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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
    So lets take a closer look at the famous follow me car itself. From the outside it definitely stands out with its black and yellow checkered paint job. That‘s the primary reason, to stand out from all other ground vehicles. On the roof you have a set of antennas to receive data link messages and to be able to communicate on all airport frequencies. Then the large infamous „Follow me“ sign which the driver controls from his dashboard and another feature you‘ll see in minute. Some follow me cars have extra bright lights mounted on their roof or bonnet to light up the taxiway or runway during night time operation.
    Inside the car, the dashboard with the associated switches. A traffic screen to send and receive messages from dispatch and the mentioned radio to listen to given clearances. Besides standard safety equipment like a fire extinguisher, first aid kit etc. the car comes with an extra set of wheel chocks and these handheld wands, but more about in a minute.
    But the primary purpose for what the Follow-Me car is best known for is of course, hence the name „Follow me“. So guiding airplanes around the apron and the taxiways, to or from active runways. If a Follow-Me car is requested upon landing, the driver, who is called a marshaller, will be notified by one of the air traffic controllers in the tower, either on a separate radio frequency or via data link messaging to his monitor. Once he receives and confirms the order, he positions his car where the arriving cockpit crew can see it best once they exit the runway. Then monitors the active ground frequency and waits for you to receive your taxi clearance. Once you’ve read back your clearance only then will the driver turn on his beacon and the “Follow me” sign and expects you to keep up with him and match his speed. Some of the of Follow me signs have arrows which will flash up once the driver uses his indicator, signaling the pilot that a turn can be expected and second now. Some also have a trigger in the handbrake, switching the follow me instructions to Stop!
    But see more in the video ...
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video!
    Wishing you all the best!

    Your "Captain" Joe
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    1. Manish T

      Captain Joe Love from India ❤️. Please do a video on why car's will follow behind the lockheed U2 at the time of landing and why does it have only 2 landing wheels.

    2. Nirmal kumar


    3. Tom Schwanke

      "I'm sure the guys were tempted to perform very fast runway inspections" haha I love that humor :D

    4. chamuditha fernando

      Thanks joe😊

    5. The Phantom

      This guy's accent is harder to understand than a heavy Hindi-Arabic accent


      헤이 컴온 팔로미카

    7. Share Ten

      0:10 Marshaller einfach die hübsche

    8. TimoPhillip

      8:12 I think it's the Hannover Airport. Because of the specific shape of the tower

    9. Adrian Nel

      Using a two-door sports car as an FMC is just stupid. It's low, and the cockpit is small which means that the operators struggle to get in and out. It's not designed to run primarily at low speeds. There is less space for equipment. Oh, and they are more expensive, on top of it. A VW Kombi is a far better option.

    10. Berent Ozkent

      Oh God.You gonna freeze there

    11. KudosK

      That BGM, you're gonna tell us an internet history?

    12. Honest Opinion

      Is there a extra cost involved for using the follow me car on an airport? Does the cost get paid by the airline or is it free in airport parking and operational costs.

    13. Jeff Bergstrom

      I live in Chicago and I can see why they don't do Follow-Me cars. On average the airport handles ~100 flights per hour. If it takes a Follow-Me car 15 minutes to lead a plane in and 5 minutes to get to the next plane then one car can handle 3 planes per hour. So you need 33 cars to do the job and triple that for a 24-hour shift. Near 100 cars and people. Granted slow times like the late night are different than the busiest times but to allow for sick-days and vacations and whatnot you are still probably looking at 50 cars/people to do the job (guessing of course...big ballpark on this one). Pay them $35,000/year and that is $1.75 million/year. Add in benefits and it is even more. Then add in the cars. Let's say $15,000/each (generous) and there goes another $750,000. Add in maintenance and gas and mechanics to service the fleet. This is the US. Screw safety if it costs them money. Find your own way to the gate. Someone needs a new yacht.

    14. Stefan Smith

      I've lived in the US my whole life and never heard of this, also worked as a baggage handler at Delta in my early 20s I'm 32 now

    15. Aaron Skinner

      lol all cars should have that message marquee. "stop tailgating you wanker"

    16. James Armes

      This is an interesting video, and certainly shows the glaring issues within the FAA standards that would definitely help "out of towners" by having a follow me service.

    17. Dan Brit

      look up chase cars and the berth of the mustang hehehe

    18. Alan Sohn

      Imagine getting a Dacia Sandero follow me car.

