John Wall is Healthy and looks SCARY! Why Bradley Beal Wants to STAY

Mike Korzemba

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    John Wall is Healthy and looks SCARY! Why Bradley Beal Wants to STAY
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    1. Mike Korzemba

      So... Do you think John Wall can return to all star form??

      1. Ghvcd Gjmg


      2. Schuyler Savage

        @Mayday Vlogs but the game is more spread than it’s ever been, you know? It’s more guard oriented than ever. Balling handling and play making ability is at a premium. It’s not JUST shooting at a premium. Wall is one of the very best in all of the areas of the game that are important EXCEPT shooting. Look at Luka. How successful was he this year? Do you realize how poorly he shot the ball this year from mid range and the 3? Go check the numbers. If walls shot is simply as good as it was during his best shooting seasons( 37 percent once, 35 percent twice. All in the last 5 years he played) than..assuming he is healthy and allowed to does he not fit perfectly? Seriously. Ask yourself that. If John wall is healthy, can shoot 35-37 percent from 3( hes at 34 percent combined since 2013) how can he NOT be successful? I don’t want to get too excited but being logical I don’t get it. I really don’t. John is a much more high IQ player than Russ. I’m sorry but he is. He’s also a better shooter according the his % from 15-19 feet and 3 ball. That’s just what the numbers say. He’s also got some of the best vision and play making ability. So think about it: have we seen any players have success without being lethal shooters in the modern nba? Any players that shoot, let’s say, somewhere between 33-37 percent from 3? Lol or lower it to 31 to include Luka...well? The answer is yes. How did Jimmy Butler look this year despite having his worst shooting season ever? You see, if you have shooters on the court, you don’t need all of your players to be lethal from 3. Picture this. Wall on the court with Beal, Bryant, Rui and Bertans. As we know, players much less skilled at driving than John are hard to stop one on one. So if everyone on the court with John can’t be sagged off of, what are they going to do? John can easily get by his man. Also, as we know John’s passing ability is elite. So if the D tries to collapse to make it hard on him to get into the paint, he can find the open man. Seriously I don’t get how it doesn’t add up, you know? The league is more wide open than it has EVER been. It is about shooting, yes, but what else is it about? Getting to the hoop. No one says that the play making and driving game is done. It’s the middle game. John’s bread and butter is play making and driving. He’s one of the best ever in those areas....soooo??? And again, I’m acting as if his shot hasn’t improved at all. If it has? Truly? I mean...skys the limit for real. LeBron himself is almsot exaclty the same shooter from 3 as wall . But he is so good at getting to the hoop. And again, as long as the team has shooters AROUND lebron, he’s the best player in the league. Why? Because they can’t sag and collapse on him. Why? Cuz he’s an amazing passer. John wall is like a point guard version of lebron in terms of skill set. Honestly he is. I’m not saying he’s anywhere close to as good. But look at them: both some of the best shot blockers at their position. Both can get hot from mid range, but don’t shoot it at an elite level. Both can get hot from 3, but shoot it at around 34 percent. Both can finish at the rim and through contact as good as anyone. Both always lead the league in assisting open 3 point shots. Both have great court vision. Both are obsessed with basketball even when they aren’t playing. Both are fast and strong. Both have a physical advantage at their positions. Both prefer to pass, but can drop 40 if they have to. Again, I seriously don’t want to get too excited or anything, I’m simply stating why I know to be facts. I don’t listen to the media. I don’t change what I know based on my bias. I would love a counter argument as long as it is logical?!?. You know? I will say that one thing that could hold wall back in terms of his statistical production is his team. It’s going to be interesting to see how the team plans to play this year. How they plan to use John. Do they want the ball in his hands often? In Beals more? Both about the same? Perhaps run sets that involve both of them? John’s minutes are also going to be limited to try and prevent injury and overuse that he saw hurt him in the past. He will likely only play around 28-30 minutes per game, compared to the 34-36 he used to play. Wall has already set nba records in terms of stats, so I think if that is the only way we judge him, he is not going to hold up to the standard. It is unlikely he sees the same 29 usage rate he saw during his prime, but it is also unlikely Beal sees the wizards record usage rate that he set last year. I think a lot of fans aren’t aware of how much usage rate distaste’s counting numbers. The more toy shoot, the more you are going to score. The more you have the ball, the more stats you pile up. It doesn’t matter how great you are. You need the ball to put up stats. We will see how it goes. It is possible that wall only wants to win and does not care about numbers, and Beal still cares or has become addicted to proving himself with stats. It’s also possible they BOTH feel they have done enough with numenrs, and simply want to win. As I’ve heard both say that you have to sacrifice personal glory to win, I think best case, they both dont give a crap about numbers. John himself has always talked his entire career about how he has proven he can score 25 a game and dish 12 assists a game, but that is not what he is about. This is why we have only seen him take 16 shots per game for his career. This is lower than all of the other high scoring point guards we think of. Wall has stated that everyone on a team has to let go of playing for numbers. I think people see how great his numbers are and don’t understand that they could be even better, but I personally don’t get how you can’t see that. If a player can average 26 and 11 for 20 consecutive playoff games when he felt he had to step up as it was win or go home, how is it not obvious he could easily put up 28 and 10-12 during the regular season if that was his goal? The only way you would doubt that is if you think the playoffs are easier? Also, his Fg% for those 26 points is around 45. So his volume increasing doesn’t hurt his efficiency. A lot of people might not remember this, but one of the knocks on wall was that soemtimes he wasn’t aggressive enough. Of course this was from actual wizeeds fans who watched games, not the ignorant media. Wall legit wanted to be a passer and I’ll admit, it may have hurt sometimes. When a players scoring and efficiency increase against the hardest competition...what other conclusion can you come to? I understand I am a no one and you aren’t going to respect what I’m saying, but it’s fact. I’m not saying I know what he is going to do, but what I’ve said about his past? You yourself can validate all of it if you do the research and studying I have. Also, if I said the exact same things but I was on TV, you would respect it more. So many people think because someone on TV said it, it must be true.:...but then again...haven’t we all heard SAS and others have takes on TV that were not only stupid, but factually incorrect. Those guys are too busy to pay attention to John wall, so when he is in the news and they have to talk about him, you think they actually have done he research? You think any of them are big enough WIzARDs fans to follow closely enough lol? Of course not. Think about how many great players in many sports get zero love simply because they aren’t skip or etc favorite team or player, or because they aren’t in a popular market. Just look at how often the Cowboys are talked about. It’s obvious. Btw, I don’t care that this is too long for you. You make an ignorant John wall post like that, I’m going to educate you. Simple as that. Now it’s up to you if you want to continue to be ignorant, or actually do the work to be informed. You don’t have to agree with me! I prefer you don’t for the sake of debate! But at least use your brain

