DO or DIE on The Coosa (The FINAL) - Road to the Bassmaster Elites Ep. 31 Bassmaster Open Lay Lake

Scott Martin

127 миӊ. көрүүлөр7

    The MOST CRITICAL Tournament of my Career! I HAVE to catch them in order to keep the dream alive and qualify for the Bassmaster Elite Series in 2021. Thank you for all the support this season 👊🏼
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    1. Joel Rediker

      Yeah this video deserves a sub

    2. John Parrish

      How bout 9k likes!

    3. trae stuart

      I've not really ever followed you even though your dad's a legend and I've enjoyed your videos. I'm officially on board and hope to meet you at a future, elite event in Texas! Keep the faith. It's more important in the bad times, for all those eyes watching you, than the good.

    4. Tim Fontenot

      Billy.....yous gots to set harder than that ole buddy. Lol

    5. Marty Mooney

      The deal is not to just profess you're a Christian but to live your life Christ-like if you live your life Christ-like then you are leading by example.....

    6. Dana Bates

      Hello..Congrats on your Elite berth..way to go..I'll be watchin..Dana From El paso

    7. WormTV

      Man you gotta cut that tube open and brush the rest of that paste out 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    8. Kyle Vodden

      Good vid. Been a fan of your dad for years and being from Ontario. Both of you are really good Mentors. Tight lines Scott and stay safe

    9. Josh Cope

      Scott that’s awesome you made the elites. But I have one question was Todd serious about not letting Billy have a piece of that big pizza. Cause if so that was pretty rude. Lol

    10. Revik

      Can you keep foul hooked fish in these tournaments?

    11. Dajuan White

      I’ve always wanted to be a fisherman 🎣 like a athletic fisherman it’s gone come 1 day

    12. christian colabelli

      I'm insulted by the "I ain't from NJ... That's an insult!" comment... lol.

    13. David Jessee

      There so many fishing tournaments these days that I'm surprised you can catch anything... Besides all the professional tournaments now you got collage and high school tournaments.. Our town on lake Cumberland in ky even has middle school fishing team and host a tournament plus local amateur tournaments every week....

    14. Gunserrk Gaming

      I really liked how you did the intro of this video. Been watching you for probably the last 10 years on KGup, and even before that I remember watching you on tv in tournaments. Great video brother.

    15. vault pluto

      Great vid and tourney man congrats

    16. Bobby Swain

      Sick editing on this vid ......congrats

    17. Mark Franklin

      I'm sure this has been asked before, but what brand of baitcaster reel and rod (and type of, med-heavy, heavy) are you using in this video?

    18. Philip H

      You have the best video quality out of any fishing channel that I have seen. Its incredible

    19. Jean Vermeulen

      anyone know what the song at 36:04 is called ? i can’t seem to find it

    20. Chris Gable

      Congrats you made it happen I would like to go to lay with you and show you a ton of stuff I lived there for 30 years 10 minutes from beeswax

    21. Chris Gable

      You fish the wrong end run up

    22. Chris Gable

      Man yall are on the best grass lake in that area and yall are fishing for spots come on

    23. percobaan forwut

      This should be on netflix docs!

    24. WestVirginiaOutdoors

      Hey Scott how can I go pro in fishing?? It has always been a dream of mine to go pro. Love the content❤️🎣

    25. John Puckett

      I've always heard of people taking gold hooks at the beach with a top and bottom rig and kitchen fish with no bait never seen it in freshwater before you taught me something new I guess I don't need no more soft plastics LOL

    26. heath anderson

      I live in Alabama

    27. Brayden Horton

      I’m pretty sure you won’t see this but absolutely love your vids!! 1 question what kind of reels do you use? Awesome job Man U are the best

    28. Cambre Webb

      The smash the like thing 😂

    29. Rob Alexander

      Great Job Scott that was stressfull

    30. DaWayne Munk

      Welcome to the Elites as well as Team Skeeter!!

    31. Gabriel Shanks

      What brand of equipment do you like to use

    32. Jim Stewart

      Just you are a rookie Fishman

    33. Jim Stewart

      That fishing you all. You catch some fish. Some fish get away.

    34. Jim Stewart

      The baits to. Maybe the fish didn't like your baits.

