Crashing Strangers Birthday Party!

Danny Duncan

3,9 млн көрүүлөр317

    Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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    1. Vallance Gaming

      Tanners just Danny 2.0

    2. Devin Bachert

      i would seriously pay danny and pay for my own flight to florida, just to hang out with him for a day. Same with Ross creations. I love them both and they are the only 2 vloggers i’ll never get bored of.

    3. Erik McMillen

      Song at 2:40 is called DRIP by $not

    4. Brianna García 89

      No wayyy u were in Simi Valley ✨

    5. Bryan Dao

      The dangerous sycamore additionally include because helen cytogenetically complete aside a dependent van. rainy, reminiscent fortnight

    6. Kohl Hart

      6.51 he says my freaking eggs smell like hands

    7. gabriel nascimento

      Brasileiro no vídeo haha... estão em todo lugar MESMO

    8. Aj Mai

      12:07 Hell yah, move it to Simi pls

    9. Keith

      Danny: My eggs smell like hands. Me: You mean your hands smell like eggs

    10. Avery Fines

      Who else thinks danny should get a mullet

    11. D Watt

      How many times did that guy say da f word 👇 👇

    12. Fabiola Medina

      My fricken eggs smell like hands? 6:52

    13. Joysing Polash kumar876

      Are we all going to ignore the fact that someone literally pissed in that bottle so it spines better like common now

    14. James Hoffman

      Trump 2020

    15. Hunter Bradt

      Who else thinks kewon should start making music

    16. Pack Alpha Gaming

      anyone else wanna deck him? I basically hate watch his videos, i need an outlit for my anger and watching him somehow calm me down. i think it's the thought of me just knocking his teeth out that bring me comfort

      1. Wookies For life

        Bro what? You sound like a psychopath

    17. AAlex Bonddd

      Yooo is that $not

    18. Yo yo peer

      loved it ahh

    19. Jon Kirk

      Leave it to the z and Miata to be those guys

    20. Ezra is yes

      I love how Danny says blue lives matter when he is escaping cops



    22. Brodzy

      He has the most random and insane clips in his videos lol

    23. Serena Adi

      Someone give me tanners insta🥰🥰

    24. WildcaneMusic

      the only person the democrats cant cancel

    25. Louis Marte

      “My frickin eggs smell like hands” -Danny Duncan

    26. Subparpoet Skate

      That was a piss bottle

    27. DG - 12KA 627324 David Suzuki SS

      Danny "my eggs smell like hands" Duncan

    28. Austin Belt

      Trump 2020

    29. Guy Person

      Bro he knows jiu jitsu

    30. Daniel Bento

      "Your a pussy" its more like "Você é uma putinha" in portuguese lol

    31. Coastdownside

      I want Danny to go to more car meets

    32. Dakota Valdes

      3rd gen 4runners fuck yeahhhhhh im on my third 3rd gen

    33. Jonathan Crespo

      2:31 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    34. Pretty Flacko

      13:45 atta boy David

    35. Chevy Woodson

      6:53 he said his eggs smell like hands

    36. Ruthlxss_Fishy

      My eggs smell like hands 6:52

    37. Hockey Shot

      Who did you vote for President Trump President Biden

    38. Gabriela Burgara

      wait..... is danny a trump supporter?????

    39. Olivia E

      i need danny duncan jrs snap

    40. Jeremy Ray

      why does jake kinda look like the kid laroi

    41. Noah Duncan

      My fricken eggs smell like hands Danny Duncan 2020

    42. David Dinick

      send mudes

    43. Plump Strawb3rry

      Okay is Roman really good at skating or is he just alright please inform me

    44. ZappC

      all the car boys confused why danny is dissing a miata like bruh thoses things are the fucking best

    45. Jeremy Garcia

      Danny u suck

    46. Sneakerhead101

      We proceed with the tournament. (Sorry for the wait) Today's moments are: Never-ending second vs Mother's death I have compiled a video of the two moments so you can experience them again before voting:

    47. Smokey Brown

      I feel so good for Fanny Duncan the police are nice with him

    48. Jonathan Reyna

      At the birthday party it sounds like they where playing baby shark

    49. New Identity

      You clocked me. Get it? Get it?

    50. Breauna Williams

      Tanner is back !

    51. RestoreFN

      6:51 "my eggs smell like hands" lol

    52. ɨΔɱτhεΘռʟʏᏫռɛ.Ꮚ. ᖇᏋᎩΣS

      ⓉⒽⒶⓉ Ⓐ ⓀⒶⓉⒶⓃⒶ ⓃⓄⓉ Ⓐ ⓢⓞⓡⓞⓡⓓ

    53. Konrad Jakobsen

      Nobody: Danny: My freaking eggs smell like hands.

