Secrets The Best Co-Anglers Don't Want You To Know

Bradley Hallman

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    In this bass fishing video I cover some of the secrets that I have learned over many years of observing co-anglers compete from the back deck of my boat. What the great ones do to fish at the top level of their game every single day they are on the water. The Things you can do to improve and the list is long! This bass fishing video will get you started. Common and Get Started Now!

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    1. Jason Dausmann

      This is probably the most informative, excellently explained, video for a new co-angler to watch. Very well done!!

      1. Otto Lyle

        dont know if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal password hack ;)

      2. Chris Talbot

        Thank you for the knowledge! Looking into fishing Okie Division co-angler first time ever this year if it works out snd this video was a huge help.

    2. GeorgeBonez

      OMG you just made me have a terrifying flashback! I was fishing a 2-Day and slid my truck down the icy ramp at Lake Greenwood. I was in 4WD and throwing 4 rooster tails straight up in the air and STILL SLIDING BACKWARDS!!! God saved me and my truck that night . Lol 😂

    3. Al Plain


    4. lmb_ toad_catcher

      One of the most informative videos on this subject I've ever seen, well done man. 👍

    5. Bryan Atkins

      Awesome video

    6. Bruce Fisk

      Good info...I've done pretty well from the back.. Doing the things you're talking about..My go to rig back then was carolina rig, 1 ounce weight..

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Good choice 👍

    7. D Watkins

      Excellent! Enjoyed watching this

    8. scotty Sasaki

      I fish out the back of the boat with my dad at our club tourneys and this was great man! Great vid!

    9. Treyblerock Lake

      Fishing my first BFL co angler this year. All you did was confirm what I was thinking. Stick to what you know!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Good luck!

    10. Turppa21

      Just subbed! 👍

    11. John Kruse

      Great stuff. Thank you!

    12. Lucas Jones

      This was a huge help thanks this’ll help really soon

    13. Phil

      Great video. It made me laugh too hear this point of view. I haven't been a co-angler but I can see your point. Thanks.

    14. Dave Long

      Fantastic video!! Love the no such thing as a bad draw concept, mental toughness, confidence and patience. I was fishing as a Co on the Cal Delta, knew sight fishing was in play. My pro polled down on a big girl locked on for nearly two hours. Was able to fan cast a swim worm through mats and pick up two nice fish. Opportunities are always present if you're prepared. Great stuff.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Great feedback! Thanks

    15. Rob Abbott

      I can't stand the concept of competitive fishing, but if I had to fish with someone, this guy would be a top choice. I watched this out of curiosity and found him to make a lot of sense. Thumbs up!

    16. D3 Fishing

      This the type of content we need! Thanks Bradley!

      1. Bradley Hallman


    17. Neal Lloyd

      Great watch fella. I agree fish your strengths and .. stay safe and speak up ..never know till you ask

    18. Daniel Pracher

      I'll be starting to fish tournaments this year and found this video very reassuring to just relax, also learned a few things I haven't thought of I appreciate the tips

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I will have Have more on this subject throughout the year.

    19. dnahulvey

      I’m that co angler that uses treble hooks on my soft plastics. And 6 ounce weights. I like to drag them on the bottom near rocks and wood. Is it OK if I listen to my music? Pulls a boom box out of the tackle bag. But then you find out the rest of the tackle bag is full of food… Huh what now

    20. dnahulvey

      I’m gonna need to see an instructional video that shows you guys acting it out on what not to do as a coangler LOL

    21. mr. Oklahoma

      Just like mr.dausman said, this is awesome info. Being a former athlete, there are unwritten/courtesy rules or etiquette. And being new to this co-angler position, I value this info, thank you! My friend just bought a new vexus, I often asked and wondered what was acceptable and what was expected from the angler in back. Now I have a jumping off point. Again, thanknu so much, awesome video.

    22. The Amateur Angler

      The first thing I do is check my boaters bio regardless of what he tells me. If he has fished 43 events in the same division and has $246 in career earnings.....I usually pack as much tackle as i possibly can into my bag. If he has a good track record of being in the money, I base alot of my tackle on his information. I still bring my confidence baits. 3 rods are a mainstay but I do pack 2 extra reels into my bag with different line sizes for just in case.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Absolutely good advice here bro! Appreciate your feedback!