    35. Jim Stewart

      Water temperature and weather.

    36. Danny York

      Sargent slaughter one came up with coba clutch not the american dream

    37. Jarrod Batson

      Congrats on making the Elites! May the Lord bless you this upcoming season!

    38. joseph sanchez

      Did any else feel cringy watching the pizza scene between billy n Todd. Everyone else there didn’t say a word or pretended it wasn’t happening , confirms the awkwardness of that moment

    39. William Bonk

      Best video of 2020 congrats can't wait for 2021 season see you on lake Champlain and use the white chatter bait - rock as in river lol

    40. Spiritual Warrior

      That was fun to watch, congratulations...Merry Christmas...God bless and Peace be with you...

    41. Levi Bruns

      What GoPro does he have?

    42. Robbie Hall

      Awesome video. Maybe one day I can catch them consistently in the fall and winter!

    43. 661 GODISLOVE

      What reel on that sick stick are you using

    44. David Merritt

      Congrats Scott on qualifying for the elits. We can't wait to see the next tournament video. I am no bass pro by any means but next time stay away from the color white and silver, stripers love it. Instead in the rain, overcast sky's go to gold blades or gold and black jerk baits. As usual Billy is definitely the comic relief, keep it up and may God bless you all.

    45. Donny Ashmore

      Do or Die no matter the outcome you will always be my favorite. We always have to remember that we are not in control but you already know that, Scott win or lose you are a winner you put god first and your family loves you and supports you and that's a win.

    46. Chris Blank

      Awesome! Love watching and following along!

    47. D. Fox

      Fish deep with worms

    48. George Talley

      Oh yeah

    49. Pink Pond Princess

      Hey!! Great video 😀 New Female KGup Fishing Video Out. 💖😀🎣👸 “Pink Pond Princess “ Stopped By.

    50. Smithvegas BassAssassin

      Awesome season Scott! Way to get it done and can’t wait to watch you fish the Elites in the 2021 season! You, Castledine, Upshaw, and Hallman are some of my favorite professional anglers! Great job to everyone!

    51. Mathew Stewart

      Looks like your gettin old but that can’t stop you from fishing 🎣 bro. GO get em!

    52. d rouse

      So , did Roland say he was fishing the Elites too? That would be sweet .

    53. play date tik tok

      like, Hope the best come to you

    54. Bassassin

      Notice you're using a Megabass jerkbait and not a Googan jerkbait, even tho you sponsored by them. Just shows that Googan baits are junk.

    55. dcfishin

      Really impressed with the amazing editing and feeling more immersed experience in this bass master series.

    56. Ryder Tucker

      Did I leave ranger and go to skeeter???

    57. shaun stradley

      When he hit the Live Well it went blink blink

    58. Jeff Johnston

      Sending you that South FLA Big O love to ya Scott spank their azz. See ya on the lake !

    59. Brock Johnson

      Congrats man on the elites!

    60. franky rude

      These last 2 tournament videos are top notch dude. Some of the absolute best you have put out. Keep up the good work and good luck on the elites you deserve it!!

    61. Hunter Thomas

      Why not just buy or make a plug knocker? Lol

    62. Charles Owens

      Scott you’re awesome man. I was reading some of my Dad’s old bass fishing books and saw your father in there. You’re just like him. I think it’s cool that my dad used to watch and follow your dad and now I am watching you. Thanks for the content, you’re my favorite angler.

    63. Brandon Wade

      Scott give me a call! Id like to collaborate with you and Macoy

    64. Marine Biodiversity and Aquaculture

      Nice Content !!!

    65. feellnfroggy

      No matter how your season ends, you're always welcome to hit Rodman on your way home and catch a limit.

    66. FatheadFishing

      Love that God is a big part of this and your family and friends are praying for you! Your the man Scott!

    67. Jorge Sanchez

      It’s been a crazy year stay strong good times are coming 🇺🇸

    68. Zeus Von Rafiel

      That is why I love watching you and love you Scott and that is your love for our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the first in every Christians life if you read the bible. God Bless my friend.

    69. Andrew Gilmore

      Mini Scott - "Splash the Like Button, Splash the Like Button, Right Here" That was hysterical ! Thanks for all the great content this year. Congrats.

