Miley Cyrus - Slide Away in the Live Lounge


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    Miley Cyrus performs Slide Away in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

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    1. J. Galactus

      Damn... such an incredible performance

    2. Peter Lidén

      She needs to train her arms and ,why is she not the one who has mouth guards ?. The others in the band look damn quiet🤔

    3. Desiree Michele

      I like her pop sound, but nothing is like live Miley, I love her like this. She's literally my favourite voice and music

    4. Aslarn Blackfyre

      The nasty feeling family satisfy because woolen beverly fill round a public test. hallowed, jazzy dictionary

    5. Rebecca Lankford

      Retro shag hair do? Goes with mullet?

    6. Jordan Lee

      SO amazing cant get enough

    7. Nyckelhypa

      This is like my generation's "Wicked Game". Similar, but not too similar and also a complete masterpiece.

    8. Magda B


    9. daniela soruco

      Que llore dice??😭💔

    10. Earlle Bajalla

      the best live version of the song !

    11. jian Im

      I can feel that she wants to find herself. She tried so many outfit, but now I can feel that she wear the right clothes. I'm so happy for her.

    12. Cory Wakelin

      Absolutely amazing

    13. AnnaWJ

      Can I like this a thousand times ?

    14. B CM-N7

      Never say never ! ..... when i saw the Cyrus version of this woman i said no ..... but now i say SURE YES !

    15. Francisco Dsouza

      Miley Cyrus Has A Wonderful Voice ...Please Like!!!!!

    16. TheOfficialGibbo

      Really like this song and especially this rendition with absolutely heartfelt from the artist... Apart from the song I’ve come to appreciate the mask 😷 thing after our lockdown with these things mandatory for a period... during these times we can capture this on video etc and will be able to share with the next gen in tandem with a tune like this...!Farkn, I’m sounding old and philosophic... best pour another booz x

    17. Bernadette Turkenburg

      Woman,you obtained it all. Go help your fellow human beings! In which way you can.Lots of love.

    18. Rafi Razanah Zulkarnaen

      Bring it to spotify again!

    19. Fawn Becker

      Absolutely love the new Miley 100%😍. She has really found her nitch.

    20. J Bird

      Chaboooon, lovely songstress 🙌🏼👏🏼👍🏼

    21. souris verte

      awesome song

    22. Truth Seeker

      Glad to finally see Miley all grown up and mature now, not hanging out with thugs and gangstas no more..

    23. Miguel Arévalo

      Hola 💎💎💎💎💎🤗🤗🤗🤗💎💎💎💎😉😉😃🤗🤗💎💎💎😉😉💎💎

    24. SUNNY SIDE

      Wow this is great

    25. Erika Sanz Saez

      16 01 1978

    26. Jörg Bornefeld

      I'm completly flattened by her beautiful voice! What a woman! What a rockstar!

    27. moxieo

      I think I might like this even better than the album version. Her confidence these days is so magnetic.

    28. sie chan


    29. Fly With Stella

      Let it all out! 🎤👩‍🎤

    30. Asking Why is Free

      Being heartbroken or depressed is the best time to sing songs. You feel songs more.

    31. Houssameddine Hasnaoui

      That voice waaw

    32. Gal Janos Gabor

      amazing... goddess :)

    33. Kan Chan

      Just perfect everything

    34. Geopan Heating & Plumbing - Lennox dealer, HVAC contractor

      Pure: heart n soul 💓, emotion❤

    35. Mónika Sipos

      Mi a kukacért kell a többieknek maszkban parádézni?

    36. Vocals By Cyrus

      I listen to this acoustic almost every day, its just so good 😍

    37. edimilson Pereira

      Perfeita 😍

    38. OneMoreMickey

      Thought it was going to be a cover of slide way by oasis.

    39. Shayna Lane

      Because of my current mood this song speaks to me so much. I didn't connect to the song the first I just love it. It's amazing❤ It's like G-d send it to me through Miley. Thank you Miley for that 🙏

    40. Stuart Chapman

      Mileys Beauty is literally melting my heart here, She's Stunning . . . and that Voice, Woweeee!!! ❤❤❤😍💯

    41. Trevor Shepherd

      She is a phenomenal vocalist despite if you like her music or not!

