Pool Stereotypes (Bloopers & Deleted Scenes)

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    Deleted Scenes (0:00)
    BTS (3:02)
    Bloopers (3:56)
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    1. Elite Gaming

      4:24 I thought this was a family friendly channel

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      4:00 😂

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    9. kenma

      I feel bad for ty

    10. It’s Rowan

      Jeez ty’s house is insane

    11. OctoCreeper

      4:59 f*** stop it keran

    12. Unknown User

      Imagine having Dak over your house throwing passes to you

    13. Emily Dalton

      Rip to all the people who do not know this exists

    14. Liko Arreola

      God and Jesus Forever and Ever

    15. Riley Wilk

      Damn u got Dak in the vid that’s sick even tho I’m a giants fan

    16. GingerJamesP

      What the fudge man!

    17. Game time

      When did they film this dak Prescott did not have a broken ankle

    18. Meme Creations

      POV: You are watching this when DP posted there is 2 feet of snow

    19. Hood Clan

      The boys aren’t certain about going in the pool

    20. Matthew Smith

      Is that dak???


      119 followers hahaha my friend has 190

    22. Tristan Talley

      Shots fired at Galveston, sorry Sea Aggies

    23. Dan6 1Gaming

      3:20 ty: I don’t want to wreck my pool Later in vid: he rocks other peoples pools

    24. Luke

      EXCLUSIVE CONTENT right here!!

    25. pradeep gandhi

      You Missed Range Monster 👹👹

    26. Emma Dobler

      4:59 this is so cute and funny lol

    27. Noah Ray

      They should have named it dude imperfect

    28. Kit The Cat

      Dude not so perfect

    29. Adithya Kidambi

      yoo 3:19 mans has an entire waterslide

    30. Beck Freund


    31. Carson Weyandt

      Accurate representation of the chiefs receivers in SB55 5:30 to 5:45

    32. SammyPoops :D

      Bro tys pool is epic

    33. Arron Holguin

      5:12 is that why he’s called the hoser ?

    34. Carmen Sandia


    35. Charlie Campbell

      Can we pls realise how good the editors are 😊🤗

    36. Armani Barrera

      Garrett:you know the rules and so do i. Me: you know the commitment that I've been thinking of you wouldn't get this from any other guy never going to give you up never going to let you down and run around and hurt you

    37. sambamNo2

      1:40 I think thats me. I can’t remember when I did this scene

    38. Shiven Patel

      Make a judge duty segment for peeing on the pool

    39. Champion255

      eeni meeni miini cody

    40. Nadia Bellington

      Can you do rage monster in trick shots

    41. Shane Pinkney

      Hi dudes

    42. SXB

      مافيه عرب؟؟

      1. Abdullah Seedat


    43. Evan's Clubhouse

      “You must take the spray if in the pool you wish to play.”

    44. Krista Glatthaar

      Can you guys do trick show videos please

    45. Jaxen Walters

      I think they should have put the scenes in leave a like if you think too

    46. Hannah Walters

      Fun in the sun. God bless and have a wonderful day

    47. Christina Jones

      I feel so bad for the 50 million people that don’t know about this channel

    48. NJ_ 16

      0:49 “Are you flexing?” “No I was threatening👊”

    49. Dylan Saam

      Is that Dak Prescott

    50. puppy being

      I think there should have been the cannonballer were they cannonball on top of people.


      hi guys ty gar cor cod cob

    52. MasterOf PixArt

      0:10 If youre a German you will think about ohter prank bros

    53. conniejoshua1

      Love your videos love you bro

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    57. FSTReaK

      Did cody just put up his middle finger

    58. KD JJ

      0:12 Cody did the rude finger

    59. Malynn Branham

      I found this so much funnier than I should have 🤣🤣🤣 I just love Dude Perfect so much!

    60. The Burping Boi

      I still cant BELIEVE they had to redo the sunscreen scene

    61. Gaudy Dragon8963

      5:05 and so do i

    62. Yikes

      Is it just me or dose it look like he's doing the middle finger to the guy 0:10

    63. john coffey

      I subscribe to your 1 million subscribers


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      thiz sux

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    69. AblazeTray C

      Yo. That’s tys house. Dam.

    70. Drew Brice


    71. Colton Christopher Schmitz

      5:58 his first good pass all year lol im a cowboys fan btw

    72. Yuga Aoyama

      why does she sound like azula 1:02

    73. Wyatt Marin

      Tyler has such a nice house

    74. Spencer Howard

      Anyone else watching after Dak broke his ankle?

    75. Jacob Lin

      We need prank bros back

    76. Steve Hernandez

      0:55 whats the guy instagram I will help get more followers than his wife.

    77. Cowboy 3219

      Amazing to see Dak walking and not injured having fun for all my other cowboy fans

    78. Aiden

      Did I see Cody with his middle finger up at the start if you slow it down

    79. Zac Keane

      Jake you are cool

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      Geez they have a water slide in there pool nice


      Is Cody have his middle fingers out? 0:21

    83. Yee T

      Jesus Loves U

    84. Oliver Torres

      I love your glasses videos

    85. Tyrano 1

      The 4 year olds know that Karen’s are monsters

    86. garynewcome

      oh my goodness you guydare the BEST!!!!!!

    87. Henry Murray

      I’d love to see the prank brother become a stereotype every episode

    88. 3at 8ullets

      Who else wants to swim after watching this, but it’s winter.

    89. Chipsahoyboy 25

      Is that chad Terrell? The strong one

    90. Kim Box

      i what to now who's panda

    91. yWolfu

      I can't stop laughing when Gar says "Stop crying, get in the pool."

    92. Leejan Madriaga

      what is the name of the backround music? Please tell me

    93. Shad0wSniper

      4:43 uh coby... you good?

    94. ayyxnz

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    95. Weebernator

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    96. Spyder

      1:07 wow i have more followers than a model, i have 292 XD

      1. Fresh Freddo

        wow, outstanding job, you deserve a medal for that

    97. Brooklyn Hall

      I feel like sparky is panda

    98. Charlie Edgar

      the Samurai one the Japan or China. It’s kind a racist because samurai swords are like Asian things

    99. Barb Tobin

      3:53 is so funny 😂

    100. Chuck Johnson

      I love both of your channels