Elon Musk Answers Your Questions! | SXSW 2018


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    From space travel to deep earth boring, Elon Musk shares his opinions on AI, Mars, and business. He explores his early years as an entrepreneur that led to creating some of the most cutting-edge companies on the planet, in the planet and beyond. Oh, and there is a great little ditty at the end.
    Watch Jonathan Nolan's, the creator of HBO’s Westworld, video capturing the historic launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket.

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    1. Brandon Farrington

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    2. Michael Voskovykh

      Basketcoin (BSKT) The next coin to 100x get in while it still hasnt skyrocketed!

    3. 김린

      That one is Mass Media Version CLONE of Elon Musk. Really perplexed how people do not recognize this despite all the physical differentiation, voice, face, wrinkle,ear, body and facIial contour, weight and body gesture, MOST OF ALL,EYES, facial expression, just even the five year old kid or DOG would catch that intuitively. WE GENUINE HUMAN BEINGS ABSOLOUTELY NEED NOT-CLONED GENUINE DOGS TO IDENTIFY THE NATURAL HUMAN BEINGS FROM ALL THE MASKED SURROGATE CLONES. THIS IS EMBARRASING.

    4. N Ala

      How did I happen to fall in Love with you.❤️

    5. Chloë Wright

      I don't care what anyone says - Elon is not human. Same goes for Mark Zuckerberg.

    6. Kristin O'Neal

      Is it me, or does his Mike keep going in and out? (I've not watched all of it, I'm at the first question.)

    7. Avery J. Bradshaw

      I will got to Mars Elon. I’m not afraid.

    8. Warwick Audio

      This guy does a good job at keeping Elon on track and letting him go on as well. Respect lol

    9. Brian D

      the ideas of this guy is exponential! I wish I could have the same level of courage and independency like him.. what a great guy!!


      I want Elon on the first trip!!!

    11. Jackson Slattery

      BFR stands for big fucking rocket

    12. javen shirk

      i love elon! humans will probably live forever now when earth gets melted by a comet, people will be sound alseep on mars.

    13. Gary Bell

      So correct me if I'm wrong, but the machine that currently kills the most people is becoming AI controlled and AI machines are something to be concerned about as a species?!?

    14. Abdul Dangor

      We are going to Mars and not just a portion credited to Elon. All the credit goes to him

    15. Thomas Landry

      If mankind isn’t back on the moon next year....it doesn’t count

    16. Rona Kohne

      Elon is so humble. He deserves all the success he's having, especially after all the bullying he had to endure at school. Bullying in afrikaans culture is extremely severe. Ask me, I've been there, and are there. It hasn't improved. I can just imagine how jealous his previous classmates are now. Elon, I hope you will have even more success. Bot most of all My wish for you is, to rediscover that Jesus is real and that you realize you gift is from God. I hope to see you that your biggest achievement is to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. God bless you, handsome, young man!!

    17. Robert Kosterman

      Bro said, “I’m dad”. People laughed as if he really isn’t.

    18. liveuk

      Having so many thoughts all at once means Dad's jokes are compulsory

    19. Jakub Skrzypek


    20. Karen Bell

      Intelligence and humbleness is so f-in sexy!!!!

    21. Milad Isaac

      I think carbon is only good for growing farm food faster I think because more carbon the faster the plant will get bigger from it Idk it’s my theory there is some true in it tho

    22. Virtual Nepharius

      Elon musk is so fn funny dude. Lol. Idk if its a testament to how seriously people take his thoughts but everytime the punchline hits it takes way too long before people start laughing. Lol. That Mars Bars comment was comedy gold. GOLD I tell you!

    23. Mike Kimbrue

      Elon is doing what many others should have been doing many years ago.....thank you Elon for saving future generations of mankind....🖖

    24. Cyrus Osman

      Elon, you did not have to defend your lack of a business plan. Life to such as you, and a few others is not thought out. That only goes to show that we are puppets in the hands of a master puppeteer. That should however not discourage people from planning, or mapping out a path for their life.

