Seizures on the Beach - Scary Moments for Lifeguards


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    Seizures can be scary. Even for lifeguards. We look at how Bondi's lifeguards have handled seizures on the beach in these emotional and scary moments.
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    1. BondiRescue

      Seems like anything can happen down at Bondi. Lifeguards have to be prepared for anything and always ready to act! (Check out some of their best rescues here -

      1. Sprout Gaming

        Life guarding seems real fun, but also a bit scary and dangerous, glad I’m really good at swimming

      2. Katie Rhymes

        Katie Rhymes 🤪 can I some hope naw 🥰

      3. Chris Oxley


      4. Alfredo Stocky

        My mum has seizures it’s so sad

      5. Sunshine Sunday


    2. Faith Braddon

      At the 1st for a second i thought it was liek 3 years old

    3. Jackie Almasy

      If someone has never seen or had direct contact with someone who has seizures, the sight of it can be really terrifying. I think the lifeguards handled it very well.

    4. Edotrin

      The guy screms "help me" is so ironic lmao. They are literally helping him at the moment.

    5. Miranda Allday

      In the middle of conversation I’m bored passes out 😂

    6. Miranda Allday

      Perffictly fine in middle of conversation she gets bored byeee

    7. derobotlab

      15:50 Even censored, I can see she is very in shock, panic, and like lots of emotions...

    8. derobotlab

      Man... I thought lifeguarding was just telling kids to not run, and saving drowning people. Turns out, lifeguarding is that, with an additional saving people from seizures, keeping calm even when its so intense, going on hot pursuits on buggies to catch thieves, trying not to injure yourself... damn. Respect to you kind, and strong people. Appreciate lifeguards more than ever now.

    9. SlothQueen


    10. Aladia Geswind

      I got excited when I heard South Africa 🌍 Johannesburg ❤️❤️😂coz I'm from South Africa

    11. Rosie Newman

      I wacb everything

    12. Wendy Fullagar

      Oh my god poor people my heart stood beating for a second I was like will they be okay I can’t believe at the end that she passed out three time s wow yous so amazing I love ya videos xx

    13. Ecosse ZA

      Poor South African woman, she either had no travel insurance or was a real boeremeisie - don't worry, I'm fine - there's a resilience that you don't find in other people in the world. Medical insurance costs lots in SA -t he equivalent of between $500 and $2200 per month, unless you want to be treated in a government hospital which are mostly ineffective places run by the most constitutionally correct, best law-instituting, most welcoming and friendly, yet least capable people, of running a democratic society on earth.

    14. MindyLedgendsss

      When a life guard was holding a walkie talkie it looked like the injured guy was drinking something.

    15. Jacob Weisel

      i was gonna say i cant believe they called that man an ambulance that's gonna cost a fortune, but then i realized that it wasn't America

    16. Sezin Turkan

      Angelica is gonna be that kind of parent when the kids sick she’s gonna be like u will be fine go school now ! Broke my leg you will be fine go school !

    17. Brianna Brookshaw

      Guy having a diabetic emergancy... Harries "Everything Bondi!"

    18. Doggy Johnathan

      Why dose everyone sound like the sniper from tf2

    19. Raven Buchanan Barnes

      I wonder what kind of watch Singlet's is wearing.

    20. Sheal Berube

      For seizures: some epileptics do have a seizure card on them that tells you what is allowed and what is not. Some are allowed to seize freely. Should be looking for a seizure card. If none, treat it like a first time seizure and call an ambo.

    21. Anna S

      It’s so weird being an epileptic bc you don’t realize the emotional toll it must take to see someone having a seizure like that bc you’re totally out of it

    22. Miles Carpenter

      No wonder it says scary moments D:

    23. Steven Van

      The defective cherries controversly sip because quail aboaly suspect barring a abnormal motorcycle. impartial, daffy trout

    24. Jonathan Watson

      All the time stamps below all features hot chicks 2:55 - 3:20 3:42 - 3:54 (Top 2 are the best) 13:25 - 16:30

    25. djcrazy

      i do hate when ppl call seizures fits, episodes bc there just seizures so call them wat they are!!

    26. djcrazy

      i have seizures its a disorder of the brain called epilepsy u turn person on there side n cushion there head n it should be 5-10 minutes n usually the person is very confused afterwards!!

    27. Shama Almarzouqi

      Omg the boy teen ow blood

    28. Orchidilia

      Felt so bad for the guys when they were trying to help Mick. It must have felt horrible to be helping someone but they are terrified of you. The poor man was confused and seemed like he literally thought they were going to kill him. Just screaming in pure terror for help while he actually was getting help. Sad for everyone.

    29. ChangedMyNameCheckk

      I LOVE THE BEGINNING “oo! You alright?”

