Jaylen Waddle reacts to Max Kellerman wanting him on the Giants | The Max Kellerman Show

ESPN College Football

43 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

    Alabama wide receiver Jaylen Waddle speaks with Max Kellerman about preparing for the 2021 NFL Draft and the conversation on social media during the Crimson Tide’s national championship win against the Ohio State Buckeyes.
    #Alabama #CollegeFootball
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    1. louann moynihan


    2. RealMeloz

      Please Giant Pick him

    3. Jo Lutz

      sorry but tyreek hill is not the best WR in football ill take devante adams or hopkins over him anyday sorry kellerman 🤷🏻😂

    4. Austin Holler

      There’s nothing worse than listening to Max talk about the Giants. Lions at 7

    5. Brandon Lavin

      Is he Tyreek Hill

    6. Kingfrosty_ _Steve124

      Please go back to play play for Bama one more time

    7. Giants4life

      Giants.... Pls don't mess this up if he is there

    8. Mostly Me

      It’s impossible not to like this kid

    9. Jack Diepenhorst

      He is too good to fall to 11th. Im hoping my lions can grab him

    10. Joseph Clark

      Waddle would be an awesome Giant (but I think he's going before # 11).

    11. Devlins10

      Lions will get him.

    12. MarLy MarLLe

      Size doesn't matter as much as Route running and Hands.

    13. Jason Garrett

      Him and saqoun fire 🔥

      1. Jason Garrett

        @Iceman3000 he's goona come back better

      2. Iceman3000

        @Jason Garrett Hating? I’m speaking facts dude. You’re sitting here wishing , hoping and basing everything off projection. You know I was projected to win the Powerball last week but I didn’t. I’m basing things off facts not fantasy. He’s been injured two out of three years and he’s coming off major season ending surgery, that’s the facts.

      3. Jason Garrett

        @Iceman3000 lets see u prolly a jets fan hating

      4. Iceman3000

        @Jason Garrett once is a shame. Twice is tragic. Three times is a habit. We’ll see....

      5. Jason Garrett

        @Iceman3000 he's not injury if he gets injured then he is considered injury prone

    14. John Schmidt

      Giants fan here I would also love to have Waddle at #11🙏🏼

    15. Fba Guy

      As a giants fan I fear the eagles will grab him before we can 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    16. Devin

      he seems to have a good mindset for the league, he's gonna be the WR1 from this class career wise IMO

    17. Nmc Tc

      Him & rondale moore will be great

    18. Da DR3AM

      I remember when me and him was in miller intermediate school and this dude from that point when we played flag football dude was an absolute goon at football even at the age of 10-11 he was showing that unique football talent

      1. Diamond In The Sky

        He seems like a sweetheart and beast combined...Love JDub❤ ROLL TIDE🙌🔥🏆🐐

    19. Devin Baptiste

      If Waddle didn't get hurt. he wins the Heisman

    20. Miss Bomba Claudie TV

      C'mon Giants,..get him

    21. Mason Tronsor

      Packers need to trade up for this man

    22. Jeffrey Abbey

      He is gonna be a burner in the NFL. Hella speed and a crisp route runner. 👌 Hope him success

      1. Iceman3000

        A lot of pulled hammies

    23. JayMan 615

      Imagine if metchi goes in the first round next year.... they would’ve had 5 first round receivers on one team at some point

      1. Cameron Clark

        And people wonder why tua and Mac Jones looked so good in college. Then add najee Harris and all their oline stars

    24. Andrew Trotter

      The stars on this team are so humble and classy, even though they’re among the best of the best. Jaylen, Devonta, Mac, Najee.... all just first class individuals.

    25. Faydene Reed

      Alabama fan here just wishing you the best ! Stay well now!

    26. kyle frost

      Gotta love all those people being arrogant to the point where they thought they should get to dictate whether Waddle played in the championship game or not. The fact that he did is just further proof that he's someone you want on your team. He's not a prima donna and always puts the team's interests above his own. He went to Bama the year after they signed Jeudy, Ruggs, and Devonta Smith. He's not afraid to compete or wait his turn if he'd needed to. Great kid.

    27. Griffin Ellison

      Cooper Kupp is 6'2?

    28. Renato Motta

      future giants

    29. Jake Browne

      Seems like a good dude

      1. Diamond In The Sky

        Jaylen is The Best!!! 🐐🙌🔥💪🏽

    30. Tris Carter

      Is he fully healthy?

      1. Corey Bryan


    31. Roland Edwards

      This young man is fast and quick he can run all the routs.hes a real stud just like the rest off them bama receiver's.😃😄💪

    32. Salvador Enríquez morales

      Giants are gonna be really good to win the division if we draft him

    33. Lucas R

      Id rather have IGUODALA

    34. Tracy Bowie

      Aww gonna miss Jaylen!!!

