No Hook No Feelings - Tony Loya

Tony Loya

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    This ain’t all I got don’t trip

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    1. EliteWarrior

      Why the fuck people say he sound like jaydee they don’t even sound the same PENDEJOS

    2. Jay Cat

      Watts up compa tony we banging yo shit over here ma boi stay up we got yo back desde WATTS CA fUcc the opps

    3. Mariana Quintana

      Puro Tony Loya

    4. Leon Reyes

      This shit is dope af props

    5. Bumping Pure Classics

      This whole tony beef vs jd and alexis is getting dumb bodies gotta drop now fuck this crack corridos


      Fuck yeah ese show this mofos whats good im goin tru similar shit so iknow how this shit feals bruh Chingona brow la rola Chingon brow got my respect 😎🤑😈💪

    7. elmango eldenortecarolina

      Eres la mera cuerda compa tonyloya fuk lanvidia ...i puro tierra caliente cochos!!!

    8. Diego Morales

      Puro fire🔥🔥🔥🔥😻😻


      Bro nigga slap that shit too much, that’s what fucks it up just slap it from time to time sheesh 🔥.

    10. Omar Segovia

      Jaydee made you “pop out” because before the beef and shit ain’t nobody knew yo ass🤦‍♂️💀😂😂

    11. edgar gg

      Ight ik im not the only one fw jaydee and tony tho🙌😭

    12. edgar gg

      the intro tho😭

    13. chinodog100

      I like your music but you dry snitching in the beginning

    14. 2021 News

      ya try to much

    15. Jose Orozco

      All I gotta say is that you killed this shit🔥🔥🔥🔥

    16. Jose

      Only going up from here!💯

    17. Carlos Madrigal

      Tony needs to get some classes from my boy Jaydee 😂😂 #Wholelottaclikashit 🤘🤘🤘

    18. Bianca Rios

      Garden Boys, yes sirrrrr

    19. Bianca Rios

      very good Tony, i love u

    20. OG500


    21. Jose Ruiz


    22. MR


    23. christian Lemonade

      Yea it’s true I see ur point of view Tony. When you were with hp Jd never put you on anything g cuz you are competition to him. And you left for good reasons and one of the reasons is cuz you like money and you like making money so I can see why you left. You and Jaydee would of made some bangers tbh .

    24. Jose Gael Quiroz Camarillo


    25. Andrew Esparza

      Puro DMG

    26. Alex M

      flop harder then 69

    27. The og sugar kid

      Tony vs the world

    28. Daniel Gress


    29. Joaquinthegoat Padilla

      What did he sayyyyy?😂

    30. Edgar Bravo

      y'all need to stop hyping people who mumble songs and call them corridos , cmon now

      1. Jorge perez

        Mumble? I understand him perfectly

    31. Edgar Bravo

      same tempo, same cord progresión , same song theme 🤨?

    32. Efrain Ramos

      All I hear is a chihuahua bark bark bark

    33. Denny Sanchez

      Tony Loya 💯💯💵💯💯

    34. Chino Lopez

      🗣 🔥 🚀 🍇

    35. Alondra Anaya

      Damn 🔥🔥🔥🔥 karma

    36. Large Spicy Deluxe

      Puro HP RECORDS 👌 This is hard tho

    37. Red cookies420

      This goes to hard evertime 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    38. Francisco Garcia

      this song coo but lets be honest his bars are whack, Town Shit 2 not looking too good 🤕

    39. Martin Mp

      Puro tony loya town shitt🤘🤘🤘😎

    40. Unknown Suspect

      Watch yourself before you watch everyone clown get your own style stop copying Jaydee wuey

    41. Ya boi kev

      All i got to say is FIRE

    42. Fernando Dominguez

      This diss is fire 🔥

    43. daniel robles

    44. Daniel Vargas


    45. Lily Munoz

      Sorry but home boy will always and forever be in Jaydee’s shadow. And that’s on Tony the phony And Jaydee really gonna report his ass for copycat 😂😂 Just facts not cap

    46. Flo Rep

      Tony Loya got more flows just mad cause he slapz your flow ✍🏾.

    47. Isa Arri

      Wish you the best coming up !!!

