300 Days alone... - The Movie

Olivier Vittel

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    To tame a wild pig or build a shelter, Xavier Rosset, the swiss Robinson Crusoe, spent in 2008 almost 10 months on Tofua, an island in the Pacific Ocean with only a machete and a swiss knife as a tool, not using the obolete construction left by the last inhabitants.
    It is a psychological true story between solitude and loneliness.
    After 3 minutes, you won't be willing to leave your screen.

    Ce film existe aussi en version originale française , Xavier explique dans sa langue maternelle ses souffrances et ses joies. Cette version est un peu différente de celle en anglais.
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    1. Ghost Dog Drey'

      He was so elated talking about walking to that guys' fingerless friend XD That's how loney he was

      1. no u

        @NcsAlways 3 days

      2. NcsAlways

        3 days

      3. Kim


    2. Farfar Kteer

      God bless you It's very great job Hard life alone No friends No family No comfortable bed I'm very interested Thank you brother I wish you good and happy days

    3. Polinanda Sinaga Chanel

      I love KGup more than any other social media👍👍

    4. Jay Call

      31:17 - This man's wearing crocs. Legend.

    5. Amir Hayat

      no nut November all year!!!!! cool

    6. Leonardo Bonanno

      This guy is playing Minecraft hardcore mode but in real life.

    7. teuvo maantienkiitäjä

      Where did he get water?

    8. dog walks

      Tf happend to the dog

    9. Mgs BlueFish

      Congratulations, amazing.

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    11. Kyan Erdeljac

      Imagine having to edit this entire thing

    12. Mathies

      He survived 300 days on ultrahardcore

    13. Astra CH

      Bro whats wrong with u?

    14. Hung Survival

      The place where you recorded the video is the tropical sea

    15. Ooo👾life,,

      you are definitely lonely dude, I can tell from the size of your right hand lol

    16. Lucas Beredin

      quem filmou ele??????

    17. Kenny Cotman

      Did you leave the dog, or did he came back to Switserland with you ?

    18. Horrific Minecraft Gameplay

      Minecraft Hardcore mode with RTX on

    19. Wes2823

      Big balls!

    20. Theodosis Ntoumas

      I accidentally watched the whole thing...

    21. Kryptagri

      That piiiggg tho

    22. Kryptagri

      None of us searched for this but we all watched it all

    23. Kryptagri

      Imagine being away from your family for that long

    24. Christian Richt

      Are we going to talk about how clear it is that the dog changed his perspective of his adventure?

    25. Anonymous Commenter

      what happened to the dog tho

    26. Hamed Jaber

      Thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure... You put a big smile on my face when took a sip of your first beer in months made me cry when you said you'll be happy if the baby pig will come back to say bye before you leave...seriously legendary adventure! Love for Syria

    27. Adrian Lupescu

      Soo... what happened to the dog?

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Hello Adrian, Xavier left Sugar with Lofi on the next island 🏝

    28. as your classmate

      Nice survival

    29. José Luis Garcia

      Bateria para 300 dias.....

    30. Cpecius

      U are low in survival, loook to guasy to no phone, no help, a u low i dont now, what this people looking in u chanel... u low survival...

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Hi Indeed, but the for extra footage and situations, please check the episodes here 👍 and please, read the description 😜

    31. Erwin Winarno

      300 days.. woowww...

    32. Артём Суворов


    33. Mr. Boxman

      The industrial revolution and its consequences...

    34. awong mawe


    35. Braedin Moore

      I hope he brought the dog back with him 😞

    36. Adr Times

      he is so strong , we wanna experience like you but this is not simple. I hope in future i can do this experience , like you.maybe your life changed about the nature but more people have to do this . World is alone for the defend her self. Please dont shoot trashes , we can see , if we shoot trashes world be dirty. And if we shoot more trash , end of the world will be come. Thx you was show us experience dude . and i am sorry for my bad english :D I am so happy for know you ..

    37. David Peterson

      Fantastic adventure! You survived, my friend. Congratulations!

    38. Sa r

      My favorite part starts on minute 35, when he talks about his deep humble feelings watching the volcano elements Earth-Water-Fire and Air that represent Life itself were gathered, Oh man. Wow

    39. Shimit Matara

      wadul sorangan tilu ratus poe dimana eta aya nu nempo batur

    40. Derpkingderp

      Did he keep the dog?

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Hi Xavier gave Sugar back to Lofi on the next island 🏝

    41. Miguel J. Carreras Diaz

      Love this vid

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Thank you

    42. Miguel J. Carreras Diaz

      Cool vid; the pig squealing was the best part 🤣

    43. Cory C

      And know we see why I decided to become us

    44. Oscar Adiv Amdan

      Thanks Oliver. Take care bro.

    45. Effie Hawkins

      This guys stays away from society for 300 days Comes back and has to deal with tik tok

    46. davus


    47. MantraHerbInchSin


    48. paul w

      No explanation on the most important, immediate and impending problem: water. For this reason - thumbs down.

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Hi Xavier did get water from rain and from the water tank near the old school You can watch this in one of the episodes here 👍

    49. M Dl

      amazing video, respect to Olivier

    50. mr cock

      This makes me speechless. You are an amazing person.


      Türkçe çeviri için teşekkürler 👍

    52. sebas sebas

      He was so elated talking about walking to that guys' fingerless friend XD That's how loney he was

    53. Shaman

      this guy after 300 days of being alone: I will never do that again me after 300 days of being alone: at peace it's got to be some kind of bad gene that causes people to suffer when they aren't socializing. I can go years without being around people, it's really not that bad.

