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    Here’s a skit of a man taking out a loan with a twist at the end #Shorts

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    1. Las Angeles roleplay

      Already seen it I. Another tiktok

    2. kwik swhimp

      Who else wasted time for this 😪

    3. Jordan Master2213

      Some of y'all's comments are really rude, this guy is trying his best, so y'all need to deal with it and stop complaing. And I don't wanna start any arguments just saying, you can just skip the vid if it gets boring, it's not that hard.

    4. Wonderer Vault 101

      That smirk!!! XD I laughed at the evil smile

    5. Caspy

      We’re literally about to bully this man into becoming Joker

    6. Ford Ford

      Come on guys It wasnt that bad 😂

    7. Maxei

      Currently trying to locate the funny

    8. Laiba Irfan

      Hey you're a genius that's very smart

    9. mori

      the amount of hand signs this dude is making goddamn

    10. Chuy Gonzalez

      I don’t get it

    11. 3StarLogo

      Weird cause when I first heard this one it was a "blonde joke".

    12. Lemon Louise

      why does he speak like he’s telling me a riddle

    13. Nathan -

      You mean $4,011

    14. Dark Gamer

      This is a true story though

    15. Philosophy Of Élivágar

      How tf does this have 228k likes...

    16. Ikeria Scott

      “For not the hearers of the law are just in the sight of God, but the doers of the law will be justified.” Romans 2:13❤️ Our actions must show that we’re Christians not simply because we’re proclaiming it, please give your life to the Lord. Let his light shine in you so that when others see you they see him, our Father in Heaven in you as well❤️

    17. Dontzuccmedude

      The only joke I get is your whole youtube channel


      That's not how loans work but he got the spirit

    19. Primrose Shyla Werner-Scalf

      His shirt looks like a pharaoh hat 😂

    20. Alex Fitchie

      Is it me but me no understand

    21. Sensei Shu

      I don't see the funny

    22. Cherrify

      Can't be copyrighted if you use every song ever made

    23. Worried_Sickk !

      I think the thing that makes me even more mad about these videos is that he captions it like it actually happened

    24. Brent Allen

      Edit out the last two shots and it's passable

    25. Tenno

      Wtf is this

    26. Louis Garcia

      I mean, it makes sense but the execution is not it. Nah bro.

    27. grace

      I found it sort of funny in the beginning but what put the cherry on top were the comments 😭

    28. Joe Swing

      That’s not how secured loans work, they don’t take your car, you just sign a contract saying of you don’t make your payments then they can take your car.

    29. Dood Luck

      Nobody: Background music: i want you to be happier

    30. HandMeAnIcedTea!

      If he a millionaire why he need cheap parking???

    31. Chodeceus

      How is there over 200K likes on this video wtf

    32. Dob Williams

      This is Shakespeare

    33. adam co

      funny until you realize you payed 4,011 bucks

    34. Kron TheGefactus

      Act broke to stay rich

    35. Sasqwhat

      Damn bro good shit bounced on my boy's tiktok "comedy" to this

    36. lighting blade

      Dat face tho

    37. Trey White


    38. Johan Ruiz

      I didn’t rlly get it UNTIL he did 😈😈😈at end

    39. AWS Studios

      What is that song 0-0

    40. Kamari Nesmith

      Not gonna lie dat smile is kinda creepy

    41. malik green

      Mr burns its a cool vid

    42. epazote420

      This is the shittest video I’ve seen on this site, congrats

    43. MildlySeasoned

      This is the type of video that auto plays while you set your phone down to wipe so you have to skip it with your nose.

    44. Chxnchy

      Wait why- wait a mi- huh-

    45. Adam Cordova

      True nyc parking is expensive

    46. S. Plouzek


    47. Mr Z

      Give the original guy some credit

    48. Kian Elliott

      But what if there was an interest rate on the loan . Let’s say ten percent and so your end up paying back 411 dollars, you could find parking cheaper

    49. Kg

      Well played sir

    50. T

      This is so corny

    51. Natalia Mikaelson


    52. The Great Chimera

      Some people shouldn’t be born

    53. August W.

      I don't get the joke?