    23. Todd Rogitz

      Hey man, first video I have watched of yours and is spot on! Love the honest very straightforward information that should be a guideline video to anyone who is a co angler or thinking of becoming a co angler. The most important part that I got out of it is the mental part about staying focused on what we as Co angler can control and be positive and not get caught up with the stuff you have no control over. Hey if you’re on the water getting to do what you Love to do and Always Learn something from your experience each and every time out! Great video man , much success and guys like like you are what makes this sport Great!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        You have an awesome attitude! That’s what it takes to be a winner!

    24. John Schauder

      “Don’t be throwing Megabass’s out the back of the boat is what I’m saying here...” Very well put. I think we can all understand that.

    25. Bass Merica

      As someone who’s tried coangling a few times my best advice is to expect no opportunities at all to catch fish. Who you draw as a boater is a big factor and those odds are against you. It could be an awesome fishing trip or the worst. Hang on!

    26. Don Joiner

      Very beneficial and informative video even if you aren’t a tournament fisherman. I’m getting old and I actually enjoy co angling foe the relaxation. after 50 years it’s good to let someone else run the boat and work their ass off. And, I have found that the lead fisherman can’t see some of the good spots until the boat passes by.

    27. Bobby Swain

      Absolute Gold

    28. Robert Veith

      Mostly the state of mind rather in front or the back !!!!!!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Totally 💯 agree!

    29. Don Prater

      Hellman Your a class act. And one hell of a fisherman. Love Your channel!

    30. James Roberts

      Best info ever.

    31. Chris Anello

      Awesome information, Bradley. Thanks for posting.

    32. Adam Gum

      Good information here! Biggest piece of advice is don’t be scared to ask questions or for help learning! I’ve been a coangler for a few years and a Boater for a few years. It wasn’t my time as a boater so I’m dropping back down to the coangler status this season in the BFL division. Hope to be a coangler on the larger circuits soon before trying the Boater again!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for your feedback and good luck 🍀 this year!

    33. John Miller

      I learned a lot !!!!!!! Awesome video!!!!!! I grew up on Grand Lake. I’m from grove Oklahoma. Live in Ga. now .

    34. Brent Sorensen Outdoors

      Great great advice. Learned a lot of things I never even thought of.

    35. Brett Services LLC

      Impressive! Excellent excellent excellent advice! I like how you’re just straight to the point no sugar coating nothing!!

    36. William Muter

      Great video. You answered a ton of the questions I had on my mind about the co-angler position. Might even take a crack at it some day.

    37. Jer-bear

    38. Kitten T

      Speaking of Brian New............... Crushed it!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Yes he did! Lots of what he knows he learned from years as a co angler.

    39. William Richards

      Your a good dude, I'd love to fish with you some day!

    40. Steve Smith

      I am going to adopt that beginning my angling skills SUCKED TODAY! thats what it boils down to... i have out fished boaters hundreds of times but sometime I come back with nothing and he has 5.

    41. Mike Wubben

      Competing against the other guy in the boat--LOL, no matter whether I'm in the front or back of the boat, I'm competing with the other guy. Maybe not for prize money but you can bet your last dollar I'm keeping track and I want to outfish him. This guy seems like a good dude to share a boat with but I'm too much of an alpha male to even consider being a co-angler.

    42. Duanes Buhler

      Muskie guys would be patient all day waiting for magic to happen from the back of the boat.

    43. Zach Reynolds

      Excellent info even for for fun fishers to live by

    44. linbooma1

      Thank you Bradley

    45. Steven Oakes

      I have been bass fishing mostly in past 5 years and I'm constantly trying to learn new techniques and tips on how to fish lures. Do you have any advice that I can try because I would like to fish some tournaments.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Check out the BFL’s online in your local area is a good place to start.

    46. bob smith

      No one covers co-anglers...

    47. Justin Apfel

      Awesome video for co-anglers! Thanks Bradley!


      Good advice, and remember never talk about USA's Politics. You might be walking back to the weigh-in.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        😂 your right! I will be dang sure to include that one in the next episode!

    49. Bill Roberts

      Great info!

    50. Michael Webster

      if the guy I draw never gets bit weighs no fish its a bad draw........its not me

      1. Michael Webster

        @Bradley Hallman good advise. I don't co as much as I used to because since 1991 I've owned Rangers and did then but in that case was fishing pro am format and I qualified for fishing the end of year classic at table rock. living in norther Illinois never fish clear water and no confidence in the water he picked to fish. Deep trees all day long we both blanked. I am used to out fishing my boater in my home waters. scared me for good so your statement hit home.