    54. Collin Smith

      Was he recording with $not?

    55. Aiden Saechao

      I’ve always noticed that Danny doesn’t care about the money at all. To him the money is a bonus to him. He loves doing stupid shit to make everyone laugh.

    56. Benjamin Hall

      danny get me out of my life i need help i am vary sad and i need friends

    57. SoLo Phillys Finest

      Wtf I thought the kid at 3:52 with the maroon shirt on was like a camera stunt double of Danny 😂😂😂 I really thought he was playing catch with himself 😂😂

    58. belle billbob


    59. belle billbob

      blm= blue lives matter

    60. TheDeityTV

      What a surprise, the liberal cried and told on you.

    61. Small Man Cam

      I can’t understand liberals. How are you racist when you vote for trump? Trump isn’t racist he has done more for black peoples then Obama has and trump has record economy and record low unemployment rates before COVID. The liberals hear the news and just believe it they cap trump racist for no reason

      1. Yaboy 656

        Your not racist inherently your ignorant well maybe Joe Biden isn’t good really

    62. Max Villalpando

      Bro that’s not even a taco

    63. CountryGal19

      I want David to explain how Trump and his supporters are racist. Also, why does he like Biden?

    64. Thumper1311

      Got them hooks in

    65. Gluck Duck • 40 years ago

      What's that air force ones $not song called

    66. Jackson Stotler

      imagine having danny as a older brother

    67. James Hoffmaster

      Let me get that girls snap on the back of the dirt bike

    68. Playa

      Anybody else find the girl with jake on the bike attractive or just me if so drop the @

    69. andy rodriguez

      I stole weed from my mo

    70. Chronic PC

      Is that snot?

    71. Matt O

      Yo Ill drive that trump car

    72. GnarDope__ Radington

      Bruh 😂😂 “why does that dog look so big and small at the same time?” At the exact moment I was thinking “look at that little big ass dog”

    73. Elijah Fisher

      Love ur videos daaaaawg hahaha 😂🙏🙏 keep it up

    74. junior Medina

      I just realized after watching this video he said “my freakin egg smells like hand” 😂

    75. Robert Schwarz

      I hate David now wow☹️☹️

    76. Chandler Winstonworth

      I just want someone to look at me the way Tanner looks at Danny 🥺

    77. Sub to SupremeDottier

      EGG smells like HANDS

    78. Guilherme Sousa

      Shout-out that Brazilian kid 🇧🇷

    79. chibi zoro

      My frickn eggs smell like hands -Danny

    80. ambie

      Biden 2020

    81. Andrew Guerrero

      The ending 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    82. Kasey Sc

      Let’s goo

    83. Kasey Sc


    84. Ghost Onpurpose

      Trump lost lmao

    85. Jay Ridgeway

      i love moon and stars

    86. Jack Fis

      Which one

    87. Musical Anime

      What’s the name of your hairstyle

    88. lol hi

      am i disappointed that he’s a trumpie? yes. am i still in love w him & subscribed to him? also yes.

      1. lol hi

        Commander Fox trump?

      2. Commander Fox

        @lol hi boy, I bet you can’t even name a single racist thing he’s done

      3. lol hi

        neutron boi sorry i care about people supporting racist & shit ☹️😭.... i literally still love him and watch all of his videos????

      4. neutron boi

        Should you not care about someones political views and view them as any other person? Yes.

    89. Tyler Johnson

      I thought David was cool as hell till i learned he’s a effin libtard .. Jesus David just keep your deranged political opinions to yourself. Trump is half as corrupt as your entire side

    90. Rawr

      𝐌𝐄 over here snot being M¥ fav raper and danny over here chillin with snot and now i’m thinking in life wat i did wrong

    91. David Stryhanyn

      How crazy is that i did my first burp sneeze watching your video

    92. Jaiden_ 02

      Ahhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhh Cookie Monster AHHHHHH

    93. Scooter_boy 52

      At least his car actually spits flames and it’s not electric 😂😂😂

    94. Crimsy

      Does anyone else wish the Portuguese kid was in more videos?

    95. hathatsfunny lol

      im unsubbing if danny likes trump.

      1. Joseph Lane

        I’m here to tell you, no one cares

    96. ItzJake

      Almost a 5 mill

    97. 青木美樹

      Tsekkaa uusin jakso tästä 👉

    98. Mariah Raitter

      No one goona talk abt how hot tanner is? 🤤😏

    99. Isaiah Arruda

      I’m Portuguese🇵🇹🇵🇹

    100. Odogg Gamer

      Yes Goochie man music 2:51