GMC HUMMER EV | “Supertruck Testing Tour: Extreme Winter Testing” | GMC


41 миӊ. көрүүлөр6

    We kicked off our GMC HUMMER EV Supertruck Testing Tour in northern Michigan, just outside Sault. St. Marie. It was the world’s first all-electric supertruck test vehicle up against the elements for some Extreme Winter Testing. The results? Winter didn’t stand a chance.
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    1. Jake Hall

      Have fun sitting at the charging station powered by coal burning power plants! 🔥🔥🔥

    2. Fernando Gomez

      Man I really love Hummers mostly like the H1 and H2 I just want to thank General Motors for making the Hummer EV


      0:15 Lockers in action

      1. RG SuperCarZ


    4. I Care

      Still not affordable

      1. Jeff Moleski Vintage ice racing

        It’s the same price as a loaded suv

      2. Nebula1701

        A more affordable Chevy EV pickup is coming.

    5. Pretish


    6. VORTEC 8.1L

      waiting for the next stop ... 💪

    7. Padre Antonio Raygoza V. Raygoza V.

      What's the Basic Price.?. Hopefully I can Sing ........ *Happy Birthday to me*..!!!. Can we Deposits, monthly to Easier at the Time of the Buy.

      1. Nebula1701

        the basic version will be 79k


      GMC ❤ i love my beast & daily watch your updates , soon i will buy it 😍😍 HUMMER💖💖💖

    9. Dr Pratibha Singh

      Its beter then cybertrick

      1. Dr Pratibha Singh

        @II DEMON II yes bro

      2. II DEMON II

        @Dr Pratibha Singh sure the Hummer EV will be the best road legal off-road truck. And the Cybertruck the best urban truck. Both a extremely hot.

      3. Dr Pratibha Singh

        @II DEMON II but cybertruck is also good i mean both are equal

      4. Dr Pratibha Singh

        @II DEMON II but hummer ev will now worlds best offroader in both ev and non ev and plus hummer ev have really good torqie

      5. II DEMON II

        Cybertruck is bullet proof and can self drive. It's more like both are the best in what they stand for.

    10. Lord Planet

      I have to have one. Tesla you got some serious competition coming your way.

      1. theflew

        @I Care I don't think you'll see the price go down on the Hummer EV. It's supposed to be a status vehicle. If you want something cheaper with the same bones minus all the 4-wheel steering, crab walk, 16" of ground clearance, 1000HP, 0-60 in 3 seconds then GM will sell you a Chevy or GMC EV truck.

      2. I Care

        @theflew It will be interesting. Personally I am a fan of the Hummer EV, the price will go down as competition and inventory goes up. Sticking a hydrogen fuel cell in the Hummer EV would be awesome, but that’s an entire different animal to discuss.

      3. theflew

        @I Care I'm sure the Cyber truck will outsell the Hummer EV. But that's like saying the Camaro is going to outsell the Porsche 911. Of course, it will. It doesn't make the Camaro better, but for its price, it's pretty good. The thing is the Cybertruck is one vehicle. Unlike Tesla, GM isn't going to sell one EV truck. GM is going to have a Chevy EV truck, another GMC EV truck, and finally the GMC Hummer EV. The prices will range from the cheaper Chevy, then GMC truck, and finally the Hummer EV. In addition, many truck buyers are very loyal to their brands. If a Ford person won't buy a Chevy or Ram truck what makes you think people are just going to randomly buy a truck from a company that struggles to make cars consistently? Finally, are you really comparing this to a Model Y AWD? The Model Y has the ground clearance of a car. The only offroad it will ever see is a gravel parking lot.

      4. I Care

        @theflew nope. I am referring to Tesla Cyber truck with the same specs cost $20,000 less than Hummer ev and the cross over model Y AWD performance cost even less. GM will not outsell the Tesla.

      5. theflew

        @I Care You mean like the Tesla Model S Plaid and Plaid+ that cost more than the Hummer EV First Editions?

    11. Sir Derty

      Let's see some real jumps and hard landings. No fancy cut scene editing.

    12. MR. SAMSUNG

      GMC im in Hawaii I Pre ordered mine on wait list for 1st Edition! If you want I can do jungle testing for you🙄😁😅 just let me know. Also Show it Off to everyone in Honolulu just saying! Hawaii loves Electric Cars

    13. Titan Gaming

      Wait the front design looks different

      1. Todd Wilson

        Pre-production vehicle with temporary lighting.

    14. Calvin Marshall


    15. John Deere x758

      What is the top speed?

      1. kimy lovehart

        Rock speed

    16. PBS Cars

      Can’t wait till I can afford one...

    17. Abednagih 03 Mohammed

      They changed the face pubmer

      1. MR. SAMSUNG

        @Nebula1701 yup

      2. Nebula1701

        preproduction vehicle, what you see on the front is not the production face.

    18. Jason S p u r l e y


    19. Brian Castellanos

      Me encanta 🤩