Patrick Mahomes SCARY Concussion! Doctor Reacts to Hit & Controversial Missed Call

Brian Sutterer MD

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    Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs suffered a scary head injury and concussion, displaying posturing, the fencing response, and wobbling on the field. Also, earlier in the game there was a controversial missed call on a helmet to helmet hit during the Chiefs NFL playoff victory over the Cleveland Browns. In this video we'll explain why this hit still caused a concussion, what exactly the fencing response is, and then my reaction to the missed call.

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    1. Brian Sutterer MD

      Yea, I've seen the reports it was a "tweaked nerve" in his neck and not a concussion. But... There is no nerve in the side of the neck that would cause a fencing response when its hit. Could he have hit a nerve AND had a concussion? Sure, but the only thing that causes that fencing response is a brain injury/concussion.

      1. Iresin1

      2. Mitchell Brown

        Dr. Sutter you are absolutely right nevermind the people that do not understand physiology and or neurology. I suffered many when I played the game and I agree with you that the the Chiefs should have been penalized. It was obviously a helmet to helmet hit and I believe there was actually two that went unpenalized! The Browns are not complaining, I live in Missouri and let me assure you that Chiefs fans would still be crying if they had been called because we would have won the game. Go Browns!

      3. Op-Ed Daily

        Wrong - it wasn't a nerve injury OR a concussion -- he was choked out. That's it. I called it the moment I saw it happen.

      4. RYAN TRAVIS

        @Mason Eads he was being sarcastic u big turd

      5. RYAN TRAVIS

        @Jeff S lmao that's funny

    2. purple purple

      definitely, penalize these defenders

    3. Joseph Presseisen

      So a dr. In Dallas went on air saying it was a bruised brain stem could that not be the case?

    4. TKatGAMING

      Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson. 2 star M.V.P are forced to be taken out of 3rd quarter, they both suffered the same injury

    5. Trent Friend

      Surprised it wasn't a Covid diagnosis

    6. Taco Roni

      Looks like he was choked too. Could it played apart being disoriented ? Like Loosing balance for being light headed for not getting oxygen to the brain ???? Dirty play overall

    7. Samuel Lanthier

      To me, it is a choke out, not a knock out. The amount of dammage occured way different.

    8. Amanda Bush

      Corny tho

    9. Amanda Bush

      You may be a doctor but u must not no that theres away to joke somone and cut air off and twerk u

    10. Micheal McConnell

      It Wasn't Much Of A Hit To The Head. But... His Head Was Yanked From His Body(Lifting His Body Off The Ground)... And Then Neck Traumatically Twisted!!!

    11. Tad Kowal

      A choke out is different from a concussion. The reactions are similar. The results are vastly different. My son wrestled about 2 hrs after a choke out in HS. He was out 15 days with a concussion in college. (He quit wrestling, made Dean's List for the remaining semesters and is an electrical engineer now.) Yeah, that concussion scared the crap out of him.

    12. bocoy noiu

      U upload to fast and I’m not complaining, I love how u explain it

    13. Mark Chambers

      Thats not even a fencing response. Thats a natural body position while being tackled. It was vagal nerve response.

      1. bocoy noiu


    14. TruFinancial

      Who thinks this concussion will affect him in the superbowl v TB?

      1. TruFinancial

        @PyRo 0117 what do you mean?

      2. PyRo 0117

        He just murdered the bills

    15. Brett Wagner

      You call yourself a ‘doctor’ yet you feel qualified to diagnose someone from a 15 second video clip?! The sheer hubris. You don’t think the Chiefs and the NFL don’t have doctors who are FAR superior to you? They hire the best. That’s why they’re there diagnosing the athletes in real time and you’re at home, trying to profit from a 15 second tv clip. Mahomes showed no symptoms of concussion last night. The Chiefs said he was ok. The nfl said he was ok. But you think you know more than them?!? Hopefully you learned a lesson because this vid makes you look like an over confident clown.

    16. Op-Ed Daily

      "I don't care what anybody says," Dr. Sutterer says, disgracing himself and all other MDs out there. When I saw the play, I KNEW that wasn't a concussion because his head never actually hit the turf. You can see it in numerous angles. What you DO see is a man being choked out when someone's arm is wrapped around his neck and the other artery being cut off via neck crank. Sorry that you spent all that time in school to make assumptions about a person you haven't evaluated, and clearly never taught you to be open-minded about remote evaluation with no access to a 'patient's' medical history, any scans or other methods to help you diagnose someone with 'x' injury. It wasn't a "nerve" injury either - it was him being choked out. That's it. It wasn't a concussion, it wasn't a nerve injury - both his arteries were cut off and he went out but came-to quickly, but resulting in the small window of disorientation. It wasn't a concussion, Doc. Maybe you should save yourself embarrassment and stop being believing you know more than you do because you have a medical degree; it is clearly clouding your ability to understand that you can be wrong.