    42. Claudio Alan Carcano

      Not the usual sounding voice we habit to hear on the radio nowadays. We're a bit tired of the perfection of the most common female singer we hear every day. Welcome Miley, human voice, raspy and real, very personal interpretation. Not because you're beautiful, but because you are like us.

    43. BrianInMN

      Musical genius

    44. Antonia Regner

      Her best.

    45. Tim Brown

      She is really great !!

    46. Owls are everything

      I didn’t realize this was 4 months old, I swear I remember listening to this version of the song like a year ago.😭

    47. see ya

      Cool song how long untill its removed? Glad I got to experience it, Myley is my dream girlfriend. Her rhythm is great

    48. Amy Cheryl36

      Absolutely beautiful 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    49. angelic9889

      This sounds so much better than the original version. Actually all of her live versions sounds a million times better (not the big productions per se, but the performances where she's just with a band behind her)

    50. Poppapipes

      Miley Cyrus is a once in a lifetime talent who's sheer incredibleness shines brighter with each note. I will never understand how the brilliance of her pitch and purity of voice is not recognized more in an industry fueled by autotunes. SHE IS THE REAL DEAL! KEEP SHINING MILEY!

    51. J Pelky

      After a lifetime of burning bridges and alienating audiences in every genre of music you can think of, she makes one last, desperate grab for fame and fortune with the only audience she has yet to fully offend ... maybe. A lot of rockers are very conservative so the same insults and attacks she made which killed her attempt to return to country might haunt her again with this group of people. Time will tell. Politics and the typical public meltdown all Disney kids go through aside, she knows how to use her diaphragm which gives her a firm foundation for this style of singing, but she will need to develop her range if she is going to make it in this genre. You gotta be able to screech those high notes, Miley. In any case, she's better than some of the artists who she is currently trying to mimic ... the fact that she's still looking for a gimmick like "Hey guys, remember 80s rock?" instead of just being genuine is also a potential issue. Stop trying to sound like and look like Pat Benatar and Debbie Harry. Be unique ffs. Stop being such an ass to your audience and I'll support this change and buy this album.

    52. Kieran Hurley

      She makes me feel like a strong independent woman, I'm a 48 year old man

    53. Alex Dallas


    54. Alex Dallas

      i love u Cyrus 💘✨💘✨

    55. Alex Dallas

      ai como que amo essa música mds 😭😭🥺💙✨

    56. Phillea Pie

      Could it be Malcolm Gladwell is also secretly a cellist?

    57. Ryan Crewdson

      Voice of a legend in waiting x

    58. Wille Willie

      Well Done!!!!

    59. Rhonda Armitage

      Miley has remade herself many times but this remake is great

    60. Катерина Остапенко

      Песня прекрасна! Майли невероятно талантливая!

    61. Ngareview

      This is amazing!

    62. Ekku Hyppönen

      Beautiful song and good live performance. Love her voice. I just happend to notice one time that the drummer is also pretty skilled just look at him playing.

    63. Ramon Ednei

      KGup keeps recommending and I keep watching

    64. Gissel Acosta


    65. Tasnim

      CHILLS as soon as it hit the chorus. WOW.

    66. Maxim Vogel

      How much amazing voice ? Yes

    67. Erin Coleman

      I LOVE Miley but that sweet voiced gentleman in the back sing’n “So won’t you slide away” compliments he like no other! There two tone combo lights up a chord not struck often! GOLD! Thank you for sharing! ❤️

    68. Mike McFadden

      I want to hear her doing a Pat Benatar song like "Hit me with your best shot" rocking that hair do

    69. Wolf_At_The_Door

      Miley is an awesome live performer, for sure! This was the first song I liked of hers.

