The Rio Da Yung OG & RMC Mike Interview

No Jumper

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    Rio Da Yung OG and RMC Mike sat down with Adam for an exclusive interview, dissecting their journey to success! From their early family ties, legal troubles and rise to fame!
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    1. No Jumper

      0:33 Rio being from Flint "People gotta know the difference" + Never left town until rap took him places 2:42 Rio being in streets first and never took rap seriously until money came in 3:53 Rio and Mike came together in high school and the loss of Rio's brother brought them even closer 5:40 How Mike changed the dynamic when they started rapping together 7:31 Why Mike describes their style as "Blunt Rap" 9:25 Louie Ray and how the whole crew is unified yet have different styles 14:48 "Jay-Z will always be the best but he is too serious, no kids listen to Jay-Z right now" 15:31 Adam points out the cr*ck bar + Rio says "No I never sold dr*gs" 16:13 Mike has one of the craziest voice in rap ever and the RMC associations 18:05 Rio says "I could never be a battle rapper and let you talk about my Mom" 19:33 Rio says "I'm not for domestic v___ence but I know some girls who really hurt their men" 21:11 Females buying g*ns in Flint "You can get into a shootout with a girl" 22:28 Where Rio scar comes from, explains how he burned himself and how his face was enormously swollen for several weeks 28:51 People recognize him from the scar now "It built character for me, nothing you can that's gonna break me down" 30:29 Rio and Mike talk about the regular jobs they had and finding "ways" to get money no matter what 33:17 Bluechew Ad 34:04 Making money as a rapper 35:42 Who met Peezy first and how Peezy recognized Rio's talent off rip 37:56 How Rio was "pressed" by Louie and Peezy to take rap seriously 40:10 How Peezy gassed him up "You will be bigger than me" and how Rio brought Mike in 41:54 Everything was on the up and up until Rio caught a case "They used my music videos in court" 43:11 Rio was discouraged to rap, wanted the videos taken down + Was a celebrity walking in to prison because of his rap 45:18 People calling for feature first day out + Peezy telling him to get on Apple Music and getting revenues soon after 48:04 How the growth showed up on Apple Music "I made my first 10k on feature is a real bar 48:52 How they used his video in court against him once again 52:30 How this situation made him go back to him Moms house "Other people would've gave up, I didn't" 53:36 How Rio switched up his videos and only filmed inside the house, on the roof, under the house 54:42 My PO saw the growth to me buying a house + Never being broke again 59:50 Is there such a thing as doing too many features? 1:02:09 Looking up to Gucci and who did you pick in Verzuz 1:05:29 Rap did so much good in Rio's life like giving back and help his community + The duality of his lyrics 1:08:50 Rio says they're going to change the rap game 1:11:12 Rio loves filming at gas stations 1:12:33 Mike says they will never be too famous to be in the hood 1:13:35 Relationship with Yachty "He came to the hood, he's a real one" 1:16:42 Relationship and working with Drakeo 1:18:45 Green lean "Don't drink this and it's expensive" 1:20:59 Rio making fun of the dog fighting game 1:21:40 What's coming next for Rio and Mike 1:24:04 Performing and fake supporters

      1. Tailor Bensfield

        Real, the game been jockin Michigan forever. My state breaking this cycle of oppression. Rio gonna be laid up for 5, and here in Michigan the prison state you not getting out of it!

      2. kirkshun rawls

        That's my people and if you watch this interview you can see he speaking the truth from the anxiety movements I love my boys we come from the slums born and razed Flint Michigan we all are something different never get it mixed up keep that real shit up

      3. Kashflo Kevo

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      5. Randy Orange


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      These niggas and Blue Bucks Clan dope af💯

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      Views really went tf up on this. Rio global now. Terrible he got a bid to do.

    5. ray hanes

      Detroit n Flint niggas would turn this industry tf out if they got in. Its too street.

    6. ImBwah Scholarz

      I went and cried myself to sleep lmfao i fuck with you rio

    7. Melody

      His hoodie💜

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      Mike sound like an old school Chevy with a broke gas meter.

    9. EXACTLY Instrumentals

      This interview got Rio 5 years in prison

    10. Bob Ross

      Free rio man fuck 🤧🤧🤧

    11. AJ

      "Oh his car was right next to mine? Thought he was runnin up" straight heat

    12. Ismaeel

      4:04 mikes face when rio cuts his ass off

    13. Zyhir Brown

      I really hope they use this interview to prove that Rio was on the right path with the rap. Free the goat!!

    14. af-toddy

      Dat boy dripped in that willie lynch out fit

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      Mike high as helllllllll

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      Finna go listen to they music I'll be back

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    18. Shannon Lacy

      Top Authority, Flint Rappers. Was signed to Dick Griffey (Solar, DeathRow). Flint Rapper, Jon Conor, was signed to Dr. Dre.

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      FREE DA YUNG OG 🖤💪🏼

    20. ryan corboline

      14:53-15:10 realest shit in the interview

    21. New to the Game

      Wow great show two drunk fools rambling on about bullsh*t 👍

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      Mike got that voice when he say something just make you want to hear em .

    23. Monicia Wilson

      We need an interview from Mike next

    24. Monicia Wilson

      Hawthorn was a whole battle rap hilarious😭

    25. O & O

      Louie ray bring the best out of rio n mike

    26. James David

      I cant stand how these jits act like working is stupid or makes you weak...FOH Not everyone is cut out to sell drugs or can deal with the constant nonsense you have to deal with when living that way... Some people are too hot headed to deal with excuses and would kill the first person who shorted them 5$ or a point on the work. Not everyone is willing to risk prison all the time... Not everyone is a criminal...and this mentality is part of oppression that we feel we must be criminals as part of our journey to "make it" in life.. Very sad and it shows the complexity of the elites control of the plebs. Would Mark Zucker or any of the billionaires ever consider breaking the law or committing felonies , even if they were dead broke tomorrow? NOPE....they'd network and use their tools. We need our own "tools" for our people to help and uplift each other.

    27. James David

      grease fires are no joke! I saw an entire TGI fridays burn to the ground because of grease fire that got out of control and a fire extinguisher that exploded

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      This interview got rio in trouble with the law in my eyes

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        @GOATDAVE 419 omm I did to do it could be from sum else we find out doe when he come back on dis bih

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        @Im Jermz i know he got 60 months but he aint say nun bad inna video ion think at least 🤷🏾‍♀️ i skipped thru dat bih 🤣

      3. Im Jermz

        @GOATDAVE 419 😭

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        Cuz he was the only one who was hip

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        @GOATDAVE 419 idk I asked him

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      lol Adam swear ain’t got a ash tray for em🤦🏾‍♂️got em ashing in a coffee mug lol

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        these are hood niggas bruh they don't give shit bout shit like that lmao you clearly don't know

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      Only 17mins in this a really good interview


      When’s the yn jay interview coming

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      Rio fighting a case rn for selling drugs can’t be asking no questions like that lol

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