    19. cookmcpherson

      Captain Joe referred to the U2 as "did", "was", "needed" & "flew during cold war era" as if the Dragon Lady wasn't still flying. The USAF has no plans to retire the U-2, which first flew in 1955, despite previous attempts to replace the aircraft. The service still operates 33 examples of the "Cold War-era" spy plane. And they still use a chase car. 🙂

    20. kazzicup

      Very good idea the FOLLOW ME CAR !! All big and medium airports should have FOLLOW ME CARS.

    21. homie789

      Europeans are always so far ahead of this side of the pond. Such a simple and effective thing yet so foreign to us.

    22. Somoni Sak

      3 years later:tesla roadster becomes a follow me car

    23. Al Abama


    24. Micheal Afton

      1:20 that’s the biggest plane traffic jam ever

    25. Yndostrui

      Sounds great... when they don't force it on you at an airport with an amazing 2 runways and then expect you to pay a service fee for it. Granted, this is a second-hand account. I personally never landed there (Bremen)

    26. azitula

      Here in the states, it is a luxury 😁. Another informative video, thank you Capt!

    27. Larry Levine

      Would you consider the US Secret Service vehicles around Air Force One in the same category?

    28. Cliff Trimble

      Supported the U-2's out of RAF Alconbury 1992-1995.. thanks for showing that awesome aircraft Captain Joe!!


      I for one have NEVER heard of a “follow me” car, what??? Also I live in Chicago so... as you said we don’t have one at O’Hare and Midway is such an easy airport to navigate I doubt you’d need one.

    30. Erukanu Senpai

      Lol my friend is working at Stuttgart airport, baggage / cargo etc 😁

    31. Din Daddy


    32. Taylor Baskin

      I’m not a pilot but I could really use a follow me person for navigating some airports as a passenger

    33. typografiti

      The footage is 6:28 is seriously an eye opener! What a video! Just wow!

    34. Silver Spy

      Can we all appreciate he had to do the video at the cold windy runway

    35. ąayuʂh115

      I always wanted to know why they had this because I saw this all over games and stuff but never actually seen it

    36. David S

      Thanks Capt. Joe. You found me my retirement part time job.. (LOL in ten years)

    37. Steve k

      Seems like an ideal job for a retired F1 race car driver...with F1 follow me car :)

    38. Cookie Monster

      I guess this only happens in Germany because I have traveled a lot been to a lot of airports flown a lot and I have never Seen a pilot car before directing a commercial airplane

    39. JuicyGamer

      “Lamborgini” lol

    40. littleo gaming

      On the nearest airport to me, the "follow me" car is owned by the person who drives it. So you can see it on the supermarket parking lot

    41. Mikosch2

      What? In the Sauron part of Germany? But anyway, I get it. It's a car. For WANN you miss the TRAM. Just like normal life then.

    42. January Success

      The unbiased octagon evidently complete because literature developmentally object aside a bouncy texture. married, uninterested temper

    43. Justus86

      Der Ton übersteuert so hart, das kann man sich echt nicht geben, sorry!

    44. u comment

      never seen this car before

    45. hype philippines mapper car zone

      WHY What are Car Super?

    46. Vladyslav Karasov

      Everyone: Follow me car Lockheed U-2: Follow me, car

    47. REG.T

      Very interesting video! Thank you :)

    48. keys-n-stix

      You din't just say "Im schöna Schwabaländle"! Almost snorted into my Spaghetti. Greetings from Pforzheim! Love your Stuff!

    49. Variance Within

      Flight simulator needs this.

    50. VSK121

      Should the pilot turn on or off the taxi lights during following the car?

    51. Noel Shah

      Thanks very informative video 👍

    52. TheRedGamerFPV

      Hold on, did he just say lamborjini

    53. Glossy Seventy-five

      Pilot, arriving to Bologna: "Why should I follow this yellow-black painted airplane?"

    54. Dragonx0562

      KJFK uses normal Ground Vehicles for Follow me Operations. they don't have a dedicated car for it. usually it is Car 06

    55. Mauricio Ravilet

      8:24 Goose Airlines is not really happy about this situation, they paid for a full length runway use, not to be kicked off.

    56. Justin Noker

      Wonder how a Saturn Vue got picked for the job, but even more surprising is apparently we in the US don't have them at some major airports, I REALLY wonder why that is.

    57. patton303

      Her: Sex with me will be the best thing you’ve ever experienced. Me: I do FOD sweeps on an 11,000ft runway in a Lamborghini Huracan at my job. Her: .........

    58. Doo _

      Lamborgini. 😣

    59. Respectful Debates

      Imagine that frustrated hurrican driver, having one of the fastest cars in the world, yet crawling at 5 mph.

      1. kazzicup

        A frustrated person can't do this job. A frustrated person can't be a pilot either.

