when you become a sp3rm bank for your high school

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    1. Caine Jenkins

      He really saying wendy got that fresh roast beef

    2. French Toast

      Bro he got lotion on his side

    3. Justin kamil Dumaguin

      Sauce on thumbnail

    4. Saxosus

      Re sp3rm bank - That WAS me about 20 years ago! I didn't have a literal "line of girls", but I had a reputation I wasn't aware of... until a gal said almost exactly the same line in the anime - she had a friend coming home from abroad soon and needed my "services". I was "dating" several other girls at the time and declined, telling her I didn't have time. It wasn't until years later I finally realized my reputation and what that girl's request meant! In only about 3 months I'd been "traded" back and forth between 6 to 8 girls!!! One gal even admitted to me she had used me to lose her virginity. Oddly perhaps, I remember the first name of every single gal I've ever been with. In a strange way, I did fall in love with each of them, at least a part of them and their personalities, just a little somehow. Each girl has her own beauty and special memory for me no matter how short our time was together. Maybe that's part of why they liked me so much? I was genuinely interested in them and liked them, yet was interested in too many others at the same time. There was always something new and amazing to discover with another girl. My favorite and most memorable moment, near the end of my several months living in that part of Texas, was at a HS dance. This didn't involve s3x, but maybe that's the reason it's such a special memory. One girl used me very publicly. Or did I use her? Today I think it was mutual, although I never knew her reason. I had just moved there a few months before during the summer, the new-to-town 17yr old rogue mystery guy who was (apparently) very attractive to the gals, never hesitated to throw down if needed, the one the other guys were worried about. My reputation began quickly, well before school began, so I was already known a bit. It happened at a HS Senior dance. Me, I attended solo, token gfriend busy that night. Emily, was one of the prettiest, most popular, and smartest girls dating "the high school football star" who wasn't there either. We'd already noticed each other in class but had never talked that I remember. You know the slow dance at the end of the evening that is so important somehow, "that" dance? Without planning or ever talking, as if it was simply meant to happen, we saw each other and met on the dance floor for the final slow dance. It just seemed to be perfect for each of us somehow. Me looking rugged in my jeans and t-shirt and she looking perfect in a beautiful red dress. We danced and at the end of the song were in the middle of the dance floor with all other couples somehow moved away from us, I held her and we shared the most passionate long kiss. After, I looked up and saw everyone watching us in astonishment. Most didn't know me but everyone knew her. I'll never forget that moment. It was absolutely amazing, exactly like a movie moment. The fallout afterwards over the next week was tremendous of course. Almost accidentally and for completely unrelated reasons, I left town only a couple weeks later and have never heard from anyone there again. I only intended to travel then return, so I never said goodbye to anyone, I just disappeared (pre cell phone days obviously). To this day, that was one of the most amazing, mind-blowing moments in my life, perhaps hers too. Of course I remember her name well. Emily, you gave me one of the best memories of my life. Thank you. Now that I'm much older and more than 20 yrs have passed, I look back at myself and can't believe that was actually me. Like a different person who had no real investment in other people's feelings, although they were the ones who approached me. While I had "everything a young man could want" sexually, today I'm very ashamed of myself, except for the amazing dance. I recognized this aspect of myself about 5 years and many gals later, then consciously decided to never be that person again and changed myself. Since then, I've only been intimate with 3 women, two I married, yet those 5 years of my life of debauchery contain more memories than most men experience in an entire lifetime. It may seem like a dream come true to have been that kind of person, but that part of my life is now a deep source of guilt for me, yet still filled with extraordinary memories. It's impossible to reconcile those opposing feelings so I simply remember what I was and what I made of myself without judging my youthful, now unrecognizable to me, self. There's no other way. Finally, to end this essay, a final thought no one thinks about. What about "that guy", the sp3erm bank guy? What does it do to him being that person? It sounds amazing, yes, and it was for that moment, but there's another side never considered. After I changed my ways and became a better person, I realized I didn't know how to approach any "nice gals". By that I mean I had never had to learn how to approach a gal because I had always been pursued before. I ended up with two bad marriages, the first ended sadly and the second I should have never considered, yet didn't have the ability to see the bad person she was despite all the signs being there. In other words, to this day, I can recognize the wonderful, quality women out there, yet have no idea how to approach them! It's so strange. A couple years ago I decided to let a little of my "old self" come out again and within a month had a short fling with a gal who has an almost fictitiously wonderful body and very pretty face who is 20 years younger than me. That fling, only a week long, left me with new fun and lurid memories (especially at my age now LOL), yet reconfirmed that's not the right path for me. I had to block her from contacting me. I need to find a way to "safely" fuse that "bad self's" abilities with my current good self to find a wonderful partner, yet those two sides of myself seem to be incompatible. From my experience with the younger gal, even in my advancing years, I obviously still have that "something" I've always had that women really, really like, but don't know how to use it so it's safe for me as well.

