ITZY(있지) - 마.피.아. In the morning(Mafia In the morning) (Music Bank) | KBS WORLD TV 210430


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    күнү жарыяланды 18 күн мурун


    1. 김경민

      진짜 멋있어~~

    2. Josivan Almeida


    3. Dahyun is my Bias


    4. Adt

      Popular Opinion : They all slayed this era 😌

    5. Remus Pierre

      Great performance

    6. Hwang_


    7. dd dd

      poor singers

      1. Hwang_


    8. [PK 1]

      4M ✌🏻Fighting

    9. Dina Meilani

      That's their real voice! I really love you itzy!

    10. Mark Joshua De Guzman

      singing live with a hard and fast choreo now im asking myself are they even humans

      1. Hwang_

        @dd dd ...

      2. dd dd

        ESPA IS word cless vocalist itsy is just dencers

    11. Isabel López

      Me encanta esta canción

    12. cesar martinez

      Honestly all the girls slayed this comeback. I love that they all have a decent amount of solo time on the song and all did the choreo with such ease. Or at least they make it look easy lol. Lias bridge and Yunas everything are my fav though lol

      1. dd dd

        ESPA IS word cless vocalist itsy is just dencers

    13. ʕっʙᴀʙʏᴘɪɴᴋꜱっʔ

      Chaeryeong is on fire💀

    14. Bhella Mutiara

      Yeji is the best! She is a leader who doubles as a rapper, vocalist and main dancer. She is very talented and also very beautiful❤️.

    15. JISOO_.•} ._.

      Loveeee Yuna 😍✨

    16. Perla Cabahug


    17. KEVYN

      yuna's part made me fall in love with this song

    18. ༄ Yona Narulita ༄

      Yeji, Chaeryeong, Lia, Yuna, Ryujin stableee

    19. Usama Anjum

      Annyoung! To every one!

    20. Michelle Rain

      lia’s voice ending the song is perfection she has the best timbre

    21. Music 4MySoul

      This is the end. The God of Moses and Elijah is returning shortly. If you're willing, repent and prepare for the return of Jesus Christ, and avoid the Covid-19 vaccine. Those who listen will be grateful with tears to Jesus Christ. The rapture is about to happen, many will vanish in an instant. Those left behind will have to die for their faith. This is the end, everything written in the book of revelation will be fulfilled.

    22. kids be like that

      Me the second Ryujin first appears: OH STOP IT IM WAY TOO FREAKIN GAY ALREADY

    23. O Sole Mio

      This era have the best outfit ever!

    24. 후아라

      곡은 애매하지만 그래도 라이브네 ㄷㄷ

    25. GuX Ppy


    26. Que Zhang

      Itzy outfit stylist still bad. Fire the person.

    27. [PK 1]


    28. [PK 1]


    29. I AM Reineguzel

      THE SWITCH UP OF RYUJIN's facial expression in 1:00 SPOOKS ME SO MUCH!! She is the ultimate bias wrecker

    30. 안다 다 안다

      가사가 저게뭐야 개유치해 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    31. [PK 1]

      Love itzyyy

    32. [PK 1]

      You guys are awesome

    33. [PK 1]

      You guys are awesome

    34. 퍄퍄퍗

      화질 720뭐냐 진짜 2021년 맞나싶다

    35. Erza Elsa

      갸샤쿄 기ㅐㅊ 교개겨

    36. 나동이林

      ITZY🤣🐯 🔫 perfect 👌

    37. i am shy

      Yeji rap sounds like something cardi b would sing 😳

    38. Jia And Mia _ Zpt

      I bet there's no one who dislikes lia's bridge part

    39. swttuth0329

      You know that is not easy to sing while dancing crazy powerful like that. They slayyyyyed

    40. sunday melody


    41. Once You WheeIN You Can’t WheeOUT

      Yeji fits every concept.

    42. VeryNoFun _

      Lia is improving more and more every comeback and I’m here for it 😳

    43. Ray Myoui

      I heard the leather of Yeji's outfit during the first chorus 😧☝️

    44. Jack Morris


    45. Ferdinand Lucas

      GO QUEEENSS!!!