    70. jasontheryan

      "this is retirement toothpaste"... Scott, I don't care how many tournaments you win, if you and Billy just put out content forever I'm on board for as long as you do it. Nothing makes me giggle more.

    71. Rabid Beaver

      Congrats man!

    72. Lamont Turner

      Congratulations Scott wish the best 👌

    73. Kyle Charles

      8:00 mark warms the heart. I’ll always pull for you SM. Your content is extremely good as well.

    74. Bassin 63

      congrats !! well deserved

    75. Brent Bloom

      Give me a chance to fish a tournament and I’d slay them I caught a 21lb bag that same day

    76. kendall birkett

      Best video yet

    77. sergio franco

      Congratulations Scott!!! Looking forward to next season.

    78. Phil Green

      I really appreciate you talking about Jesus in your videos. Not to mention all of the great footage and tips, it shows alot about your character. Great fishermen and teacher, I really hope you make the elites soon. Pulling for you brother.

      1. Phil Green

        Oh my bad. You did make it. Congrats.

    79. C L

      Man that was awesome 🎣

    80. Joe Smith

      Scott, why do you pull line off with your hand when a fish is on?

    81. YT5AVAGE 21

      When i say i was stressing throughout this video i mean it and all i have to say is CONGRATS U DESERVE IT

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!! That was stressful

    82. KHPpassntime

      Enjoy your videos. Congratulations and good luck with the elites. Any way you can take Billy on the elite tour with you? Dude’s a hoot. Love the “cinematic” pork chop flip. Lmao

    83. Nick Cavazos

      Job well done scot! I can't imagine what it was like to go through everything it took to get it done 1st run. Congrats man, I am super excited to see you mix it up chasing those big bites on the ELITES. And with the other names that left and are coming back to bass in 2021...... it's going to be a hell of a show.

    84. Ricky Moses

      Way to go!

    85. Jimmy Powell

      Congratulations Scott great video and good luck in the Elites. I’m living my dream thru you guys and your videos.

    86. Brock Johnson

      Dude I noticed you have follow camera boat on this video! Good shots while your fishing! Thanks for that! Like ESPN, just a little feed back man.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!!! We plan on doing that next year too

    87. Brock Johnson

      Dude you got the 5 thousand likes! Congrats

      1. Scott Martin

        So thankful!

    88. Brock Johnson

      Dude, the story about your wife and family praying with you was great bro! That’s why your the best out there man, good days and bad, your still the best cause you thank our LORD, Godbless you and your family bro!

      1. Scott Martin


    89. Brock Johnson

      Dude you really stepped it up on this intro man! The recap was great! I said it once and I’ll say it again, best show on the tube! Thanks for taking us on the ride man! ESPecially this year with our country! We need SMC more than ever! Hell, if Biden wins I’ll STAY THE WATER FISHING and watch SMC on the phone bro! Godbless you boys, we are living thru you!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you sooo much!!!!

    90. Brock Johnson

      Awesome videos man! I just wish their was more tournaments man! However thanks for taking us on the ride Scott! Hopefully this country can get its act together soon! Biden sux he won’t do it, but maybe something will happen before then? Godbless man

    91. Glenn G.

      But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.

    92. Sean Jones

      Love that hoodie in the intro. Where from? Great content as always! 🔥🤙🏻🍻

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      Congrats Scott! Best of luck on the Elites, can't wait to watch!

    94. Parker Atkins

      I actually have a high school tournament in March at lay lake

    95. WWE drying pepper

      Scott would u use my favorite lure whopper plopper

    96. Deathtodiablo

      I live on Lake Louisville and I missed the chance because of work to see you out here but it’s become more of a party lake than anything else but if you find those right spots there’s some Big ones

    97. Hank Xiong

      It ain’t a video with out BillygottaBass!

    98. Hank Xiong

      New game, every time Scott says biggun. Take a shot 😈

    99. Tim Roberts

      Congrats to you Scott. To survive this crazy year and make the Elites is awesome! Can't wait to follow you next year and see you qualify for The Classic!!!! God Bless and Merry Christmas!

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      Way to go Scott! 🤠👍