Do YOU remember these ICONIC BLIND AUDITIONS of 10 Years The Voice Kids?

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    Even after all this time, we will ALWAYS remember these Blind Auditions! Who is your favorite talent? Let us know in the comments.
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    1. Solomia sings 'Time To Say Goodbye' (The Voice Kids Germany)
    2. Justin sings 'Lovely' (The Voice Kids Vlaanderen)
    3. Juanse Laverde sings 'Cómo Mirarte' (La Voz Kids Colombia)
    4. Demi sings 'Something's Gotta Hold On Me' (The Voice Kids NL)
    5. Esang sings 'Home' (The Voice Kids Philippines)
    6. Mimi & Josefin sing 'Creep' (The Voice Kids Germany)
    7. Daneliya Tulyeshova sings 'Stone Cold' (The Voice Kids Ukraine)
    8. Jasu Khan sings 'Chunar' (The Voice India Kids)
    9. Emma sings 'Je Suis Malade' (The Voice Kids France)
    10. Ayoub sings 'Jar Of Hearts' (The Voice Kids NL)
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    1. The Voice Global

      Which Blind Audition will you always remember? 🥰

      1. Milagros Villafuerte Sosa

        Hi, my name is Rosa and I don't know how to participate, and I know how to sing, I live in Peru and I know Spanish

      2. Bang Jek

        Nice question, i choose all😀

      3. Edwin Delos Santos

        for me it s the youngest one, who sung Je Sus Itialade, the hardest song delivered, although i don t know the song. Even the judges never made it to stand, and shock because of the amazement

      4. Raouchi Akram

        @Krzysztof Mijas aaaa

      5. Coolstes Armbanduhr

        The First 😭😭😭😭😢🥺🥺🥺🤩🤩😍😍

    2. NonStop Music Mix

      Nice sharing idea friend Stay safe and connect friend.

    3. Sangye La

      Holy moly, they’re all great! The first girl, Solomia, blew my mind; she was so good, but really they all impressed me. I can’t tell you how many WOWs I gave this. Kudos, kids!

    4. Angella Williams

      The second guy was amazing, I was so surprise I kept on playing over and over again it like we have the same voice in singing

    5. Kayhan Koksal

      by the way first two song was number15 and 20 sorry ive made a mistake

    6. Kayhan Koksal

      OMG ...ive just listened number 20 and 19, these kids rock OMG and now im not sure should i listen the rest ?!!??!!??? ok i am going to listen for sure and a bit afraid that i will loose my mind when iam about to listen number one ....oooooooooooooooooooomg i will tell you my opınıons after i listen all of them

    7. ryan julian

      como mirarte spanish song almost make me cry huuu i feel that song, need to study this lyrics love to sing it, also the boy who sang the song really amazing👍👍🎤

    8. Helen Szucs

      I liked them all Justin singing lovely was great. I hope he enters the voice Holland when his voice changes love to see what he can do.

    9. Jubilee Chiu

      Solomia's performance made me cry immediately. So beautiful 😭

    10. insert epic username

      this is the 273920163 i watched justin singing lovely and yet i still smile when the judges turn around LSODJDDI

    11. Бахтияр Эркинов

      Omg 🎙️🎼🎯👏👍🤠🤗😍🥰🥰

    12. Bianca Stoiță

      What's the name of the song by 13:50?

    13. Marijana Vucinic


    14. Guinea Pig

      To all of you, shut the fuck up and take my money!! Wait! Don't shut up but do take my money...

    15. Zaine Angelyn

      the duo who sang the creep gives me a goosebumps. They sound insanely good together. How is that possible? 😱 I definitely gonna buy their ticket if they have a concert. I want more of them....

    16. Cecilia Vidal

      Sin palabras una voz divina😍😍

      1. Guinea Pig

        No clue what you are saying but I love you too 💕...

    17. arisu hanna

      Wow... Juanse love this boy...2018 the voice kid Spain winner

    18. Christopher Lopes

      2:27 favorite moment for my

    19. Hevelin Barbosa

      Algun Brasileiro??👀

      1. Gabriel Araújo

        Com certeza

    20. Eduardo Flávio

      This girls singing Creep made me shiver to the bone!

    21. Shivendu Chourasia

      Some songs are way better then their singers itself..and we have to accept it

    22. Bahn

      Who is the woman in 3:47 on the left side with the red hair ?