    70. Randy DuBose

      SOOOOOOO much better than the original studio version! Whoa! 🙌🏻

    71. Bill Irlbeck


    72. Jordan Lee

      Plus A Preteen Like Me should Like Miley Because She A Boss Damit

    73. Jordan Lee

      Dear Miley , I think you Have done An Amazing job with Happy Hippie , Your Music and How you Soupurt Others for coming out of the Closet and i think you are Literally the Best Person on the Friken planet and Advice. WHo cares about the Haters The only thing that matters in the End is if you are yourself. Also Miley Love your Backyard sessions. Big Fan girl.

    74. erivélton ramos moreira


    75. Jason Morais

      Espero que vc não esteja sofrendo, Miley.

    76. Roselle S.

      She’s MILEY CYRUS! She’s legendary!!! 😍💯 Put some respect on her name! 🤘🏼🔥🤘🏼🔥🤘🏼

    77. tftc05

      Her best era so far.

    78. Mikey Elliott

      Eric Andre on the stand up bass, niiiiiiice

    79. Campobianco


    80. Сергей Жердев

      so strong

    81. Сергей Жердев

      i`ll goin down in this thing..

    82. Miguel Arévalo

      Hola 😭😭🌺🌺😢💪💪🤩💖💖😋😋😋👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽😆😆👽

    83. Loren Alexandra

      I LOVE this song. Flawless. I'm glad people see you as the rockstar I always saw you as. The first Nirvana covers during your Miley/Hannah tour gave me life.

    84. Denise Rodriguez

    85. Renata Martinkutė

      Kids in 2030: Mommy, why people playing with masks? Mom: You don't want to know, dear. By the way, absolutely stunning performance.

    86. Jordan Lee

      Im Kinda Mad that People Where Mad at Her For growing Up and Saying Oh i Miss the Old MIley and Im tired of it i want People to Know if she Became the Old Miley How would that be good for anyone For Us to Get what we want. NO Lets Let Miley and rock Have a Go and do what Miley wants and Who cares if she Dosent go back to her old ways Or new what matters If she Choses what she wants and we dont. Also Miley Is a rockstar InterNational Phemoen and Her Muisc Is Bomb and Its Getting 2.0 And Im HappY for Her. PS. Disney Channel Back In 2006 You could of Made Hannha Montana Into A rockstar Like she Is Now. Miley Is the Coolest and This song Is Iconic Btw.

    87. Jordan Lee

      Miley Is the Best Artist Love Her New stuff and I LOve MIley Rock In ROll

    88. Deb Chaytor

      I love her country voice its fantastic and magical

    89. Chris Brennan

      Gotta say I'm not a huge fan of Miley but damn do these Live Lounge versions sound amazing.

    90. Jason Morais

      That's album is so amazing. Miley surprise me with those new songs.

    91. Nataliee Tapia

      A woman who has had her heart broken will give it her all when she has found someone she’s in love with. When things get tough , real tough and you doubt everything and find yourself crying over and over for the same thing, that necessarily doesn’t need to be a man all the time. That can add to it, all you can really do is feel those feelings, get out from that negative state of mind, walk away and ride the waves after that. One day she’ll look back and realize....there are so much things in this life to be thankful for than sliding away in that black hole. I am her, I am the woman with an aching heart, that’s ready to go back to the city lights. In love, happy one day, sad the next, but always ready to be better.

      1. S GEE

        Todo va estar bien ❤️

    92. Jordan Lee

      17 Year Old Miley. Now. Which Ones Better

    93. BygoneEra

      Just as I thought 2020 couldn’t get any crazier up pops Miley Cyrus n blows my mind.....I had no idea she had these kinds pipes 👀🤯👌wow

    94. Monica Molinaro


    95. richard phillips

      This song is nothing but heart ! Love you Miley

    96. Bejbi Mama

      This song gived me strenght to end my relationship with narcissistic abusive partner. Thank You, Miley.

    97. ElizVlh XX

      This is her most underrated song. Miley is underrated considering her versatility and real capabilities

    98. Jean Claude Van Driver

      Anyone else click this hoping she was doing an oasis cover?

    99. AfroBanditGirl

      I LOVE this version.

    100. watsonaqua

      She is kinda perfect here.