Khamzat Chimaev Spoke to Darren Till Yesterday..

The Schmo

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    The Schmo interview Khamzat Chimaev on Fight Island. Topics include:
    - Why he speaks so softly
    - Told Dana White He wants Brock Lesnar
    - Darren Till Conversation
    - Will we ever see him without the beard?
    - Challenges The Schmo to a fight

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    1. Remi Remz

      Why Put That Dumb Voice On? I Understand If Its A Movie And Hes Acting But Hes An Interviewer Why? Something I 10 Year Old Would Do ….

    2. Samantha Nealy

      This guy is AWESOME SAUCE!!!!! He's a superstar and humble! And he likes the HULK... I mean c'mon.. does he get any better??? I would pay to see this guy fight every weekend!! Y'all should go back to old ufc format where weight class didn't matter and fighters fought multiple fights a night. It's sad that noone wants to accept his callouts! Champ in the making!! Dana's found himself a new golden child!!! 💰💸💰💸💰💸💰KHAMZAT $MA$H!!!!!!

    3. bilishu aliss

      Schmo: Are you hot? Chimaev: Uh?

    4. Freepalestine Gimzo 1948


    5. Maghribi

      I remember Islam saying to Dana "I wanna fight with Brock Lesnar" 😂

    6. CJ

      Why don't you accept the fight with Magny or Cowboy Olivera?

    7. b vs d

      U need to claim copyright from Khabib to use 'smesh'

      1. bilishu aliss

        why r u in the sport if u dowanna be smaashed

    8. Cec

      YES ISRAEL VS KHAMZAT WOULD BE THE BEST FIGHT EWER.! Love it. He will fight everyone, he Deserve a tittel fight for sure.!

    9. Fake Pilot

      i love khamzat, salam from Jakarta

    10. gibby91 a

      Bro he hasn't fought anyone good yet not even top 10 fight let's see you fight someone who's not scared

    11. Fragorega

      0:46 schmos look lol

    12. Ehsan A

      Somebody give this guy a fight. He looks sad.

    13. hoiy vinosa

      His answer in every interview : “doesn’t matter, anybody, anytime, smesh, they are all afraid”

    14. Stephane D

      why not ngannou 🤣

    15. JJ Scott

      Khamzat vs KHABIB Make it happen nowww!

    16. Casey

      The Nardwuar of MMA!

      1. hoiy vinosa

        Super pumped to see how he deals with adesanya or usman

    17. Wright Andrea

      The schmo doesn’t wanna fight

    18. RASCO

      He just had surgery on his knee.

    19. Zack Green

      Another hype train

    20. Chris Milligan

      imagine meeting that guy down a dark alley "I'm going to smesh you"

    21. bouklemoun jamaa

      why r u in the sport if u dowanna be smaashed

      1. Smart Design


    22. DinoH8sU

      Love this! Can’t believe I’m just now finding this channel. Better late than never!

    23. Frank Zappa

      He’s confident, that’s for sure

    24. Eddie Brock

      i don't like khamzats face

    25. Daz Rigby

      Let’s be honest, you copied Khabib with the “smash”

    26. Never Quit

      Nobody: Khamzat: 🙂

    27. Joe Angel

      Such a nice demeanor for such a death machine

    28. HeadBob GunPants

      Jesus schmo is sounding more and more like randy savage. throw that man a few lines, let's see him on fire!

    29. Brendo

      Who is this man? Im not a casual as people say but this man is a nobody! Who has he fought of any significance?

    30. x-hopshot-x

      Schmo - Any last words? Khamzat - You want to fight? I fight with you also.


      Super pumped to see how he deals with adesanya or usman

    32. Yasser Stellenboom

      Khamzat was made in a lab to smesh! loool

    33. Zug G

      i still laugh at "evil khabib"

    34. Ritalie

      "Why you in this sport if you don't fight." Wow... That was scary. He was speaking to Leon Scott.

    35. Habib Jaan

      2:30 the way he nods and then says what lol

    36. Colton W

      Haha this guy at 170? No chance hes 185 division easy. Nobody at 170 will fight him itll have to be 85.

    37. Pin Cushion

      He actually hates waiting for fights to happen he wants them now

    38. che75rokee

      The 236 dislikes are Muslim haters probably. Or is it just Khamzat's arrogant attitude?

    39. Knarf Trakiul

      Over confidence will get you smashed also. Brock Lesnar would fold khamzat up like a cheap lawn chair

    40. Michael Bartoluzzi

      Have khamzat fight nick and Nate at 170 and 185 same night

    41. Robert Matthews

      I think he would beat Connor worse than Khabib did. It would end with a knock out. He would probably stand with Connor to make a point. I'm no expert....... That's just my humble and perhaps ignorant opinion. I like Connor.... But this guy is very special.....Khabib ground and pounded him. This dude would Smesh him. Somehow Smesh sounds like it would taste good along with some scrambled eggs......

    42. Robert Matthews

      vs. Brock Lesnar....lmao......I think I'd actually pic him vs. Brock..... I'd love to see him vs. Jones or a heavyweight. One day he may fight Khabib I thinK?

    43. the wizard

      this arrogance is gonna bite this dude in the ass!! he has confince which is very good but it seem's hes gonna take it 1 step to far and be taken out! he has a unbelievable talent but i just feel that he is gonna be smashed and its game over.