    25. emily veneranda

      okey elon my freind before I'll claim yours oper we lcome to my journey I'll wait ican see persona I exited your mucho guwapitio yes

    26. Jasmine Jones

      Elon Musk is just taking up the baton where Nicola Tesla left off . Tesla was the real genius Musk is just expanding and capitalising on it .. FACT 🤒

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    28. Christy Moore

      I'm a Genuine. And would like to see your time line please💫💫💫

      1. Christy Moore

        Sound of light moves fast so you would get their fast💋❤🙏

    29. puneet aheer

      2021 viewers

    30. Patricia Rogers

      AI has limits, It cannot imagine. Mankind and humanity have the capacity to imagine any and all possibilities to solving humans problems. Nonetheless, it helps to a degree the immediate special solutions to our social, political and finanicial problems. Again, we as a species long for human connections and relationships and touch. AI cannot do that. How do you feel about that?

    31. Ramin Ghafarian

      There's just something about him. He has this aura that creates a cult of personality around him. It's insane how many ears he has pointing his way whenever he utters a single word... THAT'S powerful. I think it's because he's so smart and has such great goals for humanity, and is able to break it down for the average human to understand, while also occasionally throwing in jokes and memes which increases relatability, while also being one of the top 5 richest people in the world. Name another billionaire like that.

    32. Natalino Seven


    33. emily veneranda

      while it is true that you must possess genuine love and concern for your families extremely well family centerdeness may become detrimental to others in community why

    34. Joel Kavanagh

      ... bloody good luck to Owl yuff hues ...

    35. Joel Kavanagh

      ... watching the only trajectory of imp :: rate of de-velopment of AI, that is, basicly ex-potential, since the be-ginnig, meye analysis def. concurs w. Musks'...

    36. Joel Kavanagh

      . .. fritz the un-timely, who, in His usual humble manner called him-self ' Philosopher ot III. Millenium ", would have loved this Man ...

    37. Brandon Awtrey

      He can't even figure out his own life but yet talks about outer space?

    38. Brandon Awtrey

      Who cares. Why do you want to go to space so bad?

    39. Brandon Awtrey

      Repent and come to Christ my friend. You will ultimately fail alone and we love you.

    40. Brandon Awtrey

      God created this world. Repent and pray for his mercy

    41. Jessa wilteli

      Sounds cute. I do

    42. One Above All

      Read subtitle 10:34

    43. StevesAstro Howardkings

      So as Robots and Automation Take over when are we going to bring The retirement age down to Merit and goal seeking retirement Not just sitting at home in a corner To rot , real government not fake .

    44. Caleb Wess

      I've already been on this at Dallas airport

    45. emily veneranda

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    46. Voor Naam

      Why is that man bantering like forever, and why is that audio level so fucking low? Costing millions, sounding like a fool. Wow!

    47. My IT Guy

      2min trailer?

    48. Eyon Miller

      One thing I must say hearing what he's saying an doing make me feel younger again because as a young man at the time past I was wondering what's like to live on a next planet or travel threw space it was a dream but dream do come true from time to time in this life or the next amen

    49. Philo


    50. John Fowlkes

      Thanks Elon. Earth and Moon. Bless you and yours



    52. Roderick Sibelius


    53. Zakariah1971

      Big fucking rocket

    54. Shelburn James

      Microbial and plant symbiotic relationships only just being researched after degradation of earth soils


      Musk the "inventor" of the tunnel ;-) Reality did not meet expectation and claims by Musk and The Boring Company in 2017 to now videos on KGup and articles on google. No autonomous glass window shuttles, no shuttle lifts, no 150mph, etc And for claimed "state of the art" empty, LED, regular escalators simply search for Luxembourg Funiculaire (fully automated transportation through mountain that needs 1 minute instead of a 45 minutes to 1 hour trip by car through traffic to access to same places) and connects free public transportation trains - funiculaire - LuxTram- electric busses with each other. And we have car tunnels in which we pass underground the city in less than 30 seconds. Musk so overrated in comparison to the above. Free public transportation by electric Maglevs, electric busses, electric funiculaires, electric Tramways are the future not big electric cars transporting mostly one or two persons in the real world in commuting to work.