    60. Vincent Amatrano

      frozen pilot

    61. Mr. Ramirez

      Poor bird, he wasn't familiar with that airport layout.

    62. Doug Gale

      8:23 Has that bird been issued takeoff clearance? I don't think the follow me car has the authority to issue takeoff clearances.

    63. 지지영선

      The absorbed cheese unintentionally tow because pea gergely hunt across a imminent chicory. hoc, spurious girdle

    64. Aaron Lopez

      Thank you Captain good to know. New sub.

    65. Nesten Staton

      As far as i know the dragon lady (u2) is actually still in service today

    66. Levi Strauss

      Did you just say 'lamborgini'

    67. Jackson Lee

      Wouldn't be fun collecting scaled models of all "follow me" cars ?

    68. Justin

      Captain: let’s address the elephant in the room: how many UFOs have you seen?

    69. Jammie Dodger

      There is no such thing as a follow car

    70. Ralf Baechle

      In Friedrichshaven we were received by something like a pimped quad for the followme. Was kinda fitting as we arrived in a Piper Arrow not a big jet.

    71. Robert Horvath

      I need a follow me car trough Paris 😂

    72. Saule Karavirs

      He forgot to mention the part about the chase care for the U2 originally being the fastest Mustang they could get their hands on.

    73. Simon Ngesa

      You should do a video about crossfeeding

    74. Mr Flo

      Love your jacket, can you give me the model please ;-) ?

    75. Truly Infamous

      Being an American, I guess there's a reason why I had never heard of these. I bet a lot of pilots would appreciate them here.

    76. Alessandro Malaguti

      It'was a real pleasure, when we were allow to travel, to receive such a welcome, coming back home to Bologna. The Lamborghini factory is probably 20km far from the airport so it's not so strange to have such an amazing car in our home airfield.

    77. Jupiter Technology 12.000

      Great Video Joe

    78. Jupiter Technology 12.000


    79. Addictive_LiquoriCe

      poor Huracán trotting around in idle all day long 🤣

    80. Pritam Chakrabarty

      8:24 that bird's not wanna get out too easy 🤣🤣👌

    81. TheMightyKinkle

      4:50 That background looks awesome! Like some post apocalyptic scene

    82. The Dave

      I want this job!! How do I get this job????

    83. Jason MB999

      Pilots are the most emotional beings on earth. Tell a pilot he sucks, you'll see what I'm talking about.

    84. Phil Hjemboe

      Great video for all us airport/airplane dilettantes!

    85. Masriser7

      I would hate to be driving that chase car if the U-2 had to takeoff again for any reasons

    86. Ondřej Čapka

      "Tower, we hit some birds during our takeoff roll" "Affirmative, catering services are on the way"

      1. W J

        Most underrated comment

      2. Julio Gonzo

        Well at least you know it's actually meat then

    87. Richard Jones

      what replaced the Lamborghini?

    88. J Time

      In the US I just request ground control directions. No issue.

    89. Ethan Carberry-Holt

      Yes that Lambo I assume is a follow me car at Bologna Airport... because why not? Lol

    90. Alex Sapega

      And here we are at Simferopol airport, where is only a three possible taxiways and impossible to get lost, and they send you a mandatory follow-me car just to make an extra money from your airline

    91. Zeign Genesis


    92. Pawan Mishra

      Wearing a Alpha Industries jacket 😉

    93. RUSLexplorer

      Interesting ! I was finding what this vehicle was !

    94. Sammy

      Great video, but I thought the thumbnail lambo was the best job ever

    95. MD. Saim Khan

      I wanna be a pilot like you.😍😍

    96. Harald Schmidt

      Da isch der Kerle in Stuaget und secht nix! Ich hätt Dir en Kaffee schbendierd!

    97. Stephen Cavilia

      "Speedbird, have you ever flown to Frankfurt before?" "Once in 1943. But I didn't land"

      1. Mr Oinkerz

        @kskdtr lol

      2. kskdtr

        once during a flight from london to koeln i overheard the conversation between the passengers behind me, where the german one asked something like "do you like the landscape?" (apparently the other passenger, american by the accent, was looking outside the window), "not really... i was just wondering if my grandpa ever flown over there", "oh... nice... with which airline?" "the 8th bomber command"... and an eerie silence fell upon the conversation

    98. Planes and Stuff

      Follow me cars for some reason seem very cute.

    99. Jarek Ferenc

      I wonder what's the V1 speed for the lamborghini on RWY12 in Bologna, full tank and only driver's hand luggage.

    100. Chris Koonz

      Lambo Genie lmfao