Yung Bleu - You're Mines Still (feat. Drake) [Official Audio]

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    The official audio for Yung Bleu's "You're Mines Still (feat. Drake)" out now. Download/stream:
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    If i ever
    Made you angry girl
    Just know that it gets better with time (time)
    They say time heals
    She can’t see her life without me she so blind still Fuck that nigga you can tell him that your mines
    still And she don’t wanna go to sleep she angry
    Lately she been noticing he ain’t me
    I wish that we can change places Don’t want no new new faces She got my heartbeat racing They
    say time heals
    Don’t go build no life without me cause your mines still And I don’t wanna go unless you make me
    [Drake Verse]
    Pretty face, pretty tempted
    But pretty taught me ugly lessons
    Pretty had me giving more than I was getting
    So if pretty don’t come with something well then I dead it Shame to tell my friends how much I do
    for you
    Cause they know that you would never do the same for me
    I wasn't looking for your secrets they just came to me
    And they contradicted everything you claim to be
    I took you to the club and you hugged on somebody that I know And I know them type of hugs
    Same shit I do to women when I know I used to fuck
    And I know they with they nigga but they never brought it up
    I’m down these days
    Down to do better cause you know I done enough
    You should lay it down we’ll talk about it when you up
    But she don’t wanna go to sleep she angry
    [Yung Bleu]
    Lately she been noticing he ain’t me
    I wish that we can change places
    Don’t want no new new faces
    She got my heartbeat racing
    They say time heals don’t go build no life without me Cause you mines still
    And I don’t wanna go unless you make me Down on my knees hoping you take me Better tell that
    nigga you mine
    Heard you been tryna tie the knot
    Girl tell me you lying
    Let me beat that pussy up one more time Let me beat that pussy up one more time I know that
    you fiend for this.
    I know that you did not forget
    So don’t go to sleep
    And she don’t wanna go to sleep she angry Lately she been noticing he ain’t me
    I wish that we can change places Don’t want no new new faces She got my heartbeat racing They
    say time heals
    Don’t go build no life without me
    Cause you mines still
    And I don’t wanna go unless you make me Lately I've been gone, I'm feeling crazy
    I’m from the bricks we gotta
    Whole lotta bricks you gotta
    Whole lots tricks and I wanna see what you do with them

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    1. Nicholas hd

      that hairline gotta be edited

    2. Resty Elite

      here at 900k

    3. Resty Elite

      i was like who tf is he

    4. Taykey Joneses

      These commenters act like Yung Bleu not even featured on his own song. Smh Disrespectful bandwagoners.

    5. jayjones

      I honestly like the version without drake.

    6. ChocolateDream Doll

      Is it me or is Drake biting Durk Flow on this one???

    7. Mindy Martin

      Ya ok e

    8. Rob Reptiles

      Drakio sound’n like Durkio.

    9. Cole World

      This has the same type beat as lucid dreams. Like the exact same back ground but the guitar doesn’t have the low drops. Only difference NOT THE WHOLE BEAT just guitar

    10. Koogan H

      Yung Bleu ft Durkio or Lil Durk?! Who the second nigga 🥴

    11. R LEE topdot

      Sting about to take every dollar from this

    12. Mike Hart

      Is bleu some relation to luther?? At any is flame on

    13. Charles Morrell

      Yo this song is so good, drake is just an extra on this one and that's hard to do

    14. Chris Smiley

      Let me be the first to say Drake's part was horrible. So offbeat. I get a Partynextdoor vibes. He should've been on this too. Yung Bleu part was fire tho

    15. Uprise Music

      On repeat with Xavier White - Can't Stop Lovin' 💜

    16. Jiianito Gustavo Cesar CUAGRIERELA

      That drake verse hit me so bad so lemme leave this... PROTECT THE GOOD FROM THE BAD God bless and protect, everyone who is good, from the bad The way people TREATING love is sad There is that person,even if want i cant forget i got much love god no less And even its hard tho, i will fight for what i want for mine, and when the time is grown and arrive i hope the good will shine Peace and love i wish you a good life❤

    17. King Khi

      The accuracy of Drake's lines is painful, dawg LMFAO

    18. Tyler DiSabatino

      Is it Just me or does the beat sound like lucid dreams songs fire nonetheless

    19. YGF_ Goku

      Here b4 1 mill


      Yung Bleu’s voice is so mesmerizing! So talented

    21. JessFasho

      "lately she's been noticing he aint me" chillll🤣

    22. Anesu Dhliwayo

      drake so much love from zimbabwe

    23. Kelvin Mendez


    24. William Johnson

      Drake dropped a verse full of captions 🤣

    25. qopoy dnon

      Who came here after seeing drake’s story on insta.