    46. Maria Luísa

      lia's killing it

    47. IzzyB

      LIA I LOVE YOU 💘💘💘

    48. János Link

      Earthquake coming in 1:04

    49. Mœw Fall

      Ryujin really said: my mic is WORKING!!!!

    50. Constance Lo

      This is definitely Lia and Chaeryoung’s era

    51. Meme World

      There pop ,do I show you what I jsjsjsjsjsh skkwkwkallgJ ushsiiak🤣🤣

    52. Effuderit Tea

      Damn they did great

    53. Bert


    54. Kolester Antoni

      Yeji dance so powerful

    55. Narma Kim

      Omg! Ryujin swag😎 🔥💜

    56. Phoebe Lim


    57. someone random

      the visuals omgg

    58. rachel


    59. MiKyhia Morris

      This song is fire

    60. stan tomorrow by together for clear skin

      Idk y this song got so much hate it's soooooooo gd

    61. stan tomorrow by together for clear skin

      Lia's bridge is so nice

    62. Luciana Bautista

      ok but for one second can we talk about chae´s stability? She really deserves more than jyp gives her

    63. Jennie Jennie

      От такой хорреографии там Рюджин уже дыхалки петь не хватало😂😂 , и вот этот дебильный звук во время припева от Юны (рррррреееддеенденннгг)ужасен ,блин вот эти лишние звуки ,зачемммм,песня от этого красивее не станет ,наоборот если бы не этот звук ,то было бы на много красивеее😧

    64. Clara Vásquez

      Yeji red hair, rap, singing supremacy 🛐

    65. 曾艾琳


    66. Anne Clarisse Nagpala

      My bias is definitely YEJI Bias wrecker is RYUJIN Definitely vibe stealer LIA Amazing performance by YUNA Voice stability from CHAERYEONG Such a talent. At first, didn't like the song. But definitely my fav in my playlist now. More power ITZY!

    67. Paul Simon

      What a comeback!

    68. yeji hyunjin


    69. 메아리

      박진영냄새만 빠지면 완벽한 그룹인데...

    70. まるみみ


    71. Diane Ang

      So amazed by how the backup dancers’ caps stayed on despite the intense head rolls at 2:39 🤣

    72. 채윤배

      존ㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴ나 열심히 한 티가 나네.. ;;;

    73. Cobbiant Miguel

      Lia bursted like a bomb!

    74. Noob Nancy

      these hips dont liee.

    75. Ikaru Akameni

      Can people appreciate the fact that they don't lip sync at all? Like look at this performance, a tiring choreo but they are clearly singing! And their mics are louder than the playback ITZY ACE

    76. Domdizz

      In living for Yuna parts in this. Lia bridge is beautiful And Yeji rap was my favorite

    77. Zulanore

      I love their perfomance and outfits!

    78. 동영배의 눈코입

      노래 처음 나왔을 때 나포함 노래 구리다고 죄다 혹평이었는데 바로 빌보드 핫 200차트 148위 진입 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


      Lia so amazing this comeback

    80. ฮาจิมะ ทีวี


    81. ฮาจิมะ ทีวี


    82. Edith B

      Don’t like it , Iike their previous songs

    83. Jessielyn Sonsona

      Sarry , their mics are ON!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

    84. aliens are kind

      Okay but why is no one talking about the bruise on Yeji's forehead in the thumbnail? It made me so concerned ( ꈨຶ ˙̫̮ ꈨຶ )

      1. kedits

        that’s confetti!

    85. Alex SS

      Their rapping skills are shining in this comeback✨

    86. Maricel Alberio

      I remember Jisoo everytime I see Lia, the most beautiful and...

