Miley Cyrus - Just Breathe (MTV Unplugged Presents Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions)


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    Miley Cyrus & The Social Distancers perform “Just Breathe” unplugged on Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions.
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    1. Issa Down Kaddoura

      Come next the episod

    2. Jaklyn Saylors


    3. Kimberly Williams

      Miley is beyond amazing💗💗😍😍😍😍❣️❣️❣️❣️

    4. Danielle Gorgonio


    5. Candy Hernandez


    6. Marco Fiorentini

      ..i love the way you pick up the dress.... .

    7. Strokin Egos


    8. dielauwen

      CAT is crying... This song needs a fiddle. Hillary Klug would do it.

    9. anewhope tosee

      What a talent!!! Her voice!!👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    10. GamerFan83

      Love this 😀 she can literally sing any genre her cover of heart of glass is amazing .... really digging this though especially with getting Kansas Dust in The Wind vibes 👌

    11. Maycon Ferreira

      i love her so much. :(

    12. Constance Sousa

      I am so proud of HER...she can sing anything that she wants in her unique way. WHAT A TALENT...

    13. Roberto Maltagliati

      wow ...

    14. Isabelle Gregorio

      I Just Love her♥️

    15. Oda Schwab

      The modern Stevie Nicks!

    16. Author, Sandra Rains DeBusk

      You've come a long way, Miley! Good job.

    17. King Krüger

      Live is great.....

    18. john ninham


    19. Janelle McCoy


    20. Peter Inman

      Speechless 😍

    21. yvrif gamba

      Love you in this!!!

    22. Inês Mendes

      Proud !

    23. Kim Lowney

      Her look makes me think of a young Sharon Stone...anyone see that?

    24. milton


    25. Nur Erdemir


    26. Nur Erdemir


    27. Tyler Coogan

      Didn't change the pronoun that's impressive just outstanding amazing cover thank you

    28. honey hp


    29. Nathalie Goguen

      Awesome version your voice is beautiful

    30. This is Cutie Ringo Joy

      she fits rock and country

    31. sanmiguel357

      One of the best things she's done. Her voice just gets better.

    32. Wil Stockton

      idk, she doesn't know she"s doing it. every song WWaaaaaaa.......

    33. jongen

      I came EVERYDAY in here to hear this paradise :( oh miley "Just breath, communication and Sweet Jane" broke my heart in so many pices.. i feel so sad... and you know? i like this :(

    34. MrSuperawesome5000

      Glad she's through the rough patch and doing so well now.

    35. undamaged destiny

      U my sisters all time favorite of all time Miley and Pearl Jam is her and her husbands favorite . This was her wedding song they danced to. Thanks for doing this. Almost like it's just for her. 💕 so special. They have been together since high school. She said this made her cry she loves it so much. Thank you for such a beautiful performance

    36. Sanjeev Khadka


    37. J C

      Miley could sing the phone book and I’d eat it up. That voice. 😍😍😍

    38. Antonino Atl

      Miley Cyrus plastic hearts 💕 excellent work Miley,AFNY

    39. Melissa dementicato

      Love this Miley!!! I feel this is her authentic self.💕

    40. valiant1968

      Miley, I absolutely love your voice, and these covers you've been doing. Great selections, and you do the songs justice. You have a great taste in music, and love what you do. Keep it up!

    41. Kathleen Macarthur

      I wish nothing but happiness and love for her

    42. Leo Kats

      Pearl jam ❤️

    43. ClickToPreview

      I saw "Just Breathe" and I thought it might be a cover of Anna Nalick's "Breathe (2am)". You should do that.

    44. William H. Baird

      Great Cover and Miley's sounding better than ever with a great band! Good luck to her!

    45. leese27canadian

      you have to be the type of person that pays attention to music to appreciate the qualities of this. Idiots that just listen to the radio and the charts are gonna miss this and I kinda don't mind being in the elite club that sees how really, really good she is

    46. Hallamito Bello

      Amazing 👏,i love her voice !

    47. Richard Delisle

      mais quelle belle vois

    48. Silverlake Pills

      She sings like shit right now :(

    49. marquita dennis

      Dolly an stevie had a baby lol

    50. karina perez

      Oh my god! Ella parece triste 😭 a por dios si llora voy a llorar miren sus ojos 😭

    51. incubuscritter

      Wasn’t sure about the idea of a Metallica cover album until I heard this

    52. Eternal Life

      Don't change your self for anyone Miley Cyrus !