    26. 1LILTRAP

      Drake Wrote This Song. Thats His Swagg & style Blu just the artist face

    27. Denise Veimau


    28. Kelvin Mendez

      DRAKE N BLEU 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    29. Kelvin Mendez


      1. qopoy dnon

        Nahhh he sounds like durk ummmmm

    30. Kilo Gotti

      Bleu definitely spread his wings after Boosie. Respect to Boosie for givin him the recognition tho. 💯💯

    31. Blake Harris

      he got songs wit lil baby,kevin gates,

    32. Lepire Hater

      si toi aussi ta avance rapide jusqu a la partie de drake xD

    33. Kelvin Mendez


    34. Kelvin Mendez


    35. King Younger IV


    36. Raegan Williams

      Why I’m just getting notified 6 days later smh this shit 🔥

    37. jhi ali

      This shit here tho....facts, she mine still🖤

    38. Martin Witbooi

      Can we admit that Drake is the gift the industry has been gifted🤷‍♂️this industry is lucky to be blessed with drake👌👌👌

    39. Learning Brainiac

      Lil Durk lil Durk lil Durk

    40. Andrew Mohan

      Come on let's get this to 1 million+ views

    41. Drippyalm

      Yung Bleu always come thru 😩.

    42. brando504

      How TF this ain't at 5 million Views yet?

    43. ItzBenny

      Nahhh he sounds like durk ummmmm


      Drake is only here to bring attention to this amazing song

    45. Richard T

      i swear i heard this sample somewere before

      1. grindin'

        nas the message, juice wrld lucid dreams...... sample is sting shape of my heart

    46. Brandi Watson

      This song is a whole vibe and I love it

    47. Sha B

      Please in the comments respect my boy Yung bleu........he been a hitmaker. Drake showing love to a young great

    48. Stu Ish

      Stole Durk flow

    49. PerfectExample Xvi

      I relate to that hug line soo much😅 it once happened to me but I didn't know it was a thing

    50. Josh monay

      Drake sounds alot like lil durk in this song but i think its out of respect. there's a track record of him using peoples rap style

    51. Madelyn Gullotto

      This is such a juice wrld beat tho

      1. Madelyn Gullotto

        But like slowed

    52. DattBoyy KQ

      yeah this gone blow

    53. vliduu zeeb

      This song gonna blow up SIMPLY because Drake is on it.

    54. Who Dis???

      Y’all needa stop bull shitting and get this to 1m views cuz this shit heat 🔥🔥

    55. Ramanan

      Aubrey just took me back to York Underground days...🔥

    56. K Bruner


    57. Chris Covarrubia

      yall hyping too much is ight nothing special

      1. vliduu zeeb

        Drake's verse hit home for me jeez

    58. Tan2im 4

      Drake is just too hard ffs

    59. Lyden Botelho

      I thought it was lil durk when drake was rapping

    60. Velli

      Pk Humble sent me here

    61. Alexis Dosithee

      This is what I need 💯

    62. justin holloman

      {New artist alert}!! Check out 4e-Smoke-4Eternity🔥🔥💫

    63. Gregoozze frite

      💣💣listened to by loing 🇧🇪😍😍

    64. Dream MoreLife

    65. Kelvin Mendez


    66. Kelvin Mendez


    67. Kelvin Mendez


    68. Kelvin Mendez


    69. Kelvin Mendez


    70. Lyric

      Drake's verse hit home for me jeez

    71. SDASCAR Entertainment

      At this point when u hear a drake feature...u just got hit the khaled (another one)

    72. Ahsan Ahmed


    73. Daisy Sanderson

      2:47 Big LIKE

    74. Omari Johnson

      Sounds a lot like future but nice song

    75. kehlani mtaia

      I wish we can change places

    76. Siryeahman

      Boy this shit hard

    77. Bizildo Bizeque

      Am I the only one hearing the tory lanez flow?🤔

    78. Kelvin Mendez


    79. annag cocl

      I pray whoever likes this comment becomes a billionaire someday,

    80. Crazy Tactics

      This beat carries their shitty autotune lyrics

    81. Jeremy Beihneitha

      kinda started sounding like juice wrld's lucid dreams👀

    82. Daniel Eyapan

      This caught me off guard in my feelings 😭😭

    83. Brandon Zuech


      1. annag cocl

        It annoys me that he used “Mines” 🤦🏽‍♀️ the writer in me is cringing 😂

    84. Bahtel Singleton

      Drake gone make me ask my wife bout some shit from 7 years ago!!!

    85. Kitty Lillian

      Yung Bleu go in HARD ON THIS right here, straight up BANGER! HE aint like all them other goofies out there who just be usin that *Authenticviews* website to get they views up to go viral... SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days..

    86. Rappers Digest

      Drake flow 💯

    87. Shaolin Türkçe konuşuyor

      This is fire 🔥 I support upcoming artist I am also releasing my first music video next week

    88. WHAT om

      prince royce

    89. Kertis Browne

      Drake needed a longer better verse, this guy the real deal

    90. Eboniee Rose

      What better way to celebrate Drakes verse to remember how he started it’s DRAKETOBER check out my OVO painting. 🦉

    91. Max Maloney

      Sounds just like juiceworld lucid dreams

    92. Max Maloney

      Sound just like juiceworld shadows

    93. Ac8on_YT

      How does Drake continue to make verses about my life at the perfect time 🐐

    94. Beautiful Program

      This is an iconic trio

    95. The Billion Dollar Man

      Shoutout to Young Daddy 🤣

    96. Tejas Pramod

      so noone found any resemblance to lucid dreams tune?

    97. Tay

      It annoys me that he used “Mines” 🤦🏽‍♀️ the writer in me is cringing 😂

    98. mbugua gaku

      Nas ~ The Message guitar tweak!

    99. L LOTTO 🔥🔥🥰

    100. VATOS LOCOS

      3ajabni 3ajbni