UNLOCKING Pickwick Lake - Ledge Fishing 101 - SMC TV Ep.3

Scott Martin

19 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    Catching big bass off ledges in the summertime on Pickwick Lake can be TRICKY..But show you how to catch them. Special guest Johnathan Newton
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    1. Daniel Daniel

      Me and lil man fished that exact spot by the Marina today. The bass were out another 200 yards but still there. Thanks Scott!

    2. Walter Kama

      I didn't realize u was on my bass fishing game on the front cover

    3. Erik Larrison

      You didn't weigh em like you said you were going to!! :(

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s the biggest issue with TV episodes..time constraints.

    4. GJR.

      Merry Christmas Scott and God bless you always and forever.

    5. Russell Morris

      Thanks for teaching us another way to catch bass. I recently moved to Tennessee so this information will be super helpful.

    6. John Lloyd

      Only reason im not gonna like is cuz then it would be 666 and week its christmas..🥳🎄

      1. Scott Martin

        Good call

    7. bill5074

      Not much of a challenge with the electronics today. Pretty easy to find them.

    8. Ziggy Blue

      Merry Christmas everybody!!! Have a good and blessed day.

    9. Fishing DohaR

      Your fishing was too good, you caught beautiful fish congratulations, you are a great fisherman.👍🎣

    10. Bassfisher78 !!

      Great video Scott been watching all you guys videos this year!!! Best on the tube 👌 Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!!!

    11. GreenPig Hunter

      Hilarious. He stole your stick.

    12. Jesse Hillis

      Thank the lord dish has the hopper, that way I can record all of the Scott Martin challenge episodes!!! This is one awesome series my friend!! Gettin all the top tips and techniques from the master himself!!!

    13. yankeesfan1964

      Great video Scott. Merry Christmas to you and your family

    14. Brice Lindley

      I’ve won so many tournaments on that spot at JP coleman it’s crazy

    15. Johnny B

      Merry Christmas Scott and crew!🎁🎄

    16. Jack Stein

      Thanks for the great explanation on the stroking technique! Merry Christmas!

    17. Jay Jackson

      I learned today I no longer need to use my spinning gear. Dropshottin on casting set up from now on.

    18. Trey Payne

      Grew up fishing Pickwick great video Scott thanks a ton brother 👍🎣

    19. Jay Fournier

      I cannot get enough of your videos. You should have been an actor Scott. You are born to be on camera.

      1. Jay Fournier

        @Scott Martin your welcome. Merry Christmas to you and your family Scott. 🍻Here is to what’s to come in 2021. 🥂

      2. Scott Martin

        😂 thank you

    20. BBBassing

      Still need some studio lighting to brighten up your face. Merry Christmas!

    21. Vance Cash

      Would you send me 7 grand for a couple of those pan optics units?? 😂🤣😂or just take me fishing. Your choice. Oh, and I’ll buy dinner and lunch!😉

    22. Tate Oakley

      hey scott i’m from florence and i love to fish hope to see you again in florence

    23. Jessica Folds

      You have helped me so much!

      1. Scott Martin

        Glad to help 👊🏻

    24. wesleybigham1

      Merry Christmas to you and your family!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you merry Christmas 🎄

    25. Mike over cash

      Really like to go to that Lake Great video

    26. Darren Mudge

      water must be moving at Pickwick no matter the species.

    27. Mark Schneider

      Donk ! Donk ! Donk ! Hook set ! Son !

    28. Cole V

      Love these episodes 🔥 Merry Christmas🤜🏼🤛🏼

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you merry Christmas 🎄

    29. Tim H

      Hi Scott!! Merry Christmas brother!!

    30. Shaun Roberts


    31. APOFishing

      keep on cranking them out boys, good job.

    32. Michael Pollard

      Their all studs

    33. OccasionalGamer

      I caught the biggest bluegill I've ever seen out of Pickwick. The thing was a slab that covered the entire bottom of the fish basket. We never weighed it, but the fish was a bull.

    34. marksworld13

      I signed in because mini-Scott asked me to click the like. Merry Christmas little dude!!

      1. Scott Martin

        😂 merry Christmas 🎄

    35. Del Crowell

      Thanks for the info, please go into more detail regarding boat position...

    36. Michael Inman

      How far north of Florida do you have to go to catch smallmouth bass?

    37. Tom Anderson

      You are such a role model. I don’t understand why you are on plane without a PFD and perhaps a kill switch with your friend on TV. Bad things happen.

      1. Tom Anderson

        Great to see the displays and explanations.

    38. Scott Jewett

      when are we going to see more salty videos from the keys????

    39. Clayton Hutchins

      Merry Christmas everyone!

    40. Kelly Bowman

      Your the best bro! I love you!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you 👊🏻

    41. The Fishing Expat

      I need you to teach me how to catch some big European perch on deep ledges

    42. John Goode

      WATTS BAR !!!!

    43. Amusing BD

      Enjoyed seeing the video above , really fascinating fishing, Thank you and good luck in the upcoming video

    44. B VANDY

      Learning to read trust and catch fish off shore has been a challenge for me like watching episodes like this just to learn.

    45. Brandon Morton

      Congrats Scott!!! Way to grind it out I am looking forward to next local season and hopefully 2022 central opens

    46. EliteGB

      Y'all are killing it! Great insight. One of these days when you make it back to Hartwell lake would love to get a pic and say what's up!

    47. Chase The Fisherman

      I challenge you and Hillary to a fishing battle

    48. Preston Mire

      Merry Christmas from my family to yours awesome videos I bought a brand new tracker boat 2021 I am just trying to learn some good old fishing thank for all the info we love your videos maybe one day we can meet y’all

      1. Scott Martin

        Congrats on the boat and merry Christmas

    49. Jayden Pfeuffer

      You’re a legend

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you👊🏻

    50. kjmcbay 1776

      He's going to get whooped in the Elites next year. He will be to busy trying to sell his products instead of doing what he actually knows how to do "FISH "

      1. Preston Mire


      2. Brandon Morton

        Almost double the field Local knowledge of open fisherman that fish their home waters Co Angler’s Just 3 reasons out of many

      3. Charles Mizer

        Someone is salty. You've posted this 14 times.

      4. kjmcbay 1776

        why would you say the opens are harder than the elites.

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        Interested in your logic here? First try for the elites through the opens and he qualifies, the opens are arguably harder then the elites and you say he is going to get whooped in the elites hahaha you are a clown

    51. Will Sharpe

      Scott what’s the most fish you’ve caught in one day off of the shore????

      1. Erik Larrison

        Proably alot shit ive caught close to 200 in a day several times in Canada off of a boat.

    52. Joey Baynes

      You are the best thank you

    53. Andrew Edwards

      Y’all all smash that like button!!

    54. Andrew Edwards

      First like ☝️

    55. Marine discovery -


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        You did it..:) 👊🏼