Young M.A "Numb/Bipolar" (Official Music Video)

Young MA

2 млн көрүүлөр303

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    Numb produced by Antwan “Amadeus" Thompson, Anthony “Bruce Leroy” Barfield & Orrin “ Dr. O” Wilson of Velocity Music for Platinum Boy Music Inc.
    Bipolar - produced by OZ & Syksense
    Video directed by Marc Diamond
    Mixed & Engineered by Wizard Lee @ Feet 1st Studios
    Mastered by Tatsuya Sato

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    1. Monique Love

      I love you 😘 Young Ma

    2. Amanda Redeagle

      First half hit my spirit damnet

    3. Capri Jilt

      You can sense the saddness within this video/song. Open that heart, heal and feel every feeling that you are going through to process it right. Trust, I have been there. Trying to drink and smoke my feelings away. That kept me in a constant nasty cycle. The most high woke me up, and I been awake, sober, loving harder, loving myself harder than I ever have. Sometimes you have to go in hermit mode to see what you need to change. And when you get the clarity you need, the people that you thought you loved, never loved you, never wanted you to surpass them, which is why they fed your addictions. Wake up ppl.

    4. chabz sign

      Hit the road like a road runner M.A bitch you hooooot👅🔥🔥🔥

    5. Tyrone Buel

      Yo M.A you that Niga that I rock wit. I am 52 years old and been there done that but you keep me up bra . Don't stop showing these haters what it really is. Real talk. Your status can terrorize the heaters and mesmerize the groupies. Your style is my style from the boogie down but I will bow down wit respect to you. Yeah you spit, yeah you talk yeah I got love for you. So stay up young blood. 😃lol

    6. patrick banning

      Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee, lol.

    7. Deleisha Parkinson

      Can't STOP @youngma #youngma

    8. Yah's way or the highway Arise


    9. DK'Roei Hindei Dimita Petawaysin-Swimmer

      I wanna feel you holding me, I need to feel your body and see that body you folded on, but my baby Woe bk .. I'm her Starr 💯💋👑👰 and I even told ya sista I'd wife you if you just stayed a man for me

    10. DK'Roei Hindei Dimita Petawaysin-Swimmer

      You to beautiful, baby. I need you to be real, I did... I stayed IL

    11. Myron Arathoon

      Mush love and respect boss bitch. Alpha female. Love you young m.a..

    12. the Mu

      That stupid

    13. Evelyn 5H


    14. Titus Conteh


    15. 1295DMAC

      Damn I forget bout this 💪🏼

    16. Fred Duke

      What if she not talking about a girl 🤔

    17. Herbganjamane


      1. Herbganjamane

        I'm bout to mop!

    18. Ynw Rico


    19. sanam achakzai

      2021 still heat 🔥

    20. Charley Farley

      Played this for my neighbor who a hatin ass bitch

    21. Dead State


    22. Josh Cione

      The end. Get off my line, I just want to go numb

    23. Ronald Davis

      Fo real ☀️

    24. Jamela HoodGoddess Loyd

      My first time hearing this and I love it .. had to rewind it back 🙌

    25. Giselle Young

      On some people can't understand because they have it great they've never been through anything in their life that's great for them you should never hate but to those people out there that never had great parents that never had people doing stuff for them doing them favors without any motivation at all I'm here to tell you that you're not alone but you got to get out there and get your own cuz if you don't get it ain't nobody going to get it for you the only person that looks out for you is that man standing upstairs whatever your religious belief may be or may not be it is what it is but we as people should love one another but unfortunately this world is not like that everybody's in for themselves. But to those who are humble still gangster and humble and been through stuff I give you mad props cuz this world is cold we got to teach our kids what the world really is like cuz if I would have gotten taught this when I was young maybe half my life would not be the way it is so it's good to keep your kids in this generation with this garbage ass music that they listen to awesome old school stuff that speak some knowledge and Truth or they don't teach you in school is if you don't become a boss if you don't have any friends you're going to feel alone so many people are suicidal so many people feel alone and half of the people don't even care so we got to teach our kids that they got to love their family and f*** friends

    26. Giselle Young

      Also feeling like half of this world can relate to what this woman has to say in her lyrics she Is so consciously aware of who she is when there's so many people that are dead ass sleeping and are just mean and rude some people don't understand mental awareness but there's so many retards in this world as being asses for no damn reason never knew this about her definitely can subconscious mind needs to think that people use to care about me when I know that they didn't now that my consciousness grew in and I realized that half the friends or all the friends that I had were fake I dropped them I rather be alone and respected they have fake ass people around me big ups to Young ma

