Boeing 747 PILOT flies traffic pattern with CESSNA 152! Including CHECKLISTS by CAPTAIN JOE

Captain Joe

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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
    Yes it’s finally here. My first ever youtube video with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. I have to say I absolutely love this software. I tested it before it was released and it’s just such a fantastic tool to training your procedure, checklist and just to get a head start if you are planning on going to flight school and become a pilot.
    I really don’t see it as a game rather as a great tool for aviators to improve their skills. I would even got as far as practicing approaches into airport we fly into on a regular basis.
    Nevertheless, in today’s video I’ll be showing you the absolute basics of flying a little Cessna 152 around the island of St. Barth. St. Barth airport is know for it’s incredible step descent on final for runway 10.
    So I challenge myself directly from the start and try and land this little plane onto this relatively short runway. But I wanted to do it as professional as possible by using all the necessary/applicable checklist. Starting up the engine, performing the runup etc. and Microsoft really delivers with this incredible simulation.
    So please checkout my checklist which are downloadable for a small fee on my website, that you can apply the checklists like you would in flight school or as professional pilots do.
    I hope you enjoyed this video, more of these will be coming soon!
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
    Big thank you to all other youtubers who provided me with the video material to create this video. Your content is highly appreciated. Please follow their channels:
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    1. HZ45OP63

      What is this guy running this on!

    2. Vishal K Sahoo

      hey, isn't the radios off...its not showing any frequencies

    3. John Mason

      I think it is extremely cool that a professional airplane pilot takes time to humble himself and fly a flight simulator. I only hope Joe's not doing it to push Micro$oft FS.

    4. Norbert Kiszka

      MFS is a game, not a simulator.

    5. Eaton Blumenstein

      Now you gotta try it with the Old MS Flight sim , where you take off Meigs and the only building at all is the Sears tower. it makes you appreciate how much has changed over the last 20 years.

    6. Sapphire弾丸

      Would be nice if airforceproud was your ATC

    7. C. Curry

      I can't seem to get the plane down on the runway in the traffic pattern training.

    8. Howlin000

      This is super cool! Thank you very much :) I subscribed!

    9. GamblerGamin

      You should try trackir so you can look around easier

    10. Kaynos

      13:37. Smooth as butter.

    11. Richard Crawford

      If budget allows , try it on a beefy PC with a quality VR headset like Reverb G2. The graphics aren’t quite as good as 2D, but the immersion it offers is a great feeling. (Looking side-to-side freely, etc.)

    12. Richard Crawford

      If budget allows , try it on a beefy PC with a quality VR headset like Reverb G2. The graphics aren’t quite as good as 2D, but the immersion is often a treat itself.

    13. Tintin Meyer

      Imagine paying 6 dollars for a checklist that you can get for free online😂😂

    14. Harry Bassett

      Love it!

    15. George McKay

      You mised 1 step in shut down list. Elt transmission check....

    16. Eric

      Captain Joe! Does the checklists work with the previous simulator. I mean "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" Fsx. @captainjoe

    17. Maarten van Roij

      Have you already played FS2020 in VR? It's absolutely mindblowing and the most immersive flight experience you can get at home. You can actually look everywhere you want without having to move your mouse. Very handy when flying traffic patterns in VFR. You also get a much better feel for height and distance than with using just a screen, making it a bit easier to fly. By the way, how do you rate FS2020 as a professional pilot? Is it as accurate as in real life or do you experience it more like a game? Simply said, if I can fly a plane (let's say a Cessna 172) without all assitance turned off in FS2020, would I be able to fly it in real life?

    18. Doug

      I felt like I just got a real lesson; Well done Captain Joe enjoyed that very much!

    19. Guru KN

      FIRST. emphasis on FIRST. So when are more coming capt.? I understand you are still flying in the real world...

    20. Enrico Miral

      Make some videos in Italian language. See you soon

    21. P Weiss

      Always a pleasure to have a pro confirm that it's no waste of time to stick to learning, manuals and procedures... like... when I was doing good with fighter jets, at first it was still impossible to land the cat on a moving carrier... reading, understanding and following NATOPS manuals got me down right onto the second wire... that's how it's made - thank you so much for insisting on it!

    22. Devilfox

      Hi captain! I'm hesitating on plane simulator, just like you hesitate for your first kiss. Should I go for it or not? But with your enthousiasm and your always good mood I feel more confident! Thx Captain🙏🏻

    23. Robert DOUETTE

      what about oil pressure after engine start ?

    24. Jeremiah DeRosas

      Did anyone else see he is flying but he lands with his hands up he is not using the yoke!

      1. BallaJurassic

        Did you watch to the end? Start at 15:41

      2. ZK-APA

        Already mentioned, he isn't flying in this video, but more of a voiceover

    25. jacoob sus

      Captain Joe

    26. KnifeGuy375

      16:09 :D That JOY!! 👍👍😊

      1. KnifeGuy375

        @Harry Bassett 😅😅 yes 😄😄

      2. Harry Bassett

        We all do that on flight sims!