      1. the KyzarK

        sure bud

    5. Jace Mangum

      Also they so cute together awwww

    6. Jace Mangum

      I'm a little concerned that in the corner of the shot there's lotion. Whyyyyyy

    7. Robert Cornwell


    8. Yang Yang

      Loving how Jenny is playing Summoner Wars in his phone

    9. gundam2jimmy

      When are you guys going to have kids?

    10. kawaii chrisy

      man i know you do learn chokes in jiu jitsu but you coulev killed a man and i would know cuz i go to jiu jitsu

    11. Matthew Lyons

      I feel after watching that... 1st off... wtf was I just watching?!?!?!?!😨😵 2nd i feel like this was a sketch made by "THE ONION" only because that is the kind of stuff they make. it was somewhat comedic in a saterical manner, but it was terrifying.

    12. Matthew Lyons

      y'all peaked my curiosity on liquid slam commercial now... should I watch the it and search it per youtube?

    13. Matthew Lyons

      No, HAHAHA. coffee corps/inds do take the poop and turn it into coffee, they use it for The bottom soil to fertilise the coffee plants.

    14. StreakTan

      16:37 Sauce?!

    15. Wilmer Agosto

      Bob can fix anything but not hes divorce aparently. Jeannie: FLEX TAPE im dead

    16. voyagerNO

      Not sure what shit is made from coffee, but I have heard that it is very expensive.

    17. itsamemario444

      im watching these out of series and damn Jeannie's dog passed away recently plus her cat... fuck 2020...

    18. Logik Bomb

      Wendy's chili is unsold hamburger meat. No joke.

    19. Alasdair Hicks

      @14:07 welcome to the abortion clinic

    20. glotar1


    21. Steve Huntley

      That's why they call it ju-JIT-su...

    22. Eric Redbear

      Civet (siv-it) Coffee: the civet eats coffee berries/beans and during digestion the enzymes neutralize much of the beans' natural acids, so after washing & roasting, the beans are less bitter. It makes for a smoother, sweeter coffee. It's also ridiculously expensive.

    23. Ethan Norris


    24. Jehmaro Smith

      What the hell happened at end with kids

    25. Amellia Kober

      12:53 after letting that "sink in" ... i just got a bad headace a really bad one ...

    26. mtnman30

      Meet the avengers today and meet Stan Lee tomorrow. This is demented.

    27. CRINGE M4ST3R

      "Good bye, JoJo!" That was dope reference

    28. Michael Machado

      The thing they watched at 15:43 was a video made by corridor

    29. Illarion Bykov

      LoL at the girl's fake outrage over over the harem anime. That's pretty standard in US and Japanese high schools today--a couple f-bois and half the girls in school taking turns. That's just how it is.

    30. Dead Kid no Gong!

      Well who protects us from vpn origin companies??? 👀

    31. damian contreras

      10:21 the moment i realized she is a jojo fan, AND NOT A PART SKIPER

    32. Scottsman Plays

      Sweet home Alabama

    33. Rudolf Steenkamp

      ¬ ¬Homo lone U

    34. Bradley Moss

      Jeannie playing raid at 2:40?

    35. Gamer Man

      I regret that I googled that ad

    36. Fabian Kaupert

      that's the first time I've seen that caprisun/liquid slam thing with pixels...

    37. Justin Zarbo

      Wtf was that thing at I .... nevermind. NOAH GET THE BOAT

    38. ninjashypernv

      rip mxr plays cat

    39. John Harddy

      You put on those sun glasses and now you see, you take them off, the world becomes blurry. Those aren't sun glasses if they allow you to peer through the dark that veils reality, they're NVG's. So gain the focus of an IR Laser and put lead down range. This is war, the first casualty is truth, especially when it's psychological warfare. Your lead is heavy because it is true and by God does it pierce the armor of ignorance.

    40. saoban reza

      *multiple coughs* sauce? *Coughing resumes*

    41. Jadon Welles

      So my friend tricks me. and I'm not going to tell you how we did it. he basically just made me say yes. Honey I had to do it five times a day I hated it. and for two months

    42. Ari Akitsuki

      17:05 he's gonna get HIV

    43. chris dormon

      I like the part where Jeannie is playing Raid Shadow legends for most of the video

    44. Jay

      the title brought me here... and I am still wondering... "ex friggin -scuse me what?" 🖐😃

    45. Harleygirl32

      Some of these are truly gag inducing

    46. Bradley Selk

      I'm a big fan of seth Rogen but even I had to walk out of that train wreck of a movie.

    47. Vox Vinity

      10:22 ah yes an explanation from the mind of a fellow cultured man

    48. James Ordway

      Someone totally stole Roy Wood Jr's joke about Titanic.