      1. Diamond In The Sky

        I'm going to miss Jaylen the most😢

    35. Andrew Gart


    36. samara

      jaylen waddle how would YOU like to be a new york giant

    37. Alex Johnson

      How will the Giants get him if he goes to Philly???😹😹

    38. Justin Huebner

      Hopefully he likes New York 🤞🤞🔵🔴

    39. tsvi mizrahi

      Would look great in blue with barkley jonEs 👀👀

    40. Bama Hammer

      As a diehard Alabama fan I am as proud of him as his parents would be. Now his hard work has paid off as he get ready to become next Alabama Crimson Multi-millionaire. I will close by saying: Waddle Baby Waddle Baby Waddle. Roll Tide.

      1. Diamond In The Sky

        Love me some Jaylen Waddle🐐🐐🔥💪🏽🏈❤

    41. Chaim Samuels

      This guy seems like the coolest dude! It’s official, 2021 draft -11th pick Jaylen waddle A Giant!

      1. Jared-Holaska Long-Time-Giants-Fan

        @Alex Johnson your team is going Chase lol, not a bad player either

      2. Chris Schwartz

        I think Detroit gets him

      3. Alex Johnson

        Nope he’s going to Philly lol

    42. Trey Yama

      ROLL TIDE BABY. Great humility champ.

    43. Nolan Hwang

      Patriots need this guy

    44. Ernesto Uribe

      Waddle is a more explosive Steve Smith

    45. Bidwellz9

      Let's hype up the guy we want........that will assure us we get him. Said every idiot ever

    46. J Johnson

      Roll Tide! JW is a monster on the field.

    47. Taz

      One more year jalen

    48. Gelato

      Tyerek hill has a great quarterback to me that’s half the battle

    49. Nicky Sav

      Not gonna fall to eleven but OH MY GOD ID BE HAPPY

    50. Larry Smith

      If he gets behind you, which is very likely, you will never misspell his name. You will be seeing it on the back of his jersey alot. Can't catch him.

    51. RJ

      He calls Waddle & Smitty a tandem? Dude there were 4 of them called the Rideouts--Jeudy, Ruggs, Smith and Waddle (the last one of the bunch). It's like Kellerman doesn't even watch college football

      1. Collin Gibbel

        Lmao I’m sure he is aware, Waddle and Smith were the only ones still there this year so it makes sense to call them a tandem

    52. Will K

      Please giants pick him up & sign Robinson or golladay pls‼️🙏🏽💪🏽🔴🔵🔴🔵

      1. Giants_Pride

        @Alex Johnson nah eagles goin smith parsons or surtain

      2. Alex Johnson

        @Giants_Pride he going to Philly at 6...

      3. Giants_Pride

        @Fire C86 nah u just a pressed aubum and washington no name team fan 😂

      4. Fire C86

        @Giants_pride And you have nothing better to do in life but respond to someone that is telling the truth

      5. Giants_Pride

        @Fire C86 you got nothin better to do in life but cry about a player

    53. DWMJr

      He needs to race 🏃 against Tyreek Hill that would be great to see.🤔

      1. Chris Strebeck

        Na thats boring

    54. Warren Geti

      Waddle Badd👏🏈💯💯💯💯🐘🐘🏆


      can't help but smile when this kid talks. love his humility

      1. Diamond In The Sky

        @Sarah Lloyd His Mom is the sweetest💕 I messaged her on IG when he got hurt and she messaged back letting me know his surgery went well and that he was in good spirits❤

      2. Diamond In The Sky

        @daniel Jones He's definitely got the charm factor❤JW❤

      3. Sarah Lloyd

        Jaylens family are good people, too. We met them at a sports venue here in Houston...watching Jaylen playing for BAMA. They are so friendly.

      4. Diamond In The Sky

        I looove Jaylen's smile🥰 And I Iooove watching him play💪🏽🏈🔥🙌🐐🏆 My Fav❤

      5. Mike Lawry

        Saban doesn’t just create great football players but he also creates great mature men

    56. Michael

      Please come to big blue, we could really use him

    57. Jason Fish

      Well said. Go Jalen! Class act and great skill. Roll Tide!

      1. Fire C86

        War eagle 🦅

    58. ToySonic86

      giants lets go get him

      1. michael johnson

        @Fire C86 shut up

      2. Fire C86

        As a Washington fan. I hope you guys get him because he’s overrated and will get his cheeks clapped. He is a bust. WASHINGTON ON TOP.

    59. Dare to be humble Nate

      Waddle is that dude! Hope whatever team drafts him, takes care of Waddle and put him in the position to succeed.

    60. Luke Moloney

      ESPN on air talent is the worst it's ever been. My god. Roll Tide Jalen

      1. Luke Moloney

        @John Martin try again champ.

      2. John Martin

        Oh yeah bc you should be doing it 😂

    61. Dawson Self

      I wish Jaylen Waddles was coming to Alabama but if I was in his position I would probably do the same he is doing what he wants to do and he probably does not want to get hurt

    62. Archie dong

      lucky boy with so much talent! God bless!

    63. Jerrian Graham

      If you go back a year. It was more then just a tandem. Just imagine if Tua, Jeudy, & Ruggs didn't leave early. They would've scored 80 on every body.


        80 mf 100

      2. saint evil

        No mac is by far the better qb

      3. Cornell Blevins

        @870 Arkansas ignorance, no preseason and came in the middle of the season to start on a team with no weapons or separation.