      1. Mohamed Sharif


    17. ZBlacktt

      Another Superbowl looking OUTSTANDING tonight Doc.... well called in this video, lol...

    18. soinhu foitu

      I’m so glad he didn’t go back in. I’d imagine 15 years ago he would have kept on playing.

    19. michael peters

      you ever heard of someone acting? that's what that concussion scene was.

      1. michael peters

        @soinhu foitu easy to make it look intentional in slow motion, this happened in 1 second, remember that, and if you look at when they hit the ground, he was trying to let go but his arm was sort of wedged between mahomes helmet and chest. really weak hit anyways and this doc is making assumptions, NFL already said he didn't get a concussion, so, I guess I was correct. right?

      2. soinhu foitu

        grabbed around his neck and didn’t let go. That’s not an accident.

    20. Luke Blersch

      maholmes is injury has to not turn into a fractuted ankle but hes already looking to run but when he does he is going to get sacked and or tackled blitz and really make his life miserable in the way to do this is to beat Kc at the line of scrimmage but pressure maholmes until he throws a interception pick 6

    21. Jonn J

      Congrats mate, you have just been used as the medical expert in german football televison

    22. Joseph Flinton

      Has nobody heard of a brachial stun before? Look at the arm position on his neck and clear applied pressure for more than just a quick touch. That’ll give immediate response similar to a head injury but it’s just a lack of blood to the brain. Anyone with combat training see what I’m seeing?

    23. Cooney. B

      If the NFL keeps changing rules within 5 years it's going to be professional flag football. Unless you were there to check on him & perform the concussion protocol tests it's hard to give a definitive diagnosis for it. If he didn't pass all the stages of the protocol there is no way the team, team doctor & an independent outside doctor would all pass him/allow him to play. The team wouldn't risk a half billion dollar contract & 10+ years of winning/playing over clearing him for 1 game.

    24. RamsesReturns

      I think it was pulling his whole body by his neck that gave him the injury... head contact seems minimal to me.

    25. Jack Mehoff

      Blah blah blah blah he has a concussion.

      1. PyRo 0117

        But he doesn’t

    26. Heather in Kansas

      Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ok. Ew. I had to stop this at the 5:04 mark. I upvoted, but had to stop this at 5:04. Love the intelligent content, but can't handle the "shop talk" about the brain fluid, etc..bc... The brain seems too delicate to think about. Thankful for the info and praying for Mahomes long-term health.🌻🎋♥️

    27. Kyle JC

      So a physician with years and years of training and years and years of bed side manner; shouldn't you wait for irrefutable evidence prior to claiming "without a doubt" or "is clearly concussed." Now on to the part that really bothered me most "I don't know know what else we need to see?" Umm going out on a limb, and mind you I have approximately the amount of hours I've watched your videos in medical training, but even I know that a MRI or CT would be a sufficient answer "what else do we need." I'd even be appeased with waiting for doctors on site administering cognitive and neurological tests. Clearly they saw or noticed something that didn't necessarily indicate a concussion but also that non statement of officially ruled out leaves the Browns thinking, "Oh shit, we have a chance" Clearly that was a reach on their end but anywhere I digress. Full disclaimer I'm born and raised KC, so this was just my rant but maybe next time since there are some medically uneducated people like myself that think the acronym ICE and a couple tylenol fixes everything, and may or may not have come straight to your page to see your assessment, would appreciate a little more objective and not subjective....But only for Mahomes. Your Dak Prescott injury seemed petty spot on. hahaha keep up the videos I have learned alot.

    28. Agua Type

      To ALL CLOWNS.. Dan Sorensen posted a pic for all you idiots who wanna talk, CLEARLY you see his shoulder hit FIRST, so stfu.. it was a LEGAL hit

    29. A Garcia A Garcia

      I hope he gets popped again. Sorry, but I do. Running, scrambling qb's don't last long in the NFL. They have to become pure pocket passers and some go on to succeed, others don't.