    30. Corinne Williams

      Guys shall I be watching this cause I am 9years old

    31. Isabella Martin


    32. sxnrio

      That poor woman who apologized for having a seizure on the beach just broke me heart

    33. Unicorn Gurl

      I want to tell you a story so i was in school and i was standing on the bench and i was hoping from one bench from another and i slipped but the bench wad on grass but I BANGED my shin and my friend came running up to me and the teacher and I could not get up so my friend and someone else carried me over to the medical thing and the next few weeks or months it still hurt

    34. Unicorn Gurl

      Im going to tell you a story about my cousin so oh and before i start it wasn’t at a beach so he was young and he was in school and like they have bench’s and he was standing on one and slipped and banged his head on something thats all i know because i was very young or i was not even alive



    36. 80sOutrunFan

      Guy in the wheelchair, what a nice person.

    37. Alan Garza

      Pete is a legend

    38. alijah Lil


    39. Patricia Stratton

      Poor SA girl probably didn't have travel health insurance.

    40. Lucy

      Lifeguards are awesome!

    41. Villager

      I feel bad for the peoplr with these seizures

    42. Nic R

      i have epilepsy and that lady comforting the young man who had just had a seizure made me emotional. i can only think of a couple people who have actually helped me before, during, and after a seizure- most people either don’t know what to do or they have the wrong information and do way more harm than good. the way the lady reacted was so compassionate and understanding- it’s really important to know basic first aid!

    43. Ary Plazyy

      Period, theses people are the most respectful people to live on this earth❤️

    44. Kenia Martin Ramirez

      I have seizures too its scary 😭😭

      1. Kenia Martin Ramirez

        ya i also take medication

    45. sara kate

      Man.. the way the blurred angelicas face.. making her eyes look big and black.. it was scarrry!!

    46. Rehanna Nolte

      Who’s here from South Africa?????

    47. caroline gemini

      my mom has epilepsy and has seizures it’s scary but sadly i’m used to them. the fact they do this on a BEACH!! so crazy

    48. Yoongi’s_Garden

      Why didn’t that last lady want to go to the hospital? Isnt healthcare free in Australia?????

    49. Aoife Kennedy

      I have epilepsy I’ve had it since I was 11 I had my first seizure in 2015 just a week before my 12th birthday in 2015 and it is really scary for the people who witness it it really is


      im scared of that i hate the beach now cuz its scary

    51. Wezlo

      That Pete guy was a true warrior “Back to war” When he first came to the tower I thought maybe he had communication issues but once he came around I realised his medical condition even just strips him of the simple ability to speak etc, glad he went to the tower for help and the genuine look of concern in the lifeguards face was humbling.

    52. Caroline Collins

      O No

    53. chris clifton

      God when that guy hit his head I felt really ill 🤢

    54. Davey Hofer

      Whats dam astrialia doing on my cell?

    55. Absent Minded

      Those women, not only attractive but kind and caring and calm in the face of something terrible. I'm glad they came to the rescue.

    56. Hayley Paige

      I fainted one time and woke up and didn’t even recognise my own family for a few minutes let alone recognise anything else. I honestly thought I’d traveled to a different dimension

    57. Matthew Theobald

      The diabetic one is scary to me because my girlfriend has type 1 and I always fear one day something bad could happen. I always make sure she has insulin and sugar on her.


      Honeslty i watch this show and SMH at 80% of the people that need saving. The main Issue is IF YOU CANT SWIM why are you going in the water Alone or with people who also can't swim and why are you going deep like over your waist.. DO u think this is a pool. Do you not Respect Nature. Or is this total stupidity. When traveling do your DD. Thats do your Due diligence do some research. Try To Figure the Rules like swimming between the Flags. DO your research before you do something that Is OBVIOUSLY dangerous when you see other people being saved. SERIOUSLY. what is wrong with some people. Totally oblivious to there surroundings. NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE. So many stupid people In this world.

      1. Jenna Bowker

        I mean you don't need the lifeguards to see this because how would you feel if they said this on your video? I was always told I should think before I speak because it can hurt other people's feelings. Not all people are stupid btw.

    59. Mollie Neumeier

      I love watching these videos so when i come to bondi beach i will know what to be aware of

    60. Marie Casimir

      I love when they say ambos

    61. Ashaki Hector

      I get so many chills but got damn the show is good

    62. Ashaki Hector

      Tommy is just mm

    63. BlueNinja

      6:20 this is me every morning when my alarm goes off

    64. Leah Carter

      These lifeguards are the best I swear.