      3. King Of Swag330

        @Jimmy G Butler yea he got sum to prove 👀

      4. King Of Swag330

        @I IILozzrII fwm bro 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

      5. EAT E


    2. Mike Stefan

      Yeah but can he hit a consistent jump shot? Thats always been dudes weakness.

    3. The Don

      This thumbnail looks sus as hell

    4. Blackmenace7

      This didn't age well. Now he wants a trade. Smh.

    5. Christiano o

      John wall tryna leave now😂 mann and it might be a trade for westbrook🤷🏽‍♂️ damn

    6. TheoryofUltran

      Who here after he requested a trade 😂

    7. Aneesh Gada

      At this very moment, he requested a trade.

    8. Killershot 224

      Who’s here after John wall requested a trade three weeks later

    9. dash4800

      John Wall looks scary. Thumbnail shows picture of him taking a dump.

    10. Abraham Lincoln

      With all these “he looks scary” videos involving injured NBA players, i started to think this is all BS, especially with Klay got injured today.

    11. Jonathan Ramos

      I feel like he is getting traded

    12. Roman Shocker

      Comeback of the year

    13. jason Valdez

      Wizards are no ware Championship level, why stay?

    14. Dheeraj Mulani

      Wall might get traded to the Rockets for Westbrook

    15. Otis Slayton

      Best backcourt in the east?🤷🏿‍♂️

    16. Bucket Getter

      Watch that Achilles injury lowkey be a blessing in disguise

    17. Husaam Shaikh

      I am from Raleigh NC and I legit forgot that John Wall is an NBA player. I can't wait to see him back!

    18. Dark D

      "What have you done for me lately" U used that sentence for Westbrook video.

    19. Omarahmad tv

      why does mike korzemba put titles out like ben shapiro

    20. Arjay Singson

      we will seeif he could defend dame time

    21. sete fano

      I feel like he plays like a less aggressive Westbrook

    22. Josuard Alex Gonzales

      John wall was never scary also Beal. Call a spade a spade. Lillard-McAlum was better

    23. Arnold Strickland

      If it's true Beal and Wall never went anywhere they still need a good supporting cast to have a shot and Wall has to play like a point guard and make the extra pass when it's the best solution not be a 2 man show with Beal u need everyone

    24. Marcus Gilmore

      I wish Wall played for my Pacers...

    25. Xx2kgaming123

      I really feel bad for John Wall he went to great prospect to injury prone. Hopefully he’s back this season...

