D&D Story: Ep 18- Xanu

Dingo Doodles

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    1. MrBlackhawk49

      Why is hell is the first close up of Xanu on the MEch Dragon my fav. picture in this video?

    2. smoin plog

      sooo cool

    3. Dade512

      I just started watching your videos a couple days ago and I absolutely love them. I think I've watched close to all of them already. You can definitely tell that your confidence and storytelling skills have improved with each video. Thanks for all the wonderful videos!

    4. SketchWolf

      "inhumanely treated science experiment creature has only one friend who visits them and treats them kindly, and it's one of the main characters" is a trope that has me SO WEAK!! ( ; _ ; ) i love xanu's backstory

    5. What's toxic?

      lol bubby prototype

    6. Gauravya Mohan

      Can I just say that I love her art style

    7. Summer Duncan

      Are the Jewel shards an Inuyasha reference

    8. Max Waspace

      Actually Sips is a budget cleric.

    9. undertale time travler

      How much you wanna bet that the dude who started the quest is actually a combination of the souls left from the machines and is trying to help xanu open the portal and take his revenge?

    10. undertale time travler

      Xanu sees gothi. Sips:..... ssssooooooooo..... Gothi:yes? Sips:...... I got your old friend lingering in my head.? Gothi:what? Xanu:she didn't need to know that. Gothi: (sees him) OH MY GOD!

    11. Ink Sans

      No one : Dingo : **brutally assaulting the 14+ icon**

    12. Party Dave

      Why does Solis and Stela sound so familer?

    13. Nathan Sibila


    14. Bo Sanders

      Gothi: Lights a Beacon Everyone in a 50 block radius: ~haste~

    15. Makaramus

      ok... your dm is creative but not good at hiding plots :D You are obviously creating a portal to where they ran away from Xanu and your party gonna have a choice:Help Xanu or prevent his revange

    16. Suping Liu

      I subscribed

    17. Casey D. Jones

      I've been watching this story play out for a while now and it just keeps getting better and better; I love the way you tell your stories, never know weather dingo is going to make us laugh or cry or both. Keep up the amazing work!

    18. KoningProGaming


    19. Rowan Gamblin

      animation: "shows that they ripped the white star out of the sky" the power crystals: "are yellow"

    20. llirbwerdnadivad

      Heheh...these intros are fine.

    21. dusken XD

      lol I'm making a d&d animation rn and this helps me

    22. dusken XD

      i lol d&d yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    23. Sushi OwO

      What race is sips? Is he a tabaxi?

      1. DFC/ Double fudge cookiees

        Watch the earlier episodes to see, I think it’s episode 3

      2. DFC/ Double fudge cookiees


    24. flaming skull

      Im calling it now jack is a part of xanu

    25. ild v

      17:24 Dingo: She is beauty, she is grace Me: She has a profile picture of an anime girls face...

    26. Peter Livanos

      So sips will go to the portal and the other two will meet to power the portal, then they’ll be together again...not good

    27. Ynna Escano

      watching this feels like the adventure zone amnesty: good editing, a story with plot holes that worked wonderfully, and player effort and investment. yall are great

    28. Isla Hendry

      Xanu? I don’t like it

    29. Comfey Animations


    30. Marcus Orealias

      Oh yeah, Jack is definitely up to no good.

    31. Angel Garcia

      DONT LEAVE US YOU ****

      1. DFC/ Double fudge cookiees

        Calm down, the videos always take about a month to make, so just be patient, she’s one girl working alone, so don’t freak out dude

    32. werewolf dude

      When are you going to post a new vid

      1. DFC/ Double fudge cookiees

        Dude the animations take a while, have patience, I say start complaining after 2 months, given that they normally take one

    33. Jake Thomas

      kgup.info/get/lYuioaaOpGqUZ4c/video i didnt know where else to put this

    34. Andrej Rozmaring

      ;-; I need more

    35. Saige Penatzer

      does anyone think jack is a secret forclamer? (i can’t spell it)


      Xanu: Thank you, Gothi. Your little gestures of kindness have made my days in prison bearable. I think you should take the rest of the day off. Gothi: What? Xanu: You don't look well. Maybe you should go home and rest. Gothi: No, I feel fine. Xanu: Trust me. It is better that you are not here this afternoon.

