Pat McAfee Reacts To Mike Vrabel And John Harbaugh's Fight Pregame

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    What would the line be set at if this were a real fight?
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    1. Ian Vlogs

      The big panther postsynaptically peep because sense continuously bolt unlike a dangerous bandana. dysfunctional, false familiar famous exclamation

    2. Simon Glauser

      Ravens dead?????

    3. joel pearson

      this ddnt age well

    4. Willi Seabon

      This video aged well

    5. JoHecht

      This aged well

    6. omar alqaatabi

      Who’s here after the ravens playoff win

    7. Juan S. Salazar

      Awesome backhanded compliment!

    8. Masta Dingus

      How did I miss this!? This is pure gold!! lol

    9. Austin Ewing

      The fact that Ian Rappaport even thinks that Harbaugh would stand a chance against Vrabel is laughable 😂

    10. g w

      Bottom line, ravens are a better team and organization and John is a wayyyy better coach soooo what are we talking about? A fight that would never happen lol

    11. Glasseye Offical


    12. Michael Churney

      Vrabel could take both harbums out in 30 seconds, assuming those two half sissies even show up...

    13. random •

      confirmed vrabel is a mans man

    14. Matthew Mulleavy

      6'1"???? When did the ravens head coach grow 3 inches

    15. Troy F.

      AJ looks like the crazy kidnapper from Silence of the Lambs

    16. Z. Joseph Graham

      Ian Rapoport coming in with the horrendous take hahaha

    17. Albert james

      Jim will throw hands...not John

    18. BanginOnFools

      Mcafee is a smart ass coked up ex punter. Stfu pat

    19. Nick Snider

      All I’m saying is being good at football doesn’t make you a good fighter

    20. Smokey The goat

      It’s the madden curse

    21. jdubb45

      Damnnnnn as a Ravens fan this might've been the hardest video to watch all year 😂😂 the disrespect lol

    22. Green Eggs

      Rappaport has a hard on for the Harbaughs

    23. Travis Yates

      Yeah this is an easy pick lmao for sure Vrabel bounces Harbaugh off the pavement like a basketball

    24. Tommy Draino

      pat you have lost a lot of weight since February, looking great

    25. JK DeMartino

      Ahhh now we know why ravens got the covid

    26. R Smitty

      Vrabel would definitely be taking Harbaughs lunch money.

    27. Bernard Jurs

      Eats that for dinner that's funny

    28. D m

      sometimes i just watch the videos to see how many new trinkets i find on the walls or the desk.

    29. Von Skunk

      Rapaport knows jack sh*t about fighting

    30. Shaun Sweeney

      I would pay good money to see Mike fight John.

    31. Table Top Cards

      Ian made the call ravens run the division looks like Lamar can’t even run Covid

    32. E H

      Jim Harbaugh > John Harbaugh. John only has a ring because ray lewis retired that year. Randy Moss deserved that ring way more.

    33. Dr.J 412

      Vrabel is a baaaaad dude

    34. Ok

      Lmaoooo I’m cryin 50 punches 💀💀stfu pat

    35. Halvor80

      Vrabel would smack John so hard Jim would get a concussion.

    36. billy hill

      maybe he was pissed that Vrabel is too stupid to know how to wear a mask.

    37. Zohar Uzuki

      Vrabel being cry baby and poor sportsmanship, whats new? Harbaugh would straight up squash Vrabel

    38. Agent 9922

      Where was the coward Raven players to support their coach?

    39. Don Armstrong

      This conversation is ridiculous, Harbaugh is small and old, never played, why not just have a fight between Aaron Donald and Jerry Jones.

    40. Husqy44

      "iT's dISreSpeCTful 😢" Harbaugh was about to get fucked up

    41. Kbholla

      This guest really thinks that Harbaugh stood a chance. Sad.

    42. Eric O'Mara

      Whichever coach has Pats trashy pinky ring loses.

    43. steeleru7 Burgh

      Ex Steeler would kick the Raven to the curb!

    44. Nik C

      So is it vrabel vs joe judge for the championship fight now?

    45. devilboykillz

      shows how lil u know about fighting thinking just cuz a guy is bigger he is going to win. Only takes one shot and speed kills.

    46. Lonewolf Jackson

      Pat really just said that Jeff Fischer was a great coach...

    47. tom burton

      I'd like to see Vrabel and Pete Carroll fight. I don't like Pete Carroll.

    48. 6 Slice

      Harbaugh should just keep picking his nose and either eating it or wiping it on his mouth lol... Search for the KGup video. I was shocked

    49. Spazz Jenkins

      Texans shoulda promoted him long ago smh

    50. AngryLittleSpider _

      "It was YOU, Rappaport!" LMFAO

    51. david clements

      Confirms my lack of respect for Rapapapaort...

    52. freddy zamaripa

      Vrabel reminds me of aaron Hernandez for some reason

    53. Tommy Urso

      I love this show lmao

    54. Shaad H

      This is meathead logic, this guys bigger than the other smh. This guy can drink and smoke this much.

    55. Blake Kwamin

      I’m a bit mad Baltimore didn’t back up Harbaugh. He’s a great coach, and the Titans and Vrabel was way out of pocket and the Baltimore players should have been fighting, just for disrespecting their awesome head coach.