    53. Searching 4U Spain

      Let your musicians "just breathe"

    54. Tj Reyn

      Still looks like she needs a good soak in a bath of bleach... Yuck

    55. David Ruggles


    56. Susanna Hill

      Beautiful Miley!!!!

    57. Brad Irvin

      Her voice when she does rock stuff is very Stevie Nicks. Beautiful

    58. caroleina estrada

      This cover of Breathe is incredible I never thought anyone could sing it better than Eddie Vedder or even come close but...oh man Miley Just has a special and beautiful voice. It's like nothing I ever heard ... her vocals make you feel emotional. She puts so much emotion in her singing it changes the songs to have a specialness to them.

    59. sadboyhitachi

      Her voice is trash though.

    60. Amara Joy

      She just CANT look bad this dress on her 🔥🔥

    61. Proud American

      George Floyd: No.....I don't think I will

    62. Dany Lej

      Your voice crushing my all inner walls paranoid blocks.

    63. Igor Carlier

      She is 100000x more than most pop singers

    64. ninjmaa chu

      She became her own person !! 😍

    65. Fuensanta Ruiz Perez

      Hazle remix con Taylor Swift

    66. Fuensanta Ruiz Perez

      Ay llallay , q voz

    67. LovePink 25

      After all the hates and what she's been through..i didn't judge her. Am a fan ever since. Miley's music got into higher level from comeback to another comeback. 💟

    68. Paula Zaplana

      Why it is not already in Spotify? It's an amazing cover

    69. Dave H

      As a lifelong fan of Eddie Vedder I can say that I don't hate this. She does a great job.

    70. Jacqueline O’Connell

      I don’t care what anyone says..she can SING!

    71. Tina Ciccone

      Favorite song ever, this and head above water by Avril lavigne.....💋💫👏❤👍😭

    72. TOWISH

      Super-duper nice👏 ... give my channel a feedback too when you have time..😏 when you have time take a look #EvyMusicAndLifestyle also, ty!

    73. k3ri4 love

      Miley is horrible lol 🙄💁

    74. Alonzo Bishop

      To interpret music takes soul... I’m very impressed!

    75. Michael Bacon

      Miley and Willie Nelson should perform this one together.

    76. Michael Bacon

      This stands with Willie Nelson's version.

    77. Arina Samadi

      You're so fucking beautiful

    78. Varathian Nightstar

      Never been a fan of her music, but these unplugged performances are outstanding.

    79. THAT Is Unbelievable

      This girl could make a hit out of the Happy Birthday song.

    80. Kwaśna Antonówka

      I don't like her, but I love her when she sings like that. Then...she is amazing

    81. Meve

      Please put this and more covers or songs like communication on Spotify! 😘❤

    82. Robert F Sullivan

      RFS Israel *

    83. Pablo Felipe


    84. R Joy

      miley cyrus keeps winning

    85. Meredith

      Miley would be perfect on broadway in RENT!

    86. rick hipson

      Her voice comes across as though it were the perfect vocal love child of Pink and Maryanne Faithful.

    87. Brittany Cotner

      Miley is just really blossoming and we are blessed to be here to watch and listen.

    88. Jules1414

      Miley, you have found your voice. Can't wait until you realise you do not need any of the superficial layers (sparkly clothing, jewelries, makeup). You are everything as you are.

    89. Chris Michols

      Wow, actually made me cry. In awe.

    90. Khalid Eve

      IDK if people know this but she has a “Just Breathe” tattoo 😍

      1. Zocker vom Hocker

        Check this: Subscribe milou Music 😀

    91. Michael Chaves

      Amazing as always, Smiley looking bomb af too 😍😍😍😘😘❤❤❤🎼🎤🎤🎼🎤🎼🎤🎼🎼🎼🎤🎼🎤🎤🎼

    92. Mike Francis

      she had talent since she was born

    93. coral valenzuela

      I love her as an ADULT

    94. kentuckorean

      god dam WOMAN your breakin my heart!

    95. John Quick

      Love the song, but damnnn..her body looks amazing in that dress !!!! 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

    96. alex

      lady, janis j. would be proud of your voice.

    97. Jon Adams

      Eddie Vedder is way better

    98. Vitaly Nikiforov

      love u, queen

    99. David Scott Brown

      I am really enjoying these backyard sessions of hers!!!

    100. Denise Avis

      Just love her always been there like a wrecking ball