Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep. 574 w/ Cody Ko


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    GOOD MORNING MY 18+ QUEENS! Tom Segura and Christina P start off this episode of Your Mom's House by discussing the proper pronunciation Megan, and then watch another video of Shaggy 2 Dope from Insane Clown Posse reading some more YMH references. The main mommies also discuss foreign films, their petition to change the name of the San Francisco 49ers, and the mommy that got a very cool YMH tattoo. They watch a man who can't handle a needle, a foreign coach slap his players, a cool guy cleaning his ear with a drill, and more!
    Cody Ko is a KGupr, comedian, podcaster, and rapper. He joins Tom and Christina to discuss collabing with Dhar Mann, his time on the Duke diving team, starting out on Vine, and more. He watches a South Texas slush challenge, a baboon throw a monkey at children, a kid who got in trouble for vandalizing Halloween decorations, and some of Christina's TikToks.

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    1. sexymandark

      i had a friend named maegan specifically so people woundnt shorten it to meg. so i say may-gan as a hold over.

    2. Stayniel Herbayn

      Cody said thanks after Tom said fart Simpson makes great songs 😳😮

    3. Rick G

      “This is how I would kill the Hobbit” 😂😂😂😂😂

    4. Shapes

      I like a good wedge

    5. G0053

      Tom got one ashy ass elbow.

    6. donatelo11

      ahahah another show

    7. Trish

      What THE FUCK is the cool girls @ I need to follow her

    8. Jim Page

      "now i have a guy" how about you name him you egotist.

    9. tom wolf actually half swording is legit and there is a lot of evidence that people used it in swordfighting

    10. gemma feltovich

      Their vibe makes me so. Uncomfortable? Like these are exactly the kind of comedians I hate. I love Cody but idk some of the stuff these people said just really rubbed me the wrong way, and I only laughed like once :/

    11. Lexi Cringan

      The Darn It Lady is a meatball lol

    12. Rasmus Belfrage

      Scrolling recommended feed wondering when they had Pinocchio on...

    13. Jimmy

      1:54:45 let's be honest though, it was way better when you were just two broke, childless people in silverlake. it's still fucking great now though, don't get it twisted.

    14. Jimmy

      A Prophet is a fucking brilliant movie.

    15. Ya Boi Franku

      Yooooo I was actually at that zoo with the baboon awhile ago. That baboon was also aggressive asf toward me and it was funny as hell

    16. Jake Einhorn

      Can we please get a “wedges are nice” shirt

    17. mtgAzim

      2:40:43 Amazing track by Fart! I don't know how to contact him, but can we see if he can put out an instrumental version as well?

      1. InspectorExacto

        I totally agree with you 100%. You are the most awesome person there's ever been. I am going to start following your footsteps now.

    18. Flynn°-°94

      Tom’s right, people who refuse to ever watch foreign language movies are dumb shits

    19. Jeremy Smith

      It would suck to have a last name like that. Being someone like me, who has the most common last name in America Smith, it also comes with its headaches. Like, " hey are you related to so and so cause you share the same name?", or getting pulled over without your wallet and the cops run your name and it comes back with 3,800 hits just in the state of Michigan. That was my full name too. Completely the same thing as having a last name with no vowels.

    20. greggory b

      Proving that the exploitation of retardation will always be funny

    21. Mike Snider

      Christine, you have to share where we can find all your great Tik Toks. I’m dying laughing.

    22. Alec Woodruff

      I love that Christina, learning that Duke is in North Carolina, says that she feels dumb because she "thought it was on the East Coast." It might be difficult for an Eastern Blocker like Tina to know US geography very well, but North Carolina actually *is* on the East coast.

    23. BigBandit

      knights would actually wear fairly heavy gloves that did allow them to grip the blade and it was a normal thing to do so in combat, there are even written accounts of men turning the sword around in certain situations to use it as a blunt, pickaxe sort of weapon rather than a sword.