    27. Giselle Young

      Young I may is definitely one of the best female if not the best female rapper in the game right now. We got cardi b we got Megan the stallion and we got all these female rappers who know how to talk about how they look nasty stuff but nobody ever listens to the lyrics of music this is true talent in the making but this is what this world consists of they like to just shake their ass that's it and bought their heads to the good beat but not listen to the lyrics of a song I definitely feel like she deserves more cloud than what she gets

    28. Limbo

      One of her best songs... Feelz

    29. Lawd RRz

      I don't wunna argue I just wunna fuck. I don't wunna care I just wunna cum.

    30. Tashea Mason & Kevin Mason

      Heart ❤️

    31. Toxic League [X]

      Young ma too goated Got me still listening to midnight vibes in the morning 😔

    32. Yessi colon


    33. kyara . H

      Instant classic

    34. Luk

      this beat is something else

    35. Toxic League [X]

      I replay so much too much

    36. Brian Reyes

      Probably the only one she made I didn’t like tbh but keep up the good work MA

    37. Leah Leah

      Omg Bipolar

    38. Matthew Campbell

      All 🐺 around Young Ma including her, no 🐑. Great chill song.

    39. Deb P

      63k likes 1.4k dislikes F y’all h8ers lol

    40. Jessica DeRosa

      Damn first song that I truly wanna bump on repeat from her. I like her other shit cuz u cant deny her talent and smooth voice but this melodic/chill vibe is on TEN

    41. Forrest Myres

      No I'm not popping no pills, I just smoke weed and I chill🔥🔥🔥

    42. kagisosth rabaji

      yahh tel me about this thing called love yohhh...... shit don ain no more

    43. Mariela Garcia

      Mood ♡

    44. Dae Sky Channel

      This my shit.... I bet another nigga won't play me again....

    45. rahliE05

      That bitch sideburns is thicker than mine

    46. Space Man

      Like the beat💯

    47. Nashaki L


    48. Brandon McClellan

      Straight fire

    49. Jeremy Bennett

      Damn sounds like a woman version of me Sept I can't rap

    50. Ally Kxo


    51. kerrie vincent

      Damn, So my very first m.a song was “Girlfriend” and my second m.a song was this. Soooo different 😂

    52. d. block

      I can relate yow 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    53. D M

      I don’t wanna feel nothing 😓

    54. Sgg Dior

      So like why am I just now hearing this

    55. Leech King

      all my players can relate:(

    56. Quay May

      "How u gonna fuck wit my heart? You played with my heart like darts."💯

    57. Lynn Whylly


    58. Lucid

      Still fucking with this song🔥🔥 Anyone with me??

    59. Judith Leger

      I like that😘

    60. Tec Ngen

      Fck love like Beat

    61. Kii Kii

      I absolutely LOVE M.A. -> please EXPLAIN why she’s saying that she just wants to “do drugs and go numb” when all she does is “smoke weed and drink” I REALLY think that is “mainstream media” PUSHING her to make a song about DRUGS.. Because you know, you can’t rap unless it’s about sex, money and drugs..! And Young M.A. “always” been lit.. I mean, I guess you can “TAKE” THC gummies, brownies, etc. Just, when she first comes on, I feel like she’s talking about “pills” -> “Take These Drugs & Go Numb” I mean... Maybe it’s me. I don’t think I’ve EVER came across a song of hers that I don’t LoVe, I just don’t understand why she used “take these drugs” instead of “smoke these drugs” (then again, that makes it sound like she’s smoking crack..) She could of came up with something better to say then that though, in my opinion. I do believe each artist has a certain amount of “SHiT” they have to “SELL” to the public.. Like A Boogie always talking about Adderall & Percs. It used to be “SELLING DRUGS” now it’s “TAKING THEM..” She signed, remember that. & remember, this is aimed to our children! I LOVE YOUNG M.A. && I’m NOT “hating” or “trolling” I honestly never thought she’d sign, I ain’t mad at her though..! I’m happy for her and proud of her success!! Just #staywoke cus these labels 🏷 .. well, they’ll do whatever they have to in order to sell!! And it’s a shame!