    87. Kpop_Idols

      1.Yeji-yeji. 2.Lia-리아 3.Ryujin-류진 4.Chaeryoung-Chaeryoung. 5.Yuna-유나

    88. もぬ

      Shhhhhhh Guess who loves youナヤ ナ Do I show you Noヤ No アジッ タイミ アニャ ナン ジョム ド カッカイ ジョム ト カッカイ クロダ カプチャギ ッサッ I’mma steal it マウムル フムチョ You are gonna love me キョルジョンジョギル ッテ イッパル トゥロネヌン Type ナワ トゥ ヌニ マジュチョド ナン フンドゥルリミ オプソ No ノル サラハヌン ゲ チェラミョン ボミヌン Who You’ll never know Baby ヘッカルリョ ヘッカルリョ ヘッカルリゲッチ ノン キョルグゲン ネ ッコヤ ネ ッコヤ ネ ゲ トェゲッチ ノン イジェ Finally finally テッカル シガニヤ ッポルソ オヌセ ット パミ トェオッスムニダ I’m the mafia Ma ma ma ma mafia ya ya We do it like a mafia I’m the mafia Ma ma ma ma mafia ya ya We do it like a mafia ット アチミ パルガッスムニダ オジェッパメド You don't even know ヌグイルカ Mafia ナリ パルガド You don't even know ヌグイルカ Mafia ペウボダ ト ペウ ヌッデ カジゴ ノヌン ヨユ ジョニョ アンボ イゲッチ Clue ハジマン ナエゲン タ ケフェギ イッタゴ Go クマン モムッモムンデ スルスル ジャンジョン ケシ ノル ペッソ ペッソ ペッソ Like a caper movie アル ス オンヌン Poker face ジョンリョンヘ ニ マムソッ Place Hurry up Baby catch me if you can haha Baby ヘッカルリョ ヘッカルリョ ヘッカルリゲッチ ノン キョルグゲン ネ ッコヤ ネ ッコヤ ネ ゲ トェゲッチ ノン イジェ Finally finally テッカル シガニヤ ッポルソ オヌセ ット パミ トェオッスムニダ I’m the mafia Ma ma ma ma mafia ya ya We do it like a mafia I’m the mafia Ma ma ma ma mafia ya ya We do it like a mafia ヌグイルカ Mafia マジマッ パミ キッポッソ イ パミ チナミョン ニ ギョテン ナ ハナ Yeah yeah アチンネ ピハル ス オンヌン アチミ ワ Hahaha I’m the mafia Ma ma ma ma mafia ya ya We do it like a mafia I’m the mafia Ma ma ma ma mafia ya ya We do it like a mafia ット アチミ パルガッスムニダ オジェッパメド You don't even know ヌグイルカ Mafia ナリ パルガド You don't even know ヌグイルカ Mafia

    89. AJ Ocean

      Itzy’s coming for that throne


      2:23 dis is why i have trust issues

      1. kedits

        ? lol

    91. Abby E.

      I'M ADDICTED TO 3:03 RYUJIN : 😃 TO 😏

    92. Jennie Kim

      Ryujin deep voice 🔥 !!!

    93. Emma

      Lia’s bridge made me do that instant rewind lemme hear that again thing it was that good. Not the biggest fan of the song but me liking the bridge best in a song might just save me

    94. ayesha ali

      Liaaaa That rich airy voice Chef's kiss All girls were amazing

    95. Alba Castro Suarez

      When I'm a baby Stan of any Kgroup I'm like 99% sure who my bias is since the second one, but broh it doesn't work with ITZY. I don't know who I supposed to focus on, they have so powerful visuals and OMG the rap and the vocals😩 they slayed it.

    96. Maria Clara

      International midzy

    97. Jhoren Paler


    98. lalisa manoban


    99. U

      아 jyp 코디 진짜 화가 치밀어 오른다 아무 리 팬들이 글을폭탄으로써도 반성1도 안하네. 제왑피 제일 큰 문제점은 코디임. god 때부터 한결같이 제일 구린 스타일링 피지컬은 제일 좋은애들 뽑으면서 계속 제왑특유의 저 비닐바지 입히고 진짜 대대로 !! 저이쁜애들을 저렇게 밖에 못입히냐 god때부터 성골 제왑빠인데 오래묵은 화가 치밀어 오른다 진짜!!!!

    100. dlyjdbs

      역시 👍 있지 😎 사랑해용 😘 💕 💗 😚 😍 💖 😘 💕 💗 😚 😍 💖 😘 💕 💗 😚