    56. NonYmous Rex

      I'm down to tame the new frontier!

    57. Lorne Chadwell

      I want to go! Where can i sign up?

    58. Juan Sebastián Naranjo

      The only human we would all perhaps trust to rule the world

      1. Juan Sebastián Naranjo

        It is unique to live in Musk same time, there have been very smart people who were very rich in history but not somebody so smart that would potentially radically curve opportunities for humanity.

    59. Jill Alexi Estrada

      I'm watching you. You're good...

      1. Jill Alexi Estrada

        Are you okay? You're acting a bit out of the ordinary.

    60. Shannon McIntyre

      So I'm watching this in 2021. Rockets have been taking off left and right. Ticket availability?

    61. Shannon McIntyre

      How related are the changes in law regarding public lands and these projects?

    62. eu4 juke

      Elon ur my favorite since albert Einstein

    63. LordBroski

      Watching this thinking, "Damn we need to get a Tesla into Rocket League"

    64. Kristiana k

      he built just like me

    65. Kenny Perry

      LOL Your voice is perfect always in this world ...

    66. Joey Boes

      Wow I didn’t know Christopher Nolan had a brother and he worked with him on interstellar, that’s so cool

    67. Kashaslove

      Mars for me = Nope! Earth is ours. We need to fix problems here. Then more moon exploration! The dark side! Aliens?

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    72. Sarah Michael

      Elon Musk has made an impact world, his also among the few that made a change in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency with their involvement , I'm new to crypto trading and investment and I've been making few loses, but recently I saw a lot of people earning from it. can someone please give me a new strategy or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong? I believe in crypto so i want to get it right regardless because Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will ~ Elon musk

      1. Sara Hudson

        greatness is with Mr Brandon Huckaby, i think i want a piece of that

      2. bitcoin itcoin

        @Roseline Ben I started investment with Mr. Brandon a week ago and I am already smiling! Don't worry you are in safe hands.

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    73. 7ofmine

      Good on you, Elon! Keep it going!

    74. Joseph Sylwestrzak

      he is insane convincing people to finance his crazy expensive toys screw mars just go to the desert and use the extra money on the homeless. Why not help the poor no money in it thats why

      1. Joseph Sylwestrzak

        plus got help from gov

    75. Jay Cee

      Wish I could go back to 2008 and give him a million for shares.. instead I spent a mil on a hotel and now I’m broke.

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      he is very nervous and probably an introvert

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    79. midnightxuser@gmail.com

      I was your grandparents. I wonder what moon rise on Mars will look like, both at the same time? I know the names of them as Phobos and demos, thanks to my husband a ordinary physicist. If spirit fly in space then he’s already up there, and I would like to join him. So will there be an age limit on the application to colonize?

    80. midnightxuser@gmail.com

      Where can we apply for a job on Mars I’m very reliable and of what is the gravity going to be?

      1. midnightxuser@gmail.com

        Seriously. Will there still be germs after you make the poles ?

    81. Mind Body Intelligence

      I think Jesus said you cannot come back into my kingdom without the innocence and eyes of a child. The question is does NASA own the universe? God does. There is no difference between what the brain imagines and what is real. He can imagine it, we cannot with the same fervent spirit, when I have nothing could stop me. That is the difference. That is the barrier to achievement. The plan is in between. You need intelligence and hardware software in between to make it happen, that is clear. But the barrier for us intelligent people is defeat, fear, holding on to the imagined image.

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    87. JebClang

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