    26. Pablo Saucedo

      John wall averaged 20/9 on one healthy leg.😳

    27. MGA

      I’m know where near a wizards fan, but I’m glad DC has something to cheer for after a 30 year drought.

    28. El intocable 007

      They need gortad 😪

    29. wouter goris

      I think one of them will be trade during trade deadline every year we have a story like this

    30. Aaron Smith

      Off season talk

    31. BALLIN NBA

      I love this content feel free to support ballin nba on KGup blessings

    32. Ben Gibson

      nil Danny green looks like klay on a pick up court soooo....

      1. Ben Gibson


    33. Carly Edwards ✓

      John Wall actually looks like a Wall now 😂

    34. Anthony Deshields

      John wall is my favorite basketball player. But as much as I fw him, he isn’t gonna win anything with Washington. Washington simply isn’t a top FA destination. The only hope of a “third star” is if Rui breaks out. And when they drafted him he was drafted as a development project not a immediate contributor. That’s the Wizards fault. They draft “safe” instead of taking risks. And you need to if the goal is to find “the next big thing”. They did this when they drafted Troy brown jr instead of trading up to get MPJ. Look at what he’s doing now? Missed out on a potential superstar.

    35. Sosa

      He go need more than John wall if he think they can go up against lakers clippers bucks heat hell warriors an nets it’s just too many teams they couldn’t even beat Lebron by himself on the cavs 🤷🏾‍♂️ they will be Portland on the East basically

    36. MACtv

      its really good to see a health john wall and beal has been ballin but they still need about two more pieces to honestly compete.

    37. Dustin Pham

      Mike do a video about AI’s bowling alley incident that nearly put him in jail

    38. Karan Seth

      john walls agent working in overtime to try and polish a 30 year old who hasnt played in 4 years and coming of an achilles tear.

    39. Benjamin Cunningham

      Idk about you but I hadn't ever forgotten about JW, dudes a taller kyrie.

      1. Pedro Luis De Souza Resende

        And more explosive instead of a dribbler

    40. Noah Austad

      1. curry 2. dame 3. wall

    41. Monika The Bass

      Remember Curry-Wall rivalry?

    42. Tymeer Scales

      Definitely should do a what If the lakers traded Kobe instead of Shaq

    43. Picasso Julien

      If the wizards could get a great pieces and a all star big? That would be scary

    44. Chosen One 203

      it's really crazy to me that John Wall is younger than Dame Lillard...hope he bounces back!

      1. Mic-E

        By like 2 months. Bro fohhh 😂😂

      2. Pedro Luis De Souza Resende

        Is he? Wft

    45. Pimp Savage

      John wall is Westbrook with a shot

    46. Julio Maldonado

      If he has been injured his whole career why build your team around him? John Wall is physically gifted however if you are injury prone there is not much to discuss here...I do hope he gets it in and shows out this upcoming season as he is clearly a fun player to watch! 💪💪💪

    47. Futurestar

      Wizards are the dark horse of the East will upset a top 3 seed in the East also might be in the conference finals next season

    48. Kashif Kelley

      It hurt that we couldn't have a healthy Beal, and explosive John Wall & I.T. for a whole season. We needed that same I.T. that put us out the playoffs vs. Boston.

    49. Brit Reed

      FANTASTIC footage, great job!

    50. Justin D

      Honestly..... this made me want to go out and buy every John Wall rookie card on the dl. I have all of Thon makers. Hope is hope.

    51. Paul Deblanc

      the people that disliked the video are scared of john wall

    52. Cashway YBE

      John Wall will be the best pg next year 😤

    53. J. Reis

      Back when wall was playing, there was no Nike or sponsors on the jerseys. Dudes been out a long ass time and hopefully he comes back better. He, Austin rivers, and drose were my idols back in high school

      1. PrinceWYA

        You do realize....He played in 2018? NBA had the Nike sponsorship and ads on jerseys. He even played when Bron was in LA

    54. Bill Blass

      You should do some more 'What happened to..' so and so player who was used to be good but disappeared

    55. Jehan

      I think there’s a chance he could come back better but the man is 30 coming off a serious injury and no play for 2 years. I wouldn’t hype it up lmao. But who knows tbh.

