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    Bad Kid Mirah drives on the Interstate.

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    1. TNT World


    2. Laila Nunn

      she 13 why da f she driving lol badkids be acting to grown sometimes i MEAN MOSTTIMES

    3. Daveed Wells

      Sense y'all made it home safe could y'all see if you could do a part 2

    4. Daveed Wells

      It looks like your a good driver keep it up 👍😉👍💪. 💯

    5. Salena Madden

      I bet they forgot dejah was back there 🤣

    6. Daveed Wells

      Hopefully y'all stay safe 🙏🙏

    7. Worldwiide. Jay

      I like him 😂😂

    8. thebosskid King

      dejah look so good to me

    9. rayshard perkins

      Take me driving bc my mama be doing all dat screaming for nun

    10. Rechelle Jackson


    11. Jas Nation

      For real through mirah’s actually good at driving the car 🚗

    12. Jada Land

      honey me like nobody

    13. Mark2.0

      Literally 99% won’t see this but god bless you and be safe during these times I’m struggling to hit 100 subs😭

    14. Lakeisha Palmer


    15. La Idk

      But my family can’t trust me😃

    16. arielle

      Do she got a license? And is she eligible to drive? She betta than most out here lmaoo😂 can’t wait til I start shiiiii

    17. theyluvbud

      Drive over the ship channel in htown

    18. Life With Kendall

      Mirah a good driver tho

    19. Life With Madi

      Mirah and kam is so pretty

    20. lifeofJameya

      "He got a rt but he dont have no srt....... "beep beep" you wanna do sum u wanna do sum"😂😂😂

    21. Yazid Adam

      Speaking of Mac what happened why hasn’t he postedd

    22. Queen Cryer

      she can drive better them evrybody

    23. Reginae Clark

      I didn’t know she had braces

    24. Maliaka Jackson

      that was funny

    25. Danajia Williams

      hi mk Life

    26. Jazmin Davis


    27. Bailee Knighten

      Is turtle her dad

    28. Shaylin Turner

      Wait is turtle gay?

    29. Arieyonna Spikes

      dejah need to put ha seatbelt on

    30. Londyn Hunter

      She no how to dirv

    31. Lil Rara

      13 years old and driving highway

    32. Jazelle Reed

      I like how the girl in the back just chilling😍❤️!

    33. Imeeko Byrd

      We no

    34. Terreya Mayo


    35. tyneicia wilkins



      She drive good af !! For her age

    37. Dx3 Yurrr

      what car they in?

    38. Slayes On GFUEL


    39. kimora

      Next time can we see the road

    40. Life Of Vaeh

      I'm scared & my hands sweaty & I'm not even driving 😭.

    41. Life Of Vaeh

      Mutha can drive better than me😭.

    42. Deddy Star

      I’m 13, and I can drive good, but if you say anything about me driving on the highway/freeway I will not be driving.😭

    43. Romontie Allen

      When I heard that police noise I got scared because I thought that she got pulled over

    44. Tajaa Mariee

      i’m finna b 16 and i still panic when a car drive pass me on the street 😂! mirah do yo thingy bby😂❤️

    45. Brooklyn Dyson

      How is she driving and she 13

    46. Frantz Simon

      She don’t even got her permit

    47. Life With Symp


    48. Ri-Ciya Burton

      O M G G U Y S M I R A H

    49. maya Queen

      y’all i was laughing the whole time

    50. Trapp Godd


    51. Xxx Taylor’s

      Did he just say she was going 67 ? My mama could never , AT 13? 😭

    52. young dj Jenks

      I like marah

    53. Mahogany Hamilton

      Take me for a ride

    54. Vibinwit Kay

      I'm 16 N Can't Drive😂😭😂😭.

    55. laylay tv


    56. Plushie Charli

      She look 11 👀

    57. Aviya Ajjanae

      She drive good but was it just me I felt like I was being recorded how kam had that phone🤣

      1. KennSo_ UNIQUE

        That's dejah😐

    58. Vhs edit.

      On the da highway l would’ve died 😭✋

    59. ZKNATION Puurrr

      She know how to drive tho

    60. ZKNATION Puurrr

      Oh my is that really Norah driving 😮😳

    61. ZKNATION Puurrr

      Hi I love your channel

    62. YungboiRodney 23

      Dawg I'm 17 n I can't even drive😭😭

    63. Melo gaming M

      She drive good

    64. navie gang forever

      Definitely did good

    65. Faze KingII87

      The first time I went on the free way I was like 12 and I was scared but it was kinda easy because my dad let me drive a lot so I knew what to do

    66. Miyah Gang

      Omg you go girl

    67. TaskylahLuvvv †

      Quick verse for y’all 💗 “But You, O LORD, are a shield for me, My glory and the One who lifts up my head.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭3:3‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

    68. Josie Aguileta

      My Hispanic mom could never ..😭

    69. gamewithmar

      Oh my. Fuckin gosh dont kill em

    70. Slimett From2600

      My mom was driving at 13 to

    71. EC squad

      this was posted on my birthday

    72. Dessy Nation

      I’m sccraaeddd

    73. Thakiddo shay

      AYOOOO,I would drive with Mirah she's really good.

    74. Zion Smith

      Ok then mirah

    75. Madison Motley

      2:35 I know you make her scared😂😂

    76. LifeOfLiyah

      Literally Nobody : Mirah: “my heads sweaty” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    77. Marcus Taylor

      We’re da vids at

    78. Marcus Taylor

      We’re Mac

    79. Syanna Jones

      Her and dejah is always together they best friends and sisters

    80. official bug extreme

      She scared but she doing good

    81. 0FFJ4YDA OTF

      not them agruing in chat about how old she is😂

    82. Bahja Abdishakoor

      she’s 13 and she can drive i’m too scared and i’m almost 15😭😭

    83. Auvstia

      I think Mac teach them how to drive bcs maceii know how to drive , mirah or maybe they Parents Teach them I wish I could drive a 13 😭

    84. Bahja Abdishakoor

      please tell she was driving on auto pilot

    85. Bikelife Vince

      Y’all need to do driving with jay💯

    86. raveen cannon

      Damn I’m 28 still don’t know how to drive I’m embarrassed 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    87. Destinyy

      Oop she 13 and can drive let me try

    88. Princess Mabins

      More with Mirah’s driving videos

    89. MyCo-Operative Learning

      that charger i was in that yall had me scard my mom was like what and dad side whoa

    90. Jerica Anderson


    91. Gabby Luv.

      Next time can y’all put the camera the other way so we can actually see how she drive

    92. London Woodson

      Good job girl

    93. Aniyah Tate

      I drove and I’m only 11

    94. baby layne

      i'm 15 years old and i'm driving for 6 years but in my cuntry you can't drive until your 18

    95. Jamaih Manning

      Can I be a badkid pls😂🤗🤔

    96. Da’Maur’Re


    97. Nana’s Clubhouse

      Dc zzzzzzzzzz N b

    98. 2021broncz 1

      When I drive my nees be hitting the steering wheel

    99. AyolaMtise TV

      i love Dejah! she was chilled the whole time!

    100. Life with Lay

      It’s deja fa me 😂😂🤣🤣