300 Days alone... - The Movie

Olivier Vittel

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    To tame a wild pig or build a shelter, Xavier Rosset, the swiss Robinson Crusoe, spent in 2008 almost 10 months on Tofua, an island in the Pacific Ocean with only a machete and a swiss knife as a tool, not using the obolete construction left by the last inhabitants.
    It is a psychological true story between solitude and loneliness.
    After 3 minutes, you won't be willing to leave your screen.

    Ce film existe aussi en version originale française , Xavier explique dans sa langue maternelle ses souffrances et ses joies. Cette version est un peu différente de celle en anglais.
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    1. Banana Games

      Bro this is sad I have been alone my whole life

    2. Kevin Yang

      fossil at 6:12?


      true! that's how the people should live, take the time of our lives, why do we live in this world now? always in a hurry, deadline to meet, always in a rush of something,,WHY?... we are on this rat race for what? to gain money for the greedy government and companies, if you don't go along with this rat race, you couldn't pay your house rental, your bills everything for a fucking money, we can't bring a single penny in our graves, we do in our casket but not when we die,, why we live in this fucking taxfarm world, no one is free, except, when you are alone in an island..

    4. Julian Lennon Sanchez

      its simply,,,,,For the win,,,,,,,,

    5. Rajini express

      I just want to say I loved it... God bless you🙏♥️💐

    6. EQUILIBRIO Milan Chirh

      bullshit... fake. naive teens can believe it though...

    7. ครัวช่างใบ้ ใจดี

      How good good i light

    8. Joyce Kelley

      I would be loved to b their with u n u would not b lonely. U would b kept warm n we would talk n do watever we had to to survive. U r a strong willed man n u will make it! Proud of u.

    9. Gmc Tarriela

      a real life minecraft tho...

    10. Đức Đỗ

      Có ai Việt Nam không

    11. NightOwl Games

      i need a break like that

    12. Manoj Kumar

      Really amazing journey

    13. sparrow

      Toking toking not interesting

    14. victoria no


    15. Sarvesh Ganesan

      What did he for the batteries in his camera

      1. Sarvesh Ganesan

        @Olivier Vittel oh thanks buddy

      2. Olivier Vittel

        Hi 01:10 solar panel and external battery battery

    16. Shikshya Sangroula

      Its so beautiful for the man to gift him Lofi- the dog, as he helped the man with the wounded finger ❤️🥺

    17. Alexandre Lima

      BR em 2021 ?????

    18. Ofb u.u


      1. RoadZz


    19. HWUA

      no flame but the shots he takes with his camera where he walks past and leaves it behind.. since he has one camera does that mean he had to go back for it after taking the shot every time-

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Indeed 💪

    20. hoang huy

      Not good

    21. chess porn

      15:13 I felt that.

    22. Corrin Rawlings

      Did he keep the dog

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Hi No, Xavier returned Sugar to Lofi on the nearby island

    23. Ronnie .J

      Great movie!!

    24. RayGetard

      I like how he just gets a dog and instead of eating a pig he just adopts it.

    25. Kriste Isopahkala

      I guess I missed something... How did he get drinkable water?

      1. Kriste Isopahkala

        @Olivier Vittel Ok, thanks!

      2. Olivier Vittel

        Hi Not really, it's explained in the episodes Xavier was collecting water rain and water from the water tank near the old school

    26. Erwin Paimalan

      that bench huhuhu

    27. Daniel

      This man playing Minecraft irl

    28. GLM 5983 everts

      ultim respect from holland

    29. Aurenir Sousa

      Algum brasileiro para presenciar tais experiências vividas neste documentário? Muito digno seu vídeo,a forma que você entrou e a forma que saiu,a comodidade urbana fez muita falta até o final mas poder desfrutar e tais experiências lhe abriu um novo "eu" mais ligado a natureza e a forma primal de nossos antepassados,sucesso para o que fazes,nunca havia vido um vídeo seu,sou do interior e tenho saudades da natureza por estar muitos anos no Rio de janeiro.

    30. Abhi

      This is a masterpiece man💝🥺

    31. Giancarlo Biondino

      I like the "I hope to have many many fish" dance

    32. Khriesatolohe Atolohe

      This is called beautiful life❤️I enjoy watching your video. thank you brothers u make my day❤️❤️

    33. TOZO YT

      Animals are men's best friend. ❤️

    34. ISTI KELAL

      saya bangga dengan anda❤️

    35. Iaroslav Peskov

      This is a ticket for who watched the whole movie from start to end. How many are we?

    36. Chloe Holliday

      Lmfao when he started talking to the pig 🐷

    37. Hawkeye

      This is free?

    38. Black Mary

      A Beautiful True Life Story.

    39. T-TENG


    40. MidnightSundowns

      Man, he made this look easy... I would've died the moment dehydration set in.

    41. dalan wanbdiska

      Did you eat your crap to survive.

    42. Olle Persson

      300 days alone? Easy, i’ve been alone for 13 years😎

    43. Nau fh

      37:00 so cute

    44. Lxuwdd

      Thats no Challenge for me Noobie

    45. diy beach

      24 hrs in island challange? No no no 300 days in island challange lezgo!