    30. Joe Angeloni

      His head never hits the ground. The other helmet broke the fall of the head to the turf. This abrupt stop is what did it.

    31. Cline Broussard

      nfl only cares about money so he's most likely playing tomorrow

    32. jimmy dean

      And it's impossible to get all head injuries out of the game if there's tackling. You can take a knee to the head or hit your head on the ground like Mahommes. Like doc said, if the NFL is worried about head injuries they'll put these Velcro strips on the side of their body and pull them off for a stop. No more blocking, no more tackling, only running, and catching, and pulling flags

    33. Manuel Pasco

      Boxing is almost the same as that, but they don’t call it concussion, it is knockdown or knockout if he stand up groogy.

    34. DGI15 Upo

      Helmets should break under a specific amount of force. I think that might help

    35. Dan Brobst

      Good job. Sorensen should be suspended. Not to mention browns probably win without that illegal hit. I noticed it right away. Dirty play. Deserves justice. These guys have to stop putting winning over somebody’s brain that they have to live with for 50 years after retirement. Mahomes is the new goat. The defender says it was an accident but he grabbed around his neck and didn’t let go. That’s not an accident.

    36. Dalton Gillihan

      How sorenson talked him is the same way Ryan shadier came into his tackle that hurt him very dangerous technique

    37. A Little Of Everything

      Love these analysis videos. Could have put other clips of fencing response examples.

    38. Hector Viscencio Brambila

      It was not a helmet to helmet hit. Check the videos available. He was neck held which is extremely dangerous.

    39. Miss T

      I think he meant to do that to my baby Patrick so couldn’t win the Super Bowl men they hating on us in Kansas City wow 😮 praying for him he get well..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ we Love you Pat.. KC all day

    40. Corey Kaiser

      It's physically impossible to lean forward and not have the helmet be what you are leading with. There is no way to tackle a runner that is also in a diving/extremely bent over position

    41. Corey Kaiser

      It's not an illegal hit because runners are counted at defenseless players. It's also not fair to penalize a defensive player for leading with the helmet when the offensive player is also leading with the helmet

    42. scott FREE

      I'm dumber for watching this. Thanks a bunch.

    43. Gears

      Doc, did you miss the pull on the head, looked like he was getting hung.

    44. Zachary Morrison

      What’s your opinion about them clearing him to play sunday

    45. Bamfhammer

      I think you need to find the 3rd angle of the goalline hit. As the receiver extends, the defender drops his whole torso low enough to make contact and actually first makes contact shoulder on shoulder, before then making contact with the head. While this is still dangerous, I don't know how you can possibly try to hit someone that low with your shoulder without lowering your head.

    46. Joanna

      If he plays next week he going to end up like Antonio brown

      1. LongDayEarlyNights

        Even more talented and rich? Tell us more.

    47. Bruce Lehrer

      When someone has their head hit the ground and get up all wobbly-like, that's not nothing, right?

    48. William Smith

      An MD selling, please learn some TCM perspective on is merely a reflection of the internal environment, and can easily be managed with TCM principles. Love your videos, and would love to see you broaden your perspective.

    49. Rene R.

      football players are modern-day gladiators, gladiators died, stop watering down the game it is a choice.

    50. Brooke Grey

      I love your videos and they are so educational and help ma in school a lot but I do have one Genuine question can the coaches really say if Patrick was diagnosed with a concussion due to HIPPA laws

      1. Joanna

        first like, then to watch video :D?

    51. Juan Campos

      The chiefs always getting help like the seahawks

    52. Matthew Colwell

      I passed out standing up and did the weird arm thing, so idk

    53. Joe Troutt

      That thumbnail ain't right. It looks like Patrick is laying down stroking that dude's helmet.

    54. Antoinette Lopes

      When I was watching it, it looked like his neck got twisted by that guy's arm. Like when you mean to "snap someone's neck" but not that this was that severe or intentional. What I'm talking about happened after his helmet bounced.

    55. kskisser

      I always thought concussions were a skull fracture? In this case, it just seems like his jello got wobbled.

    56. Pete Melabianakis

      This nfl needs to deny him approval to play they should not clear him.

    57. SuburbanErrorist

      do you think it's a blood choke

    58. Ratus

      Ye that rashard higgins helmet to helmet was a blown call.

    59. Muzz Pzz

      it mention 7 to 10 days or three months for concussion? why he cleared for one week early? from Coach did decide on him as play against Bills? that up to you, you're know about medicines and symptoms.