    56. Riley Whitehead

      Great video

    57. C Brown

      This whole video is CAP

    58. Peka Car

      Mate i like your videos, but either pronunciation or the way you cut sound is very annoying when you "highlight" words , and they you obviously cut prepared sound and glue it together so that next sentence is basically endless continuation of previous one. Sorry maybe that is proper English ,for me as not native speaker is very irritable. I had many friends from US and England Australia , no one speaks that way no one( i know) ... Other than that Basketball content is nice. Please pause and breathe while speaking

    59. Dibesh Shrestha

      he will again get injured before nba start ..poor wizard 😂😂

    60. Yo.boi_ Hood619

      Can’t wait

    61. Antonio Perez

      John wall gunna prove why he’s the best pg in the league

    62. XxxGhostAcexxX

      Anthony Davis to the Wizards?

    63. T

      I hope Wall stays healthy 💯💯

    64. TSD Daedae

      He is not playing against nba players yet so we really don't know

    65. brian reyes

      Cavs' 17 point comeback in final minutes vs Wizards (LeBron 13 points and 4 assists) hahahahha john wall laos.. bradley come lakers back to back champions lakers 2020-21

    66. YaboiIsaiah 07

      Ima wizards fan so this makes me happy

      1. clxtch.splash


    67. King Smoove

      They add boogie cousins an he stay healthy they could shake up the east !

    68. Sergio Paramo

      The should trade for PG13

    69. eggo 420

      Bradley beal is my favorite player rn john wall is my favorite player all time ik surprising but this is why

    70. King T

      I've been a big fan of Wall since high school days solid dude 💪🏾🅱️🎒 minor setback for a major komeback wish the best on your journey to being that dominant PG in the league

    71. rudd

      It’s good to be a wizard fan

    72. chris Hendrix

      Goes to think wat d rose could have been if his team cared about him and gave him real time to heal and make sure he was better before he came back I hope j wall has a successful come back

    73. wpaia

      Beal needs to leave

    74. Tony Steen

      I see what beal is saying though why leave if you got another monster with you ? I've been cooking in kitchens for over a decade now and I can tell if theres another monster cooking in the kitchen with me . If I got another monster with me I'm staying. Beal is just as nice as wall is .

    75. chris meaders

      It don’t matter . They don’t have enough

    76. Brad Mason

      He needed to say something, cuz Beals bouncing

    77. Brad Mason

      6 Words: If he staying, he not winning

    78. instrumentalist Jade

      Are they playing shirtless because they wanna show their tattoos?

    79. Wilson Willocks

      I guess Beal is not interested in a championship... #Jointhelakers

    80. Banj medina

      Bradley staying because of who??? did he mentioned that BEFORE or AFTER he SIGNED his lucrative extension???

    81. M Z

      Im really excited to watch wizards play this season, i just think scott brooks isnt the right fit for the wizards, hes a player coach and great for chemistry but when it comes to his playbook not a lot seen. Excited to rui finally play with wall and i hope we improve at SF this offseason TBJ is a bench player

    82. Derrion Williams

      Kinda sus

    83. BayArea

      Yes please!!! Washington keep him don’t need the Warriors trading for him..

    84. m. cook

      They should go after embiid or Tristan Thompson or siakim or bucher from Toronto.

    85. james rashid

      Sometimes rest and rehabilitation does the body good.

    86. WT Keeton

      If Wall could've stayed healthy, he'd be the best PG of the generation.

      1. Tchello Valente

        Steph and cp3 still a cut above

    87. gunpica12

      every year in the offseason john wall release a new comeback season video. then the season starts and he reminds us how scary he can be until you back off and let him shoot. lmao

    88. Ryan Hand

      Now he gets to play with the goats midge i.t and isaac bonga

    89. actionmaction

      First off, Wall was NEVER top 10-15! Y'all try so hard to create narratives, by rewriting history.He's gonna do the same thing. About 18-21 and 7, and get injured again, because of his style of play. He just is what he is

    90. Chris tran

      Hope John has a great diet plan

    91. hermoso.ezelle

      Before John walk ever got hurt they still wasn’t doing nothing 🤦🏽‍♂️ he needs to just come to la

    92. shender78

      JW always been a good scorer but his teams defense his as well is questionable. the desire to win is soso. No doubt if he stays healthy this time and actually earns his 40 million playing ball then he might do ok.

    93. Paul Jenkins

      Beal still getting traded.

    94. Strictly-Florida

      He needs to go to a different team

    95. Zarion106

      Lmao Garbage wizards will still be garbage if he manages to stay healthy all season they might get the 7th or 8th seed.

    96. Clark Music

      If they get giannis they’d win

    97. adamstreetboyzz

      He always look "healthy"

    98. Chris

      He just looks in shape instead of going to strip clubs he was in the lab.

    99. King James KING'S ONLY


    100. AJ SIMMONS

      The Wiz 🐐 about to return to kill the doubters and prove he's the best PG in the league not named Curry.