    23. MRM Gaming

      I love you all

    24. Silvana Gonzalez Ortega

      The 2 and 3 how-

    25. Markusnasa Nasa


    26. Stephen Zadeng

      What ever happend to the first girl... Watched her audition then and i'm still moved by it even now.

      1. Stephen Zadeng

        @Mayra Hernández Ríos thank you... Wish her all the best in her career.

      2. Mayra Hernández Ríos

        She's in instagram. Studying her career in Opera! :)

    27. Meme Qween

      The young girl who sing “je suis malade” wow 👍👍

    28. Gabry gaming

      The third guy look like james rodriguez

    29. Ana Camacho

      Ole ole ole

    30. Angela Accordino

      I never saw judges shook so much!! I love Emma!!

    31. Ratih AW

      First girl uwu

    32. Bernabe Alvarado

      Que voz de angel impresionante me gusto bediciones saludos desde hidalgo😘😘😇👏👏👍💗

    33. Rodine Blair

      I love how Indian folks sing...are those runs?

    34. Floreciendo

      Juanse the third boy was my favorite he is awesome

    35. Каролина Каграманова

      Кто-то поставил дизлайк?! Глухие что ли?! Дети просто супер! Один лучше другого! Даже не знаю,кому отдать предпочтение? Пожалуй,Данелия Тулешёва, 2 сестры в дуэте,мальчик индус и малышка в очках! Да,и в

      1. Каролина Каграманова

        Да,и все остальные! Браво!

    36. softgirl .aesthetic

      the second guy woww he JUST WOOWW

    37. Birak Azedine

      Voice number 1 top du top du top

    38. Emma Mottershaw

      omg how doesn't anyone know the 2nd persons name IT IS JUSTIN a famous singer of singing that song

    39. farid Ebrahim Ebrahim

      Absurdo .... muito lindo

    40. Бахтияр Дарихатов

      Кто из Казахстана💖☝🏽

    41. Lara Vincenzo

      No me salen las palabras, para expresarte que te quiero No sé cómo explicarte, que me haces sentir Como si fuera el verano, y el invierno no existiera Como se separa todo Y con esa sonrisa, que cambia la vida Miraste hacia aquí, y ya no puedo contemplar Que tú no seas la que me ama Y cómo mirarte, esos ojos que me dejan en enero Cuando sé que no son míos y me muero El destino no nos quiere ver pasar Oh y cómo decirte, que no quiero que este amor sea pasajero Que de pronto se dé un día y yo te espero El destino no nos tiene que importar No sé cómo ser yo mismo si no estás al lado mío Se harán largos estos meses, si no estás junto a mí Y con esa sonrisa, que nunca se olvida Llegaste y te vi y ya no puedo soportar que tú no seas la que me ama Y cómo mirarte, esos ojos que me dejan en enero Cuando sé que no son míos y me muero El destino no nos quiere ver pasar Oh, y como decirte, que no quiero que este amor sea pasajero Que de pronto se dé un día y yo te espero El destino no nos tiene que importar Y cómo olvidarte, si la vida me enseñó que vas primero No me importa la distancia, yo te quiero Y al final sé que a mi lado vas a estar Voy a esperarte, cuando se ama de verdad No existe el tiempo Y te juro que no es el final del cuento El destino no nos puede separar Cómo mirarte

    42. Marlon wolf


      1. Guinea Pig


    43. Janka Zlatov

      Who told you that children in Russia can sing? Of course not.

    44. Mystery Gaming

      Wait. I don’t get the last one. Amazing, but where tf are they?? 😂😂

      1. schnubbel76

        Here is the complete version, the boy comes out at the very end after some discussion from the jury. They take the concept of a "blind audition" very literally i guess lol

    45. N7AST

      2nd guy was boring as fuck. i dont see the hype tbh

    46. Karen Banaag

      Amazing !!! Can't stop watching .💙

    47. Guinidie Généus

      La première fille qui chantait ....c'était magnifique...

    48. CarryCherry92

      These kids got their shit together. 😂 Excuse my English.

      1. Guinea Pig

        You are excused but I'm sure they don't shit together😁.

    49. Swamiya Swamiya

      All of them are just amazing 😍😍♥️

    50. Carolina vx

      The second guy is everything

    51. Salomao Davi

      The last one is my favorite .... Jar of hearts ....

    52. Salomao Davi

      I would like to talk only about one but i think all are good

    53. Alexander Felix

      Where is yaroslav karpuk with elvis presley voice?