    60. solidbroly

      He got choked unconscious. Looked like a guillotine or bulldog choke. He was out for a second thats why he stood up like that. Concussion, maybe. But seems unlikely.

    61. Francisco Cepeda

      The set up last year was for the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl this year the plan seems to be for them to at least repeat. And with this concussion the NFL is risking a man's life by pushing for him to play a week after this type of injury which needs weeks for recovery. 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

      1. NadaButH8

        Right. The NFL rigged the Browns game by having Mahomes removed. Y'all are DAF.

    62. Zachary Davis

      I feel like there is room to argue that that wasn't a fencing position situation when he got hurt. He stopped instantly and I feel like there are certainly ways he could've lost his balance or even been scared that he was gonna get hurt and ended up making his body rigid. I don't care enough about the situation to say that the team did or didn't lie, but I at least don't think its fair for people to say with confidence that the team or the league is pretending he's fine when he's not. I don't see why the team would lie because it has already been 5 of the 7 day minimum it takes to recover and they could be confident. I'm not a doctor or anything but from my limited understanding, it seems realistic enough that he could be ready at this point.

      1. NadaButH8

        @Brian Sutterer MD You're harmful to public awareness. Nice projection. The mere fact that you CONTINUE to sit here and say the only way for him to appear the way he did is by concussion is absurd. Absolutely asinine. One could appear so by SPINNING IN CIRCLES! GFY.

      2. Brian Sutterer MD

        The team isn't lying, they just aren't saying anything and are letting the public narrative run, which I think is harmful for public awareness about head injuries

    63. Rob Meyers

      Listen to this man NFL! Please.

    64. Friksjon36

      What is Sam Bradford(?) doing back there?

    65. ReeceNichols The Van Noy Real Estate Group

      Anyone that wobbles has a concussion. Good lesson.

    66. SplitShot Scott

      I Concur !!

    67. MindSET

      19th century sports are immoral to begin with. Micro analyzing them doesn't change that.

    68. Steven

      “It was a choke out” guys, in full speed the guys arm was there for a second, AT MOST. There’s some serious mental gymnastics going on for people to tie an obvious concussion to these unlikely causes of the injury.

      1. Steven

        @NadaButH8 ...

      2. NadaButH8

        And? You must really be slow :(

      3. guy sumpthin


    69. Gregarious Solitudinist

      He was hit on the nerve in the side of his neck that causes instant incapacitation. But that does not fit the football is bad, narrative. his head was barely touched. he was moving forward when he was hit. The fencing movement is the logical conclusion of that energy.

      1. Steven

        Not even remotely true. Your head doesn’t need to be hit to have a concussion. Your brain is suspended in your skull - acceleration combined with a quick deceleration is enough to cause trauma to the brain when it shifts.

    70. David Lingner

      I thought it was clear that the Chiefs player put his head down and speared the ball. It should have been a penalty upon review. Regarding Mahomes I couldn't tell until I saw the other angle how he got a concussion but when he fell I thought something didn't look right.

    71. J D

      My theory is choked out. The arm gets trapped against his Carotid artery. As his head is forced forward it wedges the forearm tighter. He’s doesn’t truly get choked out till he then gets rolled over backwards completely cutting off blood to his brain. Hence choked out.

    72. DayLight Era

      I still don't understand how the helmet to helmet wasn't called on the Chiefs

    73. Eoghan Brogan

      Would F1 drivers get concussions because of sudden acceleration and deceleration?

      1. guy sumpthin

        Cte is from repeated "sub-concussive " blows (less than a concussion) definitely all race accidents count as concussive or sub-concussive

    74. Matthew Godwin

      I now hate Cleavand and refs cause called nothing

    75. Donovan Shy

      Also would this technically be described as coup-countercoup motion

    76. Donovan Shy

      I would argue that anytime the nfl had made a rule about hits guys are getting more injured if you look at the numbers more QBs are being hurt mostly lower body because defenders cant go high in the pocket anymore i agree they should do something about the helmet to helmet hits but i think an independent source should do the research and honestly construct the rule and give it back as a model for the nfl to either use or format their own rule around

    77. Zachary Paris

      Can't talk, busy fencing.

    78. Ajay Bajwa

      Hey doc. Please make a video on the NFL's decision to clear him to play on Sunday.