    56. richard morello 3

      Harbaugh is a punk.

    57. Black Algorithmist 000

      A rivalry reborn.......but I'm very disappointed that none of the Ravens players came out or felt offended 🤬🤬🤬

    58. Parabellum_ Recondos

      “Shoot for a single leg” 😂😂

    59. j oxley

      is this guy coked out of his mind?

    60. Alex Nguyen

      Rapaport has never been in a fight, Vrabel has 50, 60 pounds on him - what are we talking about?!

    61. Mikey D

      Ohio state always smacks around Miami.

    62. David Velozo

      Ravens are nothing without Ray Lewis

    63. Spicy Flavor Tide Pods

      Jeff Fisher as a coach was trash.

    64. Steven Valle

      Vrabel would beat up any other coach in the league

    65. XoXo Bearboi

      Sorry to say just because your big doesn’t mean you win 🤣🤷🏾‍♂️

    66. BeautflDisaster4

      The Titans actually do this every game. The Ravens are just giant pussies.

    67. Abby H

      Vrabel's neck alone wins that fight without breaking a sweat

    68. Dream King


    69. Tim Stephens

      Raven's lost the game Sunday and their manhood.

    70. Mo Vo

      Coaches need to lace up and join UFC in the off season

    71. William Kaneck

      Thanksgiving day game is cancelled until sunday

    72. Kpolart

      Vrabel has the age advantage, Harbaugh is almost 60, Vrabel is 45.

    73. Jack Moro

      Vrabel never wears his mask correctly.

    74. J Sorensen

      I see headbutts and elbows

    75. M

      Unless Harbaugh has some hidden Assassin's Creed blade or something, he doesn't stand a chance against Vrabel.

    76. Frank L

      Love your show bro, just a suggestion if you’ll endulce me. Maybe some acoustic paneling to reduce the echo? But I’m just a fan and not in the industry, what the hell do I know?

    77. Jae

      The Titans are built like their HC: big and physical and mentally tough. Giant RB that trucks everyone and a WR in his second year that literally looked like a man among boys on his last TD against the Ravens. The Ravens, on the other hand, built their current roster to try to stop the Chiefs. Slim and fast at LB and DB with a WR1 whose natural weight is 150lbs soaking wet. And the team collectively is soft compared to the Ravens of old when they were led by guys like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and Anquan Boldin. This Titans and this Ravens team play 10 times, this Titans team wins 9 of those games.

    78. King Baldwin IV

      No, Jeff Fisher was NOT great head coach. Give me Vrabel instead. I want Jon Harbaugh or Vrabel as a coach, they're both awesome.

    79. droid0311

      Vrabel is an animal dressed in coaches clothing. You don't leave that knock em out attitude just because you're a coach

    80. Ryan Meyers

      When Vrabel was the DL coach at Ohio State he would pump them up before the Michigan game by headbutting players. And not in the pretend way to look tough he would literally slam a guys facemask into his uncovered face and be bleeding from the face during the game. I wouldnt want anything to do with that man in a fight. Guys is not here to play games

    81. Matthew Bond

      Ravens fan here, doing think Ravens are salvaging this season. Big pieces missing for the Steelers game, no in person practice... Think Thanksgiving is going to be our nail in the coffin unfortunately. Cheers to Harbs for defending the field though

    82. Weese Bowski

      Dance battle!

    83. NOLA_ Born

      There's always one common denominator in these arguments. Yeah, the Harbaughs. They just look like pricks.

    84. Harambe Uzamaki

      Shouldn’t have gotten rid of Earl Thomas

    85. Garrison Pulley

      Baltimore and their fans have to hate the Titans so much after getting embarrassed in the playoffs and losing again in the regular season

    86. Bryan Wilkerson

      They do that every away game.

    87. Tyler Young

      I could see a good fight between Mike Vrabel and Brian Flores

    88. mark sapier

      Vrabel could kick both Harbaughs A$$ in a fight at the same time!

    89. Chris Lyons

      What I also love about Vrabel is this He has 11 career receptions.......all touchdowns! Crazy. Titan Up

    90. Andrew Pando

      How about Rap v McAfee let’s get it poppin

    91. Blake Dannion

      "Kick em in da dick"

    92. rivercap1986

      I had no idea Harbaugh was that old

    93. Douglas Jarnagan

      Vrable would squash Harbaugh like a bug.

    94. Eric Wiitala

      Always loved Vrabel. He's ridiculously smart and tough.

    95. Ed Ryab


    96. Quest4Truth

      Vrable is 45 he’s still young John is pushing 60 what are we even talking about lol

    97. Ross Miller

      Pat needs to fight Harbs now 😂

    98. Ross Miller

      I don’t think the ravens are gonna beat the Steelers on thanksgiving 😩 This year sucks. At least that Mo Gaba doc is coming out soon

    99. Kalof3L

      If these guys spent their life fighting i would say the size isn't a massive factor, anyone's win here. When you haven't spent your life fighting.... come on, the big guy who was a linebacker in the nfl for years is going to make you look silly

    100. Alan gulliver

      Pat needs to take vrabel onto nxt for his team