    37. Neberchan x

      Some real strong Mewtwo vibes with that

    38. Roller Galaxy

      2 years. It’s been 2 years since the channel started. what a wild ride.

    39. K00k13 Animates

      Sips with all that *A N G S T*

    40. Ryan

      I was on a plane when I watched this and right as the crystal got placed, the engines fired up and blasted us off. Great additional background music

    41. Ryan S

      You have a knack for dramatization and your voice acting is really good

    42. Esterly Birch

      jack WOW that face MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmm yeah do you need to see that check out

    43. Jennifer Robbins

      More! We need more!!!!!!!

    44. plagued_maddness

      Next up knight with know face

    45. Steven Keller

      Anyone else waiting for this to all go super south? Because I can’t help but feel that the comment in the first episode about “TPK-ing the Universe” wasn’t about releasing the tarask

    46. Izzy 04

      The intense 14+ slap

    47. S.E.111Films


    48. Talyn Rose

      I've been on hero forge before and I loved it but doesn't it cost money to print and also once your character dies the figures are absolutely no use. but for a campaign like this is would rule to play with

    49. E


    50. Michael Harrison


    51. shocker haven07

      This sounds like the origin of a specific Pokémon, called Mewtwo

    52. Jamie O Brien

      Make moreeeeeeeee plzzzzz

      1. the golden doomslayer

        MaKe MoRe PlEaZ SHUT THE HELL UP, you try animating something and see if you can release something this good in a month

    53. Chaos Marines

      So when is the next one

    54. Bulwark64 50

      When’s the next part coming

    55. Nelson jr Flores

      This is so frigin Good!!

    56. K.O.S.D

      He said thousands of years he was shattered but foreclaimer upgrades give +700 years and gothi is still there before and after

    57. lego yeet studios

      " *I'm a very picky murderer* " well this series just gets better and better

    58. lego yeet studios

      I love how at the start of every episode now she slaps the 14+ sign like 20 times

    59. Mega CyberLeader

      The music box often given to the monkey when they play that tune, is called an organ grinder. Monkey Turns the level and it plays music. I can see how your character could be attuned to even use magic before he was awakened lol. Music attracts magical energies. In other folk tales and dnd storys musical instruments such as an "organ grinder" was often a sign that said entity actually had the potential to use magic of some kind. "cough cough bardic"

    60. Evandude1492

      An I the only one feeling romantic tension between sips and gothic? Please don't be just me...

      1. the golden doomslayer

        its just you

    61. Chocolate MilkMan

      Xanu: I can create matter and destroy it, just like any other god, everyone who paid attention in 8'th grade science class: wait, that's illegal :I

    62. cartoon Mania

      It started off sad then you said plot twist

    63. Justin Ruszkowski

      Doooo moreeeeeee plssssssss 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

      1. the golden doomslayer

        awww does your little peanut brain want moreeeee? aww well, unfortunately, she has to actually play d&d(which takes a long time) she has to animate it (wich takes so much effort its not even funny) and then has to voice act. so stop begging.

    64. Litch Spaggheti

      16:51 is that a hint that they are coming back??

    65. Nate _at

      This is the most visualy intresting ep up until now i love thus so much

    66. Dylan Angelo Bautista

      When does ep 19 come

      1. Dylan Angelo Bautista

        @the golden doomslayer ha lol ya

      2. the golden doomslayer

        when its done.

    67. Darvarius Vanavar

      Plot hole : 5 crystals for portal to work with one in dragon as portal worked the first time, where is the 6th crystal?