    79. Darth Star One

      He playing😯🤔😯

    80. BoBo Belinsky

      wrong. His head was driven into the ground with the weight and force of the 260 lb linebacker who made the tackle. This is more than likely the cause of his obvious concussion. He will be more vulnerable in the next game to any hits whatsoever. If he was a boxer he would not be allowed to fight for at least 4 months based on their standard protocol. Now why doesn't the narrator make a video on the Covid hoax and explain to his listeners that its a flu that kills old and infirm people at the same rate that all seasonal flu's kill them each year. Its lethality rate all around is .03 per cent. It is nowhere near the epidemic category, this is a lie. It would be time much better spent by him and it would be a sincere act of bravery.

    81. Donald Spaniol

      They dont care about player health.. They care about dollars... They pick certain teams to win and support them... Others get tossed in the gutter.. Player safety isnt even secondary to them Great video!

    82. Tony Strickland

      Or do you think it may have been a chokehold

    83. Sean Lutke

      Do you not think it's possible that he just got choked out a little and because he did go through some whiplash as well that he just got really light-headed and out of breath while trying to stand?

    84. No

      The goal line hit was perfectly acceptable. Stop being soft.

    85. jose arrollado

      Bullcrap. The missed call was when the Browns player made the TD and the defender led with his helmet causing a fumble resulting in a touch back for KC . Chiefs would of lost that game if they got that call correct but no yellow flag.

      1. NadaButH8

        You had Mahomes put on concussion protocol for a non concussion... But that 1 play your talking about lost you the game? Gee. Ok.

      2. jose arrollado

        @guy sumpthin yah they do. Sports center had even said if Mahomes was not cleared too play thsi weekend they should postpone the game. I WAS LIKE WHAT??? You hit it on the nose bro. They favor the Chiefs.

      3. guy sumpthin

        Nfl favors the chiefs . They lookin for chief v pack superbowl (like they tried last year too) cuz its a rematch like the first sb game . Last years niners were so good they beat the pack and the refs

    86. cvk g

      the helmet to helmet play is impossible to avoid when trying to stop the diving player. if serious they shld rule dives like they do slides. down at beginning. wldnt be entertaining but safer.

    87. Iconhulk

      Do one about swelling on the knee.. Le'Von Bell has swelling on the knee didn't participate in practice today..

    88. Omar

      Dude he got choked out. That is not a concussion

    89. Paul Gerczak

      You can't prevent helmet-to-helmet hits they got to leave it the way it is you can't change it anymore unless you want to do two hand touch

    90. The greatest ever


    91. Ricky Davis

      Guys if you haven't played at an elite level, stop the jibber jabber! It's a full contact sport , if you want to play you have to pay. It's a man's sport. Not for pansies, the squeamish or those accustomed to receiving participation trophies! You keep watering it down you might as well call it the WNBA or the WNFL! Yea, I said It! It's what most Men feel! Men!

    92. Colton W

      Wasn’t a concussion

      1. BUMBA

        Yeah he got cleared by an independent doctor meaning he was evaluated outside of the NFL’s doctors

      2. Xsychology

        Cleary was. The NFL doesn't care about the players, they only care about money.

    93. RealHxntai -

      Not a concussion he actually tweaked a nerve in his neck 🤷‍♂️

      1. Rusty Nails

        @AyeItsCollin well since his never even hit anything and he doesn't have a concussion, your theory doesn't hold much water.

      2. AyeItsCollin

        He has a concussion they just covering up for him since he’s their star player and they want rating happend to me before

    94. joshua czajka

      I thought maybe he had the blood cut off to his brain hence the dizziness when he tried standing up? It's just an idea

    95. jay howell

      If this guy thinks there was enough helmet to helmet contact here then he needs his eyes checked too

    96. jay howell

      This is hate speech

    97. ScottCleve33

      The NFL talks out both sides of it's mouth. They say they want to make sure the game is played safe and that if they can correct an incorrect call they have to do it. Then at the same time they limit those opportunities to do so because they don't want to slow the game down. So which is it NFL? Do you want the game to be played safely and get the calls correct or don't you?

    98. Donna Lewis

      Who cares what's being "reported" gmab

    99. Chris Coy

      What is the percentage of being prone to another concussion or head injury if he comes back to soon? What is the difference from being knocked out and having a concussion. His recovery wasn't immediate, but I think about boxing and a fighter gets knocked out and gets back up. Why do people let that go and not report on concussion protocol for a week after the fight?

    100. Cody Mcgowan

      I want your computer monitor lol