    46. Void null

      Talking to doctor .. "i have a small technical problem" :D

    47. Дмитрий Бацилин


    48. Samsung Galaxy

      Minute 14:40 and 14:45 the fish is not alive

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Hi You can check the related episode where that fish isn't exhausted yet 👌

    49. Rebby

      I bet he ate piggy.

    50. ITF Eastan | Gaming Moments, Shared

      This truly is Shia Labeoufs best performance.

    51. Moisturize Tomato


      1. Olivier Vittel

        Hi Xavier returned Sugar to Lofi on the nearby island 👍

    52. Pluto


    53. ysbelia cordero

      me quede preocupada por el cochinito

    54. Kenzio Fishing Adventure

      tempat yang sangat indah sekali

    55. Pontus Björklund

      3rd time wathing this one still love it!

    56. Oscar wells

      i want to do this


      trop bien j'ai adoré :D

    58. Piter KaryaIntiPulsa

      Wow amazing bro!

    59. Kenzi Tank

      24:41 i thought they left him a woman aswell xD

    60. Rosidiansyah putro

      Merinding cuy

    61. FlamingSapphire

      I wish I could do more than just like.

    62. Hello

      You know whats funny people like this still live like this till this day and they dont have any technology. And they are able to survive like thay because they haven't relied on tech like we do which make our lives much easier.

    63. Srikanth N


    64. Adrie's diary

      Not the piglet😢

    65. Julia Mauren Barauntu

      sampe bejengot lebatnya ehh dari ngak punya bulu jadi punya gimana kalau yang dibawah menn udah punya bulu tapi belum dicukur berapa bulan lebat menn lebat

    66. Drdoog07

      I remember watching this late at night at like 2 am in 2018, waking up to realize that I didn't have this video saved, but I've finally found it...

      1. Drdoog07

        @Am I Pro? dont have it turned on

      2. Am I Pro?

        Why didn’t you just go to your history lmao

    67. Max Detwiler

      My name is not "Rueeebennnnn"

    68. Max Detwiler

      Favorite video before bed

    69. Rene Kakishina


    70. brightful5

      Jeremy from Jersey just subscribed

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Thx Jeremy, soon the climb of the Aconcagua

    71. Maurizio Candido

      ahahahah che scemo....roba da spaccarsi i coglioni dalla noia

    72. Maurizio Candido

      ma i pantaloni strappati dietro servono per piditare meglio?

    73. ahmet efe yılmaz

      this is amazing

    74. VANN LiT Bro


    75. D’wayne Randle

      He wasn't alone... how clean the dude was for 10mts stay on an island alone, his beared should be much longer! Bet the locals fed him & held his camera...

    76. Xxjinnax

      I saw a papaya and banana why didn’t he eat them lol. I was so excited to see the watermelon grow but so sad it wasn’t growing well :/

    77. LoloBeauty

      Very interesting

    78. Kieran Penrose

      that was the greatest thing ive ever watched

    79. Major Malfunction

      Stardew Valley Live!

    80. Biplob Rabha

      He truly appreciated the nature during his whole adventure. That'y GOD support him directly/indirectly the whole journey of his adventure. MORAL : Always cooperate with the nature, because God feels good and happy when we behave with the nature.❤️😌🙏

    81. candyDander

      Damn, that's cool that he could sharpen his machete on volcanic rock, really convenient. Neat film! I liked going on this journey with him. I'm also glad he did this in an area people had moved on from for the most part in terms of living.

    82. A Model Noob

      the mad thing is without drugs the hand issue could kill you. just goes to show how lucky we are today

    83. Max Jonsson

      this is an art piece

    84. Dreamprovider Dreamprovider

      You said in the description that you lived ALONE for 300 days .......its not accurate ....small lies ....

    85. kurome 05

      If they give me a million USD for this.. It would not take a sec by saying yes..

    86. Dark Knight 2.0

      What name song

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Semer les vents, Jacko Soleau

    87. Jonas Layic

      300 days and no diamond pickaxe *spellingggggg*

    88. Aldrin Asugan

      Such a great adventure. I want to try something like this in the future.

    89. Jetjet Condez

      i saw you in nash daily

    90. BERITA

      Pulanglah nak, ibumu menghawatirkan mu dirumah.

    91. Ednaldo Ferreira de oliveira

      uai...nalfragos tem medicos de plantão ..o correto era deixar a infecçaose prolongar como numa situação real

    92. Krishna Khadka

      Where is 🐖 pig my friend🥺

    93. Cow Art


    94. amrakshable

      I loved it

    95. Khaldion

      11:51 broken pants through the middle?

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Indeed, you can check the related episode, it's a bit detailed 😁

    96. Atharva Kulkarni

      Soo basically minecraft in real life

    97. Ritz

      Wow thats a good dog my dog runs away when i open the front door this dog has all the time to run but just follows him.

    98. Ex-Poser Toons

      Imagine doing all this then realising the camera didn't work the whole time

    99. Bruce Morrison

      Brilliant. Thank you for sharing this journey. Legend.

    100. Rovi

      Ed Stafford un Bokonu ye amq