      1. Guinea Pig

        On the 🚽 ...

    54. D J

      "Je suis malade". Point finale

    55. Olia Ivanova

      Я очень редко оставляю комментарии. Но это просто Божественные дети. Восторг не описуемый!!!

    56. Emeline Cassidy

      this is ART.

    57. Meir Wise

      I remember them all. They were all excellent, singing with a maturity well beyond their years. They were not in competition against each other thank goodness, so no need to pick anyone out. Mishel Cohen won in Israel singing Al tashlicheni which stunned the judges and audience and had most of the women in tears!

    58. Alireza Kord


    59. HaikyuuXSKZ :3

      EMMAAAAAA JE T’AIME ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    60. daniela reinoso

      Minuto 2:1 Lovely, impresionante. Lo amé 🥰🇦🇷

    61. Ghada Sky

      You literally picked my favorites of all time 🥺 thank you for this golden collection 🖤💛

    62. Cassie Delos reyes

      bien bunito cansion te kanta el bata to espaniol mio corason so alegre kwando y uwi

    63. Marco Belletti

      Il top delle voci più belle👏👏👏👏👏 questo lo salvo nella mia play list Beautiful 👏👏👏

    64. Cecil Garcia

      6:05 Wait what? TheVoiceKids? Its should be TheVoiceTeens for her

    65. Cecil Garcia

      2:00 Ok he's good. 3:14 uh uh uh (Speechless)

    66. Cecil Garcia

      0:05 So Jennifer Lawrence was such a great singer huh.

    67. 이삭

      와진짜 미쳤다

      1. Guinea Pig

        No clue what you are saying but I love 💕 you too...

    68. 이삭


    69. haspiyehanim

      The first girl is amazing



    71. Colum

      13:53 😬😬😬👎👎

    72. hetbet

      Only 2 were good. the 1st and the 2nd to last. The rest were ugh... just okay. 2nd was terrible, literally no power needed in your voice for that, just whisper. Others, okay.

    73. Luis Alberto Salazar

      Time to say goodbye! Hits me! It reminds me the day I lost my grandparents from my dad's side! Miss you a lot abuelitos! 😢

    74. P7 BAMBINO

      chora nao bebe

    75. Nessi 53


    76. Sara Elizabeth Gerrie

      That’s because we’re all meant to be birds who sing. Fame tells us otherwise.

    77. Hoàng Thủy Tiên Trần


    78. Gabby Koelho

      this was the most amazing video from The Voice I’ve seen so far, with shocking voices, I gaped the entire video without exaggeration !!!!

    79. Dr. Doodlepants

      The third kid is insane and at such a young age

    80. Alaa Shref


    81. Ralph Niño Masbang

      I choose Justin❤️

    82. Ви Кей

      какой хороший мальчишка на испанском спел)) какой же красивый язык испанский португальский бразильский просто балдею)) ну Данелия это понятно очень крутая сама по себе))

      1. Bek ash

        Здравствуйте хоть один русский комментарии кстати вы тоже не давно смотрели круууто😃

    83. Fábio Falcão

      the 3rd one was amazing man..

    84. Mikolay

      In this rating TWO Ukrainian girls :) we are a singing nation.

    85. Mikolay

      В такому рейтингу ДВІ україночки :) ми співоча нація.

    86. Siri Mevan

      Are they kids or opera singers in their life before

    87. Diversão é aqui com Bika

      no more serious 20 was the best for me

    88. Ice Cream

      Justin is not blind🙄

    89. otavio elias

      Justin, the best.

    90. yahya mezzara

      The first girl is the one Who yodel ???

    91. Santy Maloring

      Two girls who sang creep did a great harmony, the cute boy on the third performance and the boy from India are also amazing

    92. Crazejhon Dadang

      Danilah is the best.she is my favorites kid singer

    93. nooor-890

      Justin take my heart with lovely 👉🏻❤️👈🏻

    94. Leoncio Carlos Aguilar Berrios

      Wey hay algún Weon que hable español

    95. Bianca Myh

      omg! Everyone is beyond amazing 🤩

    96. MTHR37

      Excelentes todos, en especial la primera niña

    97. Felipe Braga Cerqueira

      Pq não tem nenhum BR aí??

    98. Kay Jechorek

      Wow,wirklich gut

    99. 마동석

      13:40 에이 씨바

    100. Post Mail

      The Boy Sing nice