    24. dezz

      52:30 Where can I find this guy's videos? Please Helppppp!

    25. Oh Brenty


    26. Maurice Strong

      Is this guy a Neo-Nazi? What's up with the symbol on his shirt?

    27. Slowburner 44

      Yoooo my worlds are colliding tf 🥲

    28. Demgphi x

      2:29:40 what do you have to do to get banned from Tinder?

    29. robochrish

      Tom describing following that woman home makes me think that he really needs to listen to "the end" by Blue October. He'll LOVE that haha

    30. Random Brandon

      Christians fondness of bringing up and talking about legit shit, every episode is really starting to mess with me

    31. Annie Heartsong

      It's Meh-gan because the shortened version is Meg.

    32. will sobera

      For the love of fucking Christ, PLEASE.. PLEEEEASE collaborate with each other all the time cause then maybe I won’t kms, no pressure tho

    33. Quentin Scorsese

      2:19:47 This guy making TikToks for queens above 18 is definitely on a sex offender list for inappropriate behavior with princesses under 18.

    34. Alejandra Guzmán

      wtf did christina said about "fat and ugly" models? ......

      1. Alejandra Guzmán

        worst take i've heard in a while

    35. Antoine Boileau

      Back again just to listen to “Featherin It”. Fucking amazing! 🤣🤣🤣

    36. David Hasselhoff

      This was a surprisingly good one for someone who I didn't know who it was.

    37. Vanessa S Hicks

      Neat Stuff 🙌 take a look at #ProducerSamples4Free

    38. Ivy Cole

      what if Megan and Magen were two different names

    39. The Underground Viking

      Imagine how awkward pewdiepie would be sitting with tom and the god of false valor. I think it would be hilarious.

      1. Daiquiri L

        If only it could happen 😔 lol

    40. Allison O

      1000% percent agree with Tom’s enunciation of “Megan”

    41. Peyton Vanest

      Dude cody is so sweet to come help the young people with their podcast!

    42. melted eve


    43. Joy Bautista

      Jeez I'm an hour in, is Cody even on this episode??

      1. Peyton Brokaw

        Fuck, thank you for saying something! 1:07:44 for y’all just waiting around for the guest portion

    44. Kurtis Batchler

      It's "MEE-gan"

    45. Andres Nolan

      like to get cody and kelsey on here next time

    46. Kaylyn Dudich

      Megan sucks regardless of how you say it

    47. sweet tea298

      Tom: "you build an app, how was that?" Cody: " F R I C T I O N L E S S"

    48. Jesus Christ

      I love how you can hear the crew in the back dying laughing

    49. Eduardo Ramos

      4:42 Megan debate 1

    50. Robert Dasa

      Dude, Subtitles bit, Perfection 👏🏾🤣😂🙏🏾🍃🍃🍃🕊

    51. Bar D

      Its Meh-gan. Maygan is some sothern shit.

    52. Camden Gilbert


    53. Evan Peck

      PLEASE have Noel on too next time.

    54. This Is Meg

      “Meh” gan is not MAYGEN!!! My name is spelt Meghan so good luck figure that shit out... but Tim is correct and Christine is just a dumb woman and wouldn’t know. Piss on me and beat me...

    55. Weston Forced-last-name-display

      Who else listened to Featherin It more than 3x lol xD

    56. Blake Pettys

      1:24:15 I should not have been eating during that

    57. Marty Allen

      I used to think Cody Ko was super annoying back in his Vine days. I find it interesting that people say, "I miss the old Cody Ko" because I think he is FOR SURE way less annoying and actually pretty funny now. He was a great guest for the show. Great episode!

    58. Zachary Jones

      When ppl come in to the starbucks drive through and ask for a megan dragonfruit refresher... Should I ask them if they want it with megan or meghan?