      2. Bradley Hallman

        I got a text last night from a tournament director on the west coast telling me about a well known co out there. Said last fall at their championship on Clear Lake this co had a 19lb bag behind a pro that blanked. It’s possible is all I’m saying! Stay positive and make the best of it.

    51. Raymond Webb

      My first time as a co angler was a great experience thanks to videos like these.. I do wish I saw this one though so I was prepared for that ride lol hard to find something to grab onto when you’re going 70 in rough water.

    52. Ben Green Insurance Agency

      Good info! I drew that same pro at the US Open. He was an hour and a half late. My last event as a Co. Treat all mine with respect and help them get a limit the best I can. Excellent video!

    53. Mike Antes

      Great content thank you Bradley. You are a ace.would love to fish out of the back of your boat. Tight lines to you. Really enjoyed watching you and Castledine go head to head against Scott and Andrew in Texas, looked like you all had a blast. They were some nice fish. Again thanks and good luck to you this year.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciated Mike!

    54. Andrew Tilson

      Bradley true legend in the sport... I remember when he was at my home. lake lanier and smoked em

      1. Andrew Tilson

        @Bradley Hallman I learned about that lake when you won up here I've been hooked ever since ... four boats later I'm still chasing the bite... thank you

      2. Bradley Hallman

        That was a special week for me bud!!!

    55. Randy Arnhart

      Just now joined your channel. I was actually wondering about this subject because of Robert Terkla (Super Googan Dude) just now starting to fish tournaments and I was concerned about who got paired with him. He is straight forward in communications like you are. And said he probably get his A-- handed to him. {And he did) But what about the guy in the back. You've answered a lot of those questions in this video. Thanks. BTW, I'm an OKIE as well and fish here constantly. Thanks B.H.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate the sub and you being here. I actually had to look 👀 and see who Robert was.... embarrassed I had to do that. I should have known him. He will be alright I bet. Probably surprise himself and his fans! Glad he’s coming.

    56. Anthony Gray

      Great info for me as a new co angler my first Tournament will be in April at Mosquito lake here in Ohio Never fish this lake but trying to find all the info I can find for this lake that time of the year. My biggest strength is fishing a Kietech swim bait I know this lake has a lot of grass in it and I love using a 6.6 med spinning rod with this swim bait any advice

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Enjoy the day and fight to the very last second!

    57. John Hodges Anything Outdoors

      Good info bro,

    58. big dad ace

      Only one time did I get selected to back seat in a Bassmaster event [Toho- Kissimee], I was only able to do it in my area because of work. It did not work out for me. I was front-ended by the best out there. I was told where I could and couldn't cast and then at the end of the day I was given a few minutes to go somewhere I wanted to go. [on the way back to the weigh-in of course]. I declined to share any areas that I knew because of how I was treated. Just so you know the money to enter was a lot for a working man with children but the allure of winning a bass boat was why I tried.

      1. big dad ace

        I have the utmost respect for people [like you] who invest in their selves to make professional bass fishing their lives. So I am proud to support them by buying the products they endorse. Succes to you this coming year as you cast for cash...

    59. Ryan Robinett

      Thanks for the information I'm fishing my first co angler tournament next week and this info will help.

    60. Chris Phillips

      Thank you I fished Co Angler events in the 90’s and early 2000s ... and was very hesitant of doing again until I came across this video! Thank you ... and maybe see you out on the schedule somewhere !

    61. Fox Outdoor Supplies

      good presentation

    62. JMavs 508

      Bring 25 rattletraps .... jig em all day .

    63. JMavs 508

      How does the boater deal with the anxiety of non boater seeing your techniques and running thier mouth

      1. Bradley Hallman

        It’s part of the game and most have accepted this fact.

    64. Ken Abrego

      Awesome video. I liked the key points you talked about. Im not afraid now to fish tournaments as a beginning co angler. Thanks bro👍

    65. Craig Kellam

      ok Bradley i just signed up for my my first MLF tournament on Dale Hollow this March 6th. Always worried bout having to hold up the boater with having to go.. I can back a boat, but mine is 10 grand and not 70 grand. My truck is 20 grand and not 80 grand. I dont feel comfortable with other peoples stuff. Just gonna do this Mountain division like a learning situation. Enjoy your videos and learned a lot. Tackle... less is more. Paying a boater a 100 bucks for a day on the water is a deal. Never make him wait. Keep it in the back 180. Hopefully i can get drawn with a boater is as understanding as you.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate your feedback


      I fished a couple bfls last yr and I told my boaters if we fish together we can win together. If I got something that's working and they dont I'm more the happy to give them baits I'm sure they all dont feel that way but these 2 gentlemen were all about it

    67. Basspundit

      I've fished as a Co for years up here in MN in a club and never really thought much about securing myself during the run. I will be sure to do that from now on.

