cristmas Unicorn

      You should downlod brawl stars its really fun

    16. Lexie Satchell

      Zhc and moriah Elizabeth should an art copotition

    17. Abigail Dimla

      You posted this on jimins birghday🥺💜

    18. Laureta Bytyqi

      i love your vidios

    19. zydrunas basys

      Ugh get rid of viv she's not an artist she's an poor woman I hat her so much

    20. Abdullah nader


    21. ninja2807

      Will u still be with me when the magic all run out lol idk wot I said

      1. Gele Rose Villano

        If only I knew what my heart was telling meeee 😅💖

    22. ninja2807

      If only ahahahahha

    23. Jennifer Dorsey

      These artists are so good at drawing... I wish I was that good.:-)

    24. EmikateAmongUs

      I have subscribed

    25. Olive Cin Family

      How did you get a blank pusses

    26. Janie Dale

      I love your videos so much

    27. The sweet Girl

      Cool add

    28. learn art with me

      Done I subscribed both channel

    29. Seth Laurence Tabligan

      Can u fix ur teeth viv, and less makeup

    30. Painting with James

      Zhc asked subscribers if they were subscribed

    31. Izuku Midoriya

      Parker: She's just a bada$$ Me: did Zach forget to make it kid friendly orr- 0.0"

    32. Delphine Toral Hernandez

      i love puzzles

    33. Mazen vlogs

      Why is jio wearing a mask

    34. Kennedy Wilson

      This is so sad to me cuz everyday I watch these videos and think wow I wish I could draw but everything I try there's a blank papet

    35. Ava Wargon

      Hi I know I’m little late but I just saw this video and I love your videos and I’m new to the channel and the fact of this is posted on my birthday what’s so cool 😁

    36. EmikateAmongUs

      Why are people not saying zach made me feel less bored in quarantine

      1. Monke gurl

        Definitely hes the best

    37. EmikateAmongUs

      Hi can I please be in a video?

    38. April Chin

      Viv did so good


      Michelle: What are u playing? Zach: AFK Arena Michelle comes again: What are u doing? Zach: I WON ANOTHER ROUND IN AFK ARENA!!!!!!!!!

      1. Adrienne Leitz

        😂 this is so funny

    40. khumo mpebe


    41. Rozanne Van Eeden

      Yes wy

    42. Hridaan The wonder boy

      Michele was making the video

    43. Mooch Meyers

      When you know nothing about the game “Yeah she cool she has blonde hair”

    44. hadl1680 hadl1680

      Omg you guys are so good at drawing

    45. HomestylerDesigner TutorialsAndTips

      When he said to see if they were subrscribed I was like, I thought you said you brought in subscribers?🤔🧐

    46. Kash Robbins

      Why does he have a mask on?

    47. Paola Y Carmen

      You cant grab me for ur challenges :v cause im in honduras ;-;

    48. Aimee Gonzalez

      I know a vid you can do you can get cars for artists and then make them customize it and the give it for free who ever wins the get 1,000 dollars

    49. babysnoops14

      Why is one of them wearing a mask?? In uk, we are in lockdown

    50. Ella Joyce

      He just asked subscribers if they were subscribed😂

    51. hany sedarous

      Afk arena truch

    52. Ryan Person

      I subbed

    53. Ivan Lin

      MrBeast: Gives away money ZHC: MrBeast with steroids

    54. Ivan Lin


    55. Hopeful Sister

      2:27 why did Michelle and Jio switch

      1. Super Bananas Ice


    56. tyloren 09

      I'm already subscribed Zac

    57. Ram Kalahasthi

      Viv is. my. Favorite

    58. Ramla Pangattil

      hello zach and michelle

    59. nishae Jankiparsad

      Hi my friend said i shoud subscribe to your channel he does not have a phone so he cant

    60. Richard Chan

      the third challenge is did you subscribe but at fist when zach brought the subscribers e said subscribers so they are subscribe but he check their phone he is a little bit dumb.

    61. Eshaal Waqas

      ZHC you kinda sound like MrBeast to me like if you agree.😊😋💭

    62. LIFE TECH

      I'm subscribe

    63. LIFE TECH


    64. Immortal Ràgè

      Can you please do a borderlands 2 painting

    65. LIFE TECH

      Hey you can customize puzzle minecraft

    66. Maida Naeem


    67. Cody Filori

      Another amazing video 👍🏼☺️

    68. JDM Blog


    69. Damien Stolz

      Can I be in a chalinge my age is 8

    70. RAYnish


    71. Amphibian Alex

      Is it called AFK arena because it is so trash everybody is AFK

    72. Ko ko and Caramel!

      I just noticed that he is wearing a beast shirt😂

      1. SiimplyTae X

        He is A MrBeast 2.0

      2. Scrunchie ASMR

        XD same

      3. Helen Claffey

        Me too 😂😂

      4. HeHe_iTz Brooksie


      5. Sebastian Sencion

        Ya me to lol

    73. Matt Johnson

      I want to be in one of your videos

    74. Alise Putekle

      I had afk arena but i deleted it

    75. Brady *



      This was 10 days before my birthday

    77. Bhuwan kumar Jha

      I like Michelle drawing

    78. lego builds

      This is how many times zhc said atm arena

    79. LankyBox

      i drew turky

    80. Georgia Rowley

      In every Challenge VIV is in them insane

    81. Bertha Cox

      The interesting retailer descriptively grip because step-son interestingly comb barring a illustrious improvement. alleged, obese anthropology

    82. Veera Sharma

      @ZHC Crafts Loving the Beast merch

    83. danielle spaulding

      You should customize a couch

    84. Sam Murray

      Leo and zach should have a art challenge

    85. simran kapahi


    86. hadi ka hub

      Love their drawings

    87. rodolfo garcia

      Omg I love your vids sadly I don’t have Instagram or snap chat but I have tik tock and I follow you guys my user @xgachagodxx and I have subscribed to Zhc crafts and zhc

    88. Logan Penning

      this is on of my fave vidios and i would like to be in one some day im your biggest fan and you ae my fae youtuber ever

    89. Logan Penning

      this is on of my fave vidios and i would like to be in one some day im your biggest fan and you ae my fae youtuber ever

    90. Joanne Ren


    91. Amy Zhang

      i have both zapheral and lucretia

    92. ·BLACKstar_gacha·

      Wowowowowowows UwU !

    93. Malu Luteru

      Gg nrm, gib Azsdffnhttbngjhl

    94. Divine Gaming

      I love AFK ARENA. I’ve already gotten an ascended talene(one of the best heroes in this game).

    95. Layla Kassad

      i love ur vids :)

    96. Macy Scott

      Obviously their subscribers you brought in three subscribers to help.

    97. Priscilla Hernandez


    98. kotryna sumskaite

      Done but i not haave iphone

    99. Sonya BorisovaRC

      but I am in the uk

    100. Genesis Monoya