STUNNING Singer! Willie Spence Shines Brighter Than Any Diamond - American Idol 2021

American Idol

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    Willie Spence has conquered many challenges this past year and his American Idol audition wasn’t about to be one that he didn’t absolutely SLAY! After performing Rihanna’s “Diamonds” for Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, Lionel gives Willie a standing ovation. Luke was all smiles during Willie’s audition, telling him that he didn’t want it to end. Watch here to enjoy Willie’s breathtaking performance, and to hear the vocals that Katy referred to as “a voice that stops people in their tracks.”

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    AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
    American Idol 2021
    Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

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    1. Erin Young

      Omg I get chills every time I hear him sing 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. sanaiah monet

      Not me at work tearing up

    3. Gilbert Martirez

      The voice 😍😍😍

    4. Ridakidwai

      This has been a long time coming. He’s absolutely fantastic !

    5. Taha Rizvi

      I REMEMBER HIS COVER OF DIAMONDS, i'm glad he got the chance to showcase his talents here

    6. Joy Nasim

      the best 6 pack holder I've ever seen!

    7. Shaquan Smith

      I guess we found our next idol💥😔🙌

    8. Steven Jones

      I’m calling it now! Willie will win! 🤙🏼

    9. BOBAN RM

      Say yesssss...

    10. BOBAN RM

      O man...nice voice..

    11. Wanda Williams

      I love you I love you Willie you have such amazing voice you gave me chill I love you so much

    12. Jeffrey Richardson

      pomponesset beach uncle william billys peach mrs lamarche teach

    13. Jenja

      LOVE HIM!!!!!

    14. Shardae B

      Come on Willie!!!!!!!!!!

    15. Indy Shah

      This is the voice that I love to hear.

    16. José González

      Anyone else feel some type of way with Katy Perry’s “oh you know it” comment? He is absolutely amazing! His runs are like butter!

    17. suttonthebaker vlogs

      His song choice was too boring. He literally already sang “Diamonds” in the first video he got famous in.

    18. Pat Alexander

      Effortlessly sings; stunning!

    19. Maggy Yaksic

      I haven't watched American idol in years. I can't wait to see what he does.

    20. Bal Kaur

      One of my favourite songs so close to my heart and I'm just thrilled to have another memory! Wat a voice my brother amazing 👏 definitely a star! Watch out people... he's coming!!

    21. Does it matter


    22. Simson Leo

      Im from indonesian and im very like her voice, so incredible.

    23. Daasher Shropshire

      So glad he’s getting a chance to show his voice and personality ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    24. Daasher Shropshire

      I love him

    25. B the Dream Chazer

      I saw him before singing the same in middle of people..!!😍❤❤

    26. FavoredROYALTY

      I love how in recent idol years they are starting to give those with actual talent a chance and not just the mediocre people who look good according to Hollywood's standard of beauty.

    27. Alex Bajoka

      You guys don’t remember his viral Twitter video of him singing this song a few years ago?

    28. Luciano S

      Conheço você através de um canal que vice tem no KGup. Você canta de mais parabéns.

    29. King Lucky

      My dude just now getting on a singing show!!? He finna show out!

    30. Shelly Renee


    31. Seraphina Jerome

      he is AMAZINGGG

    32. Halinka Gawlas

      Genialny wykon 👍👍👍

    33. Reaves

      Only ogs remember he sung this years ago

    34. Lois Jenkins

      I hear heaven in his voice!!! Truly Spiritual, and Angelic!!!💖💖💖💖

    35. J


    36. Eugene Tan

      He can sing any song & sound so good. His voice is so seasoned. The runs is "pro" level. God bless this humble & talented star!

    37. Jordan Brown

      How have people not heard of him? He’s actually gone viral singing this song years ago!!

    38. Robin

      You Better Sing that song Willie!!!!! Amazing

    39. JD Ca

      That humbleness... THAT HUMBLENESS... That voice... THAT VOICE... That heart... THAT HEART... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... America behold the beautiful!

    40. Bradley Parker

      Brahhhh!!! Gave me goosebumps absolutely outstanding 👏 👌, Opened my mind to happiness i was in pure Dream Mode!! Rooting for you! Your gift and Amazing Voice is few and far between!! I would love to hear a Boys to Men, Joe, Marvin Gay!! You got it buddy Make us Happy!😇😎 ofcourse you will Have your Songs 🎵 looking foward to it,

    41. mdotmellymel

      Yes I had tears to good job Willy imma can’t wait to watch more of u tell Redd and lil bit I said hello and if y’all having watch go subscribe to the (outsiders )page u catch Willy on ther he is friends with them (outsiders) omg imma go watch this one more time

    42. Stalker X

      Omg, i cant speak english, but i can feel it what they are talking,

    43. Rebecca Simmons

      WoW, what a voice, much success to him.!!!.