    68. Benjamin Merrill

      This is written and narrated like a movie

    69. Kylie Harnack


    70. silas leemon

      the funny thing id that I am 12 hehehe

    71. Dooby doo Plays

      This is the first case of genocide that I understand

    72. Joe Mitchell

      Hi! My friend has started a D&D Animation/Story KGup Channel, and... Well if you're watching puffin forest you'll like Fuzzi's stories! SEARCH: Emperor Fuzzi D&D Gary The Goblin

      1. Joe Mitchell

        Oh shhhhhooot I accidentaly said puffin forest not dingo doodles aaaargh

    73. Osiris Hardy

      Can't wait for more

    74. Abel Lemus

      *That one moment when your favorite You-tuber doesn’t post in a month* Me: Are you ok???

    75. Firestorm895

      U should make a discord server lol:)

    76. Halii Williams

      2 years.. wow thank you :)

    77. Collin Pree

      When is part 19 coming out

    78. Orrelion

      First timer here, this is really cool and really enjoyed it. Will probably check the whole series. Questions: Is this like, a thing? Can I find more things similar to this? I got completely swept into the storytelling (I prefer getting read to than reading myself). I need more of this. Thanks!

    79. Eva Brown

      Oh my g.o.d I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS I JUST SAW THIS ONE AND I WENT ALL TO THE BEGINNING THE FIRST VIDEO THAT WAS WELL SIPS (Silly name no offense) AND I LOVE HOW YOU END YOU VIDEOS WITH A .......Yeah...(the end after you say yeah) One way to make my dream take a lot of practice the more you practice the more your video gets better so...(SECRET:IM JUST USEING MY MOMS ACCOUNT AND IM JUST A KID) So........I'm one of those sometimes natty sometimes nice.

    80. Jeremiah M.

      You're so good at setting moods

    81. Colin Pradhan

      Is Julian or gorthan coming back

    82. Ye mum mun

      Ep 19 plz

    83. Amore Lovelace

      ...he didn't look her in the eye when he said it...

    84. Amore Lovelace


    85. mystic

      Because Gothi has gills, can she play with doggo shark boi who i totally did not forget the name of underwater??

    86. Katie Schultz


    87. Youtube University

      16:13 He said "I" before his eyes were in place...

    88. Luna Daemon

      Aaaahhhh I want more of this. This is the best thing I've ever been shown by my little brother!!! I rewatch this playlist everyday and I love Gothi so much. My little brother and I were talking about her before the reveal she was royalty and we were like "She's the best. She best girl" And I mumbled "I want her to be a princess of some kind." YAYYY I GOT WHAT I WANTED IN A WAY

    89. Maank

      One Thing I just realized. Forclaimers live up to 1700 years (even as Gothi seems to be a contradiction to that) and disappeared around 2500 years ago. So wouldnt that mean that most if not all people that tortured Xanu are allready dead by now and if Sips would help him in his genocide it would mostly/only kill people that had nothing to do with this.

      1. Emil Sinclair

        Depends. Does time work the same on the other side of the portal or not?

    90. Twisty Noodle

      TIL Dingo Doodles has the same microwave as me

    91. Iago Mota

      Why am I always unsubscribed from ur channel even though I've been a subscriber since your very first video?????

    92. Jake the destroyer

      Nobody: Noone in the universe: Dingo at the start of the video : *POP*

    93. Blanca Albertí

      this episode waasso emotionally intense, i forgot i wasn't actually watching a tv show. Literally, this is so good! you're so good at storytelling dingo!!! i'm really hanging on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next ep

    94. Jason Bachorski


      1. the golden doomslayer

        whatcha angry about

    95. Jason Bachorski

      This is from the future I just want to point out that in the future well not that far into the future a little bit you're not posting any videos

      1. the golden doomslayer

        OH MAN, WHAT A FUCKING IDEA, IT TAKES EFFORT AND TIME TO MAKE THESE who would gave guessed they cant post a vid every month or so consistently forever. HUH its almost like people can take breaks.

    96. Book worm

      Now, one must question, is it a portal, or are they ripping the other sun from the sky?

    97. Dough YT

      I love this story

    98. your_normal_nerd

      I like to imagine that as sips looked out the window xanu was like "it has started."

    99. kei sushishima

      This is so amazing I encourage you to continue with this amazing content!!!

    100. Micheal Draws