    27. KnifeGuy375


    28. Marinho.flightsim

      I fly as cabin crew and I am used to p3d and fs2020. And it's amazing how most if pilots are so geeks just like me !!. And when we have enough time to discuss during cruise, in the flight deck, about flight simulator among other things it's always funny. I'm sure it would be with you too if you were a Swiss pilot.

    29. That Old Bob

      I learned on a 150 but used to fly a 172. I misse at your take off the check for ignition 1 and 2 separate and together. Of course I used to fly the 1970-80. Good luck you’ll be a good instructor. Do you have to teach the spin too?

    30. Greg Flury

      I loved my C-172 Skyhawk. We use checkmate lists.

    31. Luca

      Do I have to pay for the checklist download🤔? Yes, right?

    32. nothing

      It's so amazing to see a professional 747 pilot fly such a small plane,keep up the great work and content

    33. Alex K

      Hello, Joe! Thanks for your explanation of especially approach and holding procedures! Tell us please what equipment are you using for Microsoft Flight simulator?

    34. Dai Larner

      Excellent, really useful information thanks

    35. Enrique Sanchez

      Absolutely amazing, finally a real and good video about what is to be a pilot of tiny Cessna 👏🏼 Pity that in Microsoft Flight sim no voice of ATC or pilot. I clearly remember in my school times some simulator I had played, there you had an ability to send a ready voice messages to ATC to have any clearance you needed to go through the field to runway, that was about 17-18 years ago...

    36. Easyjet Inside The Cockpit LFS simulator.

      i got the checklist how do i download

    37. A F

      Low hours student here. Thanks Captain Joe, not only was the vid very helpful but it also meant I could show my husband what I have been learning 😆. I am having so much fun learning but no-one warned me that flying was so addictive!

    38. Leon Marc San Juan

      Please make some more videos of flight simulator 2020 like a320

    39. Khiladi 797

      Mobile phone gamers, download turboprop flight simulator, it has one of the widest range of controls

    40. Sarvesh Sangeeth

      i want to fly the boeing 777x or boeing 747 400 by klm corgo or passenger

    41. Titanic SeaTurtle

      I use the same yolk as you

    42. Titanic SeaTurtle

      Mr. Joe can you be my a320 flight instructor if not can you contact sully

    43. Edgar Lepiten

      Would like to watch more of these contents Cap!

    44. Wreck Geek

      Totally unrealistic! The engine never starts that quickly lol

    45. Patrick Glosson

      Made it look easy...

    46. sherwin salvatori

      Hey Joe when you say little Cessna it disturbs me all civil fixed wing pilot starts off on either c72,75 or piper's and the alike.

    47. Filip Valenta

      What yoke does he use?

    48. shuoxingcast

      I fly a C172SP in aerosport club just on the opposite side of your huge red Cargolux hangar. And I fly the same ILS approach (and RNP when the ILS was under maintenance few months ago) with your 747 all the time :) When weather is good, I fly 100kt down the ILS until 2-3 nm before getting flaps out and slowing down. But when it's bad, I do slow down to 80kt to get a more stabilised approach in the cloud. No 747 pilot in the frequency ever complained anything, and ATC here in Luxembourg is doing an amazing job vectoring a huge variety of traffic 747, Dash-8, 737 and tons of small GA aircrafts around for approach with very little delay.

    49. TriForce Gamerz

      Amazing video, hope to see more of this😎

    50. Andreu Medina

      they should give you the sqwak code and QNH on the first communication

    51. david otchere

      where can i get simulator just like yours.thanks

    52. Zeeshan

      Make sure to call your mechanic and have him check your landing gear after you shut down. You landed pretty hard, LOL.

    53. Sebastien V

      I only fly airliners lol

    54. Umut ATÇALIOĞLU

      You forgot to locl the primer

    55. Limitless Space Exploration

      You don't need to turn off your mobile phone in a C152.

    56. Benedikt

      I am missing "check oil pressure" on the engine startup checklist. I love flying general aviation aircraft in simulators - much more than airliners.

    57. Ralf Baechle

      Switching the transponder on but only to idle for it to warm up seems to be an old ritual from the valve days. For the "kids" that don't know, valves need depending on type of valves and how brutal they're being treated anywhere up to a minute to become operational. But yes, switch it on to idle anway - just to make sure the last joker using the plane didn't leave the transponder set to 7500. And if it's at least a semi-modern model with electronic display seeing the display lighting up gives at least a bit of an indication of servicability. Oh - and trust is futile. Technolog is out there to screw you. I've flown a C172SP where the transponder in mode C (altitude reporting) was reporting an altitude of 25,000ft. Imagine the face of the controller seeing a C172 at FL250 on his screen ;-) The particular aircraft had a placard saying something like "Alt reporting INOP, Mode A only." Which these days is important may be important to know when flying in TMA (Transponder Mandatory Area). which might require mode C or S.