    44. kikmen1


    45. Iamasdee 23

      So much talent....... with pure heart ❤️🔥

    46. Richard Torres

      This guy's control is🔥🔥🔥

    47. Stewie's

      Another example of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover excellent audition

    48. Vinci Thompson

      WOW!!! I've been waiting for Willie SPENCE to hit AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!! AWESOME JOB

    49. Anthony George

      This dude has a great voice, he was on titi do you love

    50. Kay Beezy

      he's really one of my favs because everybody else couldn't even sing if he don't win then American idol isn't about your voice but more about your story... his song on apple music hit too lol

    51. James Gill

      Not hating as his voice is amazing however if you search him up he’s been famous for years and had singles ? Not as if he has not been famous so staged

    52. A J

      Look at the winner of this season 🙏🏾

    53. Arif Richard

      he has a video of this song on youtube, go searching

    54. Kristyn V

      Normally when people do runs it’s annoying. But his runs are like when the chocolate sauce runs off the sides of the sundae, perfection. He’s got such a stunning voice!!

    55. beth donlin


    56. Anuke Grey

      He can sing his As$ off! I wish I could sing like him.

    57. Anuke Grey

      I thought Lionel Richard was dead!

    58. Jill Polino

      Serious chills here !!

    59. Gato Tv

      Don’t even have to proceed with the show😂😂😂

    60. Moch Candra Samudra

      Diamond person ✨ please be diamond in the American idol i hope you be the winner ☺️

    61. hailey moe

      I’ve listened to this about 40 times WOW WHOA!!!!

    62. Rosa Ramahi

      His voice is such perfection! The tone is flawless.. well.. he better win! 😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️

    63. Khairi wahab

      I hope this guy will not be one of the underrated gifted voice.

    64. Justine Jay Sinang

      My 2nd bet to win this season


      Cant wait 4 the next 👏👏👏

    66. Raynorth Abraham

      Thanks for "YES" judges. But.. With ort without idol competition,.im pretty got our heart Willie. Your voice so rigid, we cant deny so talented.

    67. Khan Charlie

      Incredible control guys on his vocals!!

    68. Will H

      They might as well stop auditions and declare Willie the winner🤷🏾‍♂️

    69. ishmael naca

      2021 winner

    70. Anne Lessick

      This is better- much , much better- than Rihanna’s version. Glistening!!!

    71. Jairo Emanuel

      Só quem é Brasileiro 🇧🇷🇧🇷, e acompanha o Willie dêsde quando o vídeo dele viralizou cantando na escala, comenta aqui ❤️❤️😭😭. Orgulho desse cara

    72. Gänse haut

      Give him a beat on the table people

    73. Radosław Szmid

      Grace Kinstler, Anilee List, Nia Renee, Jason Warrior and now Willie Spence. I mean what the hell!?:) This season is going to be special!

    74. Preston playz and unspeakable fan!

      He is going to win 100%

    75. Melanie Singer

      I don’t think this song fits his voice, but such a delicate voice. Beautiful.

    76. Marty Ningsih

      This guy is look humble.., He'll be a next star.., people behind him, family and friends are blessed..

    77. Huschai Severe

      Rueben Studder #2

    78. fba sen57

      Nice voice... Hope he can move further...

    79. Jay Vee Barroga

      My heart,deymmm!!

    80. Ms. Jojo Mojojo

      This is the best rendition of diamonds so far thank you

    81. Martin Kostov


    82. DuhntayStripes💎

      🎶One word "Wow". Congratulations Willie!!🤩🎶

    83. Bader Lahdan


    84. Chakram Bleu

      Oh please he may know it but he may not believe in it. So I believe she can acknowledge and commend! Yeesh without sayin “you know you can sing, you know it”

    85. Rolly Witarsa

      Selebgram. I’m his follower

    86. Suraj Jayakumar

      Is he the same guy from the viral video?

    87. Kapil Daimary

      I think I saw him in a random Instagram post... Singing diamond

      1. i don't

        🙏😍) .

    88. Medo Kinq

      Absolutely undeniable star! Willie Spence your voice reached us. Keep up man! May your way be full of diamonds like your voice.

      1. i don't

        🙏😍) .

    89. Ayden Anthony

      This guy has a KGup channel doesn't he?

      1. i don't

        🙏😍) .

    90. Chwanda Walker

      YOU GO WILLIE!!!! Started off as a Outsider fan now I’m a fan of yours as well

      1. i don't

        🙏😍) .

    91. Betsabé Torrealba

      He is a diamond

      1. es7 7

        🥰😘) .

    92. Islam puth

      Omgggg I kneww him and ik hes going to kiiill that with diamond

      1. Islam puth

        @es7 7 wut?

      2. es7 7

        🥰😘) .

    93. Tammy Dise

      WOW!!! I'm blown away by him. Top 5. Bet!!!

      1. es7 7

        🥰😘) .

    94. M27D

      ....and I'm in loooove!!! 😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

      1. es7 7

        🥰😘) .

    95. Siba's Space

      He finally went for the auditions!!!!! I'm crying, this was long overdue Willie! OMW!

      1. es7 7

        🥰😘) .

    96. miz fitry

      I loveeee this part 1:25 damnnn that smooth dude

      1. es7 7

        🥰😘) .

    97. Maikala Thomas

      Been watching him on youtube for years, he is SO TALENTED!

      1. es7 7

        🥰😘) .

    98. nakia young

      I can tell he sings this song from his gives me body chills...a gift bestowed to him...and he will use it to help ppl...god bless you...

      1. i don't

        🙏😍) .

    99. JAY Suave

      Geez all this talent 💥💥💥

      1. i don't

        🙏😍) .

    100. Mohamed Webber

      One of the craziest male vocalists since Jordan Smith in The Voice

      1. i don't

        🙏😍) .