    44. The Wolf

      😂😂 bradder smesh everyone

    45. Alex Gorchkov

      Khamzat: one month -3 fights ❤️❤️❤️

    46. Jack Harley

      Schmo: How are you going? Khamzhat: Smesh everybody... Me: makes sense.

    47. Brian Rainey

      Who is this Schmo guy and why is he trying to do a really bad Nardwuar impression?

    48. killaT313

      Dudes fought nothing but scrubs, until he fights someone inside the top 30 he's just hype 🤷‍♂️💯

    49. TheKamekaze Hat

      Love this guy hope he doesn't break himself down early with the fight all the time mentality. Also scared is a strong word not worth the risk is more accurate. Beat him gain hype but no real stock. Lose drop in the rankings and boost him to an early title shot you won't get.

    50. VIC ORTIZ

      Love this Fool hope he does good but Hell find his Kryptonite soon

    51. Hashim Muhammad

      Khamzat is the only guy in the history of UFC, who stalks the president for a fight even on the fight day.

    52. Jared Williams

      Was actually pretty cool to hear him say the smash everyone is from the Hulk. love it.

    53. saj Ufc

      This man kill everyone in ufc

    54. Darnell Lehmann

      Fight Yoel

    55. Mike Hale

      Like that, I like this.

    56. AttaxiaFFXI

      Schmo: how we doing Khamzat: brother smash everybody like we do that hahaha that's not what he asked, fantastic

    57. soufian ALPHA

      Since when acting like a lunatic makes you a special repoter!

    58. Terry McGlynn


    59. Habib M

      Evil Khabib

    60. Brendan William

      Love this guy

    61. Dylan Joseph

      GSP should come out of retirement and fight him 😂

    62. SoyBoy69

      That's the scariest amish dude ever

    63. Daniel Walker

      this guy is hilarious... he can sure talk the talk... Gerald took a dive, lets see him against a real opponent for once

    64. Mare Obleet

      Is Chechnyan beard brother

    65. Wan Lal

      khamzat just love to fight but no one want fight him,i can feel how sad khamzat is.. if you watch khamzat when guram fighting yesterday,he just can't calm himself to smash people

    66. shazlfc ronaldo

      Fight against brock lesner imagine that fight would be a bloody fight !!!! Guys voice is so scary ahha

    67. Luis Santos

      2:32 guat

    68. Angel Pico

      He wanted to smesh the schmo.

    69. MoeLarryCurly

      I don't think he'll get Johnny Walkered any time soon.

    70. joe pope

      For the love of God y'all let this man smash

    71. Zeff Constance

      2:25 He - Final message for the borz fans out there world wide Hamza - What? Lmao😂😂

    72. PaW

      He's like a sad villain cartoon who couldn't find a hero to fight him, pretty funny tbh. gotta love this guy.

    73. A F

      The schmo has such a Chicago accent I love it!

    74. miko foin

      The Unranked fighter Who Every Ranked Fighter is Scared off 😭😭😭 lol

    75. Daniel Oliveira

      He is funny as fuck!!! Smash like Hulk!! Hahaha 😂🤣

    76. Hoodie y

      Bro he’s high af

    77. Corey Ferguson

      Dude is the real deal...Freaking monster.

      1. miko foin

        Khamza (its a Muslim arabic origin name) literally means "Lion" :D he really is one tough guy

    78. Gerald Keever

      Schmo fake, kama whatever smesh the weird guy

    79. Gemy

      My favorite word, SMASHHH 💥

    80. jon lane

      I generally don't like the soft take the Schmo brings to the sport, but hats off, this shit has grown on me. You break up the rage with a smile and thats okay.

    81. Abdulrahman

      The way khamzat said what😂😂😂

    82. Abdulrahman

      I love this reporter 😂😂😂

    83. Motivation Domination

      Hook smesh

    84. Fight Business Italia

      Eroe Leggendario!!

    85. Bricktop001

      Khamzat taking a big risk talking like this. He still hasnt fought a top 15 worthy fighter. Mearchart is a entry level fighter. If khamzat starts getting fkd up by the elite then his gimmick will look very stupid...dont forget what happened to Nganou from monster to joke in one fight

    86. Michael Brown

      "Will you be champion at middleweight or welterweight?" "Boft"

    87. Alex __

      he will be humbled

    88. Maxime Laliberté

      These guys who struggles to fiind fights should just go up in ranking by default. Same for Khamzat, Islam, Zabit and soon Said.

    89. Funny videos /NL


    90. Aman Chaudhary

      3:19 😂😂😂😂😂

    91. QuikArabic Lessons

      Khamza (its a Muslim arabic origin name) literally means "Lion" :D he really is one tough guy

    92. TheLazy657

      Face: So what expression do you want me to do? The Schmo: yes.

    93. Devon R B

      The fans want to see old school guys who wanna fight anywhere anytime anyplace. Not these annoying diva athletes


      I can imagine when khamzat, at the same time he want to smesh schmo

      1. KAKI REVIEW

        *when khamzat laughing

    95. Fight League Atlantic

      Schmo does things so great! Love seeing how humble Khamzat is as well! great work Schmo:)

    96. Rome Makes

      The UFC is hjs

    97. Gregory Nickelsen

      You can see his mind never stops spinning.

    98. Shahab Uddin

      Looks like the way things are he might have to fight a handicap against 2 fighters!... he'll probably Smesh both.

    99. Nivin E

      schmo really likes him

    100. Bro Why

      Khamzat is the Walmart version of Khabib