WizKid - Essence (Audio) ft. Tems


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    Wizkid proudly presents Made In Lagos.


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    1. Furfur Fenty

      Snoop dogg brought me hear ... he danced for this afrobeat

    2. Much Ado

      The audio is still moving fast despite the video. 👍

    3. Christian Ibekwe

      Just Lovely ❤️❤️❤️

    4. Young Lawrence

      Maddd tuneee🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😀

    5. Elisa Lord

      Can create magic to music so much passion beautiful beats lyrics I'm feeling humble right now

    6. LouLoulLoveLondon Fitness


    7. Jannick W James

      I need the starboy😋😍✨💚

    8. Dinkybliss Loudness

      South Africans that have genuine love for our Niaja brothers and thier talent gather here for a 🤳🏻 selfie

    9. Skeng Muzic

      Music is life good song

    10. jesse orozco-abarca


    11. Qiniso Mbili

      South Africa loves Wizkid

    12. Eva González Sánchez

      Corbyn Taulealea-Huch brought me to this amazing song!!❤️

    13. Khumo Dire

      A vibe!!!!!!

    14. mchia Famous

      Any upcoming artist should tap in this grace, Don't say I didn't tell you 🚶🚶

    15. Bleed Green

      Got me bumpin'!🔥

    16. Joshua Henderson

      Who here after the video dropped, my KGup always bringing me here cause I searched for the song too many times

    17. Ehigie Iyamu

      9m views for an audio track! Impressive 🥶

    18. Fanta

      Luv it Luv it❤️💯

    19. Lilliana Mells

      Im addicted 🔥👑🖤💋....

    20. jesse orozco-abarca


    21. jesse orozco-abarca

      This is going to reach 100,000,000+ views

    22. Thabo Mukwala

      Tems and wiz kid together is a good mix 😭

    23. Lisa Clark- Young

      I Receive. In Jesus Name. Amen. As well as you. Thank you 🙏🏽💙

    24. Georgia Kora

      🔥 🔥

    25. Omar Gray

      fav song off the album

    26. Xola Mafiza

    27. Nabil Bello

      For me wizkid is the best African artist 🇳🇬🇨🇮💪🏿

    28. Raiiiiiin

      Jheeze 🔥 April showers May flowers

    29. alexis f

      Pure fire big up from Jamacia

    30. Lion Beat

      Time Is Of The Essence 🦅

    31. Regina Moura da veiga


    32. T D

      Africa stand up this is a vibe !! Thank you for continuing put out music the world needs .

    33. Lorenita

      It’s a vibe 💕

    34. Ekene Alex

      Who came back here after the video cut short your expectations.. Was expecting a fever kinda'

    35. Sizn Sizn

      This song deserves a Grammy for real 👏👏👏

    36. George Waweru


    37. franklin offordile

      Who is here listening while waiting for the video

    38. Nandi Accra

      Love this song 😍

    39. Jasmine Simpson

      Heard from tik tok

      1. Favour Chijioke

        video out today 6pm Nigeria time

      2. Joshua

        Video out today

    40. Adekola Adebiyi

      The song makes we wanna wed someone's daughter.

    41. Charles Eweka

      6pm today essence video

    42. armyMOOmoaFC

      Music video tomorrow get ready everyone

    43. Lilliana Mells

      🔥👑🖤🔥👑🖤🔥👑🖤🔥👑🖤🔥 💋💋💋💋

    44. Amoras Queen

      I love this song soooo much omg I cant wait for the video to come out tmrw 😭🥺

    45. ciara bult

      Can't wait for d video 💃🏾💃🏾

    46. Raquel Macdonald

      V.I.B.E.S 🗣🗣🗣💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿

    47. Lerato Solo

      Can’t stop listening 🙉 this song makes me feel good 😌🥰🥰 🇿🇦

    48. DaaiBoi

      who else is addicted !?

    49. Jayson Bashe

      The sax in the background is communicating 🔥🔥🔥

    50. Lydie Anguiley

      Tsouba 💃💃💃💃💃

    51. Chita Nkhata


    52. Mya Alexis


    53. Seneca Dunmore

      His music is mesmerizing. He is so talented.