    48. Isa Arri

      Love it all

    49. Claps_is_ Lonely

      Shit goes hard

    50. Angel Cruz

      why yall hating so much on jaydee 😂? bruh jaydee made this nigga and he said “we really livin what the song says” he stole alexis shit cuh 🤣

    51. ceerw buty

      Facts homie anybody could make trap money homie mad bc you did more what he did in 1 year

    52. R!cothefamousk!dz


    53. Yung Alan

      Puro Tony Loya

    54. Luis Lopez


      1. ceerw buty

        Dam bro💯💯💯💯💯💯

    55. Jesus A Desantiago

      To the people wondering when the song comes out and all it’s out on all platforms so go stream that shit and help the compa Tony🤝🛸

    56. Carlos Valle

      Te pareses a lil wayne just spitting random shit sin un punto de referencia

    57. EternalFlame Uchiha

      Yo this wack

    58. Brandon Lemus

      Animo viejo pura pa dalante fuck them haters 🇲🇽🍻

    59. Rolando Bmx

      0:18 Alexis Vera 🤣

    60. Mxnny 10

      Bruh everyone in the comments are clowns bruh straight up💀 tony is literally clowning jaydee😂

      1. Yung Alan

        ong bro🤣🤣

    61. Juni Juni

      This guys bars not close to jaydee... hp takes out Tony loya anytime

    62. Jesus Torres

      Keep up good shit tony not on no ones side both y’all music bangs😤💯👌🏽💨

    63. Jesus Torres

      Jaydee:aguas con la raza cambian de la noche ala mañana no ay pedo piensan que son chivos pero son ranas digo *sapos*porque andan brincando de charco a charco👌🏽

    64. Jose Villalvazo

      Tony is the definition of a Buford or better known as a goofy 😂

    65. Lil_woowoo Woo


    66. Leo The kid

      Yes siree

    67. Staxz DG

      Puro Tony loya🔥🔥

    68. Tere Torres

      Dam bro💯💯💯💯💯💯

    69. asioe kiou

      “We really living with the sunset garden boys” damn homie straight diss Vera 🤫

      1. BELTRAN664


      2. Kaka nomanches


      3. Hector Piña

        with the sunset?! huhh? he said “we really livin what the song says”🤦🏽‍♂️

    70. pulling_up on_this_hoes Danger

      This nigga no juega!🔥🔥🥶


      HEAT ⛽️

    72. Cele Rosales

      Tony you shouldn’t have finished the wood before drop 😂

    73. Bikelife_jorge


    74. fazejoe123

      I like this fucken beat but he didn’t go hard with it

      1. asioe kiou

        When this is going to be on spotify

    75. lowcarb lewie

      straight bit the flow 🤣🤣🤣 #HDP

    76. J Kicks

      🔥Saludos All The Way From CHICAGO 🔥

    77. Leonardo Rios

      Lero lero

    78. Diego Valluco

      Uhhhh Yu tell em

    79. uly herr

      Sounds nothing like HP he got his own flow.

    80. Enrique Tapia

      Better than jaydee diss track





    83. Lizbeth Amaya

      Seeshh ain’t no comeback 💨💨

    84. Diego Vrga

      Where's the heavy metal?

    85. Sifuentes Erik


    86. Bryan Cuevas


    87. Cow_Gio 2010

      When this is going to be on spotify

    88. Osvaldo Bermudez

      haven't heard jaydee after this dropped👀👀

      1. Alfonso Cardenas-Chavez

        jaydee aint toppin this bruh this shit packing heat

    89. Jose Lopez

      bra all your shit sounds the same and I cant understand half the shit he says

      1. Alfonso Cardenas-Chavez

        jaydee shit sounds the same

    90. Eduardo Rios-Meza

      Im subcribed with my normal and my school acc this my school acc lmaooo.

    91. Brandon Zuniga

      Drop on Spotify already! My phone be dying having this on reply

    92. Kevin Aguilar


    93. Kevin Aguilar


    94. XxfearmyrngxX RVXE on your for head

      Dam the nigga tony with bars ✌🏻👋🥶

    95. El cuhh Burnin

      Tony uses 'por si acaso' better than jaydee🔥👹

    96. Leonardo Rios

      Lero lero 🤣🤣🤣

    97. Kenneth Mora

      Cant choose sides. Jaydee and Tony are both fire for me. Pura Lumbre Compa. Dis shit slaps.

    98. Maria Zavala


    99. Fornite


    100. Diego Valenzuela

      This shit wack jaydee better u ain’t makin shit he way on top of u