    68. Mike Mason

      Thank you. I'm always in the back of the boat. I kayak fish but often go with friends in their boat. In addition to my gear I also take a small cooler with water and cookies to share. I make sure I don't intrude on his space. I like you videos and I subscribed.

      1. Bradley Hallman


    69. Cheez miller

      Your a good dude . I like your realness and no show. A true fisherman and not a showman . A damn good stick for sure. Wish you the best in 21 . May God bless

    70. jashbaug

      BASS Central Division, I was the co-angler. First day draw I stayed behind the boater never past myself casting. Asked if I could help. Turned out he was a guide on Lake of the Ozarks where the tournament was held. He taught me a few tricks how to fish a jerk bait and ask me not to share where we fished, I haven't. Second day the boater kept me cut off by boat position diagonal to the bank, cut the point so I couldn't cast until he was past. On 45 degree chunk 3 foot off the bank and boat back diagonally out in the lake. So I used a rattle trap and basically tossed it at the trolling motor blade wake. I caught fish to weigh right by the boat. Just fish...

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I understand

      2. jashbaug

        One other note, the second boater was mad! Not that I did anything wrong, the fact that I caught fish to weigh and he didn't. He said second year in a row. As a non-boater I always tried to be helpful and do bit extra for the boater.

    71. T J

      Great information!👍🏻

    72. randy pewthers

      Been a coangler my entire life. Never have fished a tournament as a boater. With well over 100 tournaments under my belt, I've seen a lot. Bradley describes it perfectly. Good job and I'm definitely subscribing.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate the feedback

    73. Shane Firek

      great video, appreciate the post big time

    74. fish doctor

      When the boater says we are leaving in 2, 3 cast,,,,be in the seat with the life jacket buttoned and ready to move before he pulls the t/m up. He will appreciate it.

    75. T Rich

      i fish as a co angler and out of 90 co anglers i won 1st and 8th place in two years with the Ontario bass Nation Qualifier

    76. Jimmy Mesler

      As a co angler you need to watch the front man and you need to use different casting angles/ cast tighter to the cover and do not whine about being "CUT OFF" I have often outfished the boater by watching what "HE MISSED" LIKED N SCRIBED. I own my own boat so I understand what a co angler should be doing. I once let a co angler get up front and let him go to town.

    77. Jeffery Roblow

      Could not imagine a more educational video for co-anglers... Thank you

    78. B J

      This is amazing! I was in a club tournament last month and caught two keepers in 30 minutes jerkbaiting about 30 feet from the shore. The boater switched to a jerkbait (I'm perfectly fine with that) He then sucked up to 10 feet from the bank forcing me to cast back. After I caught another keeper he cranked the Mercury and ran it at idle saying he was worried about the batteries. UNTIL AN HOUR BEFORE WEIGH-IN. Back-boating?

      1. Bradley Hallman


    79. Brian Cogburn

      Awesome video. Fortunately I traveled with my best buddy who gave me great advice when I started out as an am. Some people don’t have that luxury so this is an excellent video for them. I have to say I learned a lot by watching this. Thank you

    80. Jeff Cheatham

      Great Info Bradley, wish you would have been around in 95-97 when i was fishing Pro-Ams here in Tx.

    81. Justin Roberts

      You've earned a subscriber with this video. I'm trying to get to the point to start tournament fishing. I believe fishing as a coangler would be a great starting point! I'm in southeastern Oklahoma close to Texoma and would be grateful for any pointers on who to contact in Oklahoma or Texas. Keep up the great content!

    82. roger coggins

      $30 is typically the standard. I dont mind giving a lot more if they are receptive to info if they're not on fish. I prefish for every tournament so I am prepared even if they're not. I've had boaters that have never had a limit get their first limits on my stuff. Maybe they should pay me? lol Too many front enders and guys just there for points. And Bryan New even zeros as a co. Some boaters just have money and zero skill.

      1. roger coggins

        @Bradley Hallman I fished last year as a boater and boat issues shut down my season. I finished 2nd in a BFL super tournament as a co which was my 4th top ten in two years. If I can get my motor upgraded then I will next year. I am fishing the Savannah and SC divisions as a co this year. Good luck and hope you kick butt out there!