    54. Nestor Ramirez

      Superheroes in real life!

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    56. Krank Productions

      Omg ig I’m a og now this video has blown up!!! Congrats man

    57. Oprita Mircea

      No Girls no problem

    58. Andy Aftene

      mon frere, how did you chaarge your camera?

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Hi 01:10 solar panel and external battery 👍

    59. Error- 502

      This video has given me a lots of motivation❤

    60. Athena Aussie

      Many people all over the world in Quarantine isolation right now wish they had fresh air and nature like this but are trapped for weeks in tiny apartments and Quarantine Hotels.

    61. Ken Q

      no ads? subbed.

      1. Ken Q

        @Wyatt Parker im not thats why Im surprised a 1 hour vid has no ads

      2. Wyatt Parker

        ok adblock user

    62. James Bunton

      What an amazing man

    63. manh le

      tbh, this one is far better than any movies i''ve watched in the past few years.

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Thank you 🙏

    64. Cambodia explained

      did the dog come too

    65. Cambodia explained

      best movie ever

    66. Noémie Nault

      Wow. C'est fantastique ce que tu as accompli. Merci, d'avoir partagé ton histoire.

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Salut Noemie, Il y a aussi la vo en français ici 👍

    67. Marco Antonio

      this video is amazing

    68. Indra Maulana

      Ngapain mas sendirian?

    69. Panos Omerta

      Uhm, sorry to interrupt but what happened to the dog??

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Hi Xavier gave Sugar back to Lofi on the next island 🏝

    70. Daniel Ramos Fernandez

      si estas sólo quien graba?

    71. swette PLS like

      I wonder if the piggy is doing well

    72. Avin Srivastava

      Just one word - brave!

    73. Noro Sensei

      100% fake omg poeple trust this shit for real ?

      1. Wyatt Parker

        dumbass he fucking does this and gets this kind of hate? like fr he just wanted to have somd fun and share his experience and people like you roll up whining about people supporting him.

      2. Olivier Vittel

        Hi Please check Xavier Rosset on google 👍

    74. Blame USA

      Spoiler Alert! The pig didn't escape!!

    75. Oni Shallo Boi

      I had my bench I’m happy

    76. Tua Coi

      MY SЕХ LOVE.

    77. Kim cương Nguyễn

      Có thêm nhiều vietsub ko ạ

    78. Nile Bluesea

      *_Olivier Vittel? More like reallife Oliver Queen_*

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Hello Xavier is the adventurer 😜

    79. Jeny Bendil

      when to make videos in Indonesia

    80. Human Beat Clocks

      Alone on an island... 1:30 into the clip it's a drawing on a tree how to find a pirate treasure.

    81. どゅーひー


    82. break 1

      I enjoyed it a lot, especially the parts where other you get to meet other people, had a huge grin on my face watching you get to meet someone else, its kinda weird lol

    83. Rizal Fatoni

      Such an amazing story, I never imagine living without all things I have and use daily, it must be very hard. Your survival ability is awesome, even with the tools you carried, you came across many unfamiliar situations and that needed to be figured out and dealt with in order to survive. The dog and the little pig were cute and it was quite sad to the little pig leaving, I hope she went back to the forest and doing okay. Thanks a lot for sharing your great experience, it's amazing!!!

    84. M a u r i c i o

      What happen with the pig?

    85. Amirul Ziyyaddin Zahin bin Roslan


    86. Joey West

      It's all good till you'd be stocked by bigfoot and the great outdoors isn't so great after you be mauled by bigfoot and to make things worse you have no protection.

    87. Alexander Sköld ES18BIL LUGNETGYMNASIET

      Great video

    88. JustPickAlready

      I I mean we all are spending 300+ days alone now. it is just the way the world is. Thanks Backstreet boys.

    89. intro maker

      Ist er deutsch?

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Halo Nein, Xavier kommt aus der Schweiz

    90. oğuz öğke

      its incredible courage. dream for most people. ı m goona follow you. maybe one day ı can do this

    91. Portgas D Ace

      I cried a little when he said: and if one they she will come back and say hello i'd be very happy. loneliness felt.

      1. sebas sebas

        At least he wasn't stuck only with a volleyball named Wilson.

    92. Lucky Guy

      sorry your english pronunciation is suck.i will stop to watch

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Sorry, Xavier did his best but there are subtitles 👍

      2. Nazak

        it's just the french accent

    93. Andreas Bille

      I love to hear him get better at English through the video because he was wanted to speak English while he was filming.

    94. Tajai Stansel

      I love how he never shaved his beard.

    95. Jack Jabber

      How you were charging your camera all those days?

      1. Olivier Vittel

        Indeed 01:10 👍

      2. Jack Jabber

        @HollowShareeq -_- might be ❤️

      3. HollowShareeq -_-

        He had a solar charger thing i think

    96. mustang fastback

      if I was their i would have found an animal and kept it as a pet so i would not be so lonely

    97. Dorina Giurge

      Çe magnifique 👏👏👏

    98. MALSU T roman upz

      Where is the dog 🐕. U took him along with u?

      1. MALSU T roman upz

        @Olivier Vittel ohh that was a nice dog (sugar)😘

      2. Olivier Vittel

        Hi Xavier left Sugar with Lofi on the next island 🏝

    99. victor Senkiw

      I loved this documentary and his journey, but he wasn't really "alone".

    100. Gadgets Tamatiro

      Hola aventurero