    54. Mariam Camara

      There’s is crack in this song

    55. Alex Lane

      Chitown Southside in this bitch, this track go crazy... been vibin with wiz for a while now. Thanks for the music foo. You too Tems

    56. Margaret Anyanga

      Video out this friday

    57. Eni Ikechukwu

      This song dy blow my mind 💯👑🥰🎉

    58. J

      5 months later, this is still my favourite song of all time

    59. Marley Fulford

      I love tems Bahamas 🇧🇸

    60. Q

      Found on a skating vid 😩💃🏾

    61. Moris Stephen


    62. Dayo

      Love this! Didn’t even know Tems is Nigerian.

    63. Crypto Curtis

      This is my fav by wiz kid 🥰

    64. Director__jay

      Okay let’s drop the visual 🦅 🕊

    65. Jayeola Wasiu

      Video dropping on the 09-04-2021 in Jesus name 🤲💯

    66. Favour Chijioke

      video is dropping on the 9th

    67. Shamia Kassim

      MADE IN LAGOS Wizkidayo on fireee!!!!!!!!!!!!,!

    68. Deyanira Velasquez

      This gives you all the feels 🥺💃🏽💕

    69. Itumeleng Maesela


    70. ditoz Worldwide


    71. 1Neeta

      Absolutely no words, this song leaves me SPEECHLESS...

    72. Real Music

      Instant pull up when it reach 01:01 I cant get no further 💣💥💥💥💥💥💥

    73. Real Music

      Bummmmmmba 😲 🤴🏿👸🏿

    74. Taylar Prince

      Loveee this song my favorite on the album 💛

    75. Ricardo Pereira

      Kofee and wizkid song????

    76. Ricardo Pereira

      Wath is this??? Magic vibe🥰

    77. Dan Dadda

      WizKid sets the bar for ALL music genres. Not just soca. Bless and love

    78. coco coco

      They put American rapper to sleep high vibrational tunes I'm soooo over american rap and violence against our black beautiful souls can I get a track with k camp

    79. baboucarr njie

      The best song on d album

    80. Tasha Thomas

      It's a

    81. Thessa Hardy

      Can I become one with this song. I want my being and the verses to become one

    82. Welly Gedel

      Listening to this in April, aren't we?

      1. Aaliyah


      2. Jolie Nana

        Yes from France 🇫🇷 merci Wizkid

      3. J

        For life!!

      4. lou g

        yes we are!

    83. Lavi Cadariu

      Thank God for the music!

    84. Lavi Cadariu


    85. Saran Rajkumar

      Can’t wait to go home to mine and hold her tight 🥰

    86. KC Hjra

      I love effortless feel good music like this.

    87. Mahmoud AbdulRaheem

      Listening 👂🏾 in the States 🇺🇸

    88. Glen Willis

      this song is very addictive i put this song on the top of my playlist.

    89. Edgar Bvekwa

      Wizzy fully deserved that grammy

    90. Chivas Chival

      This song make me fly 🇲🇿❤️

    91. JUST_ JOHN

      Came back after the cover from the nigerian boy,I guess am not alone😂,hit the like if you are also here

      1. Andre Allen

        Damn!!this song is dope as fuck.u nuh need nuh ada body.

    92. Son ofsurv

      Akere wa bona mello 🔥🔥🔥

    93. Ann Dolphinton

      😭😭😭😭😭😭😭God I can’t stop loving from d second night it came out😭😭😤terms and wizkid gets me crying for no reason

    94. Prince Kelly


    95. Nancy Young

      Who just visualizes themselves dancing by the beach somewhere in the Islands? Wizkid has bangers.

    96. Ayofoyewa David

      Wizkid release the video

    97. bblliinngg

      I am an italian woman and i love wizkid. One day i'll see a wizkid live concert!

      1. solex dave

        If you use instergram let's link up here is my ig name @solex dave

      2. Bright OG

        Wizkid è una stella infinito 🔥

    98. Emre Emir

      This is fire 🔥

    99. Nina Sweets

      Wiz kid going crazy the whole album is a vibe I can’t stop listening💕💕💕💕

    100. Okosun Eromosele