      4. Cornell Blevins

        @Clearstar 🛑, Tua was going do the same thing last year, injuries stopped us

      5. William Sinclair

        @870 Arkansas yea but we just don’t know yet in the nfl but in college I think tua was better

    64. Chris Lane

      Jalen was not close to being 100% and the ohio state DBs still could not keep up with him.

      1. iigreenthoz

        To fast he aa dawg onnat field 💯🐐

    65. IceyRoutes

      I’m praying the Giants get him 🙏

      1. Successful Queen!

        @Roman Torres exactly

      2. Successful Queen!

        @Fire C86 you're mad

      3. Santos

        @Fire C86 you know nothing lmao

      4. Smfh Smd

        @Fire C86 pause

      5. David Stewart

        Me too

    66. Mike Moran

      Seems like a good kid! Would love him on the Giants

      1. Jason Garrett

        @Chris Strebeck we don't need a big body receiver your number one receiver could come from the slot u know that right

      2. Chris Strebeck

        We need a big body WR1 with speed.. Pass on these small guys man.. We need another hakeem nicks type wr..

      3. JJ Solorio

        @Fire C86 as a Giants fan all we need is a receiver that gets space and is wide-open most of the time

      4. Jason Garrett

        @Fire C86 tyreek hill is small he's a number one

      5. Jason Garrett

        @Fire C86 shutup

    67. Tracy Brown

      Rolllltideeee! I'm super excited! For him 🏈💪🏾😜

    68. Mr Toxic

      was uncertain about wanting him at 11 but now im certain

    69. Melody Pender

      Way to go Jaylen I know your family is proud of you I been a Bama fan since I was little and I was so happy for you when I saw your grandma post on fb that you where going to bama. ROLLTIDE

      1. Pesad

        why did you follow his grandma 🤣🤣🤣 lol

    70. Fire C86

      First dislike. I am an Auburn fan.hehe😂

      1. It's Cypher

        @Fire C86 He's 2-1 against Auburn lol

      2. Fire C86

        That’s why I hate him a lot . At least we beat him and his team. He also has this cocky celebration where he puts his hands on his hips like a sassy mom. I can’t wait for his welcome to the nfl moment😂

      3. mary everling

        He torched u guys last yr

    71. Robert Slate

      I hate Max Kellerman!

      1. John Wayne

        That's because you hate truth tellers

    72. forurmind1016

      What a great person. All the best to this young man. Go get it in the league. RTR

    73. Diamond In The Sky

      MY FAV🐐

    74. kcirrad51

      Go watch the uga vs ALABAMA GAME and tell me who's the best player on the field

      1. Aaron

        @Jonah Shenesey he had 28 points that day saved bama from a blowout

      2. Cory Watkins

        @Jonah Shenesey wbu thT lsu last year

      3. kcirrad51

        Please explain to me if smith get hurt ...does WADDLE NOT DO THE SAME THANG

      4. kcirrad51

        @John Shaft BINGO

      5. kcirrad51

        @Jonah Shenesey BINGO

    75. kcirrad51

      The best wr in the draft....nfl get ready

      1. King Trill


      2. Ri Ri

        It’s DeVonta Smith but I love them both roll tide

      3. StunnaDeec2x

        @Ty Surtain they both had 500 yards receiving when waddle went down the only edge waddle had over smith was special teams and smith took over on the end against Arkansas

      4. Magnificent

        @Ty Surtain Lies bro, Check the last two games that he had before Waddle got out. He was doing it and he was doing better than Waddle the last two games. Waddle had a better first two but Smith had a better last two

      5. Russ Cron Sr.

        @Ajani personally I think every1 is sleeping on Bateman & he will have a better NFL career than Waddle.


      Max shut up

      1. John Wayne

        Always hate on greatness smh

    77. Renae Smith

      ROLL TIDE ROLL !!!!!!! Bama players always have class and show respect. They also speak well on camera . NATIONAL CHAMPIONS YET AGAIN!!!!!! ROLLING WITH THE TIDE!!!!!!!

      1. Zach

        um rolando mcclain says what up

      2. Eury Andeliz

        Joe Judge has ties to Nick Saban, won't be surprised if he drafts any Bama players this year in the draft. McKinney is going to be a stud. Hopefully we get waddle at 11. Joe Judge would love him as a kick returner.

      3. Clarencethegoat Croom

        This is about the nfl not college now

      4. gelene Celine

        Bruh look at tua he cant speak on live tv

    78. viv1d

      Jamar better than both of them 🤣

      1. CJ BRICKCoLLum #SonOfRajonRondo

        Chase is another overrated jump ball reciever who can't create separation.Dorial Green-Beckham 2.0

      2. G Bama Boy

        viv1d, cocaine is hellva drug bro. You high?

      3. Aaron

        @viv1d recency bias, and weight

      4. Suave Guyy

        1 year wonder Jamarr Chase? Where was he the years before?

      5. rc graves

        He is the safest pick at receiver but waddle and Smith's ceilings are ridiculous

    79. Mason Ward