    59. John Doback

      Let's talk about a fun topic, satanism and evil, lmfao omg haha

    60. Keith Markley

    61. Matt Schirmers

      I wish I could find a beautiful woman that digs this podcast like I do! That woman with the tattoo on this episode is my soulmate lol

    62. Steph Jane

      I'm Scotland we say Meh gan

    63. Charlie Nelson

      Holy shit this episode was awkward!

    64. Audrey Lambros

      hating on plastic surgeons posting their stuff and I live for Dr. Miami on snapchat!

    65. Pat Robertson

      Mommy Christina is so funny.

    66. logan mcniece

      This shit was high and tight brother

    67. Gehrman Firsthunter

      Firetruck person is female.

    68. Steph Jane

      I am like that with subtitles some time I really can't be bothered haha

    69. Rachel Kim

      bring noel on!

    70. Dinzy D

      the water champs eyes are approximately 5 times the size when she takes a sip

      1. Jacob Rodriguez


    71. B d

      christina all like lets laugh at retards

    72. staticxman2000

      Am i the only one that sees a Brad Pitt resemblance on Cody Ko??

    73. Esma Keskinkilic

      never were more proud to see my extremely progressed nation on YMH we definitely deserve to be there more 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    74. Timothy Fisk

      Tell Christine its "poo-mas" not "pew-mas" lmfao.

    75. munkhbold nyamdorj

      fuuny guys

    76. Leiryc Panizalea

      That guy getting a shot looks like Filipino. But that language sounds Thai to me. Although with the thousands of dialects here in the Philippines I would not rule out that being in here.

    77. johnschool


    78. Ryan Carder

      I was hoping at the end of the skit, he would like tell them theyre good to drop a container off of a crane, and it crushed the asshole guy.

    79. shane

      that fucking outro!!

    80. James Eisman

      Cody reminds me of TJ from Recess... perhaps the best hero from the greatest kids show Disney ever put out. Kudos Cody×

    81. TheK2TheC479

      Christa is as useful to the show as Chanel West coast was to ridiculousness. Looking to cackle, make mouth sounds and say the words "neat" and "curate" asuch as possible.

    82. KillaCam3

      My ex’s name is Megan, thanks for that mommies 😕...

    83. Money McDollah

      Black Zeus!!!!!!

    84. Norm Peterson

      hot chicken slaps yall trippin

    85. Marilyn Gri

      How did Fedsmoker die? I'm guessing someone killed him....

    86. Matthew Belan

      The "Frenulum", AKA the "Banjo String". lmaoooo

    87. Nick Gonzalez

      People send dick picks "UNPROMPTED " cody ko

    88. Raving Rooster

      2:20:38 coolcombatguys

    89. Jef E

      Croakies and Boat Shoes is a great BTBAM song

    90. Meme Dealer

      I love how Cody is one of the only guests that truly appreciates the tik tok segment

    91. N Guerrero

      Not at all on brand with YMH. Could only watch it in 4 strokes and still only finished half.

    92. Yhorm

      This is the best crossover ever

    93. Traci Jones

      I grew up with a Megan, but 'twas pronounced "mee-gin"

    94. BirdOfHermes83 D.

      How do you use so much shampoo when you're going bald?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    95. Jacob Shuey if you love public conflict, yelling, and religious outbursts

    96. Christopher Beahn

      46:50 Shane Gillis

    97. Adge

      just mad she has more likes than you do followers and she makes videos that are less than a minute long but you make podcasts for hours lmao hopefully one day you find something that you are good at that doesn’t involve putting others down cause this just shows what kind of people you guys are 🤷🏻‍♀️ lowlifes

      1. Emily


    98. Adge

      no reason to be rude to others like this you’re getting clout for being rude to people??? how does that not make you feel disgusted about yourself and you’re using their videos did you get permission from them?? did you say you wanted to use their videos and tell them what they would be used for??? no you did not and i know you didn’t because i know one of the people you featured in this video

    99. Adge

      lmao you guys are truly lowlifes

    100. What Are You On About

      What happened to Nadav is googling?