    65. SweetPoisonZ03

      My older brother is a type one diabetic we found out he had diabetes in 2018 in September but he's all good now but I know how u feel after a dramatic scene ur just like WOW we just saved someone's life and so I know how scary it could be I mean me being a little sister to a type one diabetic brother ur like "I can't believe what's happening right now" So I really do feel for u guys because someone that's almost drowned and u started doing CPR they could die right I front of u I mean im just lucky enough that I still have my brother

    66. Freezestyler


    67. Shea Cooper

      As an epileptic who finds my seizures embarrassing, I relate to Angelica sooo much. I've scared my parents so much, I've peed myself, I've stopped breathing, and not to mention the utter humiliation of when I pull my emergency meds out of my bag for school and have everyone ask what they're for. Funny story on my second seizure my friend's mom who was a first responder was actually the first person I saw when I finally came to. That night in the ER was fun, she stopped by and prayed for my health.

    68. Pate !!

      ik this job comes with so many difficulties but i could not imagine having a job where i got to do this all day. it seems like such a job that i would never get bored of

    69. Suzanne Tapia


      1. Suzanne Tapia

        This is every single emoji u can choose it took me 15 minutes

    70. Bass Boosted

      I am very interested in being a life guard for bondi when I am of age I am 17 right now almost 18 i grew up on the coast of Maine and I’ve dealt with scary rip tides and currents in general and I want to help prevent people from drowning and having fits like this episode hopefully one day I will be with you guys 😁

      1. Suzanne Tapia

        If u do become a life guard I'll be waiting here ready to watch u save lives 😊😊

    71. Gemma Denton

      Love Jake he’s my favourite! (And Jesse) ❤️❤️

    72. Rosamaria Rodriguez

      People who suffer from seizures shouldn’t be swimming at the beach 🏖 also should keep hydrated.

    73. YT Builds

      I feel bad for the guy in the chair. He looks innocent and a lovely guy that wants no harm.

    74. jana hichri

      oh god , how didi you save them all

    75. HeartBroken

      19 dolla fortnite card

    76. D Gulliver

      I had 12 seizures in one day. I went to the hospital, Angelica should not be sorry. It does happen and it's how you roll with the punches and like that bloke said back to war.

    77. Inttroverted Monk

      These lifeguards need more medical training cause they made so many mistakes. Someone falls and hits their head you don't move them and take them for a walk. If someone passes out and your trying to get the to wake you rub the sternum.

    78. Kevin Stever

      You are life savers

    79. melody runion

      Tommy looks like 2015 harry styles but with blonde hair 😂

    80. MessMyself Gaming



      he turned around for second looks back She : passes away 🤭

    82. Frank Gallo

      just fucking normal guys saving lives like it’s nothing epic hero’s

    83. Isabelle Martinez

      I’ve had a concussion before and developed short term memory loss from it. The thing was at that time I never knew I had a concussion until I noticed short term memory symptoms and looked up how it can get developed

    84. Kimberly Akin

      anyone else think it is funny the woman is passing out etc surrounded by people worried about her {{ 11 Min Mark} But a woman Laying less than 7 feet away. Hey Nothing is Messing with My tanning.

    85. Weirdo Person

      I know someone with epilepsy and watching her have a seizure Is horrible, so I can't imagine having one.

    86. Shirosake

      That Angelica chick - she felt soo bad about needing their help! Poor thing. She is so embarrassed and probably wants to crawl in a hole. I Just want to give her a hug. I know the feeling of extreme guilt when people have to go out of their way to help you medically and even though you know it's exactly what you need, it's the last thing you want. Hope she is ok.

    87. trullsis

      For someone who have epellepsi myself i know how scary it can be to just "wake up" and there is like 7 people standing around. So i can only imagion how horribel it have to be to not remember and know what cauze it, atleast i know i have epellepsi.

    88. henoov yourslavangi

      Let's go to the beach, the lifeguards are hot.

    89. Chang Wook

      2:04 That girl is so pretentious. She clearly just wants some airtime and attention lol

    90. Henry Rocky

      Pete made me so scared

    91. Ally Williams

      So on the second one, I actually have type 1 diabetes so it’s good to know I they are doing it correctly And he was shaking so bad I don’t know how he survived, and also here is another tip ginger bear doesn’t really help tbh I just wanna say if u wanna learn more about me and diabetes search Alessandra Williams Bromley newspaper

    92. Eunice Hughes

      10:14 the lifeguard’s sunglasses were the wrong way round 😂

    93. VorisN

      This sucks to watch for me, as someone who used to have epilepsy I feel these peoples pain, to watch these people cop seizures pains me.

    94. Janetkelly Kelly

      Rescu it's more like a Hospital

    95. Emily Taylor

      There so calm about this I would be screaming my head of

    96. Rory Wolo

      Lol they have a twilight towel

    97. Maya Mitchell

      How bad is it that for the second guy I was thinking wait don’t call the ambulance yet in case he doesn’t need it cause it will cost him thousands of dollars. But they’re in Australia not America.

    98. Skate & Memes

      Why tf are there so many self promoters

    99. Carlos A

      I’m addicted to this channel good quality content

    100. Christopher Skora

      Imagine you’re driving somebody somewhere and you’ve been talking for them for a long time just for the to not listen😂😢