    58. Larva Tuba

      If captain joe is my instructor I'll be learn easily😀

    59. Pawel Adamczyk

      forgot to mention you want my $5 for it, lol

    60. lanzerotto

      just downloaded mine and they' re great! Hope more and more will be available for all planes of FS2020!

    61. Mr. L

      2:27 ”Clear prop!”

    62. Random

      Love the chuckles when you announce "Clear prop". I guess you don't do that much often in a 747 :D

    63. daggu_007

      Captain joe: fly carefully into the airport Swiss001: sorry cap *flies in with an an225*


      after can you do a 747 or a cessna caravan

    65. Jb Bosselut

      You missed oil pressure during the first check list !!

    66. NoT KeRmIt ThE FrOg

      Dude, you should do a series on this like how to land and how to set your navigation, stuff like that. Keep it up

    67. Wala Goanmi

      Thanks for the video Captian Joe

    68. Wizard Koer

      Get the head tracking app on your phone, it connects to the flight sim and tracks your head so when you move your haed left the screen looks left and when you look right the screen looks right. It's amazing!

    69. Tyler Remin

      I’d love to see you try another simulator called DCS, it has a large focus on military aircraft yet it does have some civilian aircraft too (Yak 52, CE2 etc)

    70. Free Pilot

      In US, Transponder is set to ON all the time not standby.

    71. Frank Schneller

      Well explained. The video was designed very elaborately. e.g. especially highlighting the individual instruments. I haven't seen it like this with other simmers.

    72. Timthepilot1305

      I see a new career start here

    73. Ark

      Hey this is a late comment but I was wondering if you could do this same idea with a TBM-930 as it’s one of my favorite turboprop planes. Thanks

    74. JonathanLindroos

      more Captain Joe + Microsoft flight simulator, very nice video. thanks...

    75. Martin Lyhagen

      A Swedish colony between 1784 and 1878...

    76. Kyle Yoshida

      i'd love to see you do more microsoft flight simulator videos/comparisons with real life!

    77. Uli König

      May be you could show us some "do nots" in the Flightsimulator? So what you should never do in a real aircraft?

    78. Adrian

      Wouldn't it have more sense to check for oil pressure rising just after startup, rather than oil temperature? I don't know in a Cessna 152, but in a Rotax engine, it can take a couple minutes or more to see any visible variation in oil temperature, thus with oil pressure you must check you have enough in less than 10 secs, or stop the engine immediately

    79. MJ Campaner

      Can you interview pilots from other airline companies aside from dutchgirlpilot. Since being a pilot is still a male dominated career I'm just so proud and fascinated about women in aviation...women power! No offense to the men in this career. Thank you sir.

    80. Paul Martin

      Looks like the simulation rate is running faster than 1x ??

    81. michael smith


    82. Herriot7

      Keep up the detailed explanations at all stages, it enriches the experience.

    83. Brent Parker

      I almost cried! Lol. Soooo cool! Your setup tho. What’s the brand and cost? Loved the vid!

    84. Hriday Vig

      Pls do next with Airbus A320-200 , including the checklist. With same pics above and all . Thankyou for this .

    85. Justwantahover

      Would you be able to land a high performance glider there without going into the water? Maybe with flaps and spoilers deployed.

    86. Vinay Dholakia

      What controllers did you use for flight sim. Pedals, throttle, wheel

    87. shane robert

      Hey Cap, late comment i know but really enjoyed you enjoying flight sim. Hope to see more.

    88. Ryan Keller

      I wish I had a yoke. I use a joystick they are really touchy. All of them are sold out everywhere:(

    89. OceanmasteR SuperioR

      I always wanted to become a pilot. I am motivated and certainly capable. But I don't have the money to support myself for flight school. Please help me capt joe. I promise i wont waste your effort and I will do my best to make you and myself proud.

    90. Aussie life

      the only problem is he is narrating a video that he as already made or has fond on the internet

    91. Helena Katsipodas

      You definately do alot of work! What's your secret?

    92. Ndriana

      Hey Captain Joe, do you think the tremendous flight data MSFS2020 is going to collect can rival Airbus Skywise at some point?

    93. Jash Parekh

      For amazing videos related to Aviation

    94. Vlieger

      Captain Joe giving lessons on MSFS. This is about as good as it gets! I love it. Wish HE had been my instructor when I got my license

    95. Prince Aviation


    96. Harold Wheeler

      If your licenced to fly one type of plane can you fly smaller ones

      1. ZK-APA

        Harold Wheeler it doesn't matter, whether big or small,it all depends on type rating. If it's endorsed on your licence, you can fly it.

    97. Benjamin Domingo

      I love his laugh.


      Had you ever fly with 74gear?

    99. farok razeef

      I love to see your video, very easy to understand 👍🏼 i hope you make a video normal checklist for commercial aircraft too! :D

    100. jobloyomomma

      Love the videos, something worth mentioning is the oil pressure should be the first thing to check once the engine starts up!