      2. Bradley Hallman

        You should fish as a boater spending that much time finding fish. Probably have more found than most boaters you roll with.

      3. Bradley Hallman

        You should fish as a boater spending that much time finding fish. Probably have more found than most boaters you roll with.

    83. Mike Daley

      Best co angling info I have seen.

    84. Jason Cales

      Really enjoyed this video. Thanks

    85. AnsonYT

      I'm an MMA fighter at the moment but TRUST ME I can't wait to start competitive bass fishing, starting with co-angler. Thank you for your video!!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks 🙏

    86. Chad Witten

      For anyone wanting to be a co-angler, this is by far the best info on KGup! Guys, your mainly just along for the ride, so be nice, fish strengths, and have fun!

    87. MagikGG

      Me: Stressing about what to bring to fish as a Co-Angler on Lake Texoma at the end of March. Bradley: Here's what you should tie on to fish as a Co-Angler in Oklahoma in March. You're a legend sir.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Your Awesome

    88. Evan Price

      Awesome information!!!

    89. Danell Mckinney

      Great series and info! Thank you!!

    90. Mr Peabody

      Thank You. Bradley. I'm New To Your KGup Page. But I've Seen You Fishing With A Few Other Pro's. On There Page's. And I Really Enjoyed Learning From You. I've been fishing on and off for last probably 10 years as a co-angler here and there. Last year was the most I fished. Because of health reasons and personal reasons. But now I'm back at it. in 2021 and I'm going to use everything you just taught us. Thank you. God bless and good Luck this Season. 👍🙏.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thank you bud! Appreciate your feedback

    91. Chris Rockett

      This is literally the best video of it's kind. Good job sir.

      1. Bradley Hallman


    92. Rodney Fields

      Best 24 minute informative video I've ever watched. You are a class act sir.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thank You Rodney

    93. Christopher Grady

      Thanks for all the info starting at the local level this year as a co-angler any more of this information or these videos would be rad

    94. sneaccy

      Like he said, being able to read the water is important if you plan on fishing as a co. Even though I have a boat, I make it a point to bank fish in a variety of different smaller bodies of water just for the purpose of honing my skills in this area. It also teaches you to simplify and adapt better; as you can't bring 10 rods and 70 lb. Of gear with you. Trust me it pays off big-time.

      1. sneaccy

        @Bradley Hallman I've found that too many people tend to overcomplicate things and get caught up on minute details. If you're around fish and have the right presentation for the situation then you have nothing to worry about.

      2. Bradley Hallman

        I like your approach to simplify

    95. Richard Majewski

      An important tip I received a few years ago and still use to this day is to be prepared to pay the pro at the meeting the night before. I can appreciate not only the cost the pro covers for fishing, but also his lodging and gas just getting to the tournament. I tend to pay a bit more depending on the size of the body of water. Most pro's have appreciated getting the gas money in advance and gets the relationship off to a good start. I also have received positive feedback as well.

      1. sneaccy

        @Richard Majewski I was just throwing it out there. Everyone is different, on both sides. Good luck to you.

      2. Richard Majewski

        @sneaccy I like to do it and so far I've had good results. Thanks for the comment.

      3. sneaccy

        That can go both ways. Some guys have a mindset that they already got their tip and become less considerate towards you

      4. Bradley Hallman

        Doesn’t happen much so I’m sure it does get things started on the right foot!

    96. macho man

      Excellent information! Keep it coming

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Will do!

    97. Brian Wisniewski

      Great video!👍

    98. James Hastings

      Anyone lucky enough to have you as their boater will have a wonderful day it sounds like.

      1. James Hastings

        @Bradley Hallman That's true as well. I do respect your courtesy towards Co-anglers.

      2. Bradley Hallman

        Well we have good days fishing is still fishing.

    99. Alberto Colon

      Really appreciate it all the info thank you for this great video.

    100. bill mccarty

      Excellent video. I have fished a bunch of events as a co, and you have hit the nail on the head on a bunch of scenarios. I've been fortunate to make some life long friends from fishing in the back of a boat for a day. But have also met a couple guys who if I ever get drawn with again, I aint getting in the boat. Keep up the excellent videos!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate the support! You will find a few bad ones like your talking about come from both ends of the boat. We just have to get through 8 hrs and catch some bass.