    49. TMFlesh

      This reminds me you two need to watch the anime Mysterious Girlfriend X, it's both really weird and really cute.

    50. FIRE

      Minecraft girlfriend ?

    51. ClickStat Gaming

      Sounds like a good opportunity (the last one)

    52. Aileen Kiara May Dela Cruz

      16:49 don't keep stuttering 😂🤣

    53. David Tumanishvili

      Power surge sucks i lost 3 ups 5HDDs and 6th is in the process :D

    54. boop bop


    55. Marek Cvoliga


      1. Marek Cvoliga

        16:38 SAUCE ?

    56. TeamManticore

      Demons are rill and not only can they touch you they will kill you ;(

    57. BoredComics INC

      I found the liquid slam commercial... its 1 am im scared... help.

    58. Frank Fernandez

      click bait

    59. IIIll IIIll


    60. Perla Vazquez

      Could you Believe the right it would cause when hes done I want to be ready for the school girls

    61. Perla Vazquez

      How where the kids with with the science project get to even do such topics

    62. Perla Vazquez

      Chid support. Really

    63. Perla Vazquez

      How did the guy on 7:40 made h c I dint even know it was possible whaaaaa@aaaat?

    64. MCB

      I finally know how to get ps4 codes for free games thanks for teaching me to switch country

      1. MCB

        That liquid slam part was so pixilated my eyes wanted to see it

    65. William Kirkland

      henry is cut, confirmed.

    66. AScorpionSlayer hall

      13:52 the jumping off buildings one was a group project

    67. Marius Desu

      actual source 324806

    68. TheLoobisShow

      Send link? 16:36

    69. Eiryu kun

      i see a lumix camera ^-^ which model is it ;D

    70. Logan Taylor

      even after all the blurring I can still see it. 15:25

    71. Brrman

      Hello I came for the thumbnail, did you?

    72. cL1cKyB

      Thumbnail sauce: Kiss hug 2

    73. Allan Ellerby

      What the hell kind of commercial did i just watch and were can i find it uncencered

    74. Styxallin 22

      I request le sauce

    75. GasMask Ronin

      As soon as I saw your Liquid Slam pop up I knew they weren't prepared for it 🤣🤣

    76. Angel Chapman

      Stfu woman

    77. Abisai Laboy

      When the liquid slime add came up XD good thing you censored cuz thats the most horrible add ive ever seen in my life

    78. Robert Mendenhall

      What is this s called 16:59

    79. Scott Bickford

      Okay, I made it to the Liquid Slam before I just lost it.

    80. Birisu Andrei

      17:25 sure would, i mean...Someone has to do it i guess.🙄

    81. Albert Norton Onymous

      The kitten voice made it even worse ΤΛΤ

    82. Riccardo Zeno

      7:04 I'm Italian, the original recipe isn't that 92% of mozzarella on this "PIZZA"

    83. Travis Doodledoo

      At the last one I was like holy shi

    84. The Unknown

      W h a t

    85. Zairic Gerken

      She was plying RAID

    86. Harlechryzz Gaming

      Just try to figure out which Team you are using while playing Raid.:D

    87. Ori Klein

      Re: Santa Oh, Japanese get it correct alright. The point is that Santa isn't real - the ones buying the presents are her parents. And her family is poor, so no presents.

    88. Thomas Fieschi-Rose

      Jeannie's pronunciation of charcuterie is completely flawless. For those of you wondering, the first e is silent and the word is flowier. The second and fifth pronunciations in the list are the best proper ones. www.howtopronounce.com/charcuterie

    89. zero two

      Thumb nail kiss hug 2

    90. Bass’n China

      Chocolate rain. Crying

    91. Fantasm5

      What's he gonna use his AR-15 at a school for?

    92. Fantasm5

      I think its about time to Harvest Santa's organs and sell his body to the CDC. 101 on how to become rich during COVID-19

    93. Ron Samson

      If you actually did lose your work due to a surge or outage you should get yourselves an Uninterruptible Power Supply. APC makes a really nice one that has a socket that lets you plug in an expansion pack that gives you more time during extended power outages. On a full charge you can power your tower, monitor, peripherals, router and modem for up to two hours and continue surfing the internet or gaming online even if no one else in your building has power.

    94. Jeffery Cox

      leave Dolly Parton alone. She'a a national treasure.

    95. Alex L

      You are a good man Arima Kousei. A good man.

    96. Chopo Snipes

      That rectal pun actually a really good pun one of the best that I’ve seen

    97. Nook Ecchi

      15:00 I really want to see what happened and if you give me the link, I'm really sure I would send this to my friends.

    98. Ruiben 360

      There is a bottle of lotion next to the computer!

    99. Nicholas Graham

      What is Jinny watching on her phone?

    100. Miss Raex

      Scarred for life...