    62. Christopher Clopton

      Awesome 👍👌


      The ending is somethin else on some real shit 100% Why ain't this shit on the radio tf....

    64. Niiaddy Tooreal

      Fuck love🔥🔥

    65. Shantese Arthur


    66. Eve Aguilar

      Mann this shit is the shit mann ! Not even words can explain this jam ! Jus wanna go numb ! Fuk love its a livin lie ! This is dope ! Straight from my heart!❤

    67. Megyn Phillips

      I wanna see you teaching your fans to get through a heart break without drugs. You have the power now ♡♡♡♡

    68. Megyn Phillips

      Ma put the drugs down.

    69. Megyn Phillips

      F♡Rever lovin MA

    70. Keith West


    71. Amanda Rodrigues

      Amo tanto Numb, esse hino marcou o fim de um relacionamento que tive kk esse é um dos sons mais gostosos de Young M.A 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    72. Bianca Cole


    73. JUICYRED 70

      ➕➕🅰🅰🅰➕➕ 🍀🍀😊😊😊🍀🍀 📖📖🙏🙏🙏📖📖

    74. dibsN0tBabs dibs

      Bipolar/now bipolar are wired differently. whole different symphony. Get me! Shes expressing. We like to keep ya guessin, Maybe even dissin! It how our brains work. Now do that twerk, And get back to work. Yasssss!😐👊

    75. Jessi Kamau


    76. Kaloafu Lolohea

      No feelings out here.........get you self togetto.......😜😜😜😜😴😴😴😴😴😴

    77. Lat Mill


    78. Aroh Divine

      Who’s here 2020.. when she said I wish love was illegal. I don’t even know how to keep you, I could never read you. Damn I fell in love but I didn’t mean to. I felt it.. My current state with my girl and I.. It was a fling fell in love and I don’t know how to love her but I do. She’s just full of complains. So I came to vibe to my Queen

    79. Danielle Moore

      Coldest underrated female artist !!! I salute

    80. Love Shaquira


    81. Kondo Aboubakare

      That garl

    82. Manuel Calderon

      Fire 🕷🕸🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    83. Daddys Home

      I feel him still trying. Grand Finale # 4? 5? Who cares at dis point. Here we go.

    84. Daddys Home

      When I say you WILL stop defying me and do what I tell you?... That doesn't mean keep going.. I know exactly what you guys are up to you just earned dah ass whooping of your life when I get home congratulations dumbass......... 👍

    85. Daddys Home

      And it's Grand Finale # 3 when I get home for dem. We're not playing these games. You'll do what dah fuck I told you or you all will suffer dah consequences. Me and God are not playing games with you assholes. Do what I told you.

    86. Daddys Home

      You have untill dah end of today tah get me dat will wit my name on it for my house and you have until tomorrow tah bring day ass home and release my money to me or your next.

    87. Daddys Home

      Don't like that?... Yet again... Talk to God about it......... 🙏👆

    88. Daddys Home

      Don't touch dat doorknob days not ah bluff and I wouldn't even think about trying to get in this any other way eather cuz your gonna get ran right back out of it dah moment you do........ #ShadowGuard 🛡️

    89. Daddys Home

      And your about yah be even madder because after I destroy them your next. 😂🤣😭💀

    90. Daddys Home

      Bitch dah only person dats mad is fuckboy. I'm happy because I'm good with God. I'm just Haven fun now. This becoming fun to me please. Your mad. 😂🤣😭💀

    91. Daddys Home

      Dead Mustangs... Just prophesizen............. 🙏

    92. Daddys Home

      Don't like it?... Talk tah God about it.............. 🙏👆

    93. Daddys Home

      Oh FYI I'm hitting her house.. So if your there.. You might wanna get out.. NOW......

    94. Daddys Home

      I'm hitting her and him today. Grand Finale #2 here we go weeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 🖕

    95. Daddys Home

      Here we go Grand Finale # 2.

    96. Jaye Jaye

      I miss her so much... It's like I try to just forget about her, but I just can't.... So I listen to this song everyday because It hits my feelings heart breaks Everytime I think about you & what happened to us💔💔💔💔💔

    97. Dae Sky Channel

      This Beat HARDDDD ASFF ✨💕

    98. Wereta Romana

      I feel her. I'm going thru the same thing.... FUK LOVE

    99. Daddys Home

      And I seen you cutten eyes at me bitch better fix your face. You can be mad all you want I don't give ah fuck. Do what I told you.