    54. IndianHead Logan

      He still has to pay it back, plus interest

    55. That’s what she said

      I don’t understand 😭

    56. Xephorian Zenos

      Ha ha ha this is so funny I'm dying 😶

    57. Shahnaz Qureshi


    58. Jeremy Parker

      I remember hearing about this story in high school and that was over ten years ago now lol Crazy how this person has not aged at all since then! I vividly remember this story for some reason but it was about a blonde girl back then

    59. Dsnny

      Why did I laugh af this?

    60. THAT GUY

      It's a farari not a lamborghini

    61. Leftie '

      How can you record this thinking you are smart

    62. Miggy Rivera

      I think he escape from the asylum

    63. Assassins Hunger

      I’ve seen this joke before on r/Jokes

    64. san

      I actually quite like this guy. For those of you looking for a funny part, I don’t quite remember him saying the video was supposed to be funny. You guys are what is working with this world. Go eat some grass and go to sleep 😐

    65. Baby girl ᘎᙡᘎ

      Kids not under standing the joke : 👁👄👁

    66. 『sana kim』

      Okay, TBH am I the only one who didn't get his jokes except the one that is a riddle?

    67. Mateng

      Why does this crap exist

    68. Rohan Mathew

      I'm pretty sure the interest on the loan would amount to a lot .so this guy's a donut.

    69. Onyx X Onyx

      KGup comments > Tiktok comment

    70. AUroraMoon _Draws16

      It really took me this long to realize how messed up this “joke” is ;-; Excuse me while I go eat some toast

    71. Riley Walsh

      What in the hell kind of personal loan has a 0.275% interest rate? This is why high schoolers shouldnt be allowed to take out student loans.

    72. Peter John

      Ah yes, because interest is $11

    73. nicole ༄

      this is my 13th reason

    74. res

      Well if you’re a millionaire you don’t need to cheap out on parking

      1. Jaiso The Positive Pessimist

        Millionaires are really cheap people though, usually

    75. Our_illumination

      _when this video makes those china conspiracies look more real than ever_ *It was a good run, Earth, time for the sequel*

    76. Atharva Bhokse

      This is something my dad would send to me.

    77. DrBiju Martin

      I've waited a long time for a video with an active comment section

    78. Shanks 330i


    79. Mr. Moreno

      Robert T Kiyosaki

    80. Mr Tokes

      If you were able to locate the funny

    81. Dylan06


    82. Quarter Pie

      Where funny?

    83. Wendell Dillon

      ....I feel like this isn't how collateral works

    84. omar rodriguez


    85. Idelys De La Cruz Burgos

      These comments are making me so angry. I’m not a fan and I don’t like his skits but I don’t go try to ruin his life with mean comments. That’s what’s wrong with society these days🤷🏻‍♀️

    86. Simon

      The joke was kind of ok with the pawn shop where he left his car for 500$. But you all just copie already made videos and change them to a way that they are trash....

    87. Seamus McKenna

      Imagine being integrated and they played this on repeat 24 hrs a day Stop I’ll tell you anything

    88. million dollar ideas & stuff

      Every video would be better with oblivion music

    89. Apllo

      The lip sync is horrible. There's no effort. I'm not saying it would have been better with effort but still.....

    90. ricefield_man

      Someone explain to me the joke, I honestly don’t get it lol

    91. Epic Chrizzy

      he didn’t come up w this.

    92. Madison Sharp


    93. Bunny!

      i cant be the only one who is done with this guy

    94. Matkai


    95. Humberto Olivarez

      I can’t be the only one that understands his logic 💀💀😭

    96. fernan centeno

      give me back the time I lost watching this $hit!

    97. Chef Rone

      I mean yes ur a terrible comedian but then again....why not just be just that? Look how many views u get

    98. natallie Duran

      Y’all mean

    99. The gaming Doggo

      Free parking? He didn’t have the keys

    100. The